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Year 2000 Obits
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Howard County, Elma Library Year 2000 Obituary Collection

The following table been created based on the book of Year 2000 scans found in the Elma public library in June of 2016. This Book of obits has 1 to 4 obits per page. These pages were scanned and the obits were “cut” apart using computer software. The separated scans can be viewed by clicking on S in the following table. The obituaries have been transcribed and posted on the IAGenWeb Boards or have been transcribed with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and posted as HTML pages. The transcribed obituaries can be viewed by clicking on O in the following table.

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NamePic O SPublicationPublishing Date
RAUSCH, Clarence M.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 25, 2000
RECKER, Leon C.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 18, 2000
RECKER, Marcella E. nee KELLNERpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 13, 2000
REED, June   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 26, 2000
REICKS, Cyril J.picture O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 28, 2000
REICKS, Judy R. nee WAGNER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 30, 2000
REINKE, Annie M. nee MEIN nee ROSKE   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 13, 2000
REISS, Florence L. BOERSHELpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 11, 2000
REISSNER, Mildred nee MIKESHpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 25, 2000
REYNOLDS, Dorothy E. nee FRANZENpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 10, 2000
RICHARDSON, Delores M. nee STIVERS nee RICHARDSON   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 18, 2000
RINGOEN, Joyce nee BAKER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerApr. 12, 2000
RINIKER, Giles J.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 12, 2000
ROBERTS, Arlene F.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 4, 2000
ROBINSON, Ilene "Lee" nee ROEpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 14, 2000
ROBROCK, Arlene nee EDGAR   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 28, 2000
ROCHFORD, Frank M.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 28, 2000
ROE, Laura E. nee MARCH nee DAHLY   O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 16, 2000
ROED, Bjarne S.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 4, 2000
ROESLER, Vera nee FISHER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 30, 2000
ROETHLER, Donald J.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 14, 2000
ROETHLER, Gladys nee EIFFLER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 29, 2000
ROETHLER, Rose M. nee GREENpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 6, 2000
ROGERS, Austin L.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 19, 2000
ROHM, Christopher  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 16, 2000
ROSENDAHL, Rose nee TIESKOTTER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerSept. 13, 2000
ROSS, Elsie J. nee WEBER   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 23, 2000
ROTH, REV. Jacob   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 25, 2000
ROUSE, Louise E. nee WISHERpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 7, 2000
RUNDE, Henry "Hank"  O  SRiceville RecorderAug. 17, 2000
RYAN, Clement G.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 12, 2000
SAUERESSIG, Ralph M.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 18, 2000
SAUSER, Duane F. "Zip"   O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 26, 2000
SCHAEFER, Amos C.  O  SRiceville RecorderFeb. 24, 2000
SCHILLING, Maurice R. "Mauri"   Page189 not Scanned 
SCHILLING, Wilbert O.   Page189 not Scanned 
SCHLINDWEIN, John J.   Page189 not Scanned 
SCHMADEKE, Ralph W.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 5, 2000
SCHMIDT, John C.  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 5, 2000
SCHMIT, Anthony L.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 18, 2000
SCHMITT, Jerry D.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerSept. 13, 2000
SCHNATHORST, Harris E.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 17, 2000
SCHNEBERGER, Helen M. nee SOBOLIK   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJuly 26, 2000
SCHRAM, Oliver R.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 13, 2000
SCHREIBER, Leona C. nee GROTH nee SHULTZ   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 3, 2001
SCHROEDER, Amanda M. nee BOCK  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 21, 2000
SCHROEDER, Dale M.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 28, 2000
SCHUTTE, Alice A. nee APPLEN   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 2, 2001
SCHWICKERATH, Alvin J.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 16, 2000
SCHWICKERATH, Catherine M. nee COLEMANpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 19, 2000
SCHWICKERATH, Sarah nee MILLERpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 2, 2000
SCROGGINS, Albert L.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 14, 2000
SEAVY, Lester R.   O  SRiceville RecorderMay 18, 2000
SEERY, Walter J.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 15, 2000
SHENEBERGER, Bessie M. nee FOOTE   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJuly 19, 2000
