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Spera Alma H. (Mease) Alma H. (Mease) Spera (1990)
Spera Annetta (Drager) Annetta Drager Spera (1944)
Spera John C. John C. Spera (1945)
Spera Kenneth Lynn Kenneth Lynn Spera (1986)
Spera Lois Mae (DeBok) Lois Spera (2004)
Spera Raymond Eugene Raymond Eugene Spera (1971)
Spera Ruby Jean (Brownlee) Ruby Brownlee Spera (1962)
Spera William C. William C. Spera (1973)
Spick Alfred Alfred Spick (1966)
Spick Edward Edward Spick (1965)
Spick Joseph "Bud" Joseph "Bud" Spick (1990)
Spick Margaret Harriet (McDonald) Margaret Harriet (McDonald) Spick (2012)
Spidle Carmen Evelyn (Davis) Carmen Davis Spidle (1995)
Spidle Richard L. Richard L. Spidle (1965)
Spidle William David William David Spidle (1977)
Spillars Alex Alex Spillars (1990)
Spillers Charles W. "Chuck" Charles W. "Chuck" Spillers (2008)
Spillers Cleta Vilette (Walters) Cleta Vilette Spillers (1956)
Spillers Cole M. Cole M. Spillers (2004)
Spillers Mildred Leone (McMullin) Mildred McMullin Spillers (1999)
Spillers Patricia Ann (Westphal) Patricia Ann Spillers (1999)
Spokley Leota (McDaniel) Carter Leota (McDaniel) Carter Spokley (1952)
Sponn Mary (Dennis) Drake Mary. Sponn (1891)
Spoone Mr. Mr. Spoone (1893)
Spooner Milo J. "Jim" Milo "Jim" Spooner (1998)
Spooner Rex Rex Spooner (1922)
Spradlin John Charles, Sr. John Charles Spradlin, Sr. (2013)
Spragg Lizzie (Nolan) Lizzie (Nolan) Spragg (1935)
Spragg Richard Jay Jay Spragg (1904)
Spragg Richard Wallace Richard Wallace Spragg (1897)
Sprague Breta (Light) Breta Light Sprague (1961)
Sprague Ernest C. Ernest Sprague (1942)
Sprague Leander Milton Leander Milton Sprague (1875)
Sprague Mary Elizabeth (Pitzer) Mary Elizabeth (Pitzer) Sprague (1872)
Sprague Nancy S. (Packwood) Nancy S. (Packwood) Sprague (1913)
Sprague Porter - Infant of Infant of Porter Sprague (1876)
Sprague Porter B. Porter B. Sprague (1907)
Springer Mrs. Mrs. Springer (1900)
Springmire William William Springmire (1933)
Sprinkle Anna (Ruth) Anna Ruth Sprinkle (1942)
Sprinkle Archie B. Archie Sprinkle (1900)
Sprinkle Arthur Arthur Sprinkle (1922)
Sprinkle Benjamin L. Benjamin L. Sprinkle (1911)
Sprinkle Benjamin W. Benjamin W. (Ben) Sprinkle (1933)
Sprinkle Cora (Hervey) Cora (Hervey) Sprinkle (1940)
Sprinkle Harry E. Harry E. Sprinkle (1952)
Sprinkle Jesse Franklin Jesse Franklin Sprinkle (1934)
Sprinkle John Edward John Edward Sprinkle (1901)
Sprinkle Lloyd H. Lloyd H. Sprinkle (1973)
Sprinkle Margaret E. (Binegar) Margaret E. Sprinkle (1929)
Sprinkle Nell (Travis) Nell Travis Sprinkle (1982)
Sprinkle Samuel L. Samuel L. Sprinkle (1896)
Sprinkle Velma Velma Sprinkle (1906)
Sprouse Kathryn (Baker) Kathryn (Baker) Sprouse (2007)
Sprouse Shirley (Nuckolls) Shirley (Nuckolls) Sprouse (1964)
Sprung Jesse L. Jesse L. Sprung (1949)
Sprung Lyda (Emerson) Lyda Sprung (1945)
Sprunger Kyle Boone Kyle Boone Sprunger (1987)
Sprunger Mable Maurine (Shorb) Mable Shorb Sprunger (1999)
Sprunger Willis C. Willis C. Sprunger (1989)
Sprunger Willis Sanford Willis Sanford Sprunger (1978)
Spurgin Charles E. Charles E. Spurgin (1971)
Spurgin Charles Raymond Charles Raymond Spurgin (2006)
Spurgin Della Mae (Leinard) Della Mae Leinard Spurgin (2006)
Spurgin Elkanah Joseph Elkanah Joseph Spurgin (1931)
Spurgin Georgia A. (Kensler) Georgia A. Spurgin (1971)
Spurgin Joe Joe Spurgin (1963)
