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Bertholf Alexander Macumber Alexander M. Bertholf (1902)
Bertholf Andrew Hopper Andrew Hopper Bertholf (1878)
Bertholf Augusta Grace (Walker) Augusta Grace (Walker) Bertholf (1975)
Bertholf Blanche (Thrift) Blanche (Thrift) Bertholf (1913)
Bertholf Bonny Joanna Bonny Joanna Bertholf (1924)
Bertholf Charles G. Charles Bertholf (1915)
Bertholf Clara E. (Starr) Clara E. (Starr) Bertholf (1906)
Bertholf Cole Cole Bertholf (1957)
Bertholf Craig J. Craig J. Bertholf (2010)
Bertholf Davisson D. Davisson D. Bertholf (1971)
Bertholf Edith (Ford) Edith Ford Bertholf (1937)
Bertholf Electra Electra Bertholf (1883)
Bertholf Ellis E. Ellis E. Bertholf (1937)
Bertholf Elwood F. Elwood Bertholf (1936)
Bertholf Geneva (Brown) Geneva Brown Bertholf (2000)
Bertholf Halden S. Halden S. Bertholf (1991)
Bertholf Harriet Rachel (Murphy) Harriet Rachel Murphy Bertholf (1939)
Bertholf James James Bertholf (1925)
Bertholf James L. James L. Bertholf (1932)
Bertholf Leanna Leanna Bertholf (1908)
Bertholf Lee Andrew Lee Andrew Bertholf (1892)
Bertholf Linza M. Linza M. Bertholf (1928)
Bertholf Lovica Lovica Bertholf (1855)
Bertholf Lucinda (Rhodes) Lucinda (Rhodes) Bertholf (1896)
Bertholf Lucy Margaret (Wilson) Lucy Margaret (Wilson) Bertholf (1908)
Bertholf Mary Ann (DeMar) Mary Ann DeMar Bertholf (1935)
Bertholf Mary LuRetta (Imes) Mary LuRetta (Imes) Bertholf (1944)
Bertholf Nancy (Brinson) Nancy Bertholf (1923)
Bertholf Nell (Whedon) Nell Bertholf (1942)
Bertholf Nellie (Litton) Nellie Bertholf (1924)
Bertholf Nelson Nelson Bertholf (1934)
Bertholf Phil D. Phil D. Bertholf (1953)
Bertholf Sarah Josephine (Williamson) Sarah Josephine (Williamson) Bertholf (1935)
Bertholf Stella Maud (Pratt) Stella Maud (Pratt) Bertholf (1919)
Bertholf Thomas Franklin Thomas Franklin Bertholf (1892)
Bertholf Wesley C. Wesley C. Bertholf (1921)
Bertholf William Henry William Henry Bertholf (1914)
Bertrand Garold K., Sr. Garold K . Bertrand, Sr. (2006)
Berwick Sammy Sammy Berwick (1877)
Besco Viola Viola Besco (2016)
Best George Edward George Edward Best (1999)
Best Earl Earl Best (1913)
Best Harry Leroy Harry Leroy Best (1912)
Best Ida (Smith) Ida (Smith) Best (1957)
Bethune Irvin Irvin Bethune (2007)
Betts David Allen David Allen Betts (1941)
Betts Emily Jane (Ergenbright) Emily Jane (Ergenbright) Betts (1908)
Betts George W. George W. Betts (1890)
Betts Grace Leolia (Greenwood) Grace Leolia (Greenwood) Betts (1976)
Betts Joseph Joseph Betts (1916)
Betts Mary S. (Reynolds) Mary S. (Reynolds) Betts (1902)
Betts Samuel Samuel Betts (1901)
Betts Serena Annette (Carman) Serena Annette (Carman) Betts (1876)
Betz Patricia Joan (Wild) Patricia Joan (Wild) Betz (2016)
Bever Lee 'Bud' Burdette Lee 'Bud' Burdette Bever (1993)
Beverlin Carroll Omer Carroll Omer Beverlin (2007)
Beverlin Corwin Jefferson Corwin Beverlin (2004)
Beverlin Elaine Joan (Husted) Elaine Joan (Husted) Beverlin (2011)
Beverlin Ernest Clark "Jim" Ernest Clark "Jim" Beverlin (2006)
Beverlin Estina Elva (Lorimor) Estina Elva Lorimor Beverlin (1973)
Beverlin Eugene Clark Eugene Clark Beverlin (1942)
Beverlin Helen (Hart) Helen (Hart) Beverlin (2012)
Beverlin Irene (Emerson) Irene Beverlin (1994)
Beverlin Jack Lee Jack Lee Beverlin (2006)
Beverlin Marie (Dowler) Slinker Marie (Dowler) Slinker Beverlin (2001)
Beverlin Max Corwin Max Corwin Beverlin (2003)
Beverlin Myrtle Kate (Clark) Myrtle Kate Beverlin (1970)
Beverlin Omer P. Omer P. Beverlin (1948)
Beverlin Robert Montell Robert Montell Beverlin (1982)
Beverlin Roberta Ann Roberta Ann Beverlin (1927)
