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Garringer Harry B. Harry B. Garringer (1900)
Garris Beverly Jean (Adams) Beverly Jean (Adams) Garris (2017)
Garrison Bessie M. Bessie Garrison (1979)
Garrison Dorothy Mae Dorothy Mae Garrison (2001)
Garrison Edna Bessie (Sirdoreus) Edna Sirdoreus Garrison (1996)
Garrison Elizabeth (Lucas) Elizabeth Lucas Garrison (1920)
Garrison Elmer E. Elmer E. Garrison (1915)
Garrison Herman Verl Herman Verl Garrison (1932)
Garrison Jack Jack Garrison (1986)
Garrison John John Garrison (1884)
Garrison Phyllis (Hager) Phyllis Hager Garrison (2005)
Garrison Randy Eugene Randy Eugene Garrison (1975)
Garrison William Buckner William Buckner Garrison (1975)
Garrison William Everett William Everett Garrison (1952)
Garst Basha (Secrease) Basha (Secrease) Garst (1896)
Garst Ida Belle (Jones) Ida Belle (Jones) Garst (1955)
Garst Jacob E. Jacob E. Garst (1964)
Garst John W. John W. Garst (1926)
Garst John W. John W. Garst (1944)
Garst Mary Ellen (Hogg) Mary Ellen (Hogg) Garst (1940)
Garst Phylena "Lena" H. (Moore) Phylena "Lena" Moore Garst (1939)
Garst Phillip Phillip Garst (1900)
Garst Phillip Edward Phillip Edward Garst (1949)
Garst Phoebe Missouri (Allison) Phoebe Missouri (Allison) Garst (1918)
Garst Rebecca (Humphrey) Rebecca (Humphrey) Garst (1898)
Garst Samuel Samuel Garst (1899)
Gartsee John M. John M. Gartsee (1955)
Gartsee Maude (Pyle) Maude (Pyle) Gartsee (1972)
Garver Gertrude (Lyon) Gertrude (Lyon) Garver (1943)
Garwood Asenath Asenath Garwood (1912)
Garwood Warren Lee Warren Lee Garwood (2016)
Gasiel Anna Anna Gasiel (1987)
Gaskill Alice (Trester) Alice Trester Gaskill (1933)
Gaskill Charles Charles Gaskill (1895)
Gaspari Harry Harry Gaspari (1956)
Gaspari Nettie (Tomasso) Nettie (Tomasso) Gaspari (1929)
Gaston Eleanor (Huntington) Eleanor (Huntington) Gaston (1936)
Gaston Joseph James Joseph James Gaston (1929)
Gaston William H. William H. Gaston (1906)
Gatchel George Albert George Albert Gatchel (1993)
Gatchel Goldie Mae (Evans) Goldie Mae (Evans) Gatchel (1919)
Gatchel Harvey Sanford Harvey Sanford Gatchel (1921)
Gatchel Sylvania (Evans) Sylvania Evans Gatchel (1905)
Gatchel Url Ray Url Ray Gatchel (1887)
Gates Cecil Oren Cecil Oren Gates (2003)
Gates Elizabeth (Barnett) Elizabeth Barnett Gates (1949)
Gates Glen Glen Gates (2008)
Gates Jessie Bernice (Day) Jessie Bernice Gates (2006)
Gates John John Gates (1946)
Gates Lewis C. Lewis C. Gates (1938)
Gates Nellie (Foster) Nellie (Foster) Gates (1957)
Gathright Minnie (Davis) Minnie (Davis) Gathright (1895)
Gattenby Grace (Myers) Grace (Myers) Gattenby (1949)
Gattenby Grace (Young) Grace (Young) Gattenby (1925)
Gattenby Henry Eugene Henry Eugene Gattenby (1939)
Gattenby John K. John K. Gattenby (1926)
Gaumer Bruce Harrop Bruce Harrop Gaumer (2012)
Gaumer Helen Helen Gaumer (1994)
Gaunt John Thomas John Thomas Gaunt (1909)
Gaunt Permelia Helen (Tate) Permelia Helen (Tate) Gaunt (1896)
Gavin Agnes (Gallagher) Agnes (Gallagher) Gavin (1937)
Gavin Ann Ann Gavin (1936)
Gavin Dorothy Ruth (Archer) Dorothy Ruth (Archer) Gavin (2005)
Gavin Martin M. Martin M. Gavin (1960)
Gavin Mary C. (Lippold) Mary C. (Lippold) Gavin (1911)
