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Year 2000 Obits
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Howard County, Elma Library Year 2000 Obituary Collection

The following table been created based on the book of Year 2000 scans found in the Elma public library in June of 2016. This Book of obits has 1 to 4 obits per page. These pages were scanned and the obits were “cut” apart using computer software. The separated scans can be viewed by clicking on S in the following table. The obituaries have been transcribed and posted on the IAGenWeb Boards or have been transcribed with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and posted as HTML pages. The transcribed obituaries can be viewed by clicking on O in the following table.

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NamePic O SPublicationPublishing Date
LAABS, Irma E. nee BOLDT  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 30, 2000
LAMBER, Dolores L. nee WARBURTON   O  SRiceville RecorderOct. 12, 2000
LAMMERS, Harvey H.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMay 31, 2000
LAMON, Merle F.  O  SRiceville RecorderApr. 20, 2000
LANCASTER, Vancel H. "Vance"  O  SRiceville RecorderAug. 31, 2000
LANDSWERK, Gordon A.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerDec. 6, 2000
LANGE, William A.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJune 21, 2000
LANGHOLZ, Edna I. nee BOCHMANN  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 11, 2000
LANSING, Beatrice nee HOLIENpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 25, 2000
LARSEN, Oren G.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 26, 2000
LAURES, Joseph W.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 4, 2000
LAWSON, Beverly D. nee RAKOW   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 5, 2000
LECHTENBERG, Hilda   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 18, 2000
LEE, Aleda T. nee NYSTELpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 11, 2000
LEE, Calvin I.picture O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 22, 2000
LEE, Marjorie M. nee BELLINGER nee DUVALL   O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 9, 2000
LEICHTMAN, Larry J.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 1, 2000
LEIGHTY, Gerald   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 3, 2001
LEITZ, Paul A.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJuly 26, 2000
LENSING, Catherine E. nee GILBERTpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 25, 2000
LENTZ, Amelia M. nee CHIHAK   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 22, 2000
LEWIS, Paul   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerSept. 20, 2000
LIENEMANN, Marian R. nee McKINNEY   O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 5, 2000
LILLIBRIDGE, Marjorie J.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 19, 2000
LINDERBAUM, Bernice nee BUDAHL   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 25, 2000
LINDERBAUM. Mabel E.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 8, 2000
LINDHORST, Kenneth D.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 4, 2000
LINES ,Evelyn C. nee BECKER   O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 22, 2000
LINGBECK, Jack   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 30, 2000
LOCKEY, Wanda M.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 16, 2000
LOFTUS, Robert W.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 9, 2000
LONEY, Lyle "Dean"  O  SOsage Press NewsDec. 13, 2000
LOWE, Francis J.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 13, 2000
LOWE, Marge Ann nee BARTH   O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 29, 2000
LUCK, Norma J. nee HEINSELMAN   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 21, 2000
LUESCHOW, Kenneth A. Sr.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 30, 2000
LUND, Mathias A. (Matt Dillon)   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 14, 2000
LUNDAK, Irene V. nee VOPAVA   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 16, 2000
LUNDTVEDT, Gladys E. nee TWEETEN   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 3, 2001
LYBBERT, Elton F.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerDec. 20, 2000
MACHA, Evelyn G. nee ANDERSONpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 2, 2000
MADISON, Curtis Lew   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 18, 2000
MALAND, Donald Dr.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMar. 8, 2000
MALONEY, Daniel E.  O  SRiceville RecorderSept. 14, 2000
MANDELKO, Carl H.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 11, 2000
MANDELKO, Justin D.  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMay 31, 2000
MANWILLER , Gladys " Kathryn" nee STALEY   O  SRiceville RecorderFeb. 3, 2000
MARKOVETZ, Lillian nee KORSA nee BOHACH   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMar. 15, 2000
MARLEY, Joan M. nee MAY  O  SRiceville RecorderMay 18, 2000
MARSHALL, Eleanora " Irene" nee BARTHELME   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMay 3, 2000
MASEMAN, Helen nee BARTELSpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 26, 2000
MATHISON, Ruby C. nee DOTZENROD  O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 6, 2000
MATT, Florence M. nee KURDELMEIER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 18, 2000
MATTHEWS, Donald K.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 28, 2000
MATTHIESEN, Marjorie M. nee AULWES nee PAPENFUS  O  SRiceville RecorderOct. 26, 2000
McALOON, Harry F.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 18, 2000
McCarthy, Henry F.  O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 6, 2000
McGEE, Ann J.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJuly 13, 2000
McGRATH, Margaret E. nee WALKER  O  SRiceville RecorderAug. 3, 2000
McNEEL, Josephine M. nee ANDERSON   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 8, 2000
McTARSNEY, John F. REV.    O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJune 14, 2000
MEDHAUG, Bernice V. nee AHERN   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMay 17, 2000
MELBERG, Claudia nee STEFFES   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 25, 2000
MELUGIN, Woodrow W. "Pete"   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 22, 2000
MELVER, Ruth E.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJune 28, 2000
MELVER. Earl E.   O  SRiceville RecorderOct. 13, 2000
MEYER, Hazel L. nee STILLION  O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 18, 2000
MEYER, Martha Y. "Marty" nee IVERSON   O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 1, 2000
MEYERING, Grace nee WESSELS  O  SRiceville RecorderApr. ?, 2000
MICHEL, Leota nee AUSTENSON  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJune 28, 2000
MIHM. Margaret M. nee MITCHELL   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 13, 2000
