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Power Elizabeth Hannah (Picken) Elizabeth Hannah (Picken) Power (1915)
Power Francis Francis Power (1922)
Power Howard - infant of Howard Power Infant (1920)
Powers Blanche (Weeks) Blanche Weeks Powers (1986)
Powers C. Maurice C. Maurice Powers (2005)
Powers Della M. (Bartlett) Della Bartlett Powers (1996)
Powers Helen Louise (Kirk) Helen Louise (Kirk) Powers (2015)
Powers James E. James E. Powers (1933)
Powers John Hilton Harry John Hilton Harry Powers (1948)
Powers Lawrence Vincent Lawrence Vincent Powers (1950)
Powers Lilah (Russell) Lilah Russell Powers (1953)
Powers Lillian Marguerite (Shaw) Lillian Marguerite (Shaw) Powers (2011)
Powers Margaret Margaret Powers (1954)
Powers Mildred B. Mildred B. Powers (2005)
Powers Phillip F. Phillip F. Powers (1970)
Powers Robert L. Robert L. Powers (1990)
Powers Zella Muriel (King) Zella King Powers (1966)
Prather Henrietta (Kirk) Henrietta (Kirk) Prather (1939)
Prather Vera Bessie (Beerbower) Vera Bessie (Beerbower) Prather (1974)
Pratt Bertha Edith Bertha Edith Pratt (1903)
Pratt Cynthia May (Reed) Cynthia May (Reed) Pratt (1934)
Pratt Edna Pearl Edna Pearl Pratt (1915)
Pratt Edward H. Edward H. Pratt (1917)
Pratt Esther Lucy (White) Esther Lucy (White) Pratt (1917)
Pratt Florence May (Pinckney) Flossie Pinckney Pratt (1984)
Pratt George George Pratt (1908)
Pratt Harry Francis Harry Francis Pratt (1990)
Pratt Lena Leota (Duff) Lena Leota Duff Pratt (1942)
Pratt Mamie (McManus) Mamie (McManus) Pratt (1912)
Pratt Margaret (Morrissey) Margaret (Morrissey) Pratt (1949)
Pratt Matilda Matilda Pratt (1914)
Pratt Maurice W. Maurice W. Pratt (1907)
Pratt Opal Frances (Waltz) Opal Waltz Pratt (1979)
Pratt Orville George Orville George Pratt (1976)
Pratt Rebecca (Luckhart) Rebecca Pratt (1929)
Pratt William William Pratt (1951)
Pray Ann (McFadden) Ann (McFadden) Pray (1928)
Pray Florence Florence Pray (1916)
Pray Mary Jane (Wick) Mary Jane (Wick) Pray (2013)
Pray Michael Edward Michael Edward Pray (1982)
Pray Thomas Thomas Pray (1970)
Pressly Marvin Dale Marvin Dale Pressly (1984)
Preston Adelaide L. (Travis) Adelaide L. (Travis) Preston (1974)
Preston Alexander Alexander Preston (1935)
Preston Charles L. Charles L. Preston (1966)
Preston David William David William Preston (1930)
Preston Ernest Ernest Preston (1951)
Preston Esther A. (Turcotte) Esther A. (Turcotte) Preston (1941)
Preston Eva Marie (Stowell) Eva Marie (Stowell) Preston (2003)
Preston Harvey H. Harvey H. Preston (1940)
Preston Kathryn D. Kathryn D. Preston (1978)
Preston Lucia Ann (Walker) Lucia Walker Preston (1933)
Preston Mary Alice Mary Alice Preston (1912)
Preston R. J. R. J. Preston (1926)
Preston Roy Roy Preston (1960)
Preston Sarah L. (Eskew) Sarah L. (Eskew) Breeding Preston (1934)
Price Barbara R. (Ruby) Barbara R. Price (1905)
Price Bruce Gray Bruce Gray Price (1934)
Price Caleb Richard Caleb Price (1907)
Price Charles Franklin Charles Franklin Price (1967)
Price Charles P. Charles P. Price (1978)
Price Clarence Leroy "Roy" Clarence Leroy "Roy" Price (1967)
Price Clella Mabel (Slocum) Shepherd Williamson Clella Mabel (Slocum) Price Shepherd Williamson (2002)
