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Ringgold County History

Post Office Mural

"The Corn Parade" by Orr C. FISHER
Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa Post Office Lobby
The mural was hung in the post office lobby on June 11, 1941
Orr C. FISHER was born in Delphos, Iowa, 1885.

The post office was formally dedicated
on August 22, 1940. The Superintendent of schools served
as master of the dedication ceremonies.


Images of America: Ringgold County, pictorial history book about Ringgold County by Mike Avitt and Sharon R. Becker, Arcadia Publications, 2011.



History Articles

Settlement Before Statehood Honey War
Formation of Ringgold County Major Samuel RINGGOLD, Jr.
Iowa's Defense:
Formation of the State
includes Spirit Lake Massacre of 1857
Agricultural History
According to the 1950 Census of Agriculture, there were 1,311 farms 
in Ringgold County with an average size of 252 acres at a value of $30,800.
Centennial Decade in Ringgold Co., 1980's
Early History of Ringgold County
by Clara E. (HAGANS) HARVEY, 1904
Early Settlers of Ringgold Co., 1844-1859 Early Settlers of Benton Twp. & Maloy
Bohemian Pioneers
by Jerry J. ZARUBA, 1935
Bohemian Settlers in Ringgold County
written by David JEZEK, 1977
Ringgold County Old Settlers Reunion
Bonnie and ClydeThe Barrow Gang
    Bonnie and Clyde
    booklet by Sharon R. Becker, Paragon Press, 2011
Box Socials
Last Buffalo in Ringgold County
County Home, Ringgold County Creameries of Ringgold County
Crime Stories The Great Depression, Ringgold County
Disasters and Tragedies Eagle Sculpture on the Courthouse Lawn, 2006
4-H Clubs of Ringgold County 4-H in 2012
History of 4-H in Ringgold County Grand River Wildlife Unit
Knouse Murder Trial of 1869
Jesse KNOUSE goes on trial for the murder of Daniel GRIFFITH
change of venue from Taylor County to Ringgold County
Old-Time Medical Terms
Their Definitions and Old-Time Remedies
Recipe for Small-pox Cure Old-Time Occupations and Professions
Ghost Towns of Ringgold County
Early Post Offices
Forrest Home, Redding, Lee, Polen, Kew, Wanamaker, Marena
Grasshopper Invasion of 1867 Grave Robbery, Iowa Medical Journal Article, 1896
Ringgold County History, by Prof. Tuttle, 1876 History of Ringgold County, 1942
Historical Notes of Ringgold County
History of Athens Township
by Arthur L. LESAN, 1931
History of Beaconsfield Index of Beaconsfield Historical Articles

benton centennial   diagoanl centennial   ellston centennial   maloy centennial

History of Benton Index of Benton Historical Articles
History of Blackmore
also known as Blackmore Corner
Blockton [Mormontown] Sesequicentennial, 2011
    Blockton Post Office, 2013
History of Caledonia Index of Caledonia Historical Articles
History of Delphos Index of Delphos Historical Articles
History of Diagonal Index of Diagonal Historical Articles
History of Ellston Index of Ellston Historical Articles
Eugene Fire of 1879
Eugene founded by Charles K. GRIMES
History of Forest Home
History of Goshen Index of Goshen Historical Articles
History of Hy-Vee Food Stores Hy-Vee in Mount Ayr
History of Kellerton Index of Kellerton Historical Articles
History of Knowlton Index of Knowlton Historical Articles
Lamoni Telephone Company Lee Baseball Team
History of Lesanville, by Arthur LESAN, 1931
Includes early history of Poe Township
Index of Lesanville Historical Articles
Early Days in Liberty Township
by Stewart L. Thompson, 1914
Liberty Spring Lake Athletic Club
History of Lotts Creek History of Maloy
Index of Maloy Historical Articles
History of Middle Fork Township
     Slavery in Middle Fork Township
Morris & Allyn Journal, 1879 - 1880 History of Mount Ayr

buffalo wallow   princess theater   

Index of Mount Ayr Historical Articles Mount Ayr Postmasters
Physicians and Surgeons of Ringgold County, 1896 Pioneer Photographers
Platte River Bridge
History of Lesanville, by Arthur LESAN, 1931
Includes early history of Poe Township
News from Polen, date unknown
Prairie Chicken Relocation, Kellerton
    Kellerton Bird Conservation Area
Railroads of Ringgold County Redding Farmers' Institute
History of Redding Index of Redding Historical Articles
History of Rice Township History of Ringgold City
Ringgold County Boys Basketball Tournament, 1927
History of Ringgold County Jail
     Jail Escape, 1932
Ringgold County Early Court
    includes Ringgold County Officials, 1855-1937
Ringgold County Courthouse circa 1915
Temporary Courthouse, 1921 - 1927 Ringgold County Courthouse, built 1926

courthouse mural

Ringgold County's Bobcats Ringgold County's Dragoon Trace Nature Center
Ringgold County Group Home
     25th Anniversary
Ringgold County 
visited by Thunder Roads Magazine
Ringgold County Hospital Ringgold County Population, 1987
Ringgold County Shark's Tooth
Ringgold County Sheriffs
     Ringgold Law Enforcement, 1960's
Ringgold County Soldiers' Monument, 1918
     Rededication of Monument, 2014
Ringgold County Historic Buildings

centennial   tingley centennial

Ringgold County Centennial
    Centennial Address by Luke E Hart

    Centennial Souvenir Program
    Ringgold County Centennial
    Ringgold County Centennial, Tingley
Ringgold County Sesquicentennial, 2005
County Fair & Sewquicentennial, 2005
Ringgold County Conservation Board:
Celebrating 50 Years
Ringgold County Scenes, 2012-2013

Ringgold Singers
    an on-going project to compile the history of this group

Ringgold Singers, 2012

Ringgold County Places:
     Fish Hatchery, Mount Ayr
     State Highway 2
     U.S. Highway 169
Ringgold County during the Great Depression
  100-Year-Old Silo
  Suffragettes March at Mount Ayr, 1915
Shannon City
History of Sun Valley Lake
     Sun Valley Home Tour, 2012
The Nation
area along Iowa-Missouri border
History of Tingley
Index of Tingley Historical Articles History of Tingley Township
History of Transportation The Waubonsie Trail
Other Historic Ringgold County Trails:
      Ayr Line Road - U.S. Highway 169
      Corn Belt Highway - Iowa Highway 259
      Highland Highway - Iowa Highway 25
      Saints Highway - Iowa Highway 25
      Tourists' Trail - U.S. Highway 169 & 
      County Roads J-25, P-54 & P-64
Formation of Iowa Highway Commission, 1919
Underground Railroad 
in Ringgold County
Anti-Slavery in Ringgold County
Quilt Codes History of Union Township
Virginia Sale Bill The War Years
History of Watterson
Waubonsie Tractor Club
2005;   2007;   2012;   2012 Plow Day;   2013;
On The Square, 2013
Notable Weather Incidents, Ringgold County
    01 Jan 1950 - 31 May 2008
Tornado of April 1907
    Tornado of 1984
Tornado of 2001

sow and piglets


Off-site link to what Ringgold County has to offer:

Marlin E. Fogle Recreation Area * DNR Prairie Chick Restoration Project
Ringgold's 8 County Parks * Camping & Fishing Spots
Pioneer & Rural Life Museum * Mount Ayr Depot Museum
Diagonal Printing Museum
Sun Valley Lake * Annual Hynek Farmer Song Music Festival
Eagles Nest, Ellston * Golf Courses
Places to See * Places to Stay


 Iowa History Project is a special project of Iowa GenWeb, brings the history of Iowa alive through the transcription of various Iowa history books and documents.

iowa history project


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