Ringgold County Courthouse built in 1884
Ringgold County Courthouse built in 1884
Ringgold County Courthouse built in 1884
Ringgold County Courthouse built in 1884
Ringgold County Courthouse built in 1884

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Share and preserve Ringgold County's oral legends, memories, tall tales, reminiscences, and so on before they are "lost" forever.

Ringgold County Biographical Sketches

Below is an index to "Biographical and Historical Record of Ringgold and Decatur Counties, Iowa, Lewis Publishing Company, 1887" Rose.jpg


  A special thank you goes out to Christy Jay who tirelessly and patiently transcribed these biographical sketches for us. Words cannot express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for Christy's work.

  Biographical sketches from
Biographical & Historical Record of Ringgold County, Iowa, 1887

Biographical Surname Index: A - F    G - L    M - R    S - Z

  Early Settlers of Ringgold County, 1844 - 1859


  Biographies of Ringgold County Residents
     Past and Present ~ Surnames:

    A     B    C     D    E     F    G     H
   I     J     K     L    M     N     O     P
   Q     R    S     T    U    V    W     X
           Y     Z      

NOTE: To search for a specific surname on this webpage
press "Ctrl" key and the "F" key together on your keyboard
(Command + "F" for Mac users)
then type the surname in the dialog box which pops up.


- A -

  • ABBAR, John Carter
  • ACKERLEY, Albert L.
        founder of the Beaconsfield Bank
  • ADDINGTON, Alexander Elsworth
        includes mention of Alexander's father Branson Lee ADDINGTON
  • ADDINGTON, Branson Lee
  • ALEXANDER, William E.
  • ALFORD, Robert E.
        brother of Rosa (ALFORD) WHITHORN
  • ALLEN, Littleton P.
  • ALLEN, Hon. N. J.
        husband of Sarah C. (BAUMAN) ALLEN
  • ALLYN, George S.
  • ANDERSON, J. E. "Uncle Jimmie"
        contributor of the Methodist Church in Ringgold County
  • ANDERSON, Joel
        brother of William ANDERSON of Ringgold County
  • ANDERSON, Quentin V.
  • ANDERSON, Dr. Robert
  • ANDREWS, H. C.
  • ANDREWS, Hon. William E.
  • ASBURY, Benjamin & William H. H. ASBURY
  • ASBURY, W. H. H.
        brother of Thomas Payne ASBURY of Ringgold County
  • ASBURY, William S.
  • ASKREN, Capt. Robert F.
  • AUGUSTINE, Frederick DeForest "Fred"
  • AVERY, Henry

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    - B -

  • BAKER, Arthur A.
  • BAKER, Hon. Judge Ed
  • BAKER, Horace K. & Mildred (HOLLAND)
  • BAKER, Ken
  • BAKER, Laura Mae (BARCHUS)
  • BAKER, Raymond F. (1906-1992)
  • BAKER, Rensford B.
        father of Frank & Horace BAKER
  • BAKER, Willliam
  • BALDWIN, Will C.
        includes Sarah (BALDWIN) and George RAINES, Mount Ayr, Iowa
  • BALL, George W.
  • BANKS, Charles
  • BARCHUS, Obediah, by Rachel (BARCHUS) NORTHRUP, 1935
  • BARKER, Guelda
  • BARNES, Ward
  • BARRETT, William Lee
  • BAUMANN, Johann Gottlieb "John" BEALL Family History
  • BEALL, Martha (STAHL)
  • BEALL, Walter H.
  • BEALL, Randolph Sry
  • BEALL, Zephaniah W.
  • BEAR, Orville Nelson "Doc" and Donna Leslie (STEVENS) BEAR
  • BEAR, Ramon
  • BEAR, Solomon "Sol"
  • BEDWELL, Harry Chester
  • BECK, Clarence S.
  • BECKER, Sharon R. (former Ringgold County IAGenWeb coordinator) BEEN, William "Harley"
  • BELLUS, Dr. G. W. BENEKE, Mildred Adaline "Millie" (STRONG) (1919-2002)


