Ringgold County Courthouse built in 1884
Ringgold County Courthouse built in 1884
Ringgold County Courthouse built in 1884
Ringgold County Courthouse built in 1884
Ringgold County Courthouse built in 1884

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Ringgold county newspaper archives are now online!

The Tingley Vindicator has been digitally scanned and
is now available for viewing! Available issues: 1903-1948

All other Ringgold County Newspapers can be viewed here:


Available issues:

Record News (Ringgold Record/Twice-a-Week News) - 1872-2007
[after 2007 the Record News is available on their website mtayrnews.com

Diagonal Reporter/Progress - 1918-2019
[issues of the Diagonal Reporter prior to 1918 were lost in a fire]

Clearfield Enterprise/Chronicle - 1907-2005

Mt. Ayr Journal - 1892-1924

Kellerton Globe - 1894-1909
[the Globe was published until 1961 but issues between then and 1909 are missing]

Redding Herald - 1919-1957

And many other smaller newspapers!


Last issue of The Kellerton Globe, Thursday, May 25, 1961

Record-News Celebrates 149th Year

Record-News, 150 + Years

Diagonal Progress sold to Paragon Publications, Inc., 2014

The Tingley Vindicator has been digitally scanned and
is now available for viewing! Available issues: 1903-1948


The Mount Ayr Record-News

The Kellerton Globe

The Tingley Vindicator
Ringgold County Columns, Social News & Births
from Mount Ayr Record-News archives:
(births , if known, appear at the bottom of each year's webpage)
1940  1966  2002   2003   2004   2005   2006   2007

2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014  2015
  2016   2017
1944 Classifieds

on-going projects, updated as we get them

Images of America: Ringgold County, pictorial history book about Ringgold County by Mike Avitt and Sharon R. Becker, Arcadia Publications, 2011.

Bonnie and Clyde, the booklet by Sharon R. Becker, Paragon Press, 2011

    NOTE: Proceeds from the sales of this booklet goes to the Grand Valley Community School/Foland
    School Museum in Kellerton.


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NOTE: To search for a specific surname on this webpage
press "Ctrl" key and the "F" key together on your keyboard
(Command + "F" for Mac users)
then type the surname in the dialog box which pops up.


1879 Eugene Fire

1897 Counterfeiting Ring

1899 Diagonal Fire

1917 Drive in Southwestern Iowa & Chautauqua

1935 Income Tax Law

1936 Blizzard

1957 Car Accidents, HUSS, MILLER, NOVAK

1966 Iowa State Girls H.S. Basketball Tournament, Mount Ayr's Raiderettes

2010 Iowa State Girls H.S. Basketball Tournament, Mount Ayr's Raiderettes

2016 Iowa State Girls H.S. Basketball Tournament, Mount Ayr's Raiderettes


History of 4-H in Ringgold County

4-H Awards, 2012

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees, Ringgold County:

DEEMER, Lucille (FARIS), 2002 HAYES, Preston, 2011
HENDERSON, Milt, 2002 HENSLEY, Judy, 2009
HUNT, Lois, 2015 MARTIN, Bob, 2003
McALEXANDER, Earl & Kerri, 2008 PIERSCHBACHER, Jessica, 2006
RICHARDS, Doyle & Connie, 2008 SCHLAPIA, Cindy, 2014
SMITH, Alan, 2012 SMITH, Jim, 2010
SMITH, Mary Ann, 2005 SOBOTKA, Arlene, 2004
TRIGGS, Merritt & Lorene, 2007 WHITTINGTON, Cheryl, 2014
BAINUM, Bobbi, 2016 JEANES, Vicki, 2016

4-H Short Course, 1953

Girls' 4-H State, 1953

4-H Record Book Awards, ca. 1994

Clover Chain


Sugar Shack

Abstract and Title Company, 2006

ABDINE, Michael Files for American citizenship

ADAIR'S, Earl 50th Wedding Anniversary

ADAMS, Bob, 80th Birthday

ADAMS, Kathryn, 85th Birthday

Adams Co. Speedway Champions:

ALLEN, Cindy, Volunteer Award

ALLEN, Cindy WILLIAM, Northwest Missouri State Hall of Fame

ALLEN, Esther, 90th birthday

AKERS, Justin, Graceland Ag Day

ANDERSON, Quinten & Rita
50th Anniversary

ANDERSON, Max & Maxine
60th Anniversary

ANDERSON, Terry to IHSAA Hall of Fame, 2008

ANDREWS, Bill and Phyllis, 50th Anniversary

ANGUS, Ruth - 95th Birthday;    96th Birthday;    99th Birthday;
                        100th Birthday;   101st Birthday

Animal Alliance Rescue

ARCHIBOLD-REED Nuptials, 1923

Area 10 Art Show, 2005

ARNEALS' 50th Wedding Anniversary


ATWOOD-SEATON Wedding, 1947

AUSTIN, Berneeta, 90th birthday

AUSTIN, Bessie, Birthday Shower

AUCKER, Ray E., 1994

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Backwoods Barbie Boutique

BAILEY, Rep. M. Z. of Diagonal on Torrens System, 1901

BAILEY, Dr. Samuel On Apple Eating, 1909

BALL, G. W., 1870

BALL, G. W. & R. C. HENRY, 1870

BAKER, Ken & Pat, 50th Anniversary

BAKER-KING accident, 2016

Bank of Christ Food Pantry, 2012

BARKER, Guelda: 85th birthday;  90th Birthday  2017 Birthday

BARKER, Jerry featured in Mount Pleasant News, 2002

BARKER, Jerry and Jean, 50th Anniversary

BARKER, LaViece, 95th Birthday

BARNES, Patti, 90th Birthday

BARROW Gang Stops at Caledonia, July 27, 1933

Beaconsfield Church, 1950

Beaconsfield Food Festival, 1996

BEALL, Walter and Dr. P. L. PRENTIS Attend Meeting, 1901

BEATTY, Adam N. & Sarah RADBOURNE Wedding, 1891

BECKER, Cassidy, 2015 Iowa Angus Assn. Champion

BELL, Gaylen and Linda, 50th Anniversary

BENDER, Karen Honored and Awarded, 2008

BENNETT, Sheriff Bob, Nomination for Award, 2006

BENNETT, J. C. Attends Teacher Meeting, 1901

dad Benton, 1896

Benton Post Office, 1982

BERRYHILL, William D. mystery

BICKEL, Dale & Marla, 50th Annversary

BICKERS, Gary & Margaret, 50th Anniversary

BIERMA, Paul & Marilyn, 40th Anniversary

BISHOP, Randy,honored in 2012

Blackmore Corner Friendship Club, Annual Picnic, 2010

Bluegrass Conference Announced, 1959

BLUNCK, Bill & Kathi, 50th anniversary

BLUNCK, Helen's 100th Birthday; Bill's 70th Birthday

BLUNCK, George D. for Sheriff, 1938

son of Mrs. Pauline STRINGHAM & George C. BLUNCK
Various news articles and wedding announcement