Gavin Mary E. Mary E. Gavin (1936)
Gavin Mary Jane (Kilduff) Mary Jane Kilduff Gavin (1933)
Gavin Michael Michael Gavin (1929)
Gavitt Jane Morrissey Jane Morrissey Gavitt (1977)
Gavitt Louis W. 'Bill' Jr. Louis "Bill" Gavitt Jr. (1980)
Gawthrop Ella (Bowman) Ella (Bowman) Gawthrop (1917)
Gaymon Ella (Trotter) Ella (Trotter) Gaymon (1917)
Gealy Ruth Louise (Shifflett) Ruth Louise (Shifflett) Gealy (2018)
Gear Clarence Clarence Gear (1964)
Gear Minnie E. (Leasman) Minnie E. (Leasman) Gear (1966)
Gearhard Rhoda D. (Hill) Rhoda D. (Hill) Gearhard (1910)
Gearhard Susan (Seamon) Erwin Susan (Seamon) Erwin Gearhard (1919)
Gearhard William William Gearhard (1911)
Gearhardt Peter Peter Gearhardt (1900)
Gearhart Abraham Abraham Gearhard (1884)
Gearhart Bertha M. (Simpson) Bertha M. (Simpson) Gearhart (1957)
Gearhart James - infant son of Infant son of James Gearhart (1898)
Gearhart Lela Blanche (Terry) Lela Blanche (Terry) Gearhart (1934)
Gearhart Verda Verda Gearhart (1898)
Gebbie Kenneth Duane Kenneth Duane Gebbie (2016)
Gebhardt Charles “Max” Charles “Max” Gebhardt (1988)
Gebhardt Josie (Paxton) Josie (Paxton) Gebhardt (1953)
Gebhardt Mary Regina (Baker) Mary Regina (Baker) Gebhardt (2017)
Gebhart Chauncey H. Chauncey H. Gebhart (1909)
Gehlhaar Kathryn (Young) Kathryn (Young) Gehlhaar (1937)
Gehlhaar Max Max Gehlhaar (1941)
Geiger Grace (Tidrick) Grace (Tidrick) Geiger (1954)
Geisel Nila Louise (Thrailkill) Nila Louise (Thrailkill) Geisel (2017)
Geiselman Adam Adam Geiselman (1873)
Geitner George George Geitner (1920)
Genn John John Genn (1900)
Geno Effie (Reynolds) Lemon Effie (Reynolds) Lemon Geno (1956)
Gentry Alvin - infant daughter of Infant daughter of Alvin Gentry (1926)
Gentry Alvin B. Alvin B. Gentry (1983)
Gentry Byron Byron Gentry (1942)
Gentry David Martin David Martin Gentry (1934)
Gentry Delilah Ellen (Landers) Delilah Ellen Gentry (1943)
Gentry Earl - infant of Infant of Earl Gentry (1916)
Gentry Eleanor Jane (Atchison) Eleanor Jane (Atchison) Gentry (1930)
Gentry Eliza Jane (Porter) Eliza Jane (Porter) Gentry (1911)
Gentry Harriet (Ragan) Harriet Ragan Gentry (1929)
Gentry Henrietta (Moore) Henrietta Moore Gentry (1923)
Gentry James W. James W. Gentry (1943)
Gentry Jo Ellen Jo Ellen Gentry (2005)
Gentry John John Gentry (1935)
Gentry John Martin John Martin Gentry (1905)
Gentry Joshua Joshua Gentry (1913)
Gentry Juanita Alice (Grimes) Juanita Grimes Gentry (2002)
Gentry Lovisa B. (Eggleston) Lovisa Eggleston Gentry (1981)
Gentry Mac Mac Gentry (1959)
Gentry Mary Mary Gentry (1907)
Gentry Minnie (Norris) Burkheimer Minnie (Norris) Gentry Burkheimer (1959)
Gentry Ollie M. Ollie M. Gentry (1965)
Gentry Ona (Busch) Ona (Busch) Gentry (1916)
Gentry Phyllis Maxine Phyllis Maxine Gentry (1922)
Gentry Rebecca Ann Rebecca Ann Gentry (1910)
Gentry Sylvia E. Sylvia Gentry (1965)
Gentry Wardie Wardie Gentry (1952)
Gentry Wayne W. Wayne W. Gentry (2009)
Gentry William Francis William Francis Gentry (1940)
Gentry William W. William W. Gentry (1931)
Gentry Zola Cosetta (Bruett) Zola Cosetta (Bruett) Gentry (1975)

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