  • BENNETT, Edwin BENNETT, Jesse Truesdel, Civil War Veteran
  • BENNETT, Sheriff Robert Maurice "Bob"
  • BENNETT, Dr. T. W.
  • BENTLEY, Alan and Family, 2008
  • BERGMAN, Johannes Cornelius
  • BERRY, Charles E.
        brother of John and Katie BERRY,
        son of Sarah C. (MORRISON) BERRY
  • BERRY, James C.
        father of Elijah & Theodore BERRY of Ringgold County
  • BETHARDS, Harry Fay
  • BEVER, Michael, Jr.
  • BEVINGTON, James Cain
  • BIGGS, E. W.
  • BIRD, Garrett & Rebecca (HARDESTY) BIRD
        incluedes Joseph BIRD & Deborah Jane (BIRD) CAMPBELL families
  • BIRKHIMER, Edward
        Ringgold County Treasurer, 1859
  • BLACK, James C.
         father of Elmer BLACK of Ringgold County
  • BLACKMORE, Samuel C.
  • BLAIR, F. B.
        manager of Lamoni Electric Light Company
  • BLAIR, George W.
  • BLAKESLEY, Elizabeth (RUBY)
  • BLAUER, Darold
  • BLISS, John A.
  • BLISS, Ralph Kenneth
  • BLUNCK, Charles Frederick
  • BOGGESS, Rev. Thomas Howard
  • BOONE, Lyle
  • BOSWORTH, Daniel Ladd
  • BOWEN, Lute P.
  • BOYD, John
  • BRANT, David
  • BRIMMER, Clifford Carl
  • BROSHAR, Edward
        brother of Nancy Ellen (BROSHAR) FUNKHOUSER, Ringgold Co.
  • BROWN, John N.
  • BROWN, Obediah Sebastian & Elizabeth Katherine "Kate" (BERRY) BROWN BROWN, Susannah (WAGGONER), founder of Hickory Grove Church
  • BUHRER, Michael and Elma (MILLSAP)
  • BURKE, James M.
  • BURNETT, John
  • BURROUGHS, Rev. U. F.

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    - C -

  • CAIN, Oscar
  • CAMPBELL, Lock
  • CAMPBELL, Rev. Ward
  • CANNY, Thomas & Magdalene (CABARET) CANNY
  • CARR, H. L. CARR, Maurice Leo
  • CARTER, John Davis
  • CARTER, Rae Best
  • CASE, Jacob
  • CASTREJE, Senor Gilberto
  • CHANDLER, Fred Moore
        son of H. A. and Mary Ellen (MOORE) CHANDLER of Kellerton
  • CHICKEN, John Neil
        Ringgold County Extension Director
  • CHISMAN, Luther
  • CLAREY, Thomas
        father of Elsie B. (CLAREY) JOHNSON CLARK, Blanche (SHOEMAKER)
  • CLARK, J. H.
        includes Kitty (McVAY) FREELAND of Mount Ayr
  • CLARY, Leonard
        includes his father-in-law Benjamin ASBERRY of Ringgold County
  • CLOUGH, Joseph
  • COBB, Hon. William
        father of Charles S. COBB
  • COCHRAN, Alexander H. COFFMAN, John Franklin, M.D.
  • COIE, Mary "Marie"
  • COIE, Hon. W. G.
  • COMBS, Lafe
  • COMBS, Vera
        Territorial Surveyor of Ringgold County
  • COOPER, Thomas "Tom"
  • CORNWALL, Emeline (LUCAS)
  • COTTON, Rev. Bill
  • COWELL, Clyde N. "Peanut"
  • CROUT & HUFFMAN Meat Market, Mount Ayr
  • CROWSON, Carey
  • CULMER, Stephen L.
  • CUMMINGS, Carl H.
  • CUNNING, Dr. Joe D.
  • CURRIE, John
  • CURRIE, William Kenneth

