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Sparks Anna F. (Renfro) Anna Renfro Sparks (1960)
Sparks Daniel Daniel Sparks (1977)
Sparks Everett M. Everett M. Sparks (1961)
Sparks Nathan Dee Nathan Dee Sparks (1993)
Sparks Romie Owen Romie Owen Sparks (1962)
Sparks Sally Ann Sally Ann Sparks (2014)
Sparks Truelove Milton Truelove Milton Sparks (1927)
Sparks Zelpha Ellen (Bonney) Zelpha Bonney Sparks (1994)
Spatz Emma Emma Spatz (1950)
Spatz Kathryn Lynee (Manbeck) Kathryn Manbeck Spatz (1982)
Spedden Sarah (Crawford) Sarah (Crawford) Spedden (1957)
Speedling Marjorie Mae Marjorie Mae Speedling (2008)
Speedling Sandra Sandra Speedling (2013)
Speer Andrew J. Andrew J. Speer (1899)
Speer Andrew Shelton Andrew Shelton Speer (1920)
Speer Arthur J. Arthur J. Speer (1997)
Speer Audrey Maxine (Martin) Audrey Maxine Speer (1987)
Speer Charles Darwin Charles Darwin Speer (1945)
Speer Cora L. (Marsten) Cora L. (Marsten) Speer (1967)
Speer Ernest B. Ernest B. Speer (2003)
Speer James Madison James Madison Speer (1952)
Speer John C. John C. Speer (1914)
Speer LaDonna (Brown) LaDonna (Brown) Speer (2016)
Speer Lloyd Lloyd Speer (1940)
Speer Maggie (Weaver) Straub Maggie (Weaver) Straub Speer (1973)
Speer Mary Ellen (Musselman) Mary Ellen (Musselman) Speer (1947)
Speer Matthew Matthew Speer (1952)
Speer Mina Illene (Quick) Mina Illene (Quick) Speer (2008)
Speer Nancy (Evans) Nancy (Evans) Speer (1920)
Speer Nellie (Bland) Nellie Bland Speer (1954)
Speer Otis B. Otis B. Speer (1966)
Speer Pearl (Brown) Pearl (Brown) Speer (2011)
Speer Robert E. Robert E. Speer (1947)
Speer Ross C. Ross C. Speer (1938)
Speer Thelma Ada (McDonald) Thelma Ada (McDonald) Speer (2010)
Speer Warren G. Warren Speer (1996)
Speer Wilbur Lloyd Wilbur Lloyd Speer (1961)
Speer William G. 'Will' William G. (Will) Speer (1951)
Speers Bertice (Foresman) Bertrice Foresman Speers (1972)
Spellerberg Donald Gale Donald Gale Spellerberg (1950)
Spellerberg Fields Fields Spellerberg (1986)
Spellerberg Floyd Henry Floyd Henry Spellerberg (2002)
Spellerberg Helen Corene (Simmerman) Helen Corene Spellerberg (1999)
Spellerberg Helen Naomi (McNichols) Helen McNichols Spellerberg (1986)
Spellerberg Merril Dean Merril Dean Spellerberg (2003)
Spelman Leo B. Leo B. Spelman (1963)
Spelman Ruth Dorothy (Schoenenberger) Ruth Dorothy (Schoenenberger) Spelman (1976)
Spence Bernice Louise (Smith) Bernice Smith Spence (1984)
Spence David T. David T. Spence (1923)
Spence David T. David T. Spence (1972)
Spence Elizabeth (Thomson) Elizabeth Thomson Spence (1939)
Spence Esther Ruth Esther Ruth Spence (1922)
Spence Gertrude (Addy) Gertrude Addy Spence (1991)
Spence John John Spence (1911)
Spence John John Spence (1916)
Spence John John Spence (1951)
Spence Mabel L. (Black) Mabel L. (Black) Spence (1970)
Spence Mary (Thomson) Mary (Thomson) Spence (1906)
Spence Mary Josephine Mary Josephine Spence (1998)
Spence Samuel Samuel Spence (1941)
Spence William William Spence (1930)
Spence William John William John Spence (1957)
Spencer Bradie B. (Stoneman) Bradie Stoneman Spencer (1966)
Spencer Brian Henry Brian Henry Spencer (1952)
Spencer David Rowland David Rowland Spencer (2015)
Spencer Effie B. (DeLong) Effie B. Spencer (1991)
Spencer Eliza Jennie (Spencer) Eliza Jennie (Spencer) Spencer (1910)
Spencer Ethelyn (Lattig) Ethelyn Lattig Spencer (2002)
Spencer Evelyn Louise (Rogers) Evelyn Rogers Spencer (2004)
Spencer Evelyn Ruth (Easter) Evelyn Ruth (Easter) Spencer (2011)
Spencer Forest David Forest David Spencer (1998)
Spencer George George Spencer (1978)
Spencer Herbert Renwick Herbert Renwick Spencer (1973)
Spencer Howard Mekemson Howard Mekemson Spencer (1962)
Spencer Idaletta M. Idaletta M. Spencer (1945)
Spencer Ira S. Ira Spencer (1968)
Spencer Irene Arlee (Datwyler) Irene Arlee Spencer (1997)
Spencer James Harvey James Harvey Spencer (1933)
Spencer Jerry Jerry Spencer (2006)
Spencer Josephine Hanna Josephine Hanna Spencer (2004)
Spencer Kenneth Clyde Kenneth Clyde Spencer (1922)
Spencer Lee Harry Lee Harry Spencer (2008)
Spencer Lillian A. (Underhill) Lillian A. (Underhill) Spencer (1941)
Spencer Lloyd H. Lloyd H. Spencer (1971)
Spencer Lois E. (Henkle) Lois Henkle Spencer (1984)
Spencer Marion Marion Spencer (1921)
Spencer Mary Jane (Misner) Mary Jane Misner Spencer (1977)
Spencer Mary Lee Mary Lee Spencer (2016)
Spencer Miron Lee Miron Lee Spencer (1963)
Spencer Mrs. T. Mrs. T. Spencer (1874)
Spencer Myra (Koboldt) Myra Koboldt Spencer (2004)
Spencer Pauline Marie (Paxton) Pauline Marie (Paxton) Spencer (2015)
Spencer Peyten Elizabeth Peyten Elizabeth Spencer (2018)
Spencer Ralph D. Ralph D. Spencer (2000)
Spencer Ralph V. Ralph V. Spencer (1949)
Spencer Robert H. Robert H. Spencer (2000)
Spencer Robert Harvey Robert Harvey Spencer (1916)
Spencer Samuel W. Samuel W. Spencer (1889)
Spencer Sarah Jane (Hilberry) Sarah Jane (Hilberry) Spencer (1897)
Spencer Tommy D. Tommy D. Spencer (1961)
Spencer Truman J. Truman Spencer (1894)
Spencer Will Will Spencer (1939)
Spencer William E. William Spencer (1973)

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