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Year 2000 Obits
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Howard County, Elma Library Year 2000 Obituary Collection

The following table been created based on the book of Year 2000 scans found in the Elma public library in June of 2016. This Book of obits has 1 to 4 obits per page. These pages were scanned and the obits were “cut” apart using computer software. The separated scans can be viewed by clicking on S in the following table. The obituaries have been transcribed and posted on the IAGenWeb Boards or have been transcribed with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and posted as HTML pages. The transcribed obituaries can be viewed by clicking on O in the following table.

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NamePic O SPublicationPublishing Date
ABERG, Eugene E.   O  SRiceville RecorderApr. 4, 2000
ADAMS, Harry S.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 8, 2000
ALDREDGE, Eleanor   O  STimes Plain DealerAug. 30, 2000
ALTHOF, Irma M. nee STIEFELpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 13, 2000
ANDERA. Adella A.   O  STimes Plain DealerJan. 19, 2000
ANDERSON, Gotchal "Pete" L.   O  SRiceville RecorderAug. 10, 2000
ANDERSON, Grace M. nee HAUGEN   O  STimes Plain DealerAug. 2, 2000
ANDERSON, Mattie I. nee YOUNG   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 14, 2000
ANDERSON. Mildred G. nee HOLBROOK   O  SRiceville RecorderNov. 2, 2000
ANFINSON, Wayne B.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 7, 2000
ANGELL, Jack A.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 28, 2000
ARENDT, Clarence H.  O  STimes Plain DealerNov. 22, 2000
ARNDT, Carl F.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 29, 2000
ARNDT. Leona I. nee LAUCK   O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 16, 2000
BAER. Margaret   O  SNew Press OsageDec. 13, 2000
BAKKEN. Russell G.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 3, 2000
BARNES, Velma P. nee PUTMAN   O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 27, 2000
BARTELL, Kenneth D.   O  STimes Plain DealerMar. 29, 2000
BARTH. Nora E. nee MALEK   O  STimes Plain DealerOct. 25, 2000
BAUERCAMPER. Ruth W. nee WALTER   O  STimes Plain DealerJan. 5, 2000
BEARMAN, Harry T.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 19, 2000
BECKMAN, Dave J.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 6, 2000
BEIER. Walter W.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 7, 2000
BELLINGER. Beverly nee CORDELL nee BELLINGER   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 7, 2000
BENDICKSON. Allene F. nee TERBEEST nee AUSTIN  O  SRiceville RecorderApr. 20, 2000
BENNETT, Martin O.   O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 20, 2000
BENSEND. Dorothy " Dottie" nee KLAES  O  SRiceville RecorderJune 8, 2000
BENZ, Gunilda M. nee TREIDERpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 31, 2000
BERRY, Ray Knapppicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 11, 2000
BERST, John S.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 10, 2000
BETTS, Gordon L.  O  SRiceville RecorderJan. 13, 2000
BETTS. May W.nee PECINOVSKY   O  STimes Plain DealerMar. 29, 2000
BIESEK, Betty Jean nee HYKE   O  STimes Plain DealerJune 14, 2000
BIGALK, Clinton Charles   O  SRiceville RecorderNov. 9, 2000
BIGALK, Gertrude " Gertie" M. nee ANDERSON   O  STimes Plain DealerSept. 6, 2000
BIGELOW, Clark N.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 6, 2000
BILLMEYER, Loren E.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 21, 2000
BIWER. Donald Deanpicture  O  STimes Plain DealerDec. 6, 2000
BLAESS. Daniel   O  STimes Plain DealerApr. 19, 2000
BLANCHARD. Bonnie Jean nee PETERSON   O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 3, 2000
BLOMGREN, Harold H.   O  STimes Plain DealerMay 17, 2000
BLONG, Charles   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 28, 2000
BLONG, Loretta  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 27, 2000
BLUNT, Pearl  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 7, 2000
BOEHMER, Beatrice M. nee ROETHLER   O  SRiceville RecorderMay 18, 2000
BOLAND, Ann G. nee DEENY   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 6, 2000
BOTELHO, Eileen nee RYAN   O  STimes Plain DealerApr. 26, 2000