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    - D -

  • DAILEY, Donald "Jake"
  • DAILY, Joseph T. DAKE, Charles Warren
        Civil War Veteran & Ringgold County Treasurer 1868-1871
  • DAVIS, George W.
        father of Lenora (EVANS) LAIRD of Mount Ayr, Iowa
  • DAVIS, Joseph Henry and Sarah Jane (REYNOLDS) DAVIS
  • DeARMOND, Charles D.
  • DeARMOND, Winfield Scott DEEMER, Lucille (FARIS)
  • DeHART, Francis Asbury
  • DeLASHMUTT, William A.
  • DENNISON, Daniel
  • DeVRIES, John
  • DIDIER, John N.
  • DILLE, John "Dennis"
  • DILLMAN, Henry C.
        father of Emma (DILLMAN) LUNNEY of Mount Ayr
  • DOBIAS, Frances (TASLER)
  • DOLECHECK, Cecil
  • DONOVAN, F. M.
  • DOUBET, Joseph
        father of Nellie (DOUBET) BAKER, Beaconsfield IA
  • DOWNEY, William H.
  • DOZE, Hon. Joseph E.
        includes history of the DRAKE Family of Ringgold County DRAKE, Floy, 100 Years of Raider Football
  • DRAKE, James Andrew & Elizabeth (POSTLETHWAITE) DRAKE
  • DRAKE, Loren
  • DRAPER, Ross
  • DREDGE, Meredith
  • DUARTE, Danny, 2002 Foreign Exchange Student
  • DuBOIS, Toussaint Harvey
  • DUNKIN, R. H.
  • DUNNING, Barton Burgess & Laura Lucina (STILES) DUNNING
  • DUNNING, Clyde
  • DUNNING, Frank
        includes DUNNING ancestors in America,
        Barton B. & Laura L. (STILES) DUNNING of Mount Ayr,
        & Charles B. DUNNING, first white child born in Mount Ayr
  • DUTCHER, Newman
        father of Jane Ann (DUTCHER) KNAPP & Ida C. (DUTCHER) HUNTER, both of Ringgold County

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    - E -

  • EASON, Clair "Skip"
  • ECKERMAN, Daniel
  • EDWARDS, David
  • EDWARDS, Howard W.
  • EKLUND, Carl Autley & Pearl "Frances" (JOHNSON)
  • EKLUND, Clarence Arthur & Dorothy Aline (CLARK)
  • EKLUND, Margaret Agnes (WASSON), wife of Lawrence John "Bob" EKLUND
  • ELDER, Samuel
  • ELDER, William Carson
  • ELLIOTT, Judge James D.
  • ELLIOTT, Reverend Sherburn Almando
  • Elmore (a.k.a. Morris the Cat
  • ENGLAND, Joseph
        brother of Samuel ENGLAND of Ringgold County
  • EVANS, Daniel Webster
  • EVANS, Reverend Thomas M.
  • EVANS, William F.
        father of Delilah (EVANS) MAXWELL of Mount Ayr, Iowa
  • EVERETT, John S.
  • EWAN, Lewis E. & Harriet B. "Hattie" (WRIGHT) EWAN
  • EWING, John K.

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    - F -

  • FARIS, Lee
  • FARMER, Thomas Benton
  • FELDMAN, Fred
        father of William FELDMAN, Ringgold County
  • FELL, Dr. Roy Eugene
  • FERGUSON, Thomas A.
  • FETTY, Jack
  • FISHER, Rev. Jack
  • FISHER, Orr Cleveland, W.P.A. artist from Delphos, Iowa
  • FITCH, Elmer Eli
        includes the HAGEMAN Family of Ringgold County FINCH, William Wilson "Billie"
  • FLYNN, Francis Marion (1903-1974)
  • FOSTER, Holland, American Artist, native of Caledonia FOGLE, Fredric Dean "Fred"
  • FOGLE, Marlin E.
  • FOWLER, John L.
  • FOX, Col. John M.
  • FREELAND, J. N. [John Nathaniel "Nat"]


  • FREELAND, Montgomery E.
  • FREELAND, M. E., newspaper accounts
  • FULLER, Frank F.
  • FULLER, Leroy and descendants
        Contribution by Burt Fuller
  • FULLER, Ruth Mildred (BEARD) (1907-2008)
  • FULLERTON, Dr. Oscar Lewis
  • FUNK, Zenas

