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East Side Cemetery
Estherville, Estherville Township
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The East Side Cemetery is probably the oldest cemetery in Emmet county. It is located within the city limits in the northeast part of the city. It was platted and established on July 14, 1866, at which time James L. L. Riggs and his wife Minerva made a deed to an association conveying a certain tract of land in Section 11, Township 99, Range 34, to said association to be used as a burial place. On Nov. 17, 1900, the Estherville Cemetery Association was incorporated by Howard Graves, Eliza Bemis, Mary J. Barnett, L. L. Bixby, J. W. Lough, W. S. Jones, C. B. Mattson, Sally A. Mattson and Robert Clark. The first seven of the above named constituted the first board of directors. The address for the cemetery is 1303 5th Ave N. The first burial recorded is an infant Annie Jenkins 8-19-1867.

Latitude: 43.407ºN  Longitude: 94.826ºW
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Please note: this is not a complete listing of burials. Please check local sources for exact information.

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Surname Given Name Born Died Notes/Inscriptions Additional Info
Walters Raymond R. 1915 1975
Wambheim Andrew Peterson 10/03/1844 03/30/1915 h/o Elizabeth; Herunder: Slovet Livelir Det Forkienkelioe Af Gravestone Photo
Wambheim Elizabeth 09/11/1838 02/07/1913 w/o Andrew P.; Herunder: Slovet Livelir Det Forkienkelioe Af Gravestone Photo
Ware Anna K. 12/23/1912 04/09/2000 w/o Francis Obituary
Ware Francis infant 1963 Funeral Home Marker Only
Ware Francis Henry 02/01/1915 02/28/1999 Obituary
Ware Timothy F. 11/14/1961 07/07/1989 Son Obituary
Warrington Edgar L. 01/25/1913 01/03/1971 h/o M.Verda; PFC CO A 310 INF IA WWII Obituary
Waterman Katherine C. 1911 1980
Waterman Roscoe H. 05/12/1931 10/26/2001 Gravestone Photo
Watson Mercy M. 08/21/1895 1990 w/o William; p/o Irene, Doris, Bill Gravestone Photo
Watson William "Bill" 06/22/1894 10/13/1981 h/o Mercy Gravestone Photo
Watson William Adams 04/18/1934 07/21/1983 Obituary
Waugh Troy 03/11/1925 09/12/1978 PVT USMC WWII Obituary
Weaver Duayne W. 07/03/1908 06/19/1988 h/o Bernice A. Obituary
Webber Guy Russell 08/19/1880 06/26/1970 Obituary
Webber Iola M. 1925 1981 w/o Wendell
Webber Wendell Wayne 06/14/1924 08/26/1983 h/o Iola M.; WWII Masonic Lodge Obituary
Weber Alice E. 02/16/1910 06/13/1993 w/o Elden E. Gravestone Photo
Weber Betty May 1927 1985
Weber Elden E. 10/06/1908 1969 h/o Alice E. Gravestone Photo
Weber Harvey E. 08/14/1930 01/09/1987 s/o Eldon & Alice Gravestone Photo
Weber Herbert C. 10/04/1888 07/24/1979 h/o Rosa B. Obituary
Weber Kathryn M. 12/05/1926 05/29/1994 w/o Robert; M: 6-2-1951 Obituary
Weber Rosa B. 02/23/1891 09/04/1983 w/o Herbert C. Obituary
Weber Violet 01/03/1926 07/23/2005 Obituary
Wedebrand Irene E. 06/15/1925 05/25/1998 Gravestone Photo
Wedebrand Snoden E. 08/31/1921 03/21/1998 Gravestone Photo
Wee Barbru 1966 1941 w/o Lars J. Gravestone Photo
Wee Bernice 1909 2003 Gravestone Photo
Wee Ethel Misener 03/03/1899 02/04/1985 w/o John E. Gravestone Photo
Wee John Edwin 01/03/1894 1975 h/o Ethel A. Gravestone Photo
Wee Lars J. 10/11/1865 1951 h/o Barbara Gravestone Photo
Wee Oden L. 05/13/1905 06/10/1997 Gravestone Photo
Weeks Frank A. 01/08/1886 12/18/1972 h/o Maude L. Gravestone Photo
Weeks Frona Belle 1889 1964 Gravestone Photo
Weeks Maude L. 1892 1964 w/o Frank A. Gravestone Photo
Weir Byron W. 07/20/1880 1975 h/o Louise M. Gravestone Photo
Weir Eunice M. 1900 1971 w/o Lynn G. Gravestone Photo
Weir Florence E. 1897 01/01/1973 w/o John R.; Rebecca Lodge Obituary
Weir Harold H. 05/16/1913