BONEBRAKE, Lila, 91st Birthday,  96th Birthday

BOOTH, Alex   2017 Championship

BOOTHE, Levi 2002 Murder

BOWEN-KEPHART Dispute, 2010

BOWEN, Otha & Bertha (WHITE), 50th Wedding Anniversary

BRAMON, Dwight, 1962

BRAND'S 50th Anniversary

BRECKENRIDGE, Bud, 88th Birthday

BRECKENBRIDGE, E.M. , 50th Anniversary, 1954

BRECKENRIDGE, Kaye, 80th Birthday

BRENEMAN'S tobacco crop, 2014

BRIAR, John and The Buzz Saw, 1901

Bridge Collapse, May 2011

BROWN, Bernice, 90th Birthday

BROWN, Bonnie GEORGE, 80th Birthday

BROWN, Ed and Karen, 50th Anniversary

BROWN, J. N. Fire, 1893

BROWN, Lavon, 90th Birthday

BRYAN'S, Elmer, 50th Anniversary

BRYAN, Howard & Lenora 50th Annicersary

BUCK, Sue, 2015 missionary trip

Buffalo in Southern Iowa, 2011

BULLOCK, Doug & Theola, 40th Anniversary

BULLOCK, Gene and Linda, 50th Anniversary

BURCHETT, Bob, 90th Birthday

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CAMPBELL, Emily Worthy Advisor, 2008

CAMPBELL, Margaret, 90th birthday

Car Racing Results 2005

CARNAHAN, F.M. death

CARPENTER, Morris, retirment 2008

CARR, Danny, 2nd Place Spelling Champ

CARR, Sharon, 2015 Daisy Award

CARSON, Jack & Virginia, 50th Wedding Anniversary

CARSON, Vera, 90th Birthday

CASE, Charlie and Diane, Tractor Relay Across Nebraska, 2012

CASE Golden Wedding, Jacob and Mary, 1892

CAVENDER ~ NEAS Wedding, 1957

CAVIN, Mary 90th Birthday

CAVINESS, H. A., Delphos, 1884

Cemeteries, Of Grave Concern, 1883

Centenarians, 2015, Vera DAUGHTON, Helen BLUNCK & Edith WOOD

Century Farms, 2010
Century Farms, 2011
    NICKLE Farm, TAYLOR Farm

CHARTER, Cameron (MICKAEL), awarded 2015

CHARTRAND, Kathryn: 80th birthday  2012, birthday

CHAVALA, Dr. Sudarsan, Opens Office

CHEESE - EVANS - McDONALD Vehicle Accident, 2008

Chintz Bugs, 1874

CHRISTNER, Robert & Barbara, 50th Wedding Anniversary

Circle of Life Rehabilitaion Center, Mount Ayr

City State Bank, 2015

CLARK, Gladys - STEELE, Hugh Wedding, 1934

Old Classified Ads, 1888      Classfied Ads1898     Classified Ads, 1901
    They don't print 'em like these anymore.

Clearview's Mitten Tree


CLOUGH, Al & Dorothy, 50th Wedding Anniversary

CLOUGH'S Horses Place At Prairie Meadows, 2011
CLOUGH'S Horse Places At Prairie Meadows, 2012
CLOUGH'S Horse Wins, 2013 Ohio Claim Race

Coal Prospects, 1883

COBB'S Century Farm

COENEN, The Revs. Thomas & Thomas DOOLEY Reassigned, 2010

COFFMAN'S 60th Anniversary

COLE, Betty, 90th Birthday

COMER, Eugene "Gene" & Lucy:
    60th Anniversary, 2010;  65th Anniversary, 2015

COMER, Ray & Lucy, 63rd Wedding Anniversary, 2013

COMBS, Teresa & Shane, 2007

COMBS-SHELDEN Wedding, 1953

COMBS' 4 Generations

clintonCONLEY, Ronald "Ron" & Betty, 50th anniversary

COOL, Jim, former Ringgold County Teacher

COOPER, Jerry & Judy, 40th Wedding Anniversary

COREDELL, Butch & Faith, 50th anniversary

Cottage Opens, 2005

COURTHARD, Jim & Lora, 90th Birthdays & 70th Anniversary

COULSON, Jim & Cathy, 40th Anniversary

COULTHARD Anniversary

Country By Design Opens, 2004

Court House News
    HOOVER vs. CB&Q Railroad, 1889
    Ringgold Co. vs. CB&Q Railroad, 1889 & 1891
     Court House Mural, 1916

COLLIER, Jean and Mary, 50th Anniversary

COWSERT, Sami , author of childrens books

COX, Luther, 1943 DeKalb Corn Growers Award

CRAWFORD, Catherine, 90th Birthday, 92nd Birthday, 93rd Birthday

CRAWFORD, Kate's legacy

CRAWFORD, Ellis S. Attends Boy's Camp, 1917

CREVELING, Marion, 95th Birthday

Crime Stories:

    ANDERSON - CHAMPLIN Arson, 2005
    Pursuit of Albert BOWEN, Murderer of Philip BOOTH, 1894
    Bank Robbery, Diagonal, 1896
    Bank Robbery, Redding, 1923
    Breach of Promise, GEIGER v. PAYNE, 1895
    Buggy-jacking, 1900
    DENNISON Estate, 1903     Murder ofEGLY, Samuel, 1904
    EMERSON Murder/Suicide, 1919
    GRIFFITH Murder, 1869
    Murder of Sam HAMILTON by his cousin Francis HAMILTON,
    Trial of Ira HAMMOND with implications against Dr. CROFFORD, 1902
     Murder of William MILLS, Mount Ayr, 1880
    The Murder of "Doc" MULLOCK, 1905
    PENNEBAKER Murder, 1929
    Incarceration of PRICE, George, 1903
    The Case Against Windsor RICHARDS, with implications against Dr. CROFFORD, 1903
    Ringgold County Crime Stories
    Murder in Ringgold County, 2007
    The Murder of Thomas SHAY, 1883
    The War of The SHERMANS
    STILL Burglary Ring, 2008
    Rescue of The TALMAN Girls, 1904
    Charges against John WIRTZ, 1904
CROSS, Max and Pam, 40th Wedding Anniversary

CUNNINGS' Ribbon Cutting, 2013

CUNNING, Dan & Judy, 50th Anniversary

CUNNING, Dwight, 90th Birthday, 93rd Birthday

CUNNING, Dwight & Charlotte, 65th Anniversary

CURRY, Dan County Extension Director, 2012

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DAGGETT, Doug Opens Law Office, 2006

Daily Fair Boutique

DAILEY-TAYLOR Wedding, 1954

DAILEY, George, 87th Birthday

2002 Dance Honors, Tara BAKER & Rachel SOBOTKA


DAUGHTON, Bill and Nancy, 50th Wedding Anniversary

DAUGHTON, Vera, 97th Birthday; 98th Birthday; 100th Birthday

DAVENPORT, Lyle & Betty, 50th Anniversary

DAVENPORT, R.B. & Mary, Lightning Strike, 2005

DAVENPORT, Russell & Floy, 50th Anniversary, 60th Anniversary

DAVENPORT, Mr. & Mrs. Lyndon, 1964 missionaries to China

DAVIS - CHUMBLEY Car Wreck, 2009

The DAVISONS (Rodney, Richard & Robert) and Red Iron, 2011

Decatur County Personals

Deer in Ringgold County, 2011

DEEMER'S 50th Anniversary, 2011

DEEMER, Vera, 90th Birthday

Dekko's 2016 awards

Delphos, Small Town U.S.A.

