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James Almon Almon James (1935)
James Alonzo Alonzo James (1916)
James Annon Annon James (1923)
James Annon Annon James (1932)
James Benjamin Benjamin James (1928)
James Cecile P. (Harris) Kenworthy Cecile P. (Harris) Kenworthy James (1975)
James Cora A. (Leggett) Cora A. (Leggett) James (1937)
James Daisy Dora (Lee) Daisy Dora (Lee) James (1910)
James Della (Howell) Della (Howell) James (1955)
James Florence Unity (Roseman) Florence Unity (Roseman) James (1907)
James Floyd Stephen Floyd Stephen James (1946)
James Frances L. ( Lane) Frances L. ( Lane) James (2009)
James Francis Marion Francis Marion James (1908)
James Granville Jefferson Granville Jefferson James (1940)
James Hazel Vera (Weingarth) Hazel Weingarth James (1938)
James Henry H. Henry H. James (1918)
James Ida E. Ida E. James (1905)
James James Wesley James Wesley James (1948)
James John John James (1945)
James Josiah Josiah James (1904)
James Lawrence Daniel Lawrence Daniel James (1983)
James Leonard LaVerne Leonard LaVerne James (1993)
James Lloyd Evertt Lloyd Evertt James (1978)
James Lloyd S. Lloyd S. James (1953)
James Lucinda (Combs) Lucinda (Combs) James (1910)
James Lula (Breeding) Lula Breeding James (1976)
James Margaret Ann (McConkey) Margaret Ann James (1952)
James Marion Marion James (1910)
James Mary E. Mary E. James (1907)
James Mary Mabel (Vogel) Mary Mabel (Vogel) James (1973)
James Milo Mark Milo Mark James (1929)
James Nathan Nathan James (1871)
James Oliver Hazard Oliver Hazard James (1948)
James Omer Whitefield Omer Whitefield James (1907)
James Ora Leonard Ora Leonard James (1883)
James Perry F. Perry F. James (1957)
James Richard Richard James (1916)
James Richard "Dick" Richard "Dick" James (2009)
James Ronald Clair Ronald Clair James (2018)
James Rosa Belle (Silliman) Rosa Belle (Silliman) James (1903)
James Ruth E. Ruth E. James (1919)
James Sarah (Lathrum) Sarah (Lathrum) James (1924)
James Stella (Danforth) Stella Danforth James (1979)
James Stephen Stephen James (1910)
James Williametta "Etta" Josephine (Hughes) Allen Williametta "Etta" Josephine (Hughes) Allen James (1917)
Jameson Mickey Ann (Endres) Mickey Ann (Endres) Jameson (2014)
Jamieson Ralph, Rev. Rev. Ralph Jamieson (1956)
Jamison Art Art Jamison (2003)
Jamison Carolyn Marjorie (Wilson) Carolyn Wilson Jamison (2006)
Jamison Chris Chris Jamison (2012)
Jamison David A. David A. Jamison (2005)
Jamison Edith (Robinson) Edith Jamison (1981)
Jamison Eliza "Ida" Jane (Findley) Eliza "Ida" Jane (Findley) Jamison (1921)
Jamison Henrietta 'Hank' (Lenz) Henrietta 'Hank' Lenz Jamison (1994)
Jamison Lee Virgil Lee Virgil Jamison (1982)
Jamison Lorraine (Beem) Lorraine (Beem) Jamison (1997)
Jamison Lulu Lulu Jamison (1917)
Jamison Minnie May (Burgett) Minnie May (Burgett) Jamison (1938)
Jamison Paul Findley Paul Findley Jamison (1985)
Jamison Robert Robert Jamison (1993)
Jamison Robert Milton Robert Milton Jamison (1997)
Jamison Robert William Robert William Jamison (1985)
Jamison Rolland William Rolland William Jamison (2017)
Jamison Ross Ross Jamison (1960)
Jamison Samuel Rolland Samuel Rolland Jamison (1917)
Jamison Scott Allen Scott Allen Jamison (2016)
Jamison Shirley A. Shirley A. Jamison (1996)
Jan Aileen (Bertholf)  Aileen Jan (1942)
Jandebeur Eldon Eugene, Rev. Eldon Eugene Jandebeur, Rev. (2012)
