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Smitley Ruth Esther (Reeves) Ruth Reeves Smitley (1983)
Smoot Albert P. Albert P. Smoot (1928)
Smoot Mary Alice (Roberts) Mary Alice (Roberts) Smoot (1930)
Smoot William Nelson William Nelson Smoot (1924)
Smull Arthur S. Arthur S. Smull (1996)
Smull Charles Wesley Charles Wesley Smull (1932)
Smull Elizabeth (Smith) Elizabeth (Smith) Smull (1916)
Smull Ida Ellen (Strable) Ida Ellen (Strable) Smull (1959)
Smull Mary Susan (Haas) Hoff Mary Susan (Haas) Smull Hoff (1913)
Smull Ruby G. (Ruble) Ruby G. (Ruble) Smull (1958)
Snapp Hattie Florence (Gray) Hattie Florence (Gray) Snapp (1939)
Snedden Jerald W. Jerald W. Snedden (2015)
Snell Elsie B. (Fogler) Elsie B. (Fogler) Snell (2008)
Snell Hazel (Kephart) Hazel (Kephart) Snell (2015)
Snelling Charles G. Charles G. Snelling (1890)
Snelson Suel L. Suel L. Snelson (1951)
Snetselaan John John Snetselaan (1997)
Snider Bernice Bernice Snider (1901)
Snider Carol T. Carol T. Snider (2000)
Snider Carrie Irene Carrie I. Snider (1906)
Snider Catherine E. (Yahne) Catherine E. (Yahne) Snider (1926)
Snider Dixie Elaine (Johnson) Dixie Elaine (Johnson) Snider (1970)
Snider Frederick F. Frederick F. Snider (1949)
Snider Hazel Marie (Silk) Mewhirter Hazel Marie (Silk) Mewhirter Snider (2017)
Snider John John Snider (1913)
Snider Kenneth C. Kenneth Snider (1989)
Snider Leatha B. (Young) Leatha B. Young Snider (1980)
Snider Mary Alice Mary Alice Snider (1961)
Snider Mary Jane (Small) Mary Jane (Small) Snider (1918)
Snider Ton U. Ton U. Snider (1975)
Snider Uriah Uriah Snider (1936)
Snider William Burnard William Burnard Snider (1956)
Snodgrass Ella (Crail) Ella Crail Snodgrass (1911)
Snodgrass Jessie C. Jessie Snodgrass (1919)
Snodgrass John Calvin John Calvin Snodgrass (1906)
Snodgrass Margaret Margaret Snodgrass (1954)
Snodgrass Shirley Drusilla (Adams) Shirley Drusilla (Adams) Snodgrass (2018)
Snoke Rose Mabel (Howell) Rose Mabel (Howell) Snoke (1895)
Snow Anna (Matthews) Anna (Matthews) Snow (1902)
Snow Bertine (Barker) Bertine (Barker) Snow (1954)
Snow Frederick Benson Frederick Benson Snow (1935)
Snow Ida Marie Ida Marie Snow (1905)
Snow Nora Johanna (Lee) Nora Johanna (Lee) Snow (1960)
Snow Thomas Virgil Thomas V. Snow (1985)
Snuffin Helen F. (Libby) Helen Libby Snuffin (1997)
Snyder Adam H. Adam H. Snyder (1936)
Snyder Alexis 'Lex' Keith Alexis (Lex) Keith Snyder (1991)
Snyder Andrew, Sr. Andrew Snyder, Sr. (1878)
Snyder Andrew J. Andrew J. Snyder (1916)
Snyder Anna (Corwin) Anna (Corwin) Snyder (1949)
Snyder Bertha Bertha Snyder (1950)
Snyder Bonnie Lea (Kirsch) Bonnie Lea (Kirsch) Snyder (2013)
Snyder Carl Q. Carl Q. Snyder (1987)
Snyder Catharine Catharine Snyder (1897)
Snyder Daniel W. Daniel W. Snyder (1909)
Snyder Dorothy (Phillips) Dorothy Snyder (1944)
Snyder Dorothy Irene (Keating) Dorothy Irene (Keating) Snyder (2013)
