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Campbell Alexander, Sr. Alexander Campbell, Sr. (1883)
Campbell Alice Elizabeth (Aikins) Alice Elizabeth (Aikins) Campbell 1973
Campbell Alma K. (Campbell) Alma K. (Campbell) Campbell (1913)
Campbell Arminta (Banks) Arminta Banks Campbell (1960)
Campbell Benjamin N. Benjamin N. Campbell (1940)
Campbell Carl Hamilton Carl Hamilton Campbell (1920)
Campbell Charlie Curtis Charlie Curtis Campbell (1934)
Campbell Clara J. (Romine) Clara J. (Romine) Campbell (1940)
Campbell Daniel LeRoy Daniel LeRoy Campbell (2018)
Campbell David L. David L. Campbell (1947)
Campbell David Miller David Miller Campbell (1907)
Campbell Dewey H. Dewey H. Campbell (1956)
Campbell Eliza A. (Holmes) Chase Eliza A. (Holmes) Campbell Chase (1892)
Campbell Elizabeth Ann (Bruns) Elizabeth Ann Bruns Campbell (1983)
Campbell Elmeretta (Ella) Lynch Elmeretta (Ella) Lynch Campbell (1954)
Campbell Emma E. Emma E. Campbell (1948)
Campbell Flora Bell (Dickson) Flora Bell (Dickson) Campbell (1925)
Campbell Flora May (Bard) Conn Flora May (Bard) Conn Campbell (1933)
Campbell Frances Mabel (Arnold) Frances Mabel (Arnold) Campbell (1978)
Campbell Freeman Deloss Freeman Deloss Campbell (1913)
Campbell Geneva Geneva Campbell (1956)
Campbell George C. George C. Campbell (1978)
Campbell Gertrude (Trester) Gertrude Trester Campbell (1929)
Campbell Glen Elsworth Glen Elsworth Campbell (1985)
Campbell Glen N. Glen N. Campbell (1895)
Campbell Harriet Irene (Sawhill) Harriet Sawhill Campbell (1999)
Campbell James W. James W. Campbell (1926)
Campbell Janice (Strable) Janice (Strable) Campbell (2011)
Campbell Jesse Wilson Jesse Wilson Campbell (1936)
Campbell John Able John Able Campbell (1934)
Campbell John Henry John Henry Campbell (1930)
Campbell Julia Ann (Conrad) Julia Ann (Conrad) Campbell (1926)
Campbell Lulu (Wilson) Lulu (Wilson) Campbell (1957)
Campbell Margaret Margaret Campbell (1983)
Campbell Martha E. (McCollough) Martha E. (McCollough) Campbell (1920)
Campbell Mary Catherine Mary Catherine Campbell (1889)
Campbell Mary X. Mary X. Campbell (1915)
Campbell Michael Wayne Michael Wayne Campbell (1955)
Campbell Nellie Nellie Campbell (1892)
Campbell Nellie Nellie Campbell (1965)
Campbell Pauline (Seymour) Pauline (Seymour) Campbell (2015)
Campbell Pauline M. (Kloss) Pauline Campbell (1993)
Campbell Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee Campbell (1945)
Campbell Robert H. Robert H. Campbell (1974)
Campbell Roselba (Kirk) Roselba Kirk Campbell (1957)
Campbell Russell W., Ret. Maj., USAF Res. Russell W. Campbell, Ret. Maj., USAF Res. (2010)
Campbell Thomas Jackson Thomas Jackson Campbell (1946)
Campbell Varilla (Breeding) Varilla (Breeding) Campbell (1905)
Campfield Henry Gilbert Henry Gilbert Campfield (1937)
Campfield Nelson Nelson Campfield (1927)
Campfield Ruby Ann (Bailey) Ruby Ann (Bailey) Campfield (1946)
Campfield William James William James Campfield (1929)
Canfield Betty Elise (Fosher) Betty Elise (Fosher) Canfield (2011)
Canfield Earle L. Earle L. Canfield (2000)
Canfield Infant Daughter Infant Daughter Canfield (1915)
Canfield Margaret (Holmes) Margaret (Holmes) Canfield (1895)
Cannon Elowene Irene (Duff) Elowene Irene (Duff) Cannon (1999)