Delphos' Barn Owls

Clay DENNEYS 50th Anniversary

DENNIS, Thomas & Ann (FLOREA), 66th Anniversary

DERSCHIED, Hester, 2007 Iowa State Fair winner

DERSCHIED, Hester, 90th Birthday

DESSINGER'S 50th Anniversary

Diagonal Bank, 2010

Diagonal Bridge, 2009

Diagonal's Burma Shave Signs

Diagonal's High School Boys State Basketball Champions, 1938

Diagonal's Dinner Theater, 2007

Diagonal Dinner Theatre, 2015

Diagonal Lion's Club Labor Day Parade, 2011;  2015

Diagonal Progress sold to Paragon Publications, Inc., 2014

Diagonal Reunion in Texas, 2011

Dial Telephone for Diagonal & Redding, 1968


DILL, F. M., 1883

DILLENBURG 25th Wedding Anniversary

DILLENBURG, Retha, 90th Birthday

DODGE, Darrell, joins Record-News Staff, 2012

DOLECHECK, Cecil, 2015 appointments

DOOLEY, Rev. Thomas & Rev. Thomas COENEN Reassigned, 2010

DOOLITTLE'S, Clifford, 50th Anniversary

DOSER'S 50th Anniversary

Dragoon Trace Nature Center

DRAKE, Albert, 94th Birthday

DRAKE, Doris, 90th Birthday

DRAKE, Joe, 2008 Nominee

DRAKE, Loren, 101st Birthday

DRAKE, Paul and Mildred, 60th Anniversary

DRAKE, Richard, 70th birthday

DRAKE - PICKERING Accident, 2005

DREDGE Fire, 2012

DREDGE 5 Generation

DREDGE, Meredith and Duane, 40th Wedding Anniversary

DREDGE, Roena, 80th Birthday

DREDGE, Royce and Judy, 50th Anniversary

DRUHL, Rev. Michael, 2011 Assignment

DUCKWORTH, Mike, retirement 2008

DUGAN, Ed and Cindy, 25th Anniversary

DUGAN, Mike and Joan, 40th Anniversary

DUGAN, Eddie's Guest, Miss Betty HUNTER, 1975

DUKES, Lela, 95th birthday

DUKES, Phyllis, 92nd Birthday

DUNNING, Laura, 87th Birthday, 1902

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Eagle Sculpture, Ringgold County Courthouse Lawn, 2006

Early Bird Opens, Mount Ayr

EASON, Jim & Nina, 60th Anniversary

EASON, Skip & Donna, 60th Anniversary

EBERSOLE Fire, 2012

EDWARDS, John Visits Ramsey Farm

EGLY, John & Marlee, 35th Wedding Anniversary

ELLIOTT, Abby, 2016 Dekko award recipient

ELLIOTT, Brad, 2014 NWMSU award recipient

Ellston eagle

New Ellston Library, 2010
Ellston Library Opens

ENGLAND, Haylea, 2016 Ringgold County Beef Queen;
    2016 All-Iowa Dance Team

ENGLAND, Larry & Joyce, 50th Anniversary

ERICKSON, Robert & Shirley, 50th anniversary

Estray Notice, 1858
Estray Notice, 1876

Equestrian Special Olympics, 2016

Excel Engineering, Diagonal

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FARIS, Lee, Vice-President Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation

FARIS, Lee honored, 2016

Farm Crisis, 1988

Fatal Train Wreck, 1917
    McCULLOUGH, Otis of Kellerton, Iowa Killed

FELLS' 50th Wedding Anniversary, 2011

FENTON, Velda, 90th Birthday

FERGUSON'S 50th Anniversary

FERNANDEZ, Luis, 2007 Murder Victim

FEURING, Elmer, 90th Birthday

FIFER, Bill and Rose, 60th Anniversary

FIFER, Mariah, graduates 2014

FLETCHALL, Margaret:
    95th Birthday, 99th Birthday, 100th Birthday, 101st Birthday
    102nd Birthday, 103rd Birthday

FLETCHALL, Permelia, 90th Birthday

FLOYD, Edman Car Accident, 2010

FORD, Amy to head Rebekahs

FORD, John & Amy, 25th Anniversary

FORD, Charlene, 75th Birthday

FORD, Larry & Charlene, 50th Anniversary

Forget-Me_Not Ribbon Cutting, 2002

FOUSER-ALLEN Wedding, 1953

FREIHAGE, Larry & Reta, 50th anniversary

FRENCH, Bart & Pat, 50th Wedding Anniversary

FROST, Justin Places in Figure 7 Racing, 2008

FROST, Louise, 80th Birthday

FUGATE, Tammy Honored, 2010

FUGATE, Tammy, MS Fund Raiser, 2012

Full Circle Chiropractic opens, 2007

FULLER, Elizabeth, Car Accident, 1936

FULLER & HANDY, car accident, 2015

FERGUSON'S 50th Anniversary

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G & L Bar and Grill fire, Diagonal

GALLOWAY, Will G. death

GEORGE, Joann's Birthday

GEORGE, Wayne & Jo Ann, 60th Wedding Anniversary

GIBSON, Doris, 97th Birthday98th Birthday99th Birthday;
    100th Birthday;  101th Birthday  102nd Birthday

GIPSON, David, 50-year Masonic Lodge Member, 2012

GLENDENNING, Lloyd and LaVerne 60th Anniversary

GLENDENNING, Paul, Wins Racing Title, 2011

NASCAR 2011 Honors and Banquet

Dr. David GOFF on Harding University Faculty, 2010

GOLLIDAY'S 50th Anniversary

GORDON - SWANSON Car Accident, 2006

GOURLEY, Jack and Phyllis, 60th Anniversary

Great Western Bank, Mount Ayr
Remodeling, 2006   Bank Anniversary, 2006   Great Western for Sale

Death of Mr. GREELE, 1880

GREEN, Mike & Susan,40th Wedding Anniversary

GREENLAND, Dean and Norma, 60th wedding anniversary

GREENLAND, Kim, named to IBA Legislative Committe, 2015

GREENLAND, Max & Pat, 65th Anniversary

GRIEMANN, Marlene, 80th Birthday

GRIMES, Thelma, 95th Birthday

GROSE, Kenny and Brenda house fire, Mount Ayr, 2003
    contribution by Julie Watts

Larry & Cheryl GROSE, 40th Wedding Anniversary

Emma GROUT, 1908

GROVES, Iona, 98th birthday

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Holland HACKER, Leo "Jocko", 100th Birthday

