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Elma Library Collection
Year 2000 Obits
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Howard County, Elma Library Year 2000 Obituary Collection

The following table been created based on the book of Year 2000 scans found in the Elma public library in June of 2016. This Book of obits has 1 to 4 obits per page. These pages were scanned and the obits were “cut” apart using computer software. The separated scans can be viewed by clicking on S in the following table. The obituaries have been transcribed and posted on the IAGenWeb Boards or have been transcribed with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and posted as HTML pages. The transcribed obituaries can be viewed by clicking on O in the following table.

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NamePic O SPublicationPublishing Date
GABRIELSON, Glenn E.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 3, 2000
GARDNER, John P.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 4, 2000
GATES, Donald O.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJune 28, 2000
GERBER, Elvin E. "Hans"   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerSept. 27, 2000
GILGENBACH, Kenneth P.  O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 16, 2000
GLASER, Roland "Sonny"  O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 22, 2000
GLEASON, John D. "Jack"   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 31, 1999
GOEREND, Edmund V.picture O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 14, 2000
GOLLY, Charlotte M. nee GOODALE   O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 4, 2001
GORDON, Hanna nee AASEN   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 25, 2000
GOVERN, Peter Josephpicture O  SMason City Globe GazetteMay 5, 2000
GRACE, Anne L. nee ROBERSON   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 11, 2000
GRIFFIN, Marjorie nee VAN DEWALKER  O  SRiceville RecorderJune 1, 2000
GRIFFIN, Mary E. nee O'HOLLEARNpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 21, 2000
GRINNA, Vivian   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerDec. 27, 2000
GRUENBERG, Donald L.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 2, 2000
HABERLY, Charles F.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 14, 2000
HACKENMILLER, Clarence J. "C.J."  O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 30, 2000
HACKMAN, Virgil J.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 14, 2000
HAGEMAN, Charlene D. nee BURGESS   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerSept. 20, 2000
HAGEMAN, Clarence, F.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 1, 2000
HAGEMAN, Jonah D.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 16, 2000
HAHN, Belva M. nee Crabtree   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 22, 2000
HAHN, Frances M.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 22, 2000
HAHN, Joseph D.  O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 23, 2000
HAMANN, Marcella nee MILBRATH   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 12, 2000
HAMMERSTROM, Kenneth "Chinks"  O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 9, 2000
HANSEN, Olaf C.   O  SRiceville RecorderSept. 21, 2000
HANSON, Raymond Willard  O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 20, 2000
HARDING, Darwin S.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMar. 8, 2000
HARMS, Bertha J.nee WESSELS  O  SRiceville RecorderFeb. 3, 2000
HARNISCH, Beverly A. nee SHURTLEFFpicture O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 18, 2000
HARRINGTON, Irene M. BETSINGER   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 13, 2000
HARRIS, Violet A. nee BREHMER  O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 9, 2000
HART, CHARLES W.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 29, 2000
HASSMAN, Dean P.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 28, 2000
HAVEN, CHESTER A.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 23, 2000
HAWN, Oletha Mary nee MEIRICK nee BALL  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 28, 2000
HAYEK, Adolph J.picture  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMar. 1, 2000
HAYEK, Phillip A.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 1, 2000
HEIMER, Edna R. nee Fritz   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 2, 2000
HEMESATH, Theodore J.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 25, 2000
HENDRICKSON, Olene B. nee VOLD  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 23, 2000
HENKLE, Gene G.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 25, 2000
HENRY, Dorothy G. nee McCauley   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMay 4, 2000
HEREID, Adis G. nee KNUTSONpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 1, 2000
HERMANS, Mabel E. nee TROUTEN   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 2, 2000
HEROLD, Frances C. nee BOHR   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMar. 15, 2000
HEROLD, Wilma R.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 25, 2000
HERZEELLE, Clarence A.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 10, 2000
HEUSMANN, Loreen J. nee LEICHTMANpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 23, 2000
HILL, Grace M. nee McKAYpicture O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 22, 2000
HINRICHS, Bertrand E. Rev.   O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 16, 2000
HIRSCH, Bertha E. nee LITTAUER   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 14, 2000
HOEY, Madonna B. nee CANTY   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 20, 2000
HOLMS, Robert L.  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 22, 2000
HOLTHAUS, Ethel   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 18, 2000
HOOK, Clara M. nee EWERT   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 19, 2000
HOPKINS, Olga M. nee LARSENpicture  O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 20, 2000
HOREJSI, Telora P. nee RUCKER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 15, 2000
HOUDEK, Lyle C.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 9, 2000
HOVDEN, Caroline E. nee YARWOOD   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 16, 2000
HOVEY, Christopher C.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJuly 19, 2000
HOWE, Thelma S. nee JOHNSON   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 20, 2000
HRDLICKA, Nettie A. nee FRANApicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 15, 2000
HUDSON, Troy L.  O  SRiceville RecorderAug. 10, 2000