Beverlin Wilma Blanche (Wilkinson) Wilma Wilkinson Beverlin (1994)
Bevington Amelia (Mathews) Amelia (Mathews) Bevington (1898)
Bevington Charles D. Charles D. Bevington (1903)
Bevington Charles Irvin Charles Irvin Bevington (1901)
Bevington Charlie Charlie Bevington (1946)
Bevington Eliza (Heath) Eliza Heath Bevington (1902)
Bevington Letitia (Gaston) Letitia (Gaston) Bevington (1911)
Bevington Sarah Cecilia (Mackey) Sarah Cecilia Mackey Bevington (1942)
Bevington Squire G. Squire G. Bevington (1913)
Bevins Kate (Fisher) Kate (Fisher) Bevins (1916)
Bevis Ruby E. Ruby E. Bevis (2002)
Bice Edith (Nagle) Edith (Nagle) Bice (2002)
Bice Fred E. Fred E. Bice (1975)
Bichel Denise R. (McDonald) Denise R. (McDonald) Bichel (2015)
Bickel Hilma Johanna (Olson) Hilma Johanna (Olson) Bickel (1966)
Bickel Mardell (Emerick) Mardell (Emerick) Bickel (2005)
Bickelhaupt O. P. O. P. Bickelhaupt (1940)
Biddle Christian C. Christian C. Biddle (178)
Biddle Josephine (Hiatt) Josephine H. Biddle (1992)
Bidwell Mary Grace Mary Grace Bidwell (2007)
Bienfang Leo Elgin Leo Elgin Bienfang (1992)
Bierce Charles Henry Charles Henry Bierce (1950)
Bierce Nora Nora Bierce (1944)
Bierma Clyde Eugene Clyde Eugene Bierma (2018)
Bierma Douwe Hessels Douwe Hessels Bierma (1933)
Bierma Gladys Verdie (Youmans) Gladys Verdie Bierma (1993)
Bierma Henry A. Henry A. Bierma (1986)
Bierma Ronald Dean Ronald Dean Bierma (2014)
Bierma Sherry (Simmons) Sherry Bierma (1995)
Biesel Fred C. Fred C. Biesel (1992)
Biesel Lena (Leppla) Lena (Leppla) Biesel (1954)
Biesel Mary Lucy Mary Lucy Biesel (1980)
Biesel Nicholas Nicholas Biesel (1932)
Bigelow Hiram L. Hiram L. Bigelow (1898)
Bigelow Robert Robert Bigelow (2013)
Biggs Clark E. Clark E. Biggs (1986)
Biggs Elizabeth (Cart) Robinson Elizabeth (Cart) Robinson Biggs (1927)
Biggs John John Biggs (1901)
Biggs Mary Belle Mary Belle Biggs (1942)
Biggs Robert Robert Biggs (1889)
Biggs Wilson John Wilson John Biggs (1930)
Bigwood William William Bigwood (1906)
Bilbrey Jesse Lee Jesse Lee Bilbrey (2010)
Bilderback Catharine (Hodson) Catharine (Hodson) Bilderback (1921)
Bilderback Fannie (Sandham) Fannie Bilderback (1952)
Bilderback Ferdinand Ferdinand Bilderback (1944)
Bilderback John John Bilderback (1929)
Bilderback Norris Norris Bilderback (1920)
Bill Frank N. Frank N. Bill (1946)
Billeter Kenneth LeRoy Kenneth Billeter (2003)
Billett Helen (Hoskins) Helen Hoskins Billett (1978)
Billings Bertha (Gowin) Bertha Gowin Billings (1977)
Bills Grace Marie (Jungst) Grace Jungst Bills (2006)
Bilney Theda Theda Bilney (1972)
Bindel Cleo Lucille (Snyder) Cleo Lucille Bindel (1976)
Bindel David William David William Bindel (1961)
Bindel Douglas Scott Douglas Scott Bindel (1963)
Bindel George Phillip George P. Bindel (2000)
Bindel Lela (Palmer) Lela Palmer Bindel (1998)
Bindel Leo George Leo George Bindel (1984)
Bindel Leonard F. Leonard F. Bindel (1974)
Bindel Marie Anna (Tracy) Marie Anna (Tracy) Bindel (1970)
Bindel Paul Paul Bindel (2015)
Bindel Phillip Walter Phillip Walter Bindel (2016)
Bindel Ruth Evelena (Mink) Ruth Mink Bindel (2000)
Bindel Violet Helen Violet Helen Bindel (1945)
Bindel Walter F. Walter F. Bindel (2001)
Binder Ada Bell (Warner) Ada Bell (Warner) Binder (1936)
Binder Dee Dee Binder (1957)
Binder Frank W. Frank W. Binder (1985)
Binder Ruby (Luke) Ruby Luke Binder (1995)
Bingaman Harlan W. Harlan W. Bingaman (1974)
Bingaman Lucille (Sawyer) Lucille Sawyer Bingaman (1997)
Bingaman Zola May (Hamblin) Zola Hamblin Bingaman (1996)
Binning Emily A. (Nevitt) Emily A. (Nevitt) Binning (2010)

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