Snyder Gary Allen Gary Allen Snyder (1987)
Snyder George V. George V. Snyder (1945)
Snyder Hardesty Hardesty Snyder (1896)
Snyder Harold E. Harold E. Snyder (1984)
Snyder Henry D. Henry D. Snyder (1888)
Snyder Infant Infant Snyder (1891)
Snyder James B. James B. Snyder (1883)
Snyder Jeremy Wade Jeremy Wade Snyder (1999)
Snyder Jeuda (Blair) Jeuda (Blair) Snyder (1912)
Snyder John A. John A. Snyder (1961)
Snyder John Edward John Edward Snyder (2012)
Snyder Josephine Rose (Schmitz) Josephine Rose (Schmitz) Snyder (2016)
Snyder Josephine Winifred (McKibban) (Busch) Josephine McKibban Busch Snyder (1972)
Snyder Margaret (Bilderback) Margaret (Bilderback) Snyder (1899)
Snyder Margaret (Hassler) Margaret (Hassler) Snyder (1989)
Snyder Marvin "Bob" Marvin "Bob" Snyder (2003)
Snyder Nancy (Harsh) Nancy Harsh Snyder (1987)
Snyder Nellie Nellie Snyder (1975)
Snyder Nettie (Vandewater) Nettie Vandewater Snyder (1977)
Snyder Oscar Oscar Snyder (1883)
Snyder Oscar Oscar Snyder (1920)
Snyder Rachel (Blair) Rachel Blair Snyder (1922)
Snyder Randall Allan Randall Allan Snyder (2015)
Snyder Raymond L. Raymond L. Snyder (1973)
Snyder Rex M. Rex M. Snyder (1955)
Snyder Rhoda Permelia (DeVault) Rhoda Permelia (DeVault) Snyder (1941)
Snyder Robert L. Robert L. Snyder (2016)
Snyder Robert "Bob" Raymond Robert "Bob" Raymond Snyder (2016)
Snyder Rollin Rollin Snyder (1894)
Snyder Samuel Samuel Snyder (1912)
Snyder Samuel Warren Samuel Warren Snyder (1952)
Snyder Tursey Ann (Price) Tursey Ann (Price) Snyder (1916)
Snyder Vida Ruth (Kimpton) Vida Ruth (Kimpton) Snyder (2008)
Snyder William W. William W Snyder (1975)
Sobek Ronald Lee Ronald Lee Sobek (2015)
Soderberg Charles M. (Kozick) Charles M. Soderberg (1979)
Soderberg Golda (Floyd) Golda Soderberg (1974)
Soderberg John M. John M. Soderberg (1956)
Soderland Clyde N. Clyde N. Soderland (1962)
Soderland James Lewis James Lewis Soderland (1939)
Soderland Martha (Rhodes) Martha (Rhodes) Soderland (1946)
Soderland Nelson Nelson Soderland (1919)
Solberg Nicholas Ross Nicholas Ross Solberg (2000)
Sole Albert Albert Sole (1952)
Sole Elizabeth Elizabeth Sole (1890)
Sole Eudora Eudora Sole (1994)
Sole George W. George W. Sole (1950)
Sole Joseph Robert Joseph Robert Sole (1925)
Sole Katie Irene (Croft) Katie Irene (Croft) Sole (1958)
Sole Ruth (Cox) Ruth (Cox) Sole (1903)
Soles William William Soles (1891)
Solomon James James Solomon (1886)
Solt Loretta Lorrain (Purscell) Loretta Lorrain (Purscell) Solt (2014)
Songer Anna Catherine (Cortum) Anna Cortum Songer (2000)
Songer Bonnie (Raber) Bonnie (Raber) Songer (2000)
Songer Connie Sue (Wetzel) Connie Sue (Wetzel) Songer (2016)
Songer Edward Jay Edward Jay Songer (2015)
Songer Eva Mae (Zika) Eva Mae (Zika) Songer (2015)
Songer Harold H. Harold H. Songer (2000)
Songer LeRoy LeRoy Songer (2001)