SHILENY, Edward A.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 9, 2000
SHIRBROUN, Myrtle L. nee Boone  O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 23, 2000
SHOEMAKER, Lena I. nee RICKABAUGH  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 19, 2000
SHORES, Charles L.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 16, 2000
SHORES, Ervinpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 14, 2000
SIMS, Barbara J.  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJuly 26, 2000
SINNWELL, Ursula Sister Armella O.S.F.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 18, 2000
SISK, Marian nee HENNESEY   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 23, 2000
SLEBISKA, James G.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 15, 2000
SLOAN, Neal L.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 16, 2000
SMALLEY, Alexandria G.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 0, 1900
SMITH, Catherine E. nee MEYERpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 14, 2000
SMITH, Delbert "Larry"  O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 22, 2000
SMITH, Delbert C.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 12, 2000
SMITH, Virgil  O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 1, 2000
SNYDER, Helen nee GASSETT   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerDec, ?, 2000
SOBOLIK, Adeline A. nee KACER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 26, 2000
SORENSON, Nickolas   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 25, 2000
SOUKUP,Vivian J.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 30, 2000
SPEER, Penny Lynn  O  SRiceville RecorderApr. 20, 2000
SPEICHER, Gene W.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 7, 2000
SPELTZ, Arnold "Joe"   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 5, 2000
SPRINGER,Gordon R.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 11, 2000
STAHR, Hope K. nee Brooks  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 14, 2000
STARR, Dorris E. nee KRUGER nee RIHA   O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 20, 2000
STAUFFER, Darlene E. nee SNOW  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerSept. 9, 2000
STEEGE, Erna nee WESTENDORF   O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 29, 2000
STEINMETZ, Charles A.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 18, 2000
STEINMETZ, Leonard Jr.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 23, 2000
STERN, Mildred A. nee YOUNKER   Page 204 Scans Lost 
STIVERS, Delores M. nee RICHARDSON   Page 204 Scans Lost 
STOCKDALE, Keith A.   Page 204 Scans Lost 
STONE, Donald F.   Page 204 Scans Lost 
STONER, Henrietta R. nee ROWLEY   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 31, 2000
STOSKOPF, Donald   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerSept. 13, 2000
STRAW, Earl D.picture O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 6, 2000
STREMPKE, Neva D. nee MINTON  O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 17, 2000
STRIKE, Avis A. nee STUELKE   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 18, 2000
SUHR, Peggy M. nee REISER   O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 1, 2000
SULLIVAN, Dorothy nee VICK   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 21, 2000
SULLIVAN, Kenneth K.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 8, 2000
SUMMER, Elemo A.  O  SRiceville RecorderJuly 20, 2000
SWANCUTT, Charles  O  SRiceville RecorderAug. 24, 2000
SWANSON, Eleanor nee POSE   O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 3, 2000
SWANSON, Virgil "Dale"  O  SRiceville RecorderFeb. 24, 2000
SWEDBERG, Rev. Wesley M.   O  SRiceville RecorderOct. 12, 2000
SWEENEY, Margaret B. nee BOYLE   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 4, 2000
SWEHLA, Harold L.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 28, 2000
SWESTKA, John C.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 7, 2000
TASS, Evelyn R. nee RITTER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 2, 2000
TAUKE, Frances J. nee HOEFER  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 2, 2000
TETEAK, Dick D.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 11, 2000
THAYER, Elizaabeth   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerSept. 20, 2000
THIELE, Joseph L.  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJune 7, 2000
THOMPSON, Irene nee ANDERSON   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 30, 2000
THOMPSON, John R. "Bob"   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 18, 2000
THOMPSON, Wayne M.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerSept. 13, 2000
THRAENERT, Kathleen V.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 25, 2000
THUENTE, Dean J.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerSept. 6, 2000
TIBBALS, Fannie nee STOCKDALE   O  SRiceville RecorderApr. 27, 2000
TIENKEN, Lenora E.  O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 6, 2000
TIERNEY, Catherine V. nee FRANZENpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 3, 2000
TIESKOTTER, Arnold E.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 23, 2000
TIMLIN, Gerald L.picture O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 3, 2000
TIMP, Donald L.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 22, 2000
TREWIN, Kathryn "Kay" nee WENTZpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 26, 2000