Hair Barn Opens, 2004

HALEY House Fire

HALL, Darrell & SueAnn, 50th Anniversary

HALL, Estelle HUNT, 86th Birthday

HANSON, Velma, 85th Birthday


HARRIS, Alma, 80th Birthday

HARRIS, Jim and Mary, 50th Wedding Anniversary

HAWK, George Accident, 1954

Birth of HAYES Twins, 2007

HEART, Matthew, receives medal

HEMAN, Dennis and Kathy, 45th Anniversary

HENDERSON, Rev. D. J.'s Revival, 1954

HENDERSON, Kay, 2007 Volunteer Award

HENRY, John & Shirley, 65th Anniversary

HENSLEY, Don & Edith, 50th Wedding Anniversary

HENSLEY, Raymond & Judy, 50th Anniversary

HENRY, R. C. & G. W. BALL, 1870

HERRINGTON, Darlene B., 95th birthday

HERVEY, Marion, 90th Birthday

HEWLETT, Don & Marge, 50th Anniversary

HICKS, Larry Retires

High School Rodeo Results, 2012

High School Rodeo Results, 2013

HOGUE, Irene, 93rd Birthday


Murder of Homer HOLLAND, Mount Ayr, 1901
HUNTER MURDER TRIAL, Charged with Slaying Homer HOLLAND, 1901

HOLMES & RUSSELL Angus Awards, 2005

HOLMES, Katelyn: 2013 Angus Honors; 2015 Angus Honors

HOLMES, Russell, 2013 Angus Honors

Murder Trial of Floyd HORTON, 1936

HOOVER Angus Farm Tour, 2012

HOSFIELD, Naomi, 80th Birthday

HOWIE, Alice, 80th Birthday

HOVE, Donald & Kay, 50th Anniversary

HUDSON Brothers

HULLEY, Julie (MAUDLIN) awarded

HUNT, Amon, 90th Birthday

HUNT'S 50th Wedding Anniversary, 2006

HYNCK'S 'Farmers Song -- The Musical'

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IrvingsIBBOTSON, Marjorie, 90th Birthday; 95th Birthday; 100th Birthday

INGRAM Going Out of Business, Mount Ayr, 1888

INGRAM, Melvin and Golda FRAME Wedding

INGRAM, Myron & Shirley, 25th Anniversary

INGRAM, Myron, Winner!

INLOES, Jeffrey to U.S. Naval Academy

Ringgold County at Iowa State Fair:
1994   2008    2009;   2011   2012;   2013;   2014;   2015

Celebrating Iowa State University, 150th anniversary

2015 Iowa Angus Assn. Banquet, Cassidy BECKER & Katelyn HOLMES 2015 Iowa Angus Assn. Show

ISU 150th Anniversary Quilt, Sharon WASTENEY of Ellston

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Jay_Lynn-O-Tours, 2002

JACKSON, Delbert, 90th Birthday

JACKSON, Esther, 94th Birthday

JACKSON, Joan, Redding Iowa, Receives Turrett Award, 2008

JACKSON'S, Leland, 50th Anniversary

JACKSON, Lucile, 90th Birthday

JACKSON, Wendell & Joan, 50th anniversary

Jail Escape, 1932

JAMES, Rose Marie (JOHNSTON), 80th Birthday

Jamie's Coffee Mill, 2008 expansion

JEANES, Vickie & Charlie, 40th Wedding Anniversary

JEANES, Vickie, Retirement 2013

JEANES, Vickie, Retirement 2013

JENNETT, Evonne, 80th Birthday

JENNINGS, David, 90th Birthday

JENNINGS, Wilminia (Wilkey), 90th Birthday

JOHNSON, Bob, Tip & Paws, 2007 sheepdog trials

JOHNSON, Bob and Ruby Win National Cattledog Trials, 2010

JOHNSON, Bob & Ruby, 2015 National Cattle Dog Championship

JOHNSON, Bob and Pace, 2017 Dog Trials

JOHNSON, Lloyd & Muriel, 50th anniversary

JOHNSON, Mark and Leza, 25th Wedding Anniversary

JOHNSTON, Alice May, 90th Birthday

JOHNSTON, Herbert Theodore and

JOHNSTON, Horace A. and Martha Jane (YOUNG), 60th Wedding Anniversary

JOHNSTON, Walter "Neil", 90th Birthday

JONES, Annabelle, 80th Birthday

JONES, Edna, 85th Birthday

JONES' 45th Anniversary    JONES, Curt & Sue, 2012

JONES' 50th Anniversary
    Carrie Alice (STEVENS) & Albert Marion JONES, 1945

JONES' 70th Anniversary
    JONES, Wesley & Pearl, 2002

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KASTER, Ona (STEPHENS) KASTER, 100th Birthday

Kellerton Auto Wreck, 1967
    Cecil KNEEDLER, Mt. Ayr injured; Leo BIBLE, Torrington, WY killed

NoticeKellerton Bank, 1930

Kellerton Boosters, 1912

Kellerton Businesses
History of Kellerton's Newspapers

Kellerton's DNR Building

Kellerton's Muncipal Building, 2006

Kellerton's Parks Grant, 2011

Kellerton's SIPR

Kellerton Celebrates Street Surfacing

Kellerton and Mount Ayr Telephone Companies, 1901

Kellerton Tornado, 1984

KELLEY, John & Carolyn, 50th anniversary

KELLY, Michael & Nancy, 50th Wedding Anniversary

KEMERY, Jerry & Karen, 50th Wedding Anniversary

KEPHART-BOWEN Dispute, 2010

KEPLINGER, Adam B. elected mayor of Blockton, 1912

KEPLINGER-LAY Nuptials, 1938

KIBURZ, Barb, 90th birthday

KIBURZ, John, 90th birthday

KING, Lorraine & Edwin, 65th Wedding Anniversary

KING-BAKER accident, 2016

KINTON, Doris, 80th Birthday

KISARETS, Vova & Laura, Missionaires

KLEJCH, Norm & Doris retires

KNAPP, Ariel Fayette, 1943

KNAPP, David, 2015 book signing

KNESS, Rev. & Mrs. Paul, 1975 Baptist Convention

Korean Vets Involved in Law Suit, 2009

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LAMB, Edgar Ellisworth & Mary Luella (STRINGHAM), 57th Anniversary, 1937


LANDPHAIR, Ron & Martha, 40th Anniversary

LANDPHAIR, Wilber and His Book

LARSEN, Darlene, 80th Birthday

LARSEN, Mark & Sue, 50th Anniversary

The LARSON Brothers of Mount Ayr, 2008

LARSON, Lewis & Martha, 40th Anniversary

LAWHEAD, Florence, 90th Birthday

LAWHEAD, Jane, 2007 Volunteer Award

LAY, Luther Caleb, 91st Birthday

Leon Rodeo: 2012, MCLEAD, Caitlyn & Chania VOSS

The LEONARD Brothers, RAGBRAI 2011

LEONARD, Lyle Death, 1999

LESAN, David M. & Sybil Anniversary

Lesanville, 2003

Letter Carriers Convention, 1913
    Contribution by Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert

Honored with SULLIVAN Brothers Award of Valor, 2005

LILIENTHAN, Wyatt, Eagle Scout
More Ringgold County Eagle Scouts, EGLY, John W. III & Brian LOOMIS

LININGER, Twilla, 90th Birthday;  