Janes Clarissa May (Mathews) Clarissa May (Mathews) Janes (1960)
Janes Clifford Harrison Clifford Harrison Janes (2006)
Janes Eletha H. (Brown) Debord Eletha (Brown) Debord Janes (1937)
Janes Florence Helen (Brown) Florence Brown Janes (1982)
Janes Hase H. Hase H. Janes (1978)
Janes Howard W. Howard W. Janes (1954)
Janes Joseph Harrison Joseph Harrison Janes (1965)
Janes Lenora (Sellers) Lenora Sellers Janes (1979)
Janes Lester - infant son of Infant son of Lester Janes (1934)
Janes Lester Thomas Lester Thomas Janes (1975)
Janes Thomas Leonard Thomas Leonard "Tom" Janes (1986)
Janes Thomas Ross Thomas Ross Janes (1934)
Janes William Floyd William Floyd Janes (1976)
Jankovitz Robert D. Robert D. Jankovitz (2017)
Janssen Patrick A. Patrick A. Janssen (1998)
Jarnagin Joseph Warren Joseph Warren Jarnagin (1932)
Jaspersen Richard Guy Richard Guy Jaspersen (1992)
Jay Charles E. Charles E. Jay (1885)
Jay Florence M. (Hough) Florence M. (Hough) Jay (1925)
Jay Leona L. (Buck) Leona L. (Buck) Jay (2012)
Jay Oscar Oscar Jay (1886)
Jefferson Frank Frank Jefferson (1924)
Jefferson Loucinda Angeline (Gilliam) Loucinda Angeline (Gilliam) Jefferson (1909)
Jeffrey Orloff Howe Orloff Howe Jeffrey (1959)
Jeffries Fred Raymond Fred Raymond Jeffries (1919)
Jeffries George C. George C. Jeffries (1921)
Jeffries Johnny Johnny Jeffries (1904)
Jeffries Katherine (Shafer) Katherine Shafer Jeffries (1963)
Jeffries Laura Ellen (Fisher) Laura Ellen (Fisher) Jeffries (1935)
Jeffryes Arthur - infant daughter of Infant Daughter of A. Jeffryes (1925)
Jeffryes Arthur Fred Arthur Fred Jeffryes (1973)
Jeffryes Bernard Glenn Bernard Jeffryes (1950)
Jeffryes Don Elbert Don Elbert Jeffryes (1918)
Jeffryes Floyd Floyd Jeffryes (1982)
Jeffryes George William Allen George William Allen Jeffryes (1936)
Jeffryes Leonard Guy Leonard G. Jeffryes (1922)
Jeffryes Lloyd Lloyd Jeffryes (1999)
Jeffryes Nellie Mae (Powell) Nellie Mae (Powell) Jeffryes (1975)
Jeffryes Nora Nora Jeffryes (1952)
Jeffryes S. Leone  Madison S. Leone Madison Jeffryes (2004)
Jeffryes Velma Velma Jeffryes (1917)
Jeffs Alfred C. Alfred C. Jeffs (1915)
Jeffs Alfred Edwin Alfred Edwin Jeffs (2004)
Jeffs Beverly 'Jean' (Hircock) Beverly Hircock Jeffs (1998)
Jeffs Charley C. Charley C. Jeffs (1994)
Jeffs Clarence Gyle Clarence G. Jeffs (1930)
Jeffs Dale Lee Dale Lee Jeffs (1945)
Jeffs Delia M. (Jeffs) Delia Jeffs (1988)
Jeffs Edward Edward Jeffs (1912)
Jeffs Ernest C. Ernest C. Jeffs (1948)
Jeffs Everett Luther Everett Jeffs (1988)
Jeffs Frances Ellen (Cook) Frances (Cook) Jeffs (1937)
Jeffs Henry Cecil Henry Cecil Jeffs (1927)
Jeffs James L. James L. Jeffs (1959)
Jellison Alonzo N. Alonzo N. Jellison (1871)
Jellison Jessie Jessie Jellison (1905)
Jellison Minerva (Nichols) Minerva (Nichols) Jellison (1912)
Jellison Paul Warren, Rev. Paul Warren Jellison, Rev. (1899)
Jeneary Delmar Thomas Delmar T. Jeneary (1999)
Jenkins Elmer Elliot Elmer E. Jenkins (1977)
Jenkins Evea Evea Jenkins (1985)
Jenkins Hanley F., M.D. Hanley F. Jenkins, M.D. (2012)
Jenkins Lana Beth (Evans) Lana Beth (Evans) Jenkins (2006)
Jenkins Larry Keith Larry Keith Jenkins (2007)
Jenkins Nellie M. (Holton) Nellie Holton Jenkins (1973)
Jenkins Richard B. Richard B. Jenkins (2015)
Jenkins Roy Roy Jenkins (1981)
Jenkins Wilton A. Wilton A. Jenkins (1910)
Jenks Leonard Leonard Jenks (1933)
Jenks Olive Olive Jenks (1895)

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