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Boller Grace M. (Hargan) Grace Hargan Boller (1969)
Boller John J. John J. Boller (1935)
Boller Margaret B. (Myers) Margaret B. (Myers) Boller (1934)
Boller Norman J. Norman J. Boller (1968)
Boller Ralph Ralph Boller (1972)
Bolt C. - daughter of Daughter of C. Bolt (1915)
Bolton Donald Arthur Donald Arthur Bolton (2017)
Bolton William Arthur William Arthur Bolton (2018)
Bomar Adelbert David Adelbert David Bomar (1956)
Bomar Bertha (Willis) Bertha (Willis) Bomar (1958)
Bomar Carol Dorene Carol Dorene Bomar (1944)
Bomar Evelyn (Rinard) Evelyn Rinard Bomar (1998)
Bomar Frederick Dale (Fred) Frederick Dale (Fred) Bomar (2012)
Bomar Jack - Infant daughter of Infant daughter of Jack Bomar (1960)
Bomar Janice Elaine Janice Elaine Bomar (1946)
Bomar Myrtle Janice Myrtle Janice Bomar (2017)
Bomar Olin Olin Bomar (1963)
Bond Addie M. (Fitzhugh) Addie M. Fitzhugh Bond (1937)
Bond Carol L. Carol L. Bond (1987)
Bond Carroll G. "Ole" Carroll G. "Ole" Bond (2011)
Bond Charlotte Marie (Lenze) Charlotte Marie Bond (2003)
Bond Ella Frances (Headley) Ella Frances (Headley) Bond (1935)
Bond Emma (Headley) Emma (Headley) Bond (1936)
Bond Emory Emory Bond (1915)
Bond Enolia O. Enolia O. Bond (1992)
Bond Erwin E. Erwin E. Bond (1971)
Bond Ethel (Marston) Ethel Marston Bond (1986)
Bond Eva C. (Macumber) Eva Macumber Bond (1987)
Bond Exum Exum Bond (1919)
Bond Frank Frank Bond (1940)
Bond Gary Paul Gary Paul Bond (2002)
Bond Harlan E. Harlan E. Bond (1900)
Bond Henry Arthur Arthur Bond (1931)
Bond Horace McConnel Horace McConnel Bond (1933)
Bond Ira E. Ira E. Bond (1885)
Bond John Frank John Frank Bond ((1925)
Bond Kathlyn Margaret (Eivins) Kathlyn Margaret Bond (1991)
Bond Lloyd R. Lloyd R. Bond (1995)
Bond Lois Anna (Nelson) Lois Anna Nelson Bond (1966)
Bond Mary Anne (Barrus) Mary Anne Barrus Bond (1965)
Bond Merle Duane Merle Duane Bond (2014)
Bond Nelson O. Nelson O. Bond (1997)
Bond Olive E. (Smith) Olive Smith Bond (1981)
Bond Ray E. Ray E. Bond (1961)
Bond Robert Robert Bond (1979)
Bond Ruth L. Ruth L. Bond (2009)
Bond Stephen Fitzhugh Stephen F. Bond (1986)
Bond William Albert William Albert Bond (1940)
Bond William Nelson William Nelson Bond (2017)
Bong Clara Viola (Reaktenwalt) Clara Viola (Reaktenwalt) Bong (1995)
Bonham Alexander Alexander Bonham (1899)
Bonham Alexander Alexander Bonham (1927)
Bonham Byancye (Abrahams) Byancye (Abrahams) Bonham (1913)
Bonham Carrie (McKibben) Carrie (McKibben) Bonham (1980)
Bonham David David Bonham (1907)
Bonham Earnest Alexander Earnest Alexander Bonham (1969)
Bonham Francis A. Francis A. Bonham (1969)
Bonham Fred S. Fred S. Bonham (1939)
Bonham Lyda Ann (Compton) Lyda Ann (Compton) Bonham (1963)
Bonham Mary E. Mary E. Bonham (1951)
Bonham Nellie B. (Williams) Nellie Williams Bonham (1962)
Bonham Pearl (Busch) Pearl Busch Bonham (1973)
Bonham Robert A. Robert A. Bonham (1969)
Bonham Samuel Evan Samuel Evan Bonham (1934)
Bonham Susan (Phillips) Susan Bonham (1894)
Bonham Susan (Yarnall) Susan (Yarnall) Bonham (1910)