95th Birthday

LIVINGSTON, Bill & Karla, 50th anniversary

LIVINGSTON, Niyole, & Tiff, 2015 National Cattle Dog Championship

LONG, Harriet (JOHNSON), 92nd birthday

LOOMIS, Deputy Brian, Shot in Line of Duty, 2004

LORENZ, Velma, 90th Birthday

LUKO, Rex & Myrna, 50th Anniversary

LUTZ, Miss Vera, Birthday Surprise
    Contribution by Delbert Spencer

LYNCH, Bob & Liz, 60th Wedding Anniversary

LYNCH, David & Nancy, 40th Wedding Anniversary

LYNCH, Zach recognized, 2012

Lynn's Sinclair, Closing

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MAGEE'S 50th Anniversary

MAIN, Dorothy, 89th Birthday

MAIN, Ella & Ralph, 50th Wedding Anniversary

Maloy, Iowa Robbery, 1956

Foxtown, Maloy, 2011

Maloy Rectory & Steve SWANK, 2011

MARTIN, Robert "Bob", 80th Birthday

MARTIN, Shirley, Missing and Found, 2012

MATALONE, Maxine MATHANY, 80th Birthday

MATTHEWS, Mildred "Millie" (BRUNER) SAYLER, 90th Birthday


MAY, Carol, 80th Birthday

MAY, John , 90th Birthday

McALEXANDER, Eugene and Esther, 60th Anniversary

McALEXANDER, Eugene, 90th Birthday

McALEXANDER, Kenneth and Virginia, 70th Anniversary

McBRIDE, Bernadine, 90th Birthday


McCLURE, Craig P., Promotion at University of Alabama

McCREARY'S 45th Anniversary, 2011

McCREARY, Mary, 80th Birthday

McCULLY'S Extreme Home Makeover, 2008

    Celebrates 95th Birthday

McGAHUEY, Helen's Birthday, 2012;   90th, 2014;  93rd Birthday

McGAHUEY, Wanda, 90th Birthday

McGEHEE Birthday

McGEHEE, Mari, 80th Birthday

McGINNIS-TAYLOR, Olivia, Memorial Donation

McGINNIS, Walt and Bev, 50th Anniversary

McGUGIN, Coach Dan, of Tingley

McGAHUEY, Wanda, 80th Birthday

McGAHUEY, Wanda, 85th Birthday

McMULLEN, Archibald & Susan (McCLAIN), 60th Anniversary

McNEAR Fire, Mount Ayr, 2000

McNEIL, G. N. & McMEEKIN, C. W., 1884

MEESTER 4 Generations

MEKUS, DMV, Max, honored 2015

MEKUS, Max & Sandra, 50th Wedding Anniversary

Medical Society Meeting, 1900

MERCER, Bill & Norma, 60th Anniversary

MERCER, Judy & Ernest, 50th Anniversary

MERCER, Norma (RICE), 80th Birthday

MERRILL, Rose, 80th Birthday

MESLE-MORAIN, Sherry, 2014 volunteer award

Methodist Episcopal Appointments, 1912

MICKAEL, Alberta (CAMPBELL) Murder Trials

MILLER, Henry J.

MILLER, J. R., 90th Birthday, 2010

MILLER, Levi accident, 2016

MILLER, Rosa, 90th birthday

MINNICK, Leona, 80th Birthday

MINNICK, Lyle & Judy, 60th Anniversary

MITCHELL 2007 Fire, Sun Valley Lake

MLINAR, Joseph A. & Libbie Bessie (KUBART), 50th Wedding Anniversary

Modra 106, opens 2015

MOLER, Charles & Dorothy TAYLOR, 1947 Car Accident

MOOBERRY, Duane, 2016

MOON'S, Normand, 50th Anniversary

Moonlighters Christmas Concert, 2016

MOORE'S 25th Wedding Anniversary, Claude D. & Nira "Glee" (STEVENS) MOORE
    Contribution by Deloris (Gravett) & Ramon L. Bear

MOORE, Vera, 90th Birthday

MOREN, Joshua & Caroline (PUGH), 60th Anniversary, 1909

MOSER, Grace, 90th Birthday

MOSIER, Eugene, 94th Birthday

MOUNT, Edwin R., 1883

Mount Ayr Local News, 1888

Mount Ayr Auto Wreck, 1952
    surnames HARWOOD, MILLS

Mount Ayr Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts, honored 2015

Near Mount Ayr, A Buggy - Truck Accident, December 31, 2007

Mount Ayr Electric Company, 1917

Mount Ayr and Kellerton Telephone Companies, 1901

Mount Ayr Elementary School Comes Down, March of 2010

Mount Ayr Christmas lighting contest: 2014   2015   2016

Mount Ayr Pool opens, 2013

Mount Ayr Public Library, New Light, 2011

Mount Ayr Record-News, old news items:
    Signs Around The Square, Bird GILLILAND & William DOWLING, 1916
    Star Theatre, 1913

Mount Ayr Record-News Awards, 2011

Mount Ayr Record News Changes Hands, 2012

Mount Ayr Volunteer Firemen Awarded

MUNYON'S Mini-Mart Sale, Kellerton, 2007

Murder in Mount Ayr, 1880

Murder in Kentucky, 1901

K-9 Murphy In Animal Hall of Fame, 2011

K-9 Murphy Investigates Congressman BOSWELL Home Invasion

MURPHY-LYONS Nuptials, ca. 1930's

MURPHY, Pauline (HILLEBRAN), 90th Birthday

MYER, Tess MYER, 2006 award

MYERS, Eunice, 90th Birthday

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NARIGON, Mary Jane, 80th Birthday

Nature Center

NEFF-KARR Wedding, 1987

NEFF, Jim & Phyllis, 50th Anniversary

NEUMAN'S 70th Anniversary

NEWTON, Don Drowning, 1999

NEWTON, Terri, 2016 Dekko award recipient

NICHOLS, Lyle & Mildred, 60th Anniversary

NOBLE, Derald & Beverly, 50th Anniversary

NOBLE, Rollin & Joan, 60th Anniversary

NOFTSGER, Ruth, 80th Birthday

NORDINE, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis, 1971

NORRIS, Anna (RAINS), 100th Birthday, 1964

NORRIS, Jim, Pheasants Forever honoree, 2016

NORRIS, Maxine (BARNETT), 97th Birthday

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Office Bar & Grill, Mount Ayr, Closes in 2008

Oldest Horse, J. W. ZEZEK of Diagonal, 1929 OLNEY - BEAUCHAMP Wedding

OLNEY, Dale, 79th Birthday

O'MAILIA-WALSH Wedding, 1987

OSBORN, Brenda, Retirement as Kellerton's Post Mistress, 2012

OVERHOLSER, Jerry & Peggy, 40th Anniversary

OVERHOLSER'S Place at Parade, 2002

OVERHOLSER, Opal, 90th Birthday


OVERHOLTZER, Jim & Lila, 25th Wedding Anniversary

OXLEY, Leona, 85th Birthday

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Page County State Bank, merges 2013; Ribbon Cutting; Ground Breaking, 2014