Songer Lola (Olson) Kuster Lola (Olson) Kuster Songer (2001)
Songer Queen Melvina (Boone) Queen Boone Songer (2004)
Songer Robert Steven Robert Steven Songer (1976)
Songer William C. William C. Songer (1984)
Soper Coleen Ann (Hodson) Coleen Hodson Soper (2005)
Soper Joseph M., Dr. Dr. Joseph M. Soper (1938)
Soppeland Phyllis Jean (Duff) Phyllis Jean (Duff) Soppeland (2007)
Sorensen Anna Louise (Madsen) Anna Madsen Sorensen (1993)
Sorensen Diane Lynette (Weeda) Diane Weeda Sorensen (1995)
Sorensen Donald C. Donald C. Sorensen (1999)
Sorensen Doris Maxine (Cummins) Doris Maxine (Cummins) Sorensen (2016)
Sorensen Kenneth Eugene Kenneth Eugene Sorensen (1992)
Sorensen Raymond Erwin Raymond E. Sorensen (1990)
Sorensen Stanley M. Stanley M. Sorensen (2009)
Sorensen Willa (Crane) Willa Crane Sorensen (1996)
Sorenson Doris Iva (Lane) Doris Iva (Lane) Sorenson (1952)
Sorenson Myrtle May (Struthers) Myrtle May (Struthers) Sorenson (1931)
Sorenson Ora Anna (Klingaman) Luth Ora Klingaman Luth Sorenson (2006)
Sott Bessie I. (Darnall) McCarthy Bessie I. (Darnall) McCarthy Sott (2001)
Souder Marjorie Lois (Eyerly) Marjorie Lois (Eyerly) Souder (2012)
Souders Alfred Alfred Souders (1907)
Souders Frank Alfred Frank Alfred Souders (1914)
Souders Frank R. Frank R Souders (1959)
Souders Ida Mae Ida Mae Souders (1940)
Souders Lucy Nettleton (Bumbarger) Lucy Nettleton (Bumbarger) Souders (1966)
Souders Polly Adaline (Clanton) Polly Adaline (Clanton) Souders (1931)
Soule Helen (Clark) Helen Clark Soule (1963)
Sour Marilyn Fae (Shepherd) Marilyn Fae (Shepherd) Sour (2013)
South Howard Isacc Howard Isacc South (2015)
Southwick Betty Lou (Barrus) Betty Lou (Barrus) Southwick (2007)
Southwick Carmel Sue (LaFratte) Carmel Sue (LaFratte) Southwick (2017)
Southwick Marietta Elnora (Bowlsby) Marietta Elnora (Bowlsby) Southwick (1905)
Southworth Charles Eugene Charles Eugene Southworth (1949)
Southworth Henry Rowe Henry Rowe Southworth (1918)
Southworth Mamie L. (Rowe) Mamie Rowe Southworth (1960)
Sovereign Ruth C. Ruth C. Sovereign (1892)
Sowash Francis Marion Francis Marion Sowash (1935)
Sowash Laura Z. (Doan) Laura Z. (Doan) Sowash (1960)
Sowers Mary Mary Sowers (1930)
Spahn Patricia L. (Conaway) Patricia L. (Conaway) Spahn (1997)
Spain Anthony P. Anthony P. Spain (1959)
Spain Charles Charles Spain (1939)
Spain Dorothy May (Reinholdt) Dorothy May (Reinholdt) Spain (2013)
Spain Frank Frank Spain (1952)
Spain Mary Ellen “Mayme” Mary Ellen “Mayme” Spain (1986)
Spain Mollie Kathleen Mollie Kathleen Spain (1989)
Spain Nora (Forbes) Nora Forbes Spain (1956)
Spain Robert Francis Robert Francis Spain (2004)
Spain Rose Ann Rose Ann Spain (1961)
Spain Thomas Vincent Thomas Vincent Spain (1965)
Spalding Velma N. (Hiatt) Velma N. (Hiatt) Spalding (1939)

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