TUPY, Lillian M. nee FORMANEKpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 30, 2000
TYLEE, Kennedypicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 2, 2000
UHLENHAKE, Alma A. nee HUBER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMay 24, 2000
UHLENHAKE, Raymond J.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 29, 2000
UNRUH, Melvin   O  SRiceville RecorderJune 22, 2000
URBAN, Anne M.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 25, 2000
VAN AUKEN, Mildred M. nee DIGGINS   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 23, 2000
VAN ROEKEL, Ann nee MOORHEAD   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerApr. 19, 2000
VLK, Frank A.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerApr. 26, 2000
VLK, Mary   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerApr. 19, 2000
VOBR, Mary Ann nee BLASER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerApr. 19, 2000
VOLKART, Beatrice I. nee HALL   O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 23, 2000
VOLKART, Wilbur F. "Wib"  O  SRiceville RecorderSept. 7, 2000
VOLKER, Mathilda A. nee BOUSKA nee JONES  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 7, 2000
VOTE, Bruce M.  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJune 7, 2000
VRBA, Evelyn L. nee BRANT   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 16, 2000
VSETECKA, Pauline R. nee SHINDELAR   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 21, 2000
WACHA, Merle J.picture  O  SMason City Globe GazetteJune ?, 2000
WAGNER, Edward G.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 17, 2000
WAGNER, Mae   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerDec. 20, 2000
WAHL, Norma A. nee NICHOLSONpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 25, 2000
WALLACE, Evelyn S.nee SCHNURRpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 7, 2000
WALLESER, Mildred L. nee BUSTA   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 3, 2001
WALSH, Harriet C. nee VAN SLYKE   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerApr. 26, 2000
WALZ, Judy C. nee JENKINS  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 21, 2000
WANDERSCHEID, Cecelia L. nee LEIBOLDpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. ?, 2000
WARD,Wayne A.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 28, 2000
WATERS, Herbert H.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 8, 2000
WEBB, Lloyd D. "Louie"   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 8, 2000
WEBER, Cathryn  O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 30, 2000
WEIGEL, Rose C. nee SCHWICKERATHpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 21, 2000
WEINKAUF, A.C. "Bob"   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJuly 12, 2000
WEITENHAGEN, Harold C.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 6, 2000
WELTER, Edward J.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 1, 2000
WELTER, Opal nee WOOD   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 7, 2000
WENTHE, Bernard D.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay ?, 2000
WENTHOLD, Herbert   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMar. 15, 2000
WENTWORTH, Donna nee WILLIAMS   O  SRiceville RecorderOct. 12, 2000
WENTWORTH, Golda I. nee EVANS   O  SRiceville RecorderSept. 28, 2000
WESELMANN, Loran D.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 17, 2000
WHALEN, Alice M. nee HAUGSTEDpicture O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 18, 2000
WHERRY, Ralph E.  O  SRiceville RecorderSept. 21, 2000
WHITE, Frank F.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 26, 2000
WIBBEN, Vergil A. Sr.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 26, 2000
WIEST, Agnes M. nee VORDA   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 15, 2000
WILCOX, George V.  O  SRiceville RecorderFeb. 3, 2000
WILCOX, Marie   O  SRiceville RecorderApr. 6, 2000
WILLIAMS, Joan nee RODAMAKER   O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 26, 2000
WILLIAMS, Margaret A. nee CLITESpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 8, 2000
WILSON, James P.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 26, 2000
WILSON, Raymond W.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 22, 2000
WILSON, Velma nee O’BYRNEpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 12, 2000
WINKELS, Lillian nee RICKL nee BAKENBUSH  O  SRiceville RecorderMay 4, 2000
WINTER, Loretta J. nee DENNERpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 24, 2000
WINTER, Nicole Elizabeth   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerDec. 6, 2000
WITT, Kathleen L. nee BOWEN nee WITT   O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 17, 2000
WOLF,Gilbert K. "Gib"   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 12, 2000
WOLFE, Harold C.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 21, 2000
WOODMAN, Doyle C.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 14, 2000
WOODS, James L.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 14, 2000
WRIGHT, Adelyne M. nee MILLER nee LEE   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 9, 2000
WYANT, Patrick Douglas   O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 14, 2000
YOURD, John   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 12, 2000
ZOECKLER, Marie R. nee LIENHARD nee HOWARD   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 19, 2000