PALMER Drowning, Sun Valley Lake, 2004

PARISH, Dorothy, 90th birthday

PARKER, Bessie Jean, 80th Birthday

PARKER, John 1877 Death

PARSONS, Mrs. Catherine ~ OGIER, J. A. Wedding, 1930

PATEL, Drs. Retirement, 2010

PAYTON 50th Wedding Anniversary, 2011


PEARCE, Jim & Arlene, 60th Anniversary

Pedal Pull Winners, Ella WASKE, Jullian KNAPP, Jacob NOVAK, 2012

Peggy Sue's Opens, 2004   Peggy Sue's Car Show, 2005

PENNEBAKER, Mary Lou, 86th birthday

PERRY, Joyce, 80th Birthday

PERRY, Madge, 91st Birthday, 2010

PETERS - WHARTON Wedding, 1883

PETERSON, Henry, 90th Birthday

Pheasants Forever & Jim Norris, 2016

Pheasants in Iowa

PHELPS, Ashley, 2011 Fair Queen at State Fair

PHILLIPS, Hon. T. J., Democratic Governor Candidate Speaks at Mount Ayr, 1901

PHILLIPS, Hon. T. J. Notice by Ringgold County Chairman CURRIE, 1901

Plow Days, 2011

2017 Piano Recital

PIERSCHBACHER, Weston, 2008 Rodeo Honors

Pioneer Musuem, Ellston, 2002

Platte River Truss Bridge

Poetry and The Ringgold Record, 1902

News from Polen, date unknown

POLLOCK, Jackson Painting, 2008

POLLOCK, James, 80th Birthday

POORE'S 60th Wedding Anniversary, 2011

POORE, Caine accident, 2016

POTTER, Rev. Lynn, 1981 Sabbatical

POTTORFF, Jim, 77th Birthday

POWELL, Nina , 80th Birthday

POWELL, Virginia, 90th Birthday

Prairie Chicken Festival, 2012;  2014

PRENTIS Hatchery, 1936

PRENTIS, Dick and Marj, 50th Anniversary
    contribution by Julie Watts

PRENTIS, Dr. P. L. and Walter BEALL Attend Meeting, 1901

PRENTIS, Dr. P. L., Delphos IA, Candidate for State Auditor, 1901

PRENTIS ,Dr. Percy L.    New York Times article, 1913
    contribution by Julie Watts

PRENTIS, Seaman Raymond Promoted

PRENTIS', Senator Children, 1941

PRENTIS, Senator X. T. 1955 house fire
    contribution by Julie Watts

Rennovation of The Princess Theater

Progress of Princess Theater Rennovation

Princess Theater Shines

Princess Theater Gala:
2009;  201120122013;  2014;  2015


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QUICK, Ashton - Dance Honors: 2005;   2012

QUICK, Kenneth & Berta, 60th Wedding Anniversary

QUICK, Morgan, Champion barrel racer

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RAINS, Asa Shin

RAMSEY Divorce, Mount Ayr, 1888

RAMSEY Projects, 2003
RAMSEY Super Club Reopens

RATLEY, Timothy Davis 2008 Death

RAUCH, Leland and Wanda, 50th Wedding Anniversary

Rebekah 50-Year Members, 1987

Redding Fire, April of 2011

Redding to Host National Cattledog Trials, May of 2011

Redding Herald, 1957 ~ Courtesy of Friends of Old Redding

Redding Register, 1910 ~ Courtesy of Friends of Old Redding

Redding Register, 1912 ~ Courtesy of Friends of Old Redding

REED, Loreen, 90th Birthday

REYNOLDS, Helen, 90th Birthday

REYNOLDS, Waitstill, 90th Birthday

RICH, Elmer moves his bin, 2008

RICHARDS, David "Dave": 25 years service  Retirement, 2012

RICHARDS, Marilyn, 80th Birthday


RICHARDSON, Frank Murder Trial, Savannah, Missouri, 1901
    Involves W. W. PEASLEY and Matt HIGGINS of Kellerton

RICKER, Bob Inducted into Hall of Fame, 2010
    RICKER, Bob, 80th Birthday

RICKER, Darlene, 90th Birthday

RICKER, Joe & Vicki, 50th anniversary

RICKER, Joe, 2015 Shrine Bowl

RICKER, Lucy, 80th Birthday

RICKER, Michell, 2014 volunteer award

RINEHART, Homer and Lela, 70th Wedding Anniversary

RINEHART, Mildred, 102nd birthday

RINEHART, Tanner, Demolition Derby Winner, 2003

Ringgold County's New Courthouse, 1926

Ringgold County Boys' Basketball Tournament, 1927

Ringgold County Little League Tournament:
    2013;  2015

Ringgold County Bulletin, Feb. 22, 1945

Ringgold County Christmas, 2007

Ringgold County Conservation Board, 2016

Ringgold County Employees Honored, 2013
   County Officals Take Oath, 2013
   County Officials Take Oath, 2015
   County Officials Take Oath, 2017
   Employees Honored, 2015
   Employees Honored, 2016    Employees Honored, 2017

Ringgold County Fair:
    1967  2002;  2003;  2004;  2005;   2009;  2012;  2013;  2014;  2015;  2016;  2017

Ringgold County Goats

Ringgold County Jail, 2007
    New Law Enforcement Center, 2011

Ringgold County History Book, 2011
    by Mike AVITT & Sharon R. BECKER, Arcadia Publishing

Ringgold Record, old news items

    Buffalo Robes, 1874     Call for Whittlers, 1876
    Chicken Ordinance, 1876     Crime and Punishment, 1876
    Egg Fight, 1876     Good Advice, 1878
    Left Horseless,
   BRANUM, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry, 1874
    Minstrel Show, 1875
    Mud Wrestling, 1877     Onion Sociables, 1895
    Pay or Else!, 1877     Pound Parties, 1877
    Smoochin' on the Sabbath, 1877     Tardy Reverends, 1877
    What a Cad!, 1874

Ringgold County Hospital, Surgical Nurses Week, 2012
   Hospital's 5th Anniversary

Ringgold County Historical Society, 1990

Ringgold County Park Shelters Named, 2013

Reprieve for Ringgold Co. Post Offices, May of 2012

Ringgold County Snow Geese migration, 2016

Ringgold County Trumpeter Swan, 2016

Ringgold County Residents Named to State Boards, 2012

Ringgold Singers, updated periodically
    includes Dr. Collus LAWHEAD & Mike GREENE

ROACH Fire, 2005

ROACH Anniversary

ROBERG, Iowa State's Conservation Officer of the Year, 2008

ROBERTS, Oscar & Nettie (STEPHENS), 50th Anniversary, 1954

ROBERTSON, Betty, 80th Birthday

ROED, Chet & Annie, 65th Anniversary

Romano's Pizza Building demolished

ROUTH, Delbert, 50-year Mason

ROUTH, Delbert & Bernadine, 60th Anniversary

ROWE, Ralph and Judy, 50th Wedding Anniversary

RUBY, Betty, 90th Birthday

RUCKMAN, John & Patty, 50th Anniversary

New Rural Mail Routes, Ringgold County, 1902

RUSK, Bill, retirement, 2007

RUSK, Thelma, 90th birthday

RYCHNOVSKY, John & Reba, 60th anniversary

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S SACKETT'S 50th Anniversary

