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Downs Alfred Riley Alfred Riley Downs (1940)
Downs Ambary B. Ambary B. Downs (1959)
Downs Ambrosha Ambrosha Downs (1949)
Downs Barbara Jane (Orris) Barbara Orris Downs (1994)
Downs Bessie C. E. Bessie C. E. Downs (1931)
Downs Byron - Mrs. Mrs. Byron Downs (1958)
Downs Carl Forest Carl Downs (1977)
Downs Cash Edward Cash Edward Downs (1956)
Downs Cash Newton Cash Newton Downs (1955)
Downs Cecil Glen Cecil Glen Downs (1945)
Downs Charles Franklin Charles Franklin Downs (2012)
Downs Daisy Ann (Caskey) Daisy Ann (Caskey) Downs (1965)
Downs David David Downs (1901)
Downs David M. David M. Downs (1957)
Downs Don Densil Don Downs (1994)
Downs Donna Jean Donna Jean Downs (1938)
Downs Dora B. (Rundall) Dora B. Downs (1951)
Downs Dwight Frank Dwight Frank Downs (2004)
Downs Elizabeth (Hartman) Elizabeth (Hartman) Downs (1901)
Downs Emma (Kleckner) Emma (Kleckner) Downs (1945)
Downs Frank Edgar Frank Edgar Downs (1934)
Downs Gladys Ruth Gladys Ruth Downs (1906)
Downs Harold A. Harold A. Downs (1992)
Downs Harvey Paul Harvey Paul Downs (2007)
Downs Inez (Kinnaird) Inez (Kinnaird) Downs (1937)
Downs James Anderson James Anderson Downs (1940)
Downs John Milton John Milton Downs (1920)
Downs Joseph Joseph Downs (1918)
Downs Leona Leona Downs (1909)
Downs Loy Harold Loy Harold Downs (1949)
Downs Mary Ann (Orr) Mary Ann Orr Downs (1989)
Downs Mary Minerva (McCandless) Mary Minerva (McCandless) Downs (1929)
Downs Merle Bernice (Powell) Merle Powell Downs (1983)
Downs Mildred Ruth (Skinner) Mildred Ruth (Skinner) Downs (1987)
Downs Millie (Ackelson) Millie Ackelson Downs (1978)
Downs Roy Garald Roy Garald Downs (1950)
Downs Thelma Faye Thelma Faye Downs (1915)
Downs Thelma Glee (Wharff) Thelma Glee (Wharff) Downs (2008)
Downs Verne Verne Downs (1945)
Downs Vivian (Barnett) Vivian Barnett Downs (1993)
Downs Walter DeForest Walter DeForest Downs (1940)
Downs Wilma Clarine (Kinnaird) Wilma Kinnaird Downs (1993)
Downs Wrensel Rex Wrensel Rex Downs (1999)
Downs Zella (Sankey) Zella Sankey Downs (1960)
Doyle Alan 'Hoss' Jerome Alan "Hoss" Doyle (2004)
Doyle Betty Jean (Lehman) Berry Betty Jean (Lehman) Berry Doyle (2016)
Drake Abraham Dennis Abraham Dennis Drake (1908)
Drake Alfred Alfred Drake (1978)
Drake Amy (Estle) Amy Estle Drake (1973)
Drake Angela Denise Angela Denise Drake (1974)
Drake Cecil H. Cecil H. Drake (1985)
Drake Charlotte Charlotte Drake (2013)
Drake Clara May (Trimmer) Clara Trimmer Drake (1960)
Drake Claude F. Claude F. Drake (1980)
Drake Claude Francis "Bud", Jr. Claude Francis "Bud" Drake, Jr. (1950)
Drake David D. David D. Drake (1900)
Drake Dicy A. (Wight) Dicy Wight Drake (1946)
Drake Donovan D. Donovan D. Drake (2006)
Drake Duane Holmes, Dr. Duane Holmes Drake, Dr. (1977)
Drake E. Eugene E. Eugene Drake (1983)
Drake Edgar A. Edgar A. Drake (1966)
Drake Edgar Washburn Edgar Washburn Drake (1967)
Drake Effie May (Devault) Effie May Devault Drake (1945)
Drake Essie Blanche (Snyder) Essie Snyder Drake (1982)
Drake Esther E. (Wolfe) Esther E. (Wolfe) Drake (2015)
Drake Everett - infant daughter of Infant Daughter of Everett Drake (1910)
Drake Everett E. Everett E. Drake (1946)
Drake George Wight George Wight Drake (1984)
Drake Harrold Forest Harrold Forest Drake (1897)
Drake Helen M. (Holmes) Helen M. (Holmes) Drake (2013)
Drake Henrietta (Roberts) Henrietta Roberts Drake (1907)
Drake Jessie E. (Young) Jessie Young Drake (1972)
Drake Joe Donald Joe Donald Drake (2015)
Drake John Dickerson John Dickerson Drake (1928)
Drake John E. John E. Drake (1998)
Drake John Milton John Milton Drake (1913)
Drake John N. John N. Drake (1929)
Drake John Paul John Paul Drake (2004)
Drake John Robb John Robb Drake (1912)
Drake Josiah Josiah Drake (1879)
Drake Loraine Jessie (Fife) Loraine Fife Drake (1988)
Drake Loretta Lenore Loretta Lenore Drake (1988)
Drake Manning Manning Drake (1892)
Drake Maria (Crummire) Maria (Crummire) Drake (1906)
Drake Marilyn (Herriot) Marilyn Drake (2005)
Drake Marilyn Joan Marilyn Joan Drake (1936)
Drake Marion "John" Marion "John" Drake (2007)
Drake Martha Jane (Johnston) Martha Jane (Johnston) Drake (1924)
Drake Mary (Morse) Mary Drake (1936)
Drake Mary Louise (Brown) Mary Brown Drake (1978)
Drake Myrtle (Phillips) Myrtle Phillips Drake (1992)
Drake Simon Morty Simon Morty Drake (1958)
Drake Sophia R .(Robb) Sophia R .(Robb) Drake (1904)
Drake Susan Catherine (Hogg) Susan Catherine (Hogg) Drake (1911)
Drake Warren E. Warren E. Drake (1956)
Drake William Edwin William Edwin Drake (2018)
Drake William M. William M. Drake (1933)
Drake Wilmington William Wilmington William Drake (1923)
Draper Clair E. Doc Clair E. "Doc" Draper (1997)
Draper Cuyler C. Cuyler C. Draper (1921)
Draper Ellen (Kerns) Ellen (Kerns) Draper (1909)
Draper Lyman Alva Lyman Alva Draper (1948)
Draper Nelson Nelson Draper (1965)
Draper Neva Lenoir (Priest) Neva Priest Draper (2004)
Draper Pearl (Hoover) Shetterly Pearl (Hoover) Shetterly Draper (1977)
Draper Ruby Marie (Marchel) Ruby Marie (Marchel) Draper (1927)
Drees Bert H. Bert H. Drees (1957)
Drees Frederick Frederick Drees (1926)
Drees Ruth (Powell) Ruth (Powell) Drees (1991)
Drennan Frank L. Frank L. Drennan (1945)
Drennan Mary Mary Drennan (1918)
Drennan Pearl (England) Pearl (England) Drennan (1928)
Dresback Deane L. Deane L. Dresback (2016)
Dresback Emmett Lyle Emmett Lyle Dresback (1993)
Drey Keith Melvin Keith Melvin Drey (2013)
Dreyer Donald Jerome Donald Jerome Dreyer (2016)
Dreyer Eunice (Scott) Eunice (Scott) Dreyer (2015)

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