HUEMAN, Ruby Clarice nee ANDERSON  O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 27, 2000
HUENEKE, Vera L.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 28, 2000
HUFFMAN, Marshall "Keith"   O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 18, 2000
HUGHES, H. Henry   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 10, 2001
HUHE, August   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 9, 2000
HUINKER, Krista M.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 2, 2000
HUMPAL, William J.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 25, 2000
HUNTER. Elizabeth "Betty" nee JUNGWIRTH   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 1, 2000
HUNTLEY, Trevor Allenpicture  O  SRiceville RecorderNov. 30, 2000
HURD, Lester L.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 1, 2000
HYKE, James E.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 5, 2000
IHNS, Arnold P.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 22, 2000
IVERSON, Juletta Evelyn nee LEWISON  O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 23, 2000
IVERSON, Mildred  O  SRiceville RecorderApr. 6, 2000
JACOBS, George J.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 29, 2000
JACOBSEN, Frances G.  O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 30, 2000
JACOBY, Leona H. nee HOVERMANpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 7, 2000
JENN, Connie R. MOOBERRY nee DIESBURGpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 14, 2000
JENN, Mary C. nee ZEIENpicture  O  SNew Hampton Tribune 
JENNINGS, Adella nee BADER   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 8, 2000
JENSEN, Josephine nee FISHER nee Hammond   O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 21, 2000
JERMIER, Geneva Fern nee SEELEY   Page not scanned 
JIRAK, Rose Marie nee KINKOR   Page not scanned 
JOHNSON, Alvina C. AMMAN   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 4, 2000
JOHNSON, Esther Luella nee GRIMLEY  O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 8, 2000
JOHNSON, James O.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 8, 2000
JOHNSON, Keith W. "Peachy"   O  SRiceville RecorderDec. 14, 2000
JOHNSON, Veryl G.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 18, 2000
JONES, Kathryn E. "Kay" nee WATTS   O  SRiceville RecorderApr. 6, 2000
JONES, Lillian E.   O  SRiceville RecorderJune 1, 2000
KADERABEK, Louise A. "Nana" nee GILBERT   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 8, 2000
KANE, John W.   O  SRiceville RecorderOct. 19, 2000
KARNIK, Clarencepicture  O  SNew Hampton Tribune 
KARSON, Kelly nee EASTMAN  O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 23, 2000
KASEMEIER, Ella F. nee RAHLF  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 22, 2000
KELLER. Carl J.  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 11, 2000
KELLOGG, Lois nee WHEELER nee SHIPMAN  O  SRiceville RecorderApr. 6, 2000
KITTELSON, Robert O.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 12, 2000
KLENSKE, Markpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 4, 2000
KLEVE, Marvin J.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 29, 2000
KLIMESH, Alice B. nee WATERFIELD   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 10, 2001
KLIMESH, George, G.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 11, 2000
KLINGMAN, Ruby W. nee BREITSPRECHER  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 5, 2000
KLINGSHEIM, Hildegarde nee HONGERHOLT   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 29, 2000
KLINGSHEIM, Ida nee HONGERHOLT   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 2, 2000
KLINNER, Alois A.picture O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 25, 2000
KLOMPS, Mildred nee WESSELINK nee HEBRINK  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerFeb. 2, 2000
KLUNDER, Albert F.  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerNov. 1, 2000
KNECHT, Arnold F.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 12, 2000
KNIEPKAMP, Edna K. nee BRECHT nee ROEDEL   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 4, 2000
KNIGHT, Judy Ann nee ASH  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 7, 2000
KNUDSEN, Howard W.  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 12, 2000
KNUTSON, Aleda M. nee HEREIDpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 22, 2000
KNUTSON, Janette M. "Nettie" nee HAUGSTED   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerOct. 4, 2000
KOBLISKA, Darron W.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 15, 2000
KOBLISKA, Edward J.   O  SRiceville RecorderJuly 20, 2000
KOBLISKA, Elaine F.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 8, 2000
KOBLISKA, Ramona F.nee Poncelet  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 24, 2000
KOCH, Ennis R.  O  SRiceville RecorderMay 25, 2000
KOEBRICK. Raymond L.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 9, 2000
KOEHLER, Arlene M. nee SLACK  O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 7, 2000
KOEHLER, Harriet C. nee COCHRAN   O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 14, 2000
KOENIGSFELD, Bryce E.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 15, 2000
KOHLES, Alfred P.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 9, 2000
KOLENO, John S.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 11, 2000
KOS, Janette M. nee SCALLON  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 28, 2000
KOSTOHRYZ, Adella R. nee HRDLICKA   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJuly 12, 2000
KOSTOHRYZ, Grace C. nee LUKES   O  SRiceville RecorderNov. 2, 2000
KOVARIK, Georgina S. nee BARNES   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerAug. 23, 2000
KOVARIK, Leonard F.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerApr. 5, 2000
KOVARIK, Robert J.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 26, 2000
KOZAK, Betty Jane nee GUNSALLUS  O  SRiceville RecorderOct. 12, 2000
KRALL, Dalepicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 16, 2000
KRATZ, Juliet A. nee HOPPERSTAD   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 19, 2000
KRIVACHEK, John J.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 22, 2000
KRUGER, Joyce E. nee BAILEYpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 26, 2000
KRUTSINGER, Rosie C. nee LINDERKAMP  O  SRiceville RecorderJune 22, 2000
KUBALSKY, Linda W. nee STROHSCHEIN  O  SCresco Times Plain DealerMar. 23, 2000
KUHN, Hugh E.   O  SRiceville RecorderJune 29, 2000
KUPKA, Ervin J.   O  SCresco Times Plain DealerJan. 12, 2000