SACKETT, Nancy's students at Piano Fest

SAGE, Viola Marie and Willard S. LEWIS Wedding

Salon Blush, Diagonal

Sante Fe Cafe', Mount Ayr

SAVILLE, Doyle & Jane, 50th Anniversary

SAVILLE, Ruth, 90th Birthday

SANDAGE, Harold & Marilyn, 60th Anniversary

SCHAFER, Jim and Marilyn, 40th Wedding Anniversary

SCHAEFER, Karen, retires as county recorder

SCHAEFER, Lowell Raymond & Lois Maxine (COLLIER), 60th Anniversary

SCHAFER, Joe & John, 20015 Masters Tournment

SCHAEFER, Lowell, 90th Birthday

SCHIPPER, Blanchie, 90th Birthday

SCHLAPIA, Alvin & Mary Ann, 50th Anniversary

SCHLAPIA, Maralyn, 90th Birthday;

95th Birthday

SCHLAPIA, Robert & Cindy, 40th Anniversary


SCHUSTER, Kathy, 30-Year Ringgold Co. Hospital Employee

SCHWALBE, Richard, 80th birthday

SCOTT, Aleta, 90th Birthday

SEEVERS-YOUNG Wedding, 1943

SEGO House Fire, Sun Valley, 2005

Senior Life Solutions, 2014 ribbon cutting
   Senior Life Solutions receives national award, 2015

SHAFFER, Juanita (MAIN), 90th Birthday & Art Show

SHAHA Heritage Farm, 2010

SHAHA, Lyle & Pam, 45th Wedding Anniversary

SHAY, Norma, 90th Birthday

SHELDON, E. Ray & Helen, 60th Anniversary

SHELMAN Fire, 2009

SHEPHERD, Daniel & Phyllis, 50th Anniversary

SHIELDS' Prize Is No Prize, 2003

SHIELDS, Brett Wins Figure 8 Racing Title, 2008

SHIELDS, Charles Jr. & Mabel, 60th Anniversary

SHIELDS, Jerry, 2016 honors

SHIELDS, Joe & Ramadean, 65th anniversary

SHIELDS, Juanita, 89th Birthday

SHIELDS, Ronnie, 80th Birthday

SHIELDS, Mabel's 90th Birthday

SHIELDS, Mike & Sherry, 40th Anniversary

SHIELDS, Stacey, honored 2017

SHELINE, Samuel'S Birthday Surprise, 1893

SHELLY, Richard, Firefighter Memorial Service

Shooting in Middle Fork Township, MILLER & SHAFER, 1901

SICKELS, Bob & Kay, 60th Anniversary

SICKELS, Don & Faye, 60th Anniversary

SICKELS, John, 90th Birthday

SICKELS, Mack & Phyllis, 50th Anniversary

Simply Voices

SIVELY, Fred and Virginia, 70th Anniversary

SKARDA, Harry, 86th birthday

SMALL, Edna, 80th Birthday

SMITH, Alan, Inducted into 4-H Hall of Fame, 2012;  2014

SMITH, Ann, Retirement

SMITH,Cara honored

SMITH, Hank, 80th Birthday

SMITH, Jim Inducted into 4-H Hall of Fame, 2010

SMITH, Jim and Mary Ann, 50th Wedding Anniversary

SMITH, Max and Joyce, 50th Wedding Anniversary, 2010

SNETHEN, Joe, 90th Birthday;


SNOOK Accident, Boone IA, 2012

SNYDER-CROY Nuptials, circa 1910-15

SNYDER'S 71st Wedding Anniversary, Diagonal

SNYDER, Harold Jay, 95th Birthday;  97th Birthday

SOBOTKA'S 50th Wedding Anniversary, 2006

SOBOTKA, Jacob SOBOTKA, Shrine Bowl MVP, 2014

SOBOTKA, Joe & Bernadine, 60th Anniversary

SOBOTKA, Lois Ann, 80th Birthday

SOBOTKA, Matt, 2011 Ed THOMAS Class 1A Award Winner

SOBOTKA, Patty, 80th Birthday

SOBOTKA, Wallace & Patty, 60th Anniversary

Soil & Water Conservation District Awards: 2005; 2017

Society News, June 3, 2010

Society Pages News Clippings

SOVERIGN, Mona, 95th Birthday

Special Olympics, 2002

The SPENCER Family, new clippings 1875-1900
    Contribution by Delbert Spencer, research of Loren Spencer Elliott

SPURRIER-WILSON Closes Office, 2005

SPENCER, Irene, 90th Birthday, 2010

Sports Notes, To be updated as new information is received
    1936 Boys' State Basketball Tournament

STAATS, Robert, 80th Birthday

Miss STAHL and the Dajeeling, India Flood, 1898

STAMPER, Don, 90th Birthday

STANLEY, Arlene, 90th Birthday

STARK, Fred, named Lions Governor

STARK, Rod & Patty, 50th Anniversary

State Candidates, 1901
State Candidates, STRANAHAN and WALL of Ringgold County, 1902

Stranded by a Snow Storm, Redding, 1961

STEELE, Hugh - CLARK, Gladys Wedding, 1934

STEPHENS, Clarence & Hazel (LUCAS), 50th Anniversary, 1974

STEPHENS, Dick, retirement from Diagonal School

STEPHENS, Houston & WEEHLER, Payton, 2015 Rodeo Finals

STEPHENS, Mr. & Mrs. Jesse & Bessie ULLERY, 1977

STEPHENS, Marion , Ringgold County Sheriff 1923-26

STEPHENS, Mary, 90th Birthday

STEPHENS, Stacy C. & Rosa Belle (BAUM), 50th Anniversary, 1927

STEVENS' 50th Wedding Anniversary
    STEVENS, Homer R. & Edith May (BEADLE)
    Contribution by Deloris (Gravett) and Ramon L. Bear

STEWART, Aden & Valiere, 50th Anniversary

STEWART, Rev. Walter J., 1914

STILL, Beth, Wins Drake University Honors, 1988

STILL, Jan & Eldon, 25th Wedding Anniversary

STILL, Dick & Bonnie, 40th Wedding Anniversary

STILL, Ethel & George, 50th Anniversary

Still Smokin', Mount Ayr

STONER, Tommie, 80th Birthday

STORHOFF, Cpl. Garrat

STUTZMAN, Deloris,
    75th Birthday

STRAIGHT, Rodney & Beverly, 25th anniversary

STRANGE, Don, 100th Birthday

STRANGE, Elbert, 40th Anniversary

STRINGHAM'S 50th Anniversary

STUART, Betty, 88th Birthday

STUCK, David & Cheryl, 50th Anniversary

STUCK, Maggie, dance competition


STULL'S 40th Anniversary

STULL, Burl, 90th Birthday, 2010

STULL, Rick and Lora, 40th Anniversary

SUCHER, Richard C. II, Admitted to Iowa Bar

Subway opens, 2007

SUMMA, Bonnie, 75th Birthday

SUNDERMAN, Dr. Nathan & Marissa, joines Hilltop Veterinary Clinic

Iowa Supreme Court Sets Value of Loss of Limb, 1901

SWANKS on TV, 2011

SWANK, Elvin & Cathy, 40th Anniversary

SWANK, Hilary, Wins Oscar for Best Actress, 2000

SWANK, Junior and Mary, 50th Wedding Anniversary

SWANK, Leonard & Charlotte, 50th Anniversary

SWANK, Margaret, 95th Birthday

SWANK, Steve & Maloy Rectory, 2011

SWANSON, Bob, 80th Birthday

SWANSON, Linda & Bob, 50th Anniversary

SWCC Art Competition, April 1988
    HS Students Patty BULLOCK, Eddie ALLEE, Heather CLARK,
    Angie McDONALD, Scott JOHNSTON, Shane AUSTIN

