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Pammel Louis Herman, Dr. Louis Herman Pammel (Dr.) (1931)
Pardun Martha I. (Sickles) Martha I. Pardun (1984)
Parish Edwin S. Edwin S. Parish (1955)
Park Theola Grace Theola Grace Park (2014)
Parker Berniece K. (Sheldon) Berniece Sheldon Parker (2002)
Parker Beulah M. (Van Rossum) Beulah M. (Van Rossum) Parker (1991)
Parker Carl R. Carl R. Parker (1995)
Parker Charles A. Charles A. Parker (1954)
Parker Charles Glenn Charles Glenn Parker (1990)
Parker Clara M. (Bray) Clara M. (Bray) Parker (1971)
Parker Cora Mae Cora Parker (1915)
Parker Doloris Irene Doloris Irene Parker (1934)
Parker Dorothy Mae (Bailey) Dorothy Mae Parker (1993)
Parker Edna Mae (Spellerberg) Edna Spellerberg Parker (2003)
Parker Effie Effie Parker (1956)
Parker Eldon Eldon Parker (1975)
Parker Eldora "Toots" (Mahan) Eldora "Toots" Mahan Parker (2006)
Parker Elizabeth (Hook) Elizabeth (Hook) Parker (1901)
Parker Florence Eva (Linn) Florence Eva (Linn) Parker (1990)
Parker Frances (Ogburn) Frances (Ogburn) Parker (1933)
Parker Fredrick, Sr. Fredrick Parker Sr. (2002)
Parker George Lee Lee Parker (2005)
Parker Harry Steven Harry Steven Parker (1979)
Parker Henry Wistar, Col. Henry Wistar Parker, Col. (1918)
Parker Ira Ira Parker (1917)
Parker Jack Jack Parker (1951)
Parker James Leonard James Leonard Parker (1927)
Parker Jodi Lynn (Toppin) Jodi Lynn (Toppin) Parker (2013)
Parker John John Parker (1877)
Parker Joseph Martin Joseph Martin Parker (1936)
Parker Juanita (Uhlman) Juanita Uhlman Parker (1983)
Parker Judy Louise Judy Louise Parker (2016)
Parker Larry Dale Larry Dale Parker (2018)
Parker Lawrence Riley Lawrence Riley Parker (2018)
Parker Lila Louise (Roby) Lila Roby Parker (1998)
Parker Loren Glenn Loren Glenn Parker (2017)
Parker Linda Sue Linda Sue Parker (1961)
Parker Lucy R. Lucy R. Parker (1941)
Parker Mabel C. (Hendricks) Mabel Hendricks Parker (1997)
Parker Marjean (Sheckler) Marjean Sheckler Parker (2002)
Parker Merilee Ruth (Jones) Merilee Ruth (Jones) Parker (1993)
Parker Muriel Joy Muriel Joy Parker (1890)
Parker Nellie Ruth (Porter) Nellie Ruth Parker (2000)
Parker Paul E. Paul E. Parker (1967)
Parker Raymond E., Sr. Raymond E. Parker, Sr. (1994)
Parker Raymond J. Raymond J. Parker (1953)
Parker Richard - child of Child of Richard Parker (1898)
Parker Robert Lee Robert Lee Parker (2011)
Parker Robert R. Robert R. Parker (1970)
Parker Sarah Jane (Creger) Brokaw Sarah Jane (Creger) Parker Brokaw (1910)
Parker Wanda Jane (Noland) Wanda Jane (Noland) Parker (2008)
Parker Wesley Ward Wesley Ward Parker (2000)
Parker William "Bill" William (Bill) Parker (1975)
Parker William Edward William Edward Parker (1936)
Parker William Pludark William Pludark Parker (1934)
Parkins Alfred "Allie" Alfred "Allie" Parkins (1983)
Parkins Betty Lorraine (Brinson) Betty Lorraine (Brinson) Parkins (2012)
Parkins Bill Bill Parkins (2002)
Parkins Boyd Boyd Parkins (1947)
Parkins Burton 'Dale' Burton "Dale" Parkins (1990)