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    - G -

  • GALLOWAY, Dr. S. Bruce
  • GANDER, Gilbert M.
  • GARD, Joseph Woodburn and Catharine (OSHELL) GARD
  • GERINGER, Lauren
  • GILLAN, Reverend Wendi (MARILEE)
  • GILLETT, Andrew J.
  • GILLILAND, Debbie
  • GIPPLE, S.
        father of Mary Elizabeth (GIPPLE) DONAHUE of Ringgold County
  • GOBLE, John D.
  • GOODALE, Millard Fillmore
  • GOSS, Cyrus L.
  • GRANT, Clifford Duane
  • GRIFFITH, Ulysses Grant
  • GRIMES, M. F.
        proprietor of Grimes Quiett Clothing Company, Kellerton
  • GROSS, L. W. Joe
  • GROVES, W. W.

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    - H -

  • HAGANS, Hon. James Conrad, First Judge of Ringgold County
  • HALEY, Curtis
        son of Mary HALEY of Mount Ayr
  • HALL, Arlene Ivie (GRAHAM)
  • HAMMOND, Dennis M.
        includes Oliver P. PADGET of Ringgold County
  • HAMMOND, Joseph and John C.
  • HARDING, Reverend Douglas
  • HARPER, Jesse
  • HART, Luke E.
        man who added "Under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance
  • HART, W. R.
  • HARTLEY, Fred
        son of Rufus and Jennie (BEARD) HARTLEY of Ringgold County, Iowa
  • HARVEY, Frank S.
  • HASKINS, G. B. HAYES, Preston


  • K-9 Heky
  • HENRY, L. L.
  • HENRY, Judge R. C.
        (Robert Cheney Henry) HENSLEY, Judy
  • HEYER, Clair Bernhardt
  • HICKENLOOPER, Cyrus Horace
  • HICKERSON, Loren L. (1918-1989)
  • HIGDAY, Elroy Henry
  • HIGHTSHOE Quarter Horses
  • HILL, John
  • HILL, Lafe
  • HILL, Samuel and William F.
  • HOGUE, Birdie Nina (McDOWELL)
  • HOHL, Reverend Richard T.
  • HOLLAND, Roy
        World War II Veteran, U.S. Army, Battle of the Bulge Veteran
  • HOOVER, Earl T.
  • HORNE, John Earl "Barney"
  • HORNE, Dr. William
  • HOUDYSHELL, Andrew Jackson & William A.
  • HUDLER, David M.
        includes family of Mary A. (HUDLER) WILLIAMSON of Mount Ayr
  • HUDSON, Dr. J. A.
  • HUGHES, Rev. Jeremiah T. "Jerry"
        submitted by Juanita Fields, February of 2009
  • HUMESTON, Clarence S.
        son-in-law of Rose (PRICE) FRISBIE of Kellerton HUNT, Lois
  • HUNT, Will, Redding, Iowa
  • HUNT, William P.
        spouse of Mamie E. (NELSON) HUNT from Ringgold County
  • HUNTER, Larry D.
  • HYNEK, Amanda
  • HYNEK, Joe

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    - I -

  • IBBOTSON, John
        father of Homer IBBOTSON of Ringgold County
  • IMUS, Day
  • IMUS, Elon I.
  • IMUS, Hiram M.
  • IMUS, Horatio M. & Mary (DOLBIER) Family
  • IMUS, Lewis Burgess
  • IVES, Richard C. "Dick"

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    - J -

    frank jackson

  • JACKSON, Frank E., Kellerton, Iowa
        World Horseshoe Pitching Champion
  • JACKSON, Jill & Otto
  • JACKSON, Oscar A.
  • JACKSON, William M.
  • JAMISON, Samuel
  • JARVIS, Mollie E.
        Diagonal's 1st town school teacher
  • JENNINGS, Enos S.
  • JENNINGS, Henry Conrad
  • JESSUP, Dr. Arthur Earnest
  • JEZEK, Kenny and Karen
  • JOHNSON, Major Archie N., M.D.
  • JOHNSON, Dr. Franklin G.
  • JOHNSON, Kirby S.
        brother-in-law of Annie S. (KINEAID) JONES of Ellston
  • JOHNSON, R. L.
        father-in-law of H. L. AUGUSTINE of Maloy JOHNSTON, Emma "Verona" (CALHOUN)
        America's oldest person
  • JOHNSTON, George A.
        husband of Sadie Frances (FISHER) of Ringgold County
  • JONES, Charlotte (FOLTZ)
  • JONES, Oleta