SWEENEY, Shirley, 90th Birthday

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TAYLOR, Bob Death, 2012

Taylor Fiberglass of Diagonal, 50th Anniversary

TEAL Family News Items

Tea Time
    Mrs. Harold HUGHES, Mrs. X. T. PRENTIS, and Mrs. Quentin V. ANDERSON

TEDFORD-VALE Wedding, 1902

Tedrow Cemetery, Beer Party Busted, 2009

Tedrow Cemetery Vandalized, July of 2010

TERREL, Brian of Malory Iowa

TERRELL, Clara Keenan, 2007 oboe recital

TERRY, Helen honored, 2012

TERRY, Dr. Martha Teaching Award, 2011

TERWILLIGER, Dennis & Alice, 50th Wedding Anniversary

TERWILLIGER, Kay, 80th Birthday

THOMPSON, Cleone, 90th Birthday

THOMPSON, Stewart L. & Barbara (SALTZMAN) WOOD Wedding, 1906

Timby Steak and Bakery, 2007

Tingley Bank, 1893

Tingley Fire, 1894

Tingley Lions Club, 50th anniversary

Tingley Lions Ball Club: 2013;  2014

Tingley Kitchen Band, 2010

Tingley Meal Site's Anniverary: 2006;  2012; 2014

Tingley Minors, 2005

Tingley Neighborhood Center, 2006

Tingley Sheep Dog Trials: 2005;   2009

TONEY Divorce, 1902

1984 Tornado
2001 Tornado

TOWNSEND, Roger, Honored by Hy-Vee

Train Wreck, Lotts Creek Bridge, April, 1910
    Submission by Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert

Train Wreck, April, 1946
    SEXTON, Dexter A. of Mount Ayr, critical condition

TICE, Ronald "Bud", Opens Office in Kellerton

TRAMMEL, Desirae, Dance Honors, 2012

TRIGGS' Champion Gilt, 2014

TRIGGS' Combine Fire, 2012

TRIGGSES, 2002 Boosters

TRIGGS, Darlene, 80th Birthday

TRIGGS, Johnathan, 2016 Judging Contest

TRIGGS, Lindsey National Track Qualifier, 2005

TRIGGS, Lorene, 90th Birthday

TRIGGS, Merritt & Lorene, 40th Anniversary

TRIGGS, Tyler, 2015 scholarship; 2016 FFA Degree

TRIMBLE, Clyde Earnest and Mary Faye (BROWN), 50th Anniversary, 1979

TULL, Howard & Jenesse, 60th anniversary

TULL, Marlene

Turkey Vultures, 2012

Twin Rivers Tornadoes 4-H Club, 2008

Two Chicks from the Sticks

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ULLERY, Bessie & Mr. & Mrs. Jesse STEPHENS, 1977

Undertakers Convention, 1921

United Methodist Church Service, 2006

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Van BUSKIRK, Karen, 2007 Volunteer Award

British photojournalist Charlie VARLEY visits Ringgold County, 2002

VARNER, Alvin, Promotion, 1968

VARNER, O. C. & Nina (STEPHENS), 50th Wedding Anniversary

Volunteer Awards, 2007

VORHIES, Veva, 85th Birthday

VOTAVA, Jean, 80th Birthday

VREDENBURG Memorial, 2003

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WALKER, Hazel, 90th Birthday

WALKUP, Annabel, 90th Birthday

WALKUP, Dale & Sharon, 40th Anniversary

WALTERS, Sister Carolyn, Honored, 2011

WALTERS, Dale & Doris, 50th Anniversary

WALTERS, Rex & Ann, 50th anniversary

WALTERS Family Row, 1904

WARD, Cathy, 70th Birthday

WARD, Jim and Joyce, 45th Wedding Anniversary

WARINS' Century Farm, 2011

WARIN, Megan, 2015 Ringgold Co. Beef Queen

Tragic Death of Miss Delia WATTS, 1902

WAUGH, Jerry, Spelling Champ

WAUGH, Miranda, Miss Iowa Teen American Coed, 2014

WAUGH, Socorro, 90th Birthday

WASKE, Ella, Pedal Pull Champion

WEBB Family Race With Death, 1916

WEBB, Gilbert & Norma, 67th Anniversary

WEEDA, Theola (HIGHTSHOE) FOLTZ, 90th birthday

WEEHLER, Payton & STEPHENS, Houston, 2015 Rodeo Finals

    2014 National Rodeo Finals; 2015 National Rodeo Finals

WERNER, Jim & Ann & WERNER Farm, 2012 Honors  Master Farmers, 2013

WERNER, Maxine, 90th Birthday

WHITSON'S 50th Anniversary

WHITSON, Astronaut Peggy Home from Space, April 29, 2008

WHITE'S, Albert, 50th Anniversary

WHITE Murder, 2000

Death of John D. WILFONG, Tingley, Iowa, 1898

WILLEY, Gerold & Jean, Ayr Days Marshals, 2014

WILLIAMS' 50th Wedding Anniversary

WILLIS, Francis & Elaine (SEYMOUR), 50th Anniversary

WILSON, Bud and Margaret, 50th Anniversary

WILSON, Luella, 90th Birthday

WILWERDING, Father Glen, reassigned 2012

WINKLER, Melissa, 2005 honors

WIMER, Karen Retirement

WIMER, Jerry & Karen, 25th Anniversary  50th Anniversary

WIMER, Lavena, 90th Birthday;  95th Birthday


WOLFE-EWING Wedding, 1890

WOOD-WHEELER Wedding, 1913

WOOD, Pauline, 5 Generation
    WOOD, Pauline, 5 Generation
    WOOD, Pauline, 94th Birthday

WOOLLUMS, Jessie, 75th birthday

WOOLLUMS, Zelma, 99th Birthday, 2010

Workout Place Opens, 2013

WURSTER, Howard & Dorothy, 60th Anniversary; 65th Anniversary

WURSTER, Dorothy, 80th Birthday; 85th Birthday

Women's Auxiliary Army Corps, 1942

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YEAGER, Lori Death, 2012

YEAROUS, Jack & Jean, 45th Wedding Anniversary

YODER, Drew, 2015 NBA championships

YOUNG'S, Gerald, 50th Anniversary

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ZARR, Marlene, 80th Birthday

ZEZEK, J. W. of Diagonal, Oldest Horse, 1929

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Ringgold County Vital Records which have been transcribed from newspaper abstracts, are available for births,   marriages, anniversaries, and divorces,   deaths,  surnames A - M &   surnames N - Z,
pioneer certificates, and wills.

122 W. Madison
Mount Ayr IA 50854

641-464-2229 (fax)

The Mount Ayr Record-News is available on-line.

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