Cannon Florence Maye (Felton) Florence Maye (Felton) Cannon (1985)
Cannon Judy Ann (Weeter) Judy Ann Weeter Cannon (2001)
Cannon William William Cannon (1877)
Cannon Winston Winston Cannon (2004)
Canty Doris G. (Yates) Doris Yates Canty (1977)
Canty Hallie Dixon Hallie Dixon Canty (2014)
Capehart Gladys Eileen (Morgan) Gladys Eileen (Morgan) Capehart (1957)
Capesius Frank Frank Capesius (1961)
Capp Mrs. Mrs. Capp (1873)
Capps Christina Marie Christina Marie Capps (1996)
Capps Daniel "Boone" Daniel "Boone" Capps (2001)
Capps Lillian Louise (Purdy) Lillian Louise (Purdy) Capps (1975)
Capps Sharon Kay "Sheri" (Reynolds) Sharon Kay "Sheri" (Reynolds) Capps (2017)
Capps Willis H. Willis H. Capps (1998)
Cardell Frances (Sims) Frances (Sims) Cardell (1888)
Cardell Walter Sims Walter Sims Cardell (1917)
Carey Barton W. Barton W. Carey (1968)
Carey Charles 'Chick' Charles "Chick" Carey (1991)
Carey Cyrus Alva Cyrus Alva Carey (1958)
Carey Dean L. Dean L. Carey (1961)
Carey DeForest DeForest Carey (1930)
Carey Edgar H. Edgar H. Carey (1963)
Carey Emma Louise (Clearwater) Emma Louise (Clearwater) Carey (1939)
Carey Ethel Ethel Carey (1983)
Carey Frank D. Frank D. Carey (1949)
Carey George J. George J. Carey (1948)
Carey Harold M. Harold M. Carey (1958)
Carey Jaquelynn J. (Black) Stephenson Jaquelynn J. (Black) Stephenson-Carey (2009)
Carey Lyman Ozro Lyman Ozro Carey (1911)
Carey Marie Nancy (Leach) Marie Nancy (Leach) Carey (1986)
Carey Minnie Susannah (Cook) Minnie Susannah Cook Carey (1962)
Carey Olive Irene (Tucker) Olive Irene Tucker Carey (1992)
Carey Philip E. Philip E. Carey (1965)
Carey Walter Lyman Walter Lyman Carey (1974)
Carico Glen Norman Glen Norman Carico (2013)
Carley Michelle Dawn (Alles) Michelle Dawn (Alles) Carley (2010)
Carlsen Carl T. Carl T. Carlsen (1964)
Carlson Albert Albert Carlson (1978)
Carlson Delbert Eugene Delbert Eugene Carlson (1950)
Carlson Emmaline Maria (Bonney) Emmaline Maria (Bonney) Carlson (1937)
Carlson Eric Raymond Eric Raymond Carlson (2009)
Carlson Francis Francis Elmer (Carlson)
Carlson Geneva Beatrice (Bechtel) Geneva Beatrice (Bechtel) Carlson (2006)
Carlson George C. George C. Carlson (2000)
Carlson Grace Eva (Romback) Grace Eva (Romback) Carlson (1970)
Carlson Joy Ann (Burnison) Joy Burnison Carlson (2007)
Carlson Julius Julius Carlson (1929)
Carlson Marian Josephine (Macumber) Marian Josephine (Macumber) Carlson (1989)
Carlson Marine (Ruckman) Marine (Ruckman) Carlson (2000)
Carman Anna Anna Carman (1953)
Carman Charles C. Charles C. Carman (1948)
Carman Cornelius Charles Cornelius Charles Carman (1925)
Carman Frances Adeline (McNeal) Frances Adeline (McNeal) Carman 1905
Carman Gertrude (Hancox) Gertrude (Hancox) Carman (1942)
Carman Jacob Waters Jacob Waters Carman (1919)
Carman Maude E. (Stevens) Maude E. (Stevens) Carman (1922)
Carmean Tasso Tasso Carmean (1896)
Carmichael Beatrice (Aldrich) Beatrice (Aldrich) Carmichael (1967)
Carnagan Alma (Carter) Alma Carnagan (1952)
Carnahan James James Carnahan (1899)
Carnahan William R. William R. Carnahan (1895)
Carney Ann (Kirvin) Ann Kirvin Carney (1991)
Carney Dennis Dennis Carney (2002)
Carney Mary (Hartley) Mary (Hartley) Carney (1958)

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