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    - K -

  • KATER, Charles F.
  • KEATING, Curtis Ralph
  • KEENAN, John P.
  • KELLY, Charley W.
  • KELLY, Earl
  • KEMERY, John
  • KENWORTHY, David C.
  • KESTER, George B.
  • KILBURN, Lucian Moody
        father of Mary L. (KILBURN) SHIPMAN of Mount Ayr
  • KILGORE, Jno.
  • KILLINGSWORTH, Daniel H., M.D.
  • KINCH, Walter A.
  • KING, Dr. A. E.
  • KING, Benjamin
        father of Cora (KING) FLETCHER of Tingley
  • KING, Charles M.
  • KING, Thomas
  • KIRBY, John S.
  • KIRBY, G. M.
  • KIRKHAM, Dr. Henry Lee & Catharine Boylston (MOORE) KIRKHAM
  • KIRKHAM, William Ralph & Virginia (WADE) KIRKHAM
  • KNIGHT, Colleen (ANDERSON)

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    - L -

  • LAMB, Larry D.
  • LAMB, Ronald Max
  • LARSON, John and Tom
  • LaRUE, William P.
  • LAUGHLIN, Loren,
        Native of Mount Ayr, Nebraska Senator
  • LAW, Samuel
        brother of Robert LAW and Mary (LAW) HOME of Mount Ayr
  • LAWHEAD, Dr. Collus
  • LEATHERMAN, William A.
  • LEONARD, Daniel LESAN, George W., Pioneer Life
  • LEWIS, Judge Charles J.
  • LEWIS, Clinton J.
  • LEWIS, L. H.
        brother-in-law of John BLAUER, Ringgold County
  • LIGGETT, Thomas
  • The LOHMANN Family, 2005
  • LONG, J. W., Iowa State Auditor
  • LONG, S. J.
  • LOUTHAM, J. H.
  • LOWMAN, Steve Jr.
  • LUDWIG, Ephraim C.
  • LYNCH, Matt
  • LYNN, Aaron S.
        father of Flora L. (LYNN) DALBEY of Kellerton, Iowa

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    - M -

  • MAIN, Franklin
  • MALONE, Rev. Father Henry V.
  • MANNASMITH, Martin E.
  • MARINER, J. B., Ringgold County landowner
  • MARKHAM, Henry C.
  • MARSHALL, Elmer E.
        spouse of Emma Gray HOLCOMB of Mount Ayr MARTIN, Bob
  • MARTIN, Elihu G.
        First Mayor of Mount Ayr
  • MARTIN, Rev. Dr. W. C.
  • MAY, James M.
        father of John H. MAY of Ringgold County
  • McALEXANDER, Eugene & Esther McALEXANDER, Earl & Kerri
  • McCALMONT, James P.
  • McCANN, Steve
  • McCLAIN, John Wesley Sr.
        Lucinda (SHAHA) McCLAIN and their son, John Wesley McCLAIN, Jr.
  • McCOMBS, James
  • McCULLOCH, Alfred D.
        father of Celia (McCULLOCH) GRAY of Kellerton
  • NcDANIEL, Dr. David
  • McDONALD, Emmet Winfield
  • McDONALD, Maley
  • McELROY, William H. McFARLAND, John, 100 Years of Raider Football
  • McFARLAND, Rev. William T.
  • McGRAW, James

    Dan McGugin

    McGUGIN, Daniel Earle
         Hall of Fame College Football Coach
  • McKIM, John David
  • McMASTER, Ezra C.
  • McMULLEN, Archibald
  • MEKUS, Dr. Max
  • MERCER, Lori
  • MIDDLETON, Josiah
  • MILLER, Aaron
  • MILLER, Dr. Charles Zollman
  • MILLER, Duane L.
  • MILLER, Henry
        & Catherine "Kitty" (MONTGOMERY)
  • MILLER, Ollie "Posy" (MIMS)
  • MILLER, Colonel Thomas Craig
        included in Wm. H. D. NOYES, M.D. biography
        Col. MILLER, the father of James Oliver MILLER of Ringgold Co. IA
  • MILLER, Rev. William
  • MITCHELL, Dr. Duane E.
  • MOBLEY, Amy
        one of Iowa's 100 Great Nurses, 2010 MOFFETT, Dr. Thomas Irven & Sylvia Ann (SCHNEIDER)
  • MOORE, Robert M.
        father of Thomas L. MOORE; brother of Margaret (MOORE) BAIRD


