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Stiffler Abram J. Abram J. Stiffler (1905)
Stiffler Albert Clarence Albert Clarence Stiffler (1926)
Stiffler Catharine (Koon) Catharine (Koon) Stiffler (1898)
Stiffler Emily (Byars) Emily (Byars) Stiffler (1936)
Stiffler John John Stiffler (1898)
Stiffler John W. - Child of Child of J. W. Stiffler (1876)
Stiffler Mary Anne (Clearwater) Mary Anne (Clearwater) Stiffler (1920)
Stiffler Mazina Elizabeth (Brown) Mazina Elizabeth (Brown) Stiffler (1933)
Stiffler Ray M. Ray M. Stiffler (1954)
Stiles Albert Albert Stiles (1948)
Stiles Carrie (Cleland) Carrie (Cleland) Stiles (1934)
Stiles Cassius C. Cassius C. Stiles (1938)
Stiles Charles D. Charles D. Stiles (1950)
Stiles Dale Dale Stiles (1941)
Stiles Elbridge W. Elbridge W. Stiles (1926)
Stiles Elizabeth (Kimerer) Elizabeth Stiles (1947)
Stiles Elizabeth Anna (Waddell) Elizabeth Anna (Waddell) Stiles (1935)
Stiles John S. John S. Stiles (1880)
Stiles John Wesley John Wesley Stiles (1916)
Stiles Joseph S. Joseph S. Stiles (1906)
Stiles Loren Loren Stiles (1942)
Stiles Marthola (Snider) Marthola Stiles (1943)
Stiles Mary (Hollingsworth) Mary (Hollingsworth) Stiles (1937)
Stiles Mary Ann (Stockdale) Mary Ann (Stockdale) Stiles (1889)
Stiles Minnie Ellen (McFarland) Minnie Ellen (McFarland) Stiles (1956)
Stiles Nellie Nellie Stiles (1907)
Stiles Phebe N. Phebe N. Stiles (1880)
Stiles Ralph, Jr. Ralph Stiles Jr. (1931)
Stiles Ray Ray Stiles (1950)
Stiles Rebecca Rebecca Stiles (1915)
Stiles Richard Richard Stiles (1957)
Stiles Roxanna (Moore) Roxanna (Moore) Stiles (1940)
Stiles Thomas Williamson, Capt. Thomas Williamson Stiles, Capt. (1905)
Stiles William Marion William Marion Stiles (1917)
Stillman Frank J. Frank J. Stillman (1930)
Stillman Paul Paul Stillman (1964)
Stills Bonnie Bonnie Stills (2015)
Stills Tracy Lee "Ozzy" Tracy Lee "Ozzy" Stills (2017)
Stine George R. George R. Stine (1931)
Stine Nettie (Lippy) Nettie (Lippy) Stine (1929)
Stingley Eli Eli Stingley (1874)
Stinson John John Stinson (1929)
Stinson Margaret (Smith) Margaret (Smith) Stinson (1908)
Stippich Elsie E. Elsie Stippich (1999)
Stippich Hubert H. Hubert H. Stippich (1992)
Stirts Doris Hildred (Hoover) Doris Hoover Stirts (1988)
Stirts George William George William Stirts (1990)
Stith Jane Jane Stith (1905)
Stith John Taylor John Taylor Stith (1872)
St. John Bartholomew Royal Bartholomew Royal St. John (1884)
St. John Fannie (Mueller) Fannie (Mueller) St. John (1935)
St. John Fremont B. Fremont B. St. John (1988)
StJohn Jon Frances Eugene Jon Frances Eugene StJohn (2013)
St. John Mrs. Mrs. St. John (1900)
St. John Perie Rudy Perie Rudy St. John (1934)
Stock Albert Lee Albert Lee Stock (1890)
Stock Eliza E. Eliza E. Stock (1875)
Stock Richard Edward Richard Edward Stock (1890)
Stocker Hannah Mary (Peterson) Hannah Mary (Peterson) Stocker (1940)
Stocking Alice Hutchison Alice Hutchison Stocking (1978)
Stockwell Almeda (Davis) Almeda (Davis) Stockwell (1939)
Stoeffler Joe Joe Stoeffler (2006)
Stoeffler Marie Christina (Johnson) Marie Johnson Stoeffler (2005)
Stohlgren Luella L. (Fahnestock) Luella L. (Fahnestock) Stohlgren (1971)
Stokes James H. James H. Stokes (1878)
Stokka Dim-Ray Casper Dim-Ray Stokka (2004)
Stoller Helen Letz Helen Letz Stoller (1980)
Stolley Maude (Brockway) Maude (Brockway) Stolley (1949)
Stone Audrey Jeanette "Jan" (Shearer) Audrey Jeanette "Jan" (Shearer) Stone (2007)
Stone Caroline Acenath (French) Caroline Acenath (French) Stone (1867)
Stone Charles T. Charles T. Stone (1913)
Stone David David Stone (1925)
Stone Ferne Marie (Demory) Ferne Demory Stone (2006)
Stone Harry M. Harry M. Stone (1939)
Stone Jane (Daugherty) Jane Daugherty Stone (1887)
Stone Katherine V. Katherine V. Stone (1954)
Stone Pierre L. Pierre L. Stone (1971)
Stone Robert B. Robert B. Stone (1926)
Stone Roscoe Roscoe Stone (1893)