Spurgin Joe - infant of Infant of Joe Spurgin (1897)
Spurgin John Jackson John Jackson Spurgin (1909)
Spurgin Joseph - infant twins of Infant Twins of Joseph Spurgin (1892)
Spurgin Loraine Georgia Loraine Georgia Spurgin (1922)
Spurgin Mabel C. Mabel C. Spurgin (1956)
Spurgin Margaret (Wright) Margaret (Wright) Spurgin (1903)
Spurgin Mary Frances (Cox) Mary Frances (Cox) Spurgin (1927)
Spurgin Sarah (Bishop) Sarah (Bishop) Spurgin (1920)
Spurgin Warren A. Warren A. Spurgin (1938)
Squiers Laura (Porter) Laura (Porter) Squiers (1939)
Stafford Albert B. Albert B. Stafford (1892)
Stafford Elias Elias Stafford (1872)
Stafford Emeline (Betts) Emeline Stafford (1928)
Stafford Margaret Margaret Stafford (1895)
Stafford Mike Mike Stafford (2009)
Stafford Paul Andrew Paul Andrew Stafford (2011)
Stafford William E. William E. Stafford (1912)
Stahl Grant Grant Stahl (1929)
Stahl Nannie Nannie Stahl (1939)
Stajcar Alberta "Bert" Fay (Baker) Alberta "Bert" Fay (Baker) Stajcar (2007)
Stajcar Edward Phillip, Sr. Edward Phillip Stajcar, Sr. (2010)
Stalcup Josephine Janette (Smith) Josephine Janette (Smith) Stalcup (1962)
Staley Diane (Bennett) Diane Bennett Staley (1993)
Staley Ila Lucille (Golay) Ila Golay Staley (2005)
Staley John Clifford John Clifford Staley (2006)
Staley Melinda Kay Melinda Kay Staley (1966)
Staley Noah William Noah William Staley (2004)
Staley Russell Wayne Russell Wayne Staley (1982)
Staley Wayne E. Wayne E. Staley (1993)
Stalheim Florence Lucille (Flahive) Welch Florence Lucille (Flahive) Stalheim Welch (2017)
Stalheim Freda Lena (Oleson) Freda Oleson Stalheim (1999)
Stalheim Harry NMN Harry NMN Stalheim (1998)
Stalheim Kenneth A. Kenneth A. Stalheim (2005)
Stalcup Esther M. Esther M. Stallcup (1933)
Stalcup Gary Allen Gary Allen Stalcup (1986)
Stalcup Harold Dean Harold Dean Stalcup (1987)
Stalcup Mary E. (Miller) Mary E. (Miller) Stalcup (2007)
Stalcup Mary Lucille (Bailey) Mary Lucille (Bailey) Stalcup (2012)
Stalcup Rubina Rubina Stalcup (1918)
Stalcup Wesley Clark Wesley Clark Stalcup (1995)
Stalker James A. James A. Stalker (1897)
Stalter Elizabeth (Prough) Elizabeth (Prough) Stalter (1900)
Stalter Donna M. (Davis) Donna M. (Davis) Stalter (2009)
Stalter Guy Franklin Guy Franklin Stalter (2007)
Stalter George W. George W. Stalter (1934)
Stalter Martha C. Martha C. Stalter (1900)
Stalter Willie Willie Stalter (1902)
Standfield William William Standfield (1955)
Standing Amy Lorene Amy Lorene Standing (1999)
Standing Anita (Hite) Anita (Hite) Standing (1978)
Standing Arthur Charles Arthur Charles Standing (1970)
Standing Bernard A. Bernard A. Standing (1989)
Standing Ethel S. Ethel S. Standing (1984)
Standing Eva Marie (Fry) E. Marie Standing (1992)
Standing George Edwin George Edwin Standing (1957)
Standing Gordon C. Gordon C. Standing (1992)
Standing Harold G. Harold G. Standing (2016)
Standing Herbert Clair Herbert Clair Standing (2012)
Standing Jerry Gene Jerry Gene Standing (2017)
Standing Leland Leland Standing (1982)
Standing Mary A. (Nicholson) Mary A. Standing (1949)
Standing Mildred (Mendenhall) Mildred Standing (2002)
Standing Miriam Deborah Miriam Standing (1996)
Standing Sarah (Nicholson) Sarah Nicholson Standing (1944)
Standing Zoa G. (Miles) Guindon Zoa Miles Guindon Standing (1980)
Standlea Maria Maria Standlea (1886)

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