  • MORFORD, R. F.
  • MORGAN, Neil E. MORRISON, Mary Alberta (BROWN)
        mother of John WAYNE
  • MOSER, Grace (McCAUSLIN)
  • MOISER, Frank Moffett
  • MOULTON, Oliver P.
  • K-9 Officer Murphy
  • MURRAY, Dr. Charles

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    - N -

  • NAPIER, T. W.
  • NICHOLSON, Augustine
  • NOFTSGER, Morris Henry
  • NOLAND, Dr. George L.
  • NOYES, William H. D., M.D.
        includes biography of Captain Thomas Craig MILLER, father of James Oliver MILLER, Ringgold County IA
  • NURNBERG, Mansel

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    - O -

    O'CONNOR, Joe, Hall of Fame
  • OGDEN, Dr. Aaron B.
  • Otto, the service dog
  • OXFORD, Millard F.

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    - P -

  • PADGITT, Dr. Dennis
  • PAGE, George W.
  • PARKER, Albror R.
        spouse of Sarah E. (VIDAL), daughter of John L. VIDAL of Ringgold County
  • PARKER, Lemuel A.
  • PARKER, Thomas J.
        includes mention of Thomas' parents, John M. and Elizabeth (MERRITT) PARKER
  • PARKER, William M.
  • PARMELY, Richard
        includes the death of Daniel and Luke IMUS
  • PATRICK, H. B.
  • PEASLEY, W. W.
  • PEMBER, Arthur E.
         includes mention of Arthur's parents, Sanford and Salome (GLOVER) PEMBER
  • Photographers of Ringgold County
  • Early Physicians of Ringgold County & Mount Ayr
  • PICKENS, Earl
  • PICKENS, Kenneth D. "Ken"
  • PICKETT, Adam
  • PIEPER, Sister Bernadine Elizabeth PIERSCHBACHER, Jessica
  • PINE, Paul
  • PITKIN, Hattie Emma
  • PITKIN, W. W.
  • POLLOCK, Jackson
  • POLLOCK, James H.
        father of William H. & Henton POLLOCK
  • POOR, J. H.
  • POOR, Mary Jane (BAIRD)
  • POOR, Wendell
  • PRALL, Robert
         brother of C. C. PRALL of Mount Ayr
  • PRATT, E. P.
  • PRATT, Marvin
  • PRENTIS, Dr. Percy L.
  • PRENTIS, X. T. (1896-1978)
  • PRICE, Aseph Butler
        father of Hershel D. PRICE, clothing merchant of Mount Ayr

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    - R -

  • RAINS, Helen A.
  • RAMSEY, Paul; 2012 Record News
  • article
  • RAY, Orville
        father of Eliza (RAY) SMITH of Ringgold County
  • REED, Dr. H. J. C.
  • REED, John C. F.
  • REGER, Rev. Alfred Alphaeus
  • REGER-WILKINSON, Mary Frances
  • RETTENMEIER, Sister Joanna, 2009
  • REYNOLDS, Alfred Carroll, M.D.
  • RICE, Dr. William H.
  • RICHARDS, Connie RICHARDS, Doyle & Connie
  • The RICKER Family, 2005
  • RICKER, Bob
  • RICKER, Margaret "Margie" (DRISKELL)
  • RIDER, G. E.
  • RIDER, Orion L.
  • RIDER, Major Robert G., M.D.
  • RINEHART, Korbie
  • RIGGS, Ezekiel R.
  • Ringgold County Legislators
  • ROBERTS, Abraham
        Contribution by Bill Adams
  • ROBERTS, H. Guy
  • ROBERTSON, Robert N. & Chloe Darling (PITKIN) ROED, Chet, 100 Years of Raider Football
  • ROGERS, David
  • ROGERS, Huston
  • ROSS, Sister Nan, 2009
  • ROUDYBUSH, William
        World War II Veteran, U.S. Army, Battle of the Bulge Veteran
  • ROUTH, Katie
  • RUBY, James H.
  • RUBY, Valentine G.