Stone Thomas Allen Thomas Allen Stone (1903)
Stone Thomas Henry Thomas Henry Stone (1930)
Stone Virginia (Patterson) Virginia Patterson Stone (1999)
Stonebarger Kirsten (Nelson) Kirsten (Nelson) Stonebarger (2008)
Stonedale Mary Mardis Mary Mardis Stonedale (1987)
Stonehocker Ben David Ben David Stonehocker (1996)
Stonehocker Charles Lester Charles Lester Stonehocker (1987)
Stonehocker Dana Gae (Johnson) Dana Gae (Johnson) Stonehocker (2016)
Stonehocker Edna Grace (Meyer) Edna Grace (Meyer) Stonehocker (2016)
Stonehocker Leonard Lee Leonard Lee Stonehocker (1960)
Stonehocker Lester "Less" Lester "Less" Stonehocker (1991)
Stonehocker Rachel (Brown) Rachel (Brown) Stonehocker (1892)
Stonehocker Walter Walter Stonehocker (1991)
Stoneking Patricia E. (Parker) Patricia E. (Parker) Stoneking (2013)
Stoneman Carrie (Marshall) Carrie (Marshall) Stoneman (1942)
Stoneman Emma (Martin) Emma (Martin) Stoneman (1890)
Stoneman Ethel Ethel Stoneman (1896)
Stoneman Lillian Henrietta (Attig) Lillian Henrietta (Attig) Stoneman (1974)
Stoneman Loren Doyle Loren Doyle Stoneman (2004)
Stoneman Nellie M. Nellie M. Stoneman (1896)
Stoneman Orrin Orrin Stoneman (1968)
Stoneman Oscar Cecil Oscar Cecil Stoneman (1971)
Stoneman Sarah (Moore) Sarah (Moore) Stoneman (1935)
Stoneman Theodore H. Theodore H. Stoneman (1920)
Stoneman Thomas Gilmer Thomas Gilmer Stoneman (1919)
Stoneman Will - infant son of Infant son of Will Stoneman (1920)
Stoneman William William Stoneman (1910)
Stoneman William A. William A. Stoneman (1972)
Stookey Belinda (Ware) Belinda (Ware) Stookey (2015)
Storck Albertina Lucy Albertina Lucy Storck (1955)
Storck Arthur Herman Arthur Herman Storck (1913)
Storck Augusta Henrietta Augusta Henrietta Storck (1941)
Storck Carl Robert "Bob" Carl Robert "Bob" Storck (2001)
Storck Cynthia Irene (Scrivner) Cynthia Irene (Scrivner) Storck (2009)
Storck Esther L. (Martens) Esther L. (Martens) Storck (2007)
Storck Fernanda Fernanda Storck (1965)
Storck George George Storck (1916)
Storck Gerhardt Gerhardt Storck (1912)
Storck Henrietta (Marquardt) Henrietta (Marquardt) Storck (1927)
Storck Henrietta Margaret “Nellie” (Bolt) Henrietta Margaret “Nellie” (Bolt) Storck (1942)
Storck Manuel H. Manuel H. Storck (1944)
Storck Margaret (Hillan) Margaret (Hillan) Storck (1935)
Storck Minnie Minnie Storck (1943)
Storck Minnie (Messerschmidt) Minnie (Messerschmidt) Storck (1950)
Storck Minnie Lee (Secrest) Minnie Lee (Secrest) Storck (1961)
Storck Paul Paul Storck (1915)
Storck Paul George Paul George Storck (1974)
Storck Paul Gerhardt Paul Gerhardt Storck (1966)
Storck Pauline W. Pauline W. Storck (1915)
Storck Richard C. Richard C. Storck (1954)
Storck Ruth (Henry) Ruth Henry Storck (1998)
Storck Sophia Dorthea Eliza (Niemann) Sophia Dorthea Eliza (Niemann) Storck (1935)
Storck Van B. Van B. Storck (1996)
Storck Walter H. Walter Storck (1967)
Storck Wilhelmina (Marquardt) Wilhelmina (Marquardt) Storck (1921)
Storck William William Storck (1910)
Storey Mable Lorayne (Farlow) Mable Lorayne (Farlow) Storey (1967)
Stork Maggie (Hillan) Maggie (Hillan) Stork (1935)
Storms Constance Belle (Bennett) Constance Belle (Bennett) Storms (2013)
Storrs Alma Cleo (Lowden) Alma Cleo Storrs (1927)
Storrs Barney Eugene Barney Eugene Storrs (1967)
Storrs Colomor Colomor Storrs (1947)
Storrs Eugene O. Eugene O. Storrs (1908)
Storrs Halden Halden Storrs (1963)
Storrs Lloyd Wayne Lloyd Wayne Storrs (1942)
Storrs Lowell Leon Lowell Leon Storrs (1934)
Storrs Margaret Elizabeth (Janeway) Margaret E. Storrs (1946)
Storrs Mary Mary Storrs (1954)
Storrs Nelson C., Rev. Nelson C. Storrs, Rev. (1903)
Storrs Phoebe Ann (Porter) Phoebe Ann (Porter) Storrs (1896)
Storrs Roy S. Roy S. Storrs (1955)
Storrs Vivian A. (Addy) Vivian A. (Addy) Storrs (1970)
Stouffer Will - infant of Infant of Will Stouffer (1898)

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