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Farris Albert M. Albert M. Farris (1938)
Farris Charles Charles Farris (1899)
Farris Charles Levi Charles Levi Farris (1937)
Farris Dorindo Emily (Sturman) Dorindo Emily (Sturman) Farris (1920)
Farris Eldon John Eldon John Farris (1977)
Farris Eva (Bird) Eva Bird Farris (1911)
Farris Henderson E. Henderson E. Farris (1940)
Farris James Henry James Henry Farris (1907)
Farris Isaac, Child of  Child of Isaac Farris (1872)
Farris Lyda (Shambaugh) Lyda Shambaugh Farris (1937)
Farris Mary Jane (Keener) Mary Jane (Keener) Farris (1914)
Farris Wyatt Wyatt Farris (1933)
Farson John Henry John Henry Farson (1895)
Farson Louise "Louie" (Bradshaw) Foglesong Louise "Louie" (Bradshaw) Farson Foglesong (1920)
Farson Susan (Kesler) Susan (Kesler) Farson (1889)
Farver Elmer A. Elmer A. Farver (1962)
Farwell Allen Allen Farwell (1955)
Farwell Esther Leona (Duff) Esther Leone Farwell (2001)
Farwell Flora Fern Flora Fay Farwell (1967)
Farwell Raymond A. Raymond A. Farwell (2003)
Fast Cory Adam Cory Adam Fast (2016)
Fast Evelyn (Strange) Evelyn (Strange) Fast (1975)
Fast Larry Ray, Sr. Larry Ray Fast Sr. (2001)
Fast Paul M. Paul M. Fast (1979)
Fast Roger LeRoy Roger L. Fast (2003)
Fast Tanya Dawn Tanya Dawn Fast (2016)
Fastle Cora May (Hunter) Cora May (Hunter) Fastle (1970)
Fastle Donald F. Donald F. Fastle (1942)
Fastle George H. George H. Fastle (1910)
Fastle Harry V. Harry V. Fastle (1956)
Faulkner Marilyn (Adams) Marilyn Adams Faulkner (1989)
Faurote John A. John A. Faurote (1915)
Faurote Olevia (Montgomery) Olevia Faurote (1913)
Faust Allie Mae (Hurt) Winkler Allie Mae (Hurt) Winkler Faust (2017)
Faust Arthur A. Arthur A. Faust (1961)
Faust Carl Edward Carl Edward Faust (1938)
Faust Carl Oscar Carl Oscar Faust (1977)
Faust Charles Wesley Charles Wesley Faust (1916)
Faust Claire Claire Faust (2010)
Faust Claude Wesley Claude Wesley Faust (1987)
Faust Dean Franklin Dean Franklin Faust (2012)
Faust Effie V. Effie V. Faust (1959)
Faust Ella Evone Ella Faust (1977)
Faust Eva Mae (Peffley) Eva Peffley Faust (1977)
Faust Fon A. Fon A. Faust (1997)
Faust Forest Forest Faust (1965)
Faust Heidi De Anna Heidi De Anna Faust (1991)
Faust Hilma Agnes (Hanson) Hilma Agnes (Hanson) Faust (1965)
Faust Howard R. Howard R. Faust (2010)
Faust Isabelle (McGinnis) Isabelle (McGinnis) Faust (1940)
Faust John Edward John Edward Faust (1986)
Faust Lesta (Armstrong) Lesta (Armstrong) Faust (1925)
Faust Melvin Earl Melvin Earl Faust (2011)
Faust Ruth Louise (Linn) Ruth Linn Faust (1998)
Faust Versa (Oglesbee) Versa Oglesbee Faust (1992)
Faust Viola Jean (Parker) Viola Jean (Parker) Faust (2017)
Faux Alice (Kay) Alice (Kay) Faux (1928)
Faux Amy (Allen) Amy (Allen) Faux (1930)
Faux Arthur Otis Arthur Otis Faux (1973)
Faux Barbara J. (Berry) Barbara J. (Berry) Faux (2009)
Faux Beverly Jean (Cave) Beverly Cave Faux (1980)
Faux Byron Byron Faux (1981)
Faux Byron Jr. Byron Faux Jr. (1998)
Faux Curtis Scott Curtis Scott Faux (2013)
Faux Darrell Wayne Darrell Wayne Faux (1965)
Faux David J. David J. Faux (1961)
Faux Elmer James Elmer James Faux (1989)
Faux Elton Thomas “Tommy” Elton Thomas “Tommy” Faux (1973)
Faux Fannie Susan (Bishop) Fannie Bishop Faux (1960)
Faux Fanny Bell Fanny Bell Faux (1930)
Faux Floyd Floyd Faux (1930)
Faux George B. George B. Faux (1958)
Faux Gladys Amy (Allen) Gladys Amy (Allen) Faux (1930)
Faux Hazel Elizabeth ( Cole) Hazel Elizabeth (Cole) Faux (1946)
Faux Hazel (Stowell) Hazel Stowell Faux (1987)
Faux Helen Beatrice (Cooper) Helen Beatrice (Cooper) Faux (1985)
Faux Kathy Ann (Thornburg) Kathy Ann (Thornburg) Faux (2012)
Faux Kenneth Gale Kenneth Gale Faux (1951)
Faux Larry Larry Faux (2011)
Faux Lisa Deanne Lisa Deanne Faux (1972)
Faux Lloyd Lloyd Faux (1930)
Faux Stanley F. Stanley F. Faux (2015)
Faux Thomas J. Thomas J. Faux (1938)
Faux Willis Willis Faux (2007)
Fay Edith E. (Bowlsby) Edith Bowlsby Fay (1986)
Fazel Frances F. (Little) Frances F. (Little) Fazel (1972)
Fazel Nina Ethel Nina Ethel Fazel (1989)
Fazio Bernice Bernice Fazio (1994)
Featherstone John Drew John Drew Featherstone (2013)
Fee Hannah (Bennett) Hannah (Bennett) Fee (1910)
Fee Katie Celeste (Crosby) Katie Celeste (Crosby) Fee (1967)
Fee Thomas Thomas Fee (1952)
Fee Vernon Richard Vernon Richard Fee (2001)
Fee Willard Wilson Willard Wilson Fee (1977)
Fee William William Fee (1891)
Feel Cass Alonzo Cass Alonzo Feel (1893)
Feely Clara Ellen Clara Ellen Feely (1953)
Feely Daniel Frank Daniel Frank Feely (1907)
Feely Rose Ann Rose Ann Feely (1925)
Feely Thomas Thomas Feely (1892)
Feely Thomas Elmer Thomas Elmer Feely (1932)
Feeny Linda M. (Schuck) Linda M. (Schuck) Feeny (2009)
Fegan Ardie Margaret Ardie Margaret Fegan (1960)
Fegan Clarence Bernard Clarence Bernard Fegan (1972)
Fegan Helen Gertrude (Bunnell) Helen Gertrude Fegan (1974)
Feguson Clarence J. Clarence J. Feguson (1931)
Feiteira Tony M. Tony M. Feiteira (1980)

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