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    - S -

  • SAGE, C. W.
        spouse of Ida (SHAWLER), son-in-law of Richard SHAWLER, Ringgold Co. pioneer
  • SALTZMAN, Katherine "Eleanor"
  • SANDERS, Professor E. F., Tingley Schools
  • SANFORD, Judge George W.
  • SAUDERS, John
  • SAVILLE, Joseph H.
  • SAWYER, Jemima
        mother of Asahel P. SAWYER of Mount Ayr
  • SCHAEFER, Karen
  • SCHRAM, Sidney
  • SCOTT, Ron;   
  • Honoring "Scotty", 2013
  • SCOTT, William Edward Alexus SEATON, Fannie Elizabeth (STEDMAN)
  • SELLARDS, Rev. D. F.
  • SELLARDS, Joseph W., M.D.
  • SHAFFER, Juanita I. (MAIN)
  • SHAY, Luke
  • SHELDON, Edgar and son Frank E.
  • SHELDON, Frank
  • SHEPHERD, James (1800-1880)
  • The SHIELDS Twins, Jody and Jenny
  • SHIFFLETT, Grant A.
  • SHRIVER, Hon. W. S. SHOTWELL, Jan, artist
  • SHOWALTER, Delwyn
  • SICKELS, Lester
  • SLAUGHTER, W. H. & Clemency (UTTERBACK)
  • SMITH, A. I. SMITH, Alan
  • SMITH, Charles W.
        father of Henry C., husband of Ellen (SALTZMAN) & John W., of Ringgold County
  • SMITH, Franklin "Hank"
  • SMITH, Geraldine "Gerri"
  • SMITH, James R.
        father of Gertie (SMITH) TEALE of Mount Ayr SMITH, Jim SMITH, Mary Ann
  • SMITH, Randy
  • SNYDER, Harold "Jay"
  • SNYDER, James M. SOBOTKA, Arlene
  • SOBOTKA, Darla
  • SOBOTKA, Doug and Darla
  • SOBOTKA, Dr. Jenelle (TULL)
  • SOBOTKA, Josef and family
  • SOLLIDAY, Nida
  • SPANGLER, William Miller
        father of Josephine (SPANGLER) MILLER, Beaconsfield & Ellston, Iowa
  • SPENCE, Robert H.
  • The SPURRIER Family, 2005 STAHL, C. Josephine, heroine of Darjeeling, India Flood, 1899
  • STAHL, Michael and Mary B. (TALLEY) STAHL
  • Fred STARK, former Mount Ayr band director
  • The STAVER Family
  • STEPHENS, Rev. Eydie (DEAL) & Steve
  • STEPHENSON, James A.
  • STEVENSON, Jno. J.
  • STEVENSON, Thomas
        father of Permelia (STEVENSON) BLACK of Mount Ayr St. JOHN, Ouise, M.D.
  • STEWART, Frank
  • STOLBERG, John
  • STONE, Rev. George
  • STRANAHAN, James and John
  • STROUD, Alexander
        father of Telitha (STROUD) SURFACE of Ringgold County
  • STROUD, Rev. Charles
  • STROUGHT, Anthony
        son of Thomas STROUGHT, Ringgold County
  • STROUSE, John SWANK, Hilary:
  • "The Next Karate Kid"   
  • Hilary & James CLOUGH   
  • Hilary & Judy (CLOUGH) SWANK
  • Hilary SWANK & Shirley & David HIGHTSHOE
  • SWANK, Richard
  • SWANSON, Charles Edward
  • SWETT, Cyrus, father of Wm. T. SWETT