Price Cleo Pearl (Wynkoop) Cleo Pearl (Wynkoop) Price (1976)
Price Cliff R. Cliff R. Price (1953)
Price Darlene Marilyn Darlene Marilyn Price (2009)
Price Edna Alice (Johnston) Edna Alice (Johnston) Price (1931)
Price Emily Jane Emily Jane Price (2003)
Price Emily Josephine (Clements) Emily Josephine Clements Price (1969)
Price Esther (Piatt) Esther (Piatt) Price (1906)
Price Eva (McKibben) Eva McKibben Price (1971)
Price Iowa Belle (Libby) Iowa Belle (Libby) Price (1936)
Price James - infant of Infant of James Price (1899)
Price James Parker James Parker Price (1933)
Price James Sterling James Sterling Price (1911)
Price Lemont Vernon Lemont Vernon Price (1932)
Price Lewis Lewis Price (1982)
Price Lloyd Albert Lloyd Albert Price (1905)
Price Maybelle Jane (Potter) Maybelle Jane (Potter) Price (1920)
Price Mildred Elizabeth (Barnett) Mildred Elizabeth (Barnett) Price (1925)
Price Morris Leroy Morris Leroy Price (1933)
Price Nancy Elizabeth (Reed) Nancy Elizabeth (Reed) Price (1918)
Price Nannie E. Nannie E. Price (1956)
Price Pearl Gladys (Smith) Pearl Gladys (Smith) Price (1974)
Price Ralph - Infant daughter of Price Infant (1914)
Price Ralph Raymond Ralph Raymond Price (1935)
Price Ray M. Ray M. Price (1903)
Price Raymond Robert, Sergt. Raymond Robert Price, Sergt. (1919)
Price Robert Leslie Robert Leslie Price (1972)
Price Russell R. Russell R. Price (1987)
Price Thomas Michael Thomas Michael Price (2003)
Price Virginia (Eyerly) Virginia Eyerly Price (1977)
Price Walter John Walter John Price (1929)
Price Walter Reed Walter Reed Price (1948)
Price Willard Chester Willard Chester Price (1947)
Price William William Price (1919)
Price William C. William C. Price (1988)
Price William Ford William F. Price (1970)
Priddy Coral (Hoyt) Coral (Hoyt) Priddy (1940)
Priest Amel Forest Amel Forest Priest (1994)
Priest David Isaac David Isaac Priest (1947)
Priest Elizabeth Jane (Roberts) Elizabeth Jane (Roberts) Priest (1927)
Priest John John Priest (1914)
Priest John S. John S. Priest (1965)
Priest Lucile (Dutton) Lucile Dutton Priest (1986)
Priest Margaret Travis Margaret Travis Priest (1956)
Prine Emily Jane (Abbot) Emily Jane (Abbot) Prine (1938)
Prine Jacob B. Jacob B. Prine (1922)
Prine Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth Prine (1986)
Prine Mary F. (Smith) Mary F. (Smith) Prine (1982)
Prior Darlene (Chapman) Darlene (Chapman) Prior ( 1974)
Prior Della (Hornby) Della (Hornby) Prior (1968)
Prior John John Prior (1965)
Prior John Donald John Donald Prior (2002)
Pritchard Charles Charles Pritchard (1917)
Pritchard Charles Elias Charles Elias Pritchard (1938)
Pritchard Clarence H. "Bud" Clarence H. "Bud" Pritchard (1941)
Pritchard Elias, Jr. Elias Pritchard Jr. (1963)
Pritchard Elias, Sr. Elias Pritchard, Sr. (1946)
Pritchard Elsie (Bennett) Miller Elsie (Bennett) Pritchard Miller (2013)
Pritchard Esther (Hermon) Esther Hermon Pritchard (1965)
Pritchard Flossie LaVaun (Addy) Flossie Addy Pritchard (2006)
Pritchard Fred Fred Pritchard (1984)
Pritchard Kate (Eichner) Kate Eichner Pritchard (1929)
Pritchard Malinda (Simpson) Malinda (Simpson) Pritchard (1916)
Pritchard Sarah (Diser) Sarah Diser Prtichard (1947)

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