MIKOTA, Olivia Nicole   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 30, 2000
MILBRATH, Lester G.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 5, 2000
MILES. Ella Sophie nee NIELSEN   O  SRiceville RecorderApr. 6, 2000
MILLER, Catherine M. nee HARRINGTON   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 25, 2000
MILLER, Edna C. nee CUMMINGS   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerDec. 20, 2000
MILLER, Stella I. nee HYBERGER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 19, 2000
MOEN, Orlando, C. "Slim"   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 9, 2000
MOETSCH, Myla Mae nee HENDERSONpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 19, 2000
MOHRING, Daniel   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 17, 2000
MOHRING, Ferdinand   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 17, 2000
MOHS, Donald E.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 5, 2000
MORASCH, Doris nee STEIL nee EDGAR  O  SRiceville RecorderJune 15, 2000
MORRIS, Dale L.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 27, 2000
MORRISSEY, Suzanne M. nee GERMAINpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 9, 2000
MORSE, Elwin L. D.D.S.  O  SLeRoy IndependentDec. 14, 2000
MORSON, Francis L. "Frank"   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 1, 2000
MOUDRY, Frances M.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMar. 15, 2000
MRACHEK, Grace C. nee VALVODA   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 3, 2001
MULLEN, George W. "Bill"  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 21, 2000
MURPHY, Mitch  O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 8, 2000
MURRAY, Lola Mae nee JOHNSON   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 27, 2000
NATH, Ardyth J. nee GRAY  O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 2, 2000
NATH, Nancy R. nee HUGHES   O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 9, 2000
NATHEM, Rose Anna nee EINCK   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 16, 2000
NATVIG, Odell J.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 31, 2000
NEY, Evelyn E. nee McCOOK  O  SRiceville RecorderMar. ?, 2000
NIBAUR, Emileigh Hope  O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 18, 2000
NOE, Fern Eloise nee WIGGINS   O  SRiceville RecorderOct. 12, 2000
NOSBISCH, Lucille nee HUEGELpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 13, 2000
NOSEK, Gerald L.   O  SRiceville RecorderMay 4, 2000
NOVAK, Annie E. nee FRANA   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMar. 22, 2000
NULTY, James R.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 18, 2000
NUTT, Eleanore Anna nee WITT nee LESCH  O  SOsage Press NewsDec. 13, 2000
NYSTEL, Geneva E.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 7, 2000
O’BRIEN, Eileen M.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 9, 2000
O’BRIEN, William J. "Bill"   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMay 31, 2000
O'BRIEN, Gervase C.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 22, 2000
O'BRIEN, Richard J.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 2, 2000
OESTREICH, LaVona nee WILLERT nee SHANNON  O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 7, 2000
OETTCHEN, Elaine S.  O  SRiceville RecorderNov. 30, 2000
OFFEN, Villo E. Jr.  O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 20, 2000
OFFERMAN, Josephine M. nee HUGHESpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 31, 2000
O'GROSKE, Walter G.  O  SRiceville RecorderMay 25, 2000
OKSANEN, Genevieve E.  O  SRiceville RecorderFeb. 3, 2000
ONSGARD, Sharon L. nee DAVIES  O  SRiceville RecorderMay 18, 2000
OSTEN, Martha M. nee RUSSELL  O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 19, 2000
OVEL, Randy K.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 21, 2000
OWEN, Nada E. nee POLLITT   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 18, 2000
OWENS, Owen   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 8, 2000
PAGEL, Russel W. "Mike"  O  SRiceville RecorderFeb. 17, 2000
PALMERSHEIM, Melissa   O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 10, 2000
PANASUK,Mildred "Midge" nee HOLSCHLAG   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 18, 2000
PANKOW, Mabel T. nee ANDERSONpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 17, 2000
PANOS, Emil J.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 7, 2000
PARRISH, Earl R.  O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 6, 2000
PEARSON, Doris J. nee WEATHERSBEE   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 11, 2000
PECHOTA, Helen T. nee LUKES   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 6, 2000
PECINOVSKY, Glayds D. nee VICK nee ENGEN   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 30, 2000
PECINOVSKY, Margaret V. nee KRALL   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 28, 2000
PERRY, Eugene F.   O  SRiceville RecorderOct. 26, 2000
PERRY, Leslie Jessen  O  SRiceville RecorderMay 4, 2000
PETERS, Carolyn R. nee DANN   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 8, 2000
PETERSBURG, Marlin "Pete"   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJuly 26, 2000
PEYTON, Eugene R.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 7, 2000
PFLIEGER, M.Blanche nee ADAMS  O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 27, 2000
PHILLIPS, Deanna M. nee PHILLIPS   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerSept. 13, 2000
PIETAN, Francis A.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 6, 2000
PIPER, Gary D.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 7, 2000
PITZ, Michael R.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 11, 2000
PITZ, Yvonne L. nee DOWDpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 27, 2000
POGOSE, Sally B. nee BALL   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMay 10, 2000
POLASCHEK, Clara M. nee BARNES   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerSept. 13, 2000
POLASHEK, William J.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 16, 2000
POLEN, Opal F. nee WOMACK   O  SRiceville RecorderJune 1, 2000
POLING, Cleo nee STOCKpicture O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 8, 2000
POLIVKA, William   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMay 17, 2000
POUGIALES, John "Jack"  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 30, 2000
POWERS, Gary O.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 10, 2000
PROCHASKA, Margerie L. nee BROWN   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMay 31, 2000
PRUITT, Gayle F. nee BLASER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 11, 2000
QUALLE, Orville N.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 9, 2000
QUANDT, Ellen H. nee DAVIS   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerSept. 13, 2000
QUIRK, Ethel M.picture O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 31, 1999