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    - T -

  • TAYLOR, Aleine
  • The TAYLOR Family, A Rodeo Tradition Ends
  • TEALE, Fred E.
        of Iowa State Bank of Mount Ayr
  • TEALE, Joseph
        brother of James, Hon. Thomas, Eugene, and Albert of Kellerton
  • TEALE, Thomas
        father of Bert TEALE, Mount Ayr
  • TEALE, Thomas Anthony, Jr.
  • TEDFORD, Howard
  • TEDFORD, James Harvey
  • TEDFORD, Anne "Regina" (VALE) TERRELL, Brian
  • TERRELL, Clara, 2002 Foreign Exchange Student to Germany
  • TERRILL, Asa
  • THOMAS, David Erastus
  • THOMAS, Jane
  • THOMPSON, John F.
        father of Henry THOMPSON
  • TIMBREL, James
  • TODD, W. A.
  • TREICHLER, Captain James M.
        father of Cyril H. TREICHLER of Kellerton, Iowa TRIGGS, Merrill & Lorene
  • TURNBULL, Harold Watson
  • TURNER, J. W.

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    - V -

  • VARNER, Coach Omer Clay "Pop"
  • "Pop" VARNER, 1973 Ringgold County Bulletin article
  • VAUGHN, D. A.

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    - W -

  • WAKEMAN, A. B. WALKER, Dr. Claude Marten
  • WALL, Erick
  • WALL, J. F.
  • WALLACE, Shirley
  • WARIN, Mike & 'Emma'
  • WATSON, E. M. [Elbert Minor]
  • WAUGH, Gerald D. "Jerry"
  • WEDDLE, Angelina
  • WELCH, Orrin Scott
  • WELLING, Bill (a.k.a. Marc CRUISE) WENTZEL, S. J.
        brother of Christina A. (WESTLAKE) KUDER
  • WHITE, Rev. Father J. C.
  • WHITE, James Murice, M.D.
        includes mention of Dr. WHITE's parents, Elmer E. and Ann (BEVINGTON) WHITE,
        grandfather, Sheriff Hugh WHITE of Ringgold County, and Orr B. & Carrie
        (BRUCE) WHITE
  • WHITE, Willie Albert

    Norma & Peggy.jpg

    WHITSON, Astronaut Peggy (off-site official NASA bio)
  • WHITSON, Peggy     IA Aviation Hall of Fame
             Expedition V, 2002
  • Expedition XVI, 2007
  • Expedition L, 2016-17
  • Peggy Whitson Breaks Records, 2017

        At Right: former Ringgold County IAGenWeb co-cordinator
        Norma G. (FOLAND) BECKER and astronaut Peggy WHITSON,
  • WIGHT, Kate Olive (WILKERSON)
  • WILDMAN, William
        brother of Mary (WILDMAN) COWELL, Maloy IA
  • WILHELM, Dr. Harley A. Federal Judge
  • James Herbert WILKERSON
        native of Mount Ayr who presided over Al CAPONE's
        1931 tax evasion trial
  • WILKINS, Rev. James and Rev. Merlin WILKINS
  • WILLEY, Willis Ray
  • WILLIS, Theophilus R.
  • WILSON, Rev. David C.
  • WILSON, Henry H.
  • WILSON, Jno. F.
  • WILT, Eli Ulysses Simpson WIMER, Logan
  • WION, Jesse
  • WISDOM, Francis Minor "Frank"
  • WOODRUFF, David
        father of Charles A. WOODRUFF of Ringgold County
  • WRIGHT, Stanbury & Mary Flagg (POTTER) WRIGHT
  • WYATT, Reverend Lynn
  • WYBRANSKI, Alex, 2002 Foreign Exchange Student

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    - Y -

  • YARYAN, Clarence Everett "Yam"
  • YARYAN, James T. B.
  • YATES, Ben A.
        includes Lee (YATES) AGEE of Mount Ayr YODER, Drew
  • YOUNG, William Hamilton
        father of Luella (YOUNG) BRAMON & Martha Jane (YOUNG) JOHNSTON

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    - Z -

  • ZEITLER, Father John
  • WHO's WHO in IOWA, 1940, Ringgold County

    Ministers, Preachers, Reverends, and Spiritual Leaders of Ringgold County, Past and Present. An on-going project.

    Teachers and Educators, Past and Present of Ringgold County. An on-going project.

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