BOYD, Karla K. nee EICK   O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 8, 2000
BRADSHAW, Viola B. nee RAUSCH nee MONROE   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 25, 2000
BRAHAM, George N.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 11, 2000
BRANDMILL, Douglas D.  O  SRiceville RecorderNov. 16, 2000
BRANNON, Bernard I. REV  O  SNew Hampton Tribune 
BRIGSON, Karl A.  O  SRiceville RecorderAug. 17, 2000
BROARDWATER, Collin C.   O  STimes Plain DealerAug. 23, 2000
BRODERICK, Jodene A. nee BUSTA   O  STimes Plain Dealer36669
BRONNER, Clarence   O  STimes Plain DealerJan. 19, 2000
BROWN, Robert A.   O  STimes Plain DealerMar. 15, 2000
BRUGGEMAN, Deloris I. nee SCHUTZ  O  SRiceville RecorderOct. 19, 2000
BRUMMOND, Mandy Jopicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 27, 2000\
BRUSH, Binnie Lou   O  STimes Plain DealerAug. 16, 2000
BUCHANAN, Alice J. nee FLETCHER   O  STimes Plain DealerSept. 13, 2000
BUCHHEIT, Ambrose J.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 14, 2000
BUCKRIDGE, Doris J. nee MILLER   O  STimes Plain DealerJan. 5, 2000
BUHR, Esther L. nee HOPPIE   O  STimes Plain DealerJune 28, 2000
BURGESS, Clifford L.   O  STimes Plain DealerMar. 1, 2000
BURNS, Doreen nee BORTHWICK  O  SRiceville RecorderFeb. 24, 2000
BURRICHTER, Pauline M. nee BUSCH  O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 1, 2000
BUSCHER, Raypicture  O  S  
BUTTERFIELD, Ruth E. nee EASTMAN  O  SRiceville RecorderNov. 23, 2000
BUTTOLPH, Mary Alice nee SMITH  O  SRiceville RecorderDec. 28, 2000
CAMPAIN, Andrew P.  O  SRiceville RecorderFeb. 24, 2000
CAMPBELL, Shannon E.  O  SRiceville RecorderAug. 17, 2000
CANFIELD, Debra C. nee BAUMLER  O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 18, 2000
CARLIN, Regina E. nee DAYpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneAug. 22, 2000
CAROLAN, Lucille nee ANDERSON   O  STimes Plain DealerJan. 12, 2000
CARSON, Kelly nee EASTMAN  O  STimes Plain DealerMar. 22, 2000
CASHMAN, Gertrude I. nee MARKHAM   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 8, 2000
CERICOLA, Mary M. nee MANGAN   O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 15, 2000
CHANDLER, Robert K.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 26, 2000
CHRISTENSEN, Marjorie "Marj" nee KLING   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 8, 2000
CLEGHORN, KAREN L. nee DOUGLASS   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 9, 2000
CLEMENT, Edward L.   O  STimes Plain DealerAug. 16, 2000
CLEVELAND, Elaine E. nee BERGLERpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 22, 2000
CLEVELAND, Emma "Peggy" S. nee HOGGER   O  STimes Plain DealerNov. 29, 2000
CLYNCH, Gertrude Ann "Sister Mary Beata"   O  STimes Plain DealerMar. 2, 2000
COLE, Cynthia A. nee PEDRICK   O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 6, 2000
COLEMAN, Ellen M.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 15, 2000
COLLINS, Beth A. nee WEBBER   O  STimes Plain DealerOct. 11, 2000
COLLINS, Charles   O  SRiceville RecorderApr. 6, 2000
COMBS, Ollie "Betty" nee McKINSTRY   O  STimes Plain DealerDec. 6, 2000
CONLEY, John M.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 4, 2000
CONLEY, Loren H.  O  SRiceville RecorderNov. 2, 2000
CONRAD, Lucille M. nee SCHWERIN   O  STimes Plain DealerFeb. 23, 2000
COSTIGAN, Mark Patrickpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 25, 2000
COURSOLLE, Mildred G. nee Owens   O  STimes Plain DealerAug. 2, 2000
COURTNEY, Mary L. nee DALEY   O  STimes Plain DealerJan. 19, 2000
COWLES, R. Naomi nee BLISS nee DRAPEpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneNov. 24, 2000
CULBERTSON, Marlene J. nee ETGETON   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 7, 2000
CUMMINGS, Richard L.   O  STimes Plain DealerApr. 26, 2000
CUMMINGS, Ronald L.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 30, 2000
CUTSFORTH, Norma J. nee FERRIE   O  STimes Plain DealerFeb. 2, 2000
CUTSFORTH, Virgil P.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneApr. 25, 2000
DAGIT, Wiliam R.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 22, 2000
DAILEY. Hattie nee ACKERMAN   O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 22, 2000
DANA, Lula E. nee GITSCHpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneOct. 24, 2000