Bonham William George William George Bonham (1927)
Bonham Wilma Wilma Bonham (1915)
Bonine Cynthia Cynthia Bonine (1871)
Bonine Mary (Goff) Simmons Mary (Goff) Simmons Bonine (1928)
Bonine Thomas Elwood Thomas Elwood Bonine (1909)
Bonner Minnie Beard Minnie Beard Bonner (1960)
Bonney Denzel Denzel Bonney (1974)
Bonney Frank Frank Bonney (1957)
Bonney Lois A. (Patterson) Lois A. (Patterson) Bonney (1989)
Bonney Mary Ellen (Foreman) Mary Ellen (Foreman) Bonney (1934)
Bonorden Blanche (McCammon) Blanche McCammon Bonorden (1968)
Bonorden Ellis R. Ellis R. Bonorden (1958)
Booe Shirley (Pinyerd) Wagoner Shirley (Pinyerd) Wagoner Booe (2010)
Boone Luke Llewellyn Luke Llewellyn Boone (2010)
Boone Rosie Marie (Lienemann) Rosie Marie (Lienemann) Boone (1958)
Boos Anna Anna Boos (1951)
Boos Joseph Joseph Boos (1975)
Boos Mary Catherine (Janda) Mary Catherine (Janda) Boos (1971)
Boos Nicholas Nicholas Boos (1924)
Boot Edna (Gabbert) Edna (Gabbert) Boot (1935)
Booth Charles Edwin Charles Edwin Booth (1921)
Booth Charles T. Charles T. Booth (1913)
Booth Clarence W. Clarence W. Booth (1972)
Booth Elvina (McClain) Elvina (McClain) Booth (1906)
Booth Evelyn Daleth (Adams) Evelyn Daleth (Adams) Booth (2018)
Booth James W. James W. Booth (1956)
Booth Mary (Bishop) Mary (Bishop) Booth (1902)
Booth Myrtle Alma (Gearhart) Myrtle Alma Booth (1995)
Boothe Andrew Andrew Boothe (2010)
Boothe Levi Levi Boothe (2002)
Boothroy Florence Edna Florence Edna Boothroy (1991)
Boothroy Frank Frank Boothroy (1918)
Boothroy Jessie Fern Jessie Fern Boothroy (1977)
Boothroy Mary Frances (Davis) Mary Frances (Davis) Boothroy (1937)
Boothroy William Thomas William Thomas Boothroy (1910)
Boots Doris Ruth (Jones) Doris Ruth (Jones) Boots (2010)
Boren Cora A. (Grove) Cora A. (Grove) Boren (1964)
Boren William A. William A. Boren (1951)
Boresi Leo Leo Boresi (1973)
Boresi Margery (Miles) Margery Miles Boresi (1998)
Borgen Joseph "Joe" A. Joseph "Joe" A. Borgen (2015)
Boris John - Mrs. Mrs. John Boris (1920)
Borke Elizabeth May (Shutt) McGinnis Elizabeth May (Shutt) McGinnis Borke (1955)
Borne Linda (Beem) Linda (Beem) Borne (2014)
Borneman Eva L. (Givan) Eva L. (Givan) Borneman (1921)
Bortell Glen E. Glen E. Bortell (2015)
Bortell Katherine C. Katherine C. Bortell (1980)
Bortell Mary (McKowen) Mary McKowen Bortell (2003)
Bortz Marlene Alice "Marti" (Nichols) Chapman Marlene Alice "Marti" (Nichols) Chapman Bortz (2016)
Bosley Clara Virginia (Knox) Clara Virginia Bosley (1940)
Bosley Homer Dean Homer Dean Bosley (1989)
Bosley Howard K. Howard K. Bosley (1960)
Bosley Juanita (Lee) Cooper Juanita (Lee) Cooper Bosley (1981)
Bosley Lucille Cora (Veverka) Lucille Cora (Veverka) Bosley (1982)
Bosley Martha Alice (Speer) Martha Alice Speer Bosley (1984)
Bosley Montaville S. Montaville S. Bosley (1927)
Bosley Walter Lloyd Walter Lloyd Bosley (1992)
Boston Charles T. "Charley" Charles T. "Charley" Boston (1927)
Boston Willis Joseph Willis Joseph Boston (1965)

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