Parkins Clarinda (Gibson) Clarinda Gibson Parkins (1967)
Parkins Cora E. (Bentley) Cora E. (Bentley) Parkins (1948)
Parkins Darrell D. "Dutch" Darrell D. "Dutch" Parkins (2011)
Parkins Edith (Beerbower) Edith Beerbower Parkins (1987)
Parkins Eliza Eliza Parkins (1904)
Parkins Ellis Ellis Parkins (1960)
Parkins Elmer D. Elmer D. Parkins (1901)
Parkins Eugene "Gene" E. Eugene "Gene" E. Parkins (2014)
Parkins Eva L. (Bowlsby) Eva L. (Bowlsby) Parkins (1952)
Parkins Everett Nile Everett Nile Parkins (1919)
Parkins Gladys Gladys Parkins (1931)
Parkins Harry Glenn Harry Glenn Parkins (1907)
Parkins Helen Louise (Martens) Helen Martens Parkins (1993)
Parkins Irvin Irvin Parkins (1906)
Parkins Jesse H. Jesse Parkins (1960)
Parkins John John Parkins (1915)
Parkins Leonard Leonard Parkins (1947)
Parkins Lovina (Reigle) Lovina (Reigle) Parkins (1957)
Parkins Lucinda Lucinda Parkins (1907)
Parkins Marie Elizabeth (Kerley) Marie Kerley Parkins (2005)
Parkins Melvin W. Melvin W. Parkins (1977)
Parkins Michael Dale Michael Dale Parkins (2014)
Parkins Pearl W. Pearl W. Parkins (1949)
Parkins Robert LeRoy Robert LeRoy Parkins (2006)
Parkins Stephen Stephen Parkins (1952)
Parkins Steve - Infant son of Infant son of Steve Parkins (1908)
Parkins Susan Diane Susan Diane Parkins (1997)
Parkins Verla L. Verla L. Parkins (1898)
Parkins Wanda (Greenwood) Wanda Greenwood Parkins (1985)
Parkison Gladys Ione (Cox) Gladys Ione Parkison (2000)
Parkison Willard G. Willard G. Parkison (2005)
Parks Fannie S., Dr. Fannie S. Parks (Dr.) (1949)
Parmeter C. E., Child of  Child of C. E. Parmeter (1873)
Parrish John C., Dr. John C. Parrish, Dr. (1939)
Parrott George R. George R. Parrott (1963)
Parrott Louie E. Louie E. Parrott (1893)
Parsons David Eugene David Eugene Parsons (2014)
Parsons Eliza R. (Reed) Eliza R. (Reed) Parsons (1905)
Parsons George W. G. W. Parsons (1899)
Parsons Harriet A. (Simpson) White Harriet A. (Simpson) White Parsons (1947)
Parsons Minnie Ethel (White) Minnie Ethel (White) Parsons (1920)
Parsons Sarah Sarah Parsons (1888)
Parsons Sarah A. (Tounsley) Sarah A. (Tounsley) Parsons (1925)
Parsons Thomas J. Thomas J. Parsons (1936)
Parsons William W. William W. Parsons (1892)
Partch Elizabeth (McConkey) Wiltse Elizabeth (McConkey) Wiltse Partch (1929)
Pasi Alma (Dietz) Underwood Alma (Dietz) Underwood Pasi (1991)
Passick Detlef Henry Detlef Henry Passick (1970)
Passick Jessie Etha (Clarke) Jessie Etha (Clarke) Passick (1975)
Passick Lena (Lamp) Lena (Lamp) Passick (1954)
Patience Andrew Russell Andrew Russell Patience (1975)
Patience Herbert Wayne Herbert Patience (1992)
Patience Marion Leo Marion Leo Patience (2016)
Patience Marsha (Jetter) Marsha Jetter Patience (1972)
Patience Talitha (Butler) Talitha (Butler) Patience (1964)
Paton Lulu (Graham) Lulu Graham Paton (1967)
Paton Martha K. Martha K. Paton (1992)
Paton Paul T. Paul T. Paton (1954)
Paton Rebecca 'Betty' Madeline (Cox) Rebecca "Betty" Cox Paton (2004)
Paton Richard Richard Paton (1972)

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