DANN, Dorothy M.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 5, 2000
DANN, Thomas L.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 9, 2000
DARRAH, Clarence E.   O  STimes Plain DealerJune 21, 2000
DASKAM, Gerald W.   O  STimes Plain DealerDec. 6, 2000
DAVIS, Eugene F.picture O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 30, 2000
DAVIS, Ruth nee DAVIS   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 22, 2000
DECKER, Louie H. Sr.   O  STimes Plain DealerAug. 16, 2000
DEE, Justinpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay, 5, 2000
DEMRO, Arlys L. "Mickey" nee LUNDGREN   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 15, 2000
DeVRIES, George  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune11, 2000
DeWALLE, Patricia E. nee MORAN  O  STimes Plain dealerJuly 12, 2000
DIEKEN, Theodore A.   O  SRiceville RecorderApr. 6, 2000
DIETZENBACH, Magdaline Ann   O  STimes Plain DealerJan. 10, 2001
DODD, Dale E.   O  STimes Plain DealerMar. 8, 2000
DOHLMAN, JoEtta H. nee WIERSON   O  SRiceville RecorderMar. 2, 2000
DOLPHIN, Lillian nee ROKOS  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 11, 2000
DOUGHERTY, M. Lorraine nee REGAN  O  SRiceville RecorderApr. 6, 2000
DOUGLAS, Andrew "Bob"picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 14, 2000
DOUGLAS, Bernard H.   O  STimes Plain DealerNov. 8, 2000
DOUPNIK, Irene L. nee FILLIPI   O  STimes Plain DealerNov. 22, 2000
DOWNING, Betty M. nee KUHENS   O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 22, 2000
DREW, Josephine M.   O  STimes Plain DealerMar. 15, 2000
DREW, Lucy M.   O  STimes Plain Dealer36656
DRILLING, Alvin J.   O  STimes Plain DealerJan. 12, 2000
DUNCOMB, Leopicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 8, 2000
DYBVIK, Alvin J.   O  STimes Plain DealerNov. 8, 2000
DYKEMA, Clazena "Chloe" nee BOMGAARS   O  STimes Plain DealerDec. 6, 2000
EGGERS, Ethel M. nee ENGELBRETHpicture  O  S  
EHLERT, Shawn W.   O  STimes Plain DealerMar. 22, 2000
ELENZ, Marie nee PAPENHEIMpicture O  S  
ELLINGSON, Vemeal D. nee NELSON  O  SRiceville RecorderNov. 9, 2000
ELTGROTH, Emma C. nee ROSONKE   O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay, 2, 2000
ENGEL, Carl C.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 18, 2000
ENTWISLE, Loyd  O  STimes Plain DealerAug. 9, 2000
ERICKSON, Ervin   O  STimes Plain DealerJan. 3, 2001
ERICKSON, Keith D.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 11, 2000
ERICKSON, Marie "Dolly" V. nee HENRY   O  STimes Plain DealerMay 3, 2000
ESTES, Maxine Anna nee SETTER   O  SNew Hampton TribuneSept. 15, 2000
ETTELDORF, Jerome "Jerry" W.   O  STimes Plain Dealer36733
EVANS, Florence nee ERNST nee KELLAWAY   O  STimes Plain DealerJuly 12, 2000
FELDER, Jerry A.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJan. 25, 2000
FELDICK, Walter   O  SNew Hampton TribuneDec. 15, 2000
FENSKE, Verne " Cotton"   O  STimes Plain DealerJan. 3, 2001
FESENMEYER, Leona W. nee WINER  O  SRiceville RecorderNov. 9, 2000
FLASKERUD, Robert D.   O  STimes Plain DealerMar. 15, 2000
FLIGER, Betty Ann nee WALTERSpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 7, 2000
FOLKERS, Pauline H. nee CRAMERpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 24, 2000
FORKENBROCK, Lucille T. nee WINTERpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneFeb. 11, 2000
FORTNEY, Gladys M. nee JERRED   O  SRiceville RecorderSept. 21, 2000
FOSTER, Alice nee HANSON nee JESTNESS  O  STimes Plain DealerNov. 8, 2000
FOSTER, Geraldine E. nee HOVEY   O  STimes Plain dealerJan. 10, 2000
FOX, Dale W.  O  SRiceville RecorderJuly 6, 2000
FOX, Holly Jean  O  SRiceville RecorderJuly 27, 2000
FOX, Janet S. nee SMITH  O  SRiceville RecorderMay. 18, 2000
FRAHM, Marie nee SCHWAKE   O  STimes Plain DealerAug. 2, 2000
FRANK, Marion K. nee CABLEpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMar. 21, 2000
FRANK, Verona K.picture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 9, 2000
FRANZEN, Julius C.  O  SNew Hampton TribuneMay 12, 2000
FREIDHOF, Janice F. nee FERGUSON nee PARKEpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 21, 2000
FREIDHOFF, Patricia L. nee SHANNONpicture  O  SNew Hampton TribuneJune 16, 2000
FREUND, Magdalen "Maggie" nee MULLENBACH  O  SRiceville RecorderSept. 7, 2000
FRITSCHEL, Edward C. Rev.   O  SNew Hampton TribuneJuly 21, 2000