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Cherry Ethel Ethel Cherry (1891)
Cherry Louisa (Finlayson) Louisa Finlayson Cherry (1911)
Cherry Mildred E. (Misner) Mildred E. (Misner) Cherry (1996)
Chervinka Fannie Ann (Schoenenberger) Fannie Schoenenberger Chervinka (2006)
Chesmore Arlene M. “Susie” (Johnston) Arlene M. “Susie” (Johnston) Chesmore (2017)
Chesnut Anjean (Nazett) Anjean Nazett Chesnut (2002)
Chesnut Paul Foster Paul Foster Chesnut (1980)
Chessman Sarah Sarah Chessman (1893)
Chestnutwood Barbara Barbara Chestnutwood (1933)
Chestnutwood Emma Allie (Barnett) Emma Allie (Barnett) Chestnutwood (1930)
Chestnutwood Harry J. Harry J. Chestnutwood (2003)
Chestnutwood Harry L. Harry L. Chestnutwood (1980)
Chestnutwood Levi A. Levi A. Chestnutwood (1933)
Chestnutwood Martha Harriet (Foley) Martha Harriet (Foley) Chestnutwood (1933)
Chestnutwood Robert M. Robert M. Chestnutwood (2003)
Chestnutwood Ruth (Crawford) Ruth Crawford Chestnutwood (1951)
Chew Grace Catherine (Campbell) Grace Campbell Chew (1965)
Chew John John Chew (1984)
Chew Mabel G. (Cox) Mabel Cox Chew (1989)
Chew Otis Otis Chew (1968)
Chickering Agnes (Wood) Agnes Wood Chickering (1989)
Chickering Harry C. Harry C. Chickering (1940)
Chickering Harry Dwayne Dwayne Chickering (2004)
Chickering Herbert J. Herbert J. Chickering (1953)
Chickering Joseph H. Joseph H. Chickering (1970)
Chickering Raymond Harley Raymond Harley Chickering (1945)
Chickering Ross Ross Chickering (1945)
Chickering Wayne R. Wayne R. Chickering (1979)
Chilcote Ida Isadora (Coffman) Ida Isadora (Coffman) Chilcote (1901)
Chilcote Opal Opal Chilcote (1941)
Chilcote Robert Robert Chilcote (1952)
Chilcote Thomas Thomas Chilcote (1960)
Chilcote Thomas Allison Thomas Allison Chilcote (1929)
Chilcote Thomas Barton Thomas Barton Chilcote (1919)
Childers Benjamin Benjamin Childers (1896)
Childers Carl Edgar Carl Edgar Childers (1902)
Childers Child Child Childers (1872)
Childers Edna I. (Rees) Edna Rees Childers (1975)
Childers Frank - infant son of Infant son of Frank Childers (1909)
Childers Frank F. Frank F.Childers (1967)
Childers Harry Harry Childers (1955)
Childers James M. James Childers (1896)
Childers Joseph Joseph Childers (1915)
Childers Loyd L. Loyd L. Childers (1910)
Childers Mary Jane "Jennie" (Stinson) Mary Jane "Jennie" (Stinson) Childers (1924)
Childers Nancy M. (Hoover) Nancy M. (Hoover) Childers (1970)
Childers William William Childers (1897)
Childress John M. John M. Childress (1904)
Childress Margaret (Walters) Margaret (Walters) Childress (1920)
Childress Myrtle May (Whitlow) Myrtle May (Whitlow) Childress (1916)
Chilman Andrew Hugo Andrew Hugo Chilman (1929)
Chipperfield Maude E. (Peebles) Maude E. (Peebles) Chipperfield (1958)
Chipperfield Miriam Miriam Chipperfield (1984)
Chittick Henrietta “Etta” Lavina (Fett) Vogel Henrietta “Etta” Lavina (Fett) Vogel Chittick (1944)
Choate Abel Abel Choate (1908)
Chopard Steve Steve Chopard (2015)
Chriss James James Chriss (1901)
Christensen Allen Ray Allen Ray Christensen (1945)
Christensen Anna Mae Anna Mae Christensen (1960)
Christensen Betty Jane (Scurlock) Garber Betty Jane (Scurlock) Christensen (2002)
Christensen Carl V. Carl V. Christensen (1955)
Christensen Carroll B. Carroll B. Christensen (1991)
Christensen Casey Reed Casey Reed Christensen (1979)
Christensen Charles H. Charles H. Christensen (1940)
Christensen Clair R., Sr. Clair R. Christensen, Sr. (2008)
Christensen Donald Ray Donald Ray Christensen (2015)
Christensen Elizabeth P. (Hunter) Elizabeth P. (Hunter) Christensen (2008)
Christensen Elizabeth Sue (Montgomery) Elizabeth Sue (Montgomery) Christensen (2007)
Christensen Emma Belle (Huston) Emma Huston Christensen (1999)
Christensen Esther Louise (Brobst) Esther Brobst Christensen (1982)
Christensen Grace (Robinson) Grace Robinson Christensen (1962)
Christensen Harry Nis Harry Christensen (1982)
Christensen Ivan Bernard Ivan Bernard Christensen (2008)
Christensen Janet (Moser) Sobolik Janet (Moser) Sobolik Christensen (2010)
Christensen John Edward John Edward Christensen (2006)
Christensen Julius Otto 'Jake' Julius Otto (Jake) Christensen (1986)
Christensen Leta Florence (Bush) Leta Florence Christensen (1943)
Christensen Loren (Chris) Loren (Chris) Christensen (2016)
Christensen Louise Bertha (Frost) Louise Bertha (Frost) Christensen (1953)
Christensen Lucille Marie (Dick) Lucille Dick Christensen (2001)
Christensen Magdalena (Jensen) Magdalena Christensen (1947)
Christensen Margaret Ann Margaret Ann Christensen (1943)
Christensen Martin Martin Christensen (1931)
Christensen Mary Ellen Mary Ellen Christensen (1962)
Christensen Otto Otto Christensen (1983)
Christensen Pauline Kulm Pauline Kulm Christensen (1969)
Christensen Thomas George Thomas George Christensen (1993)
Christensen William Nis William Nis Christensen (2017)
Christian Adolph Adolph Christian (1896)
Christianson Beatrice A. (Moyer) Beatrice A. (Moyer) Christianson (1969)
Christos John John Christos (1966)
Chritton Dicey Louisa (Hogue) Dicey Louisa (Hogue) Chritton (1950)
Chronicle Amanda (McPherson) Amanda (McPherson) Chronicle (1918)
Chronicle David Henry David Henry Chronicle (1935)
Chubb Jeremiah Jeremiah Chubb (1920)
Chumbley Kenneth Kenneth Chumbley (1938)
Church Benjamin F. Benjamin F. Church (1917)
Church Henry Henry Church (1957)
Church Malinda J. (Cline) Malinda J. (Cline) Church (1929)
Church Mary Jane (Shaffer) Richmond Mary Jane (Shaffer) Church (1930)
Churcher Abraham Abraham Churcher (1896)
Churchill Lloyd H. Lloyd H. Churchill (1929)
Churchill Phyllis Phyllis Churchill (1936)
Cibert Cindy Cindy Cibert (2011)
Clague Bernice (Knox) Bernice Knox Clague (1990)
Clague Charles Charles Clague (1901)
Clague Delora May (Kingery) Delora May Kingery Clague (1948)
Clague Doris Marie (Palmer) Doris Palmer Clague (1997)
Clague Earl W. Earl W. Clague (1988)
Clague Edgar Edgar Clague (1973)
Clague Evert Evert Clague (1917)
Clague Frances Alice (Chance) Frances Chance Clague (1971)
Clague Gaylon Edgar Gaylon E. Clague (1999)
Clague Glenn Glenn Clague (1966)
Clague Hazel (Bell) Hazel Bell Clague (1979)
Clague John Thomas John T. Clague (2000)
Clague June M. (Letz) June M. (Letz) Clague (1965)
Clague Karen Ann Karen Ann Clague (2001)
Clague Laura Leona (Datwyler) Laura Datwyler Clague (2000)
Clague Lena Mae (Anderson) Lena Mae Anderson Clague (1968)
Clague Lillyan Irene (Miller) Lillyan Miller Clague (1976)
Clague Lloyd James Lloyd James Clague (1981)
Clague Mary E. (Ray) Mary E. (Ray) Clague (1939)
Clague Mary Margaret (Spurgin) Mary Margaret (Spurgin) Clague (2010)
Clague Ralph Ralph Clague (1977)
Clague Thomas Thomas Clague (1924)
Clague Thomas Eugene Thomas Eugene Clague (2003)
Clague Willis E. Willis E. Clague (1962)
Clampitt Annis Jane (Miller) Annis Jane (Miller) Clampitt (1958)
Clampitt Bess M. (Smith) Bess Smith Clampitt (1982)
Clampitt Charles Charles Clampitt (1939)
Clampitt David Francis David Francis Clampitt (1932)
Clampitt David Francis (Frank) David Francis (Frank) Clampitt (1957)
Clampitt Dollie Edith (Davis) Dollie Edith (Davis) Clampitt (1976)
Clampitt Eva Eva Clampitt (1947)
Clampitt Henry Thornton, Rev. Henry Thornton Clampitt (Rev.) (1929)
Clampitt Nellie Nellie Clampitt (1953)
Clampitt Robert Lee Robert Lee Clampitt (1971)
Clampitt William H. William H. Clampitt (1859)
Clancy Irene Mary (Meyer) Irene Mary (Meyer) Clancy (2015)
Clanton Barbara (Shaver) Barbara (Shaver) Clanton (1917)
Clanton Charles Franklin Charles Franklin Clanton (1919)
Clanton Charles Harding Charles Harding Clanton (1947)
Clanton Cora May (Cateron) Cora May (Cateron) Clanton (1905)
Clanton Daisy Mae (McCrae) Daisy Mae Clanton (1958)
Clanton Ed Ed Clanton (1900)
Clanton George W. George W. Clanton (1932)
Clanton Isaac Monroe Isaac Monroe Clanton (1923)
Clanton James James Clanton (1919)
Clanton James D. James D. Clanton (1947)
Clanton Joel M. Joel M. Clanton (1892)
Clanton Mary Elizabeth (Strain) Mary Elizabeth (Strain) Clanton (1948)
Clanton Mary Melvina (Rogers) Melvina (Rogers) Clanton (1938)
Clanton Mary Victoria (Wheeler) Mary Victoria (Wheeler) Clanton (1898)
Clanton Sarah Jane "Sally" Sally Clanton (1900)
Clapper Fred Elmer Fred Elmer Clapper (1939)
Clapper Ollie May (Burkhead) Ollie May (Burkhead) Clapper (1947)
Clapper Opal Fay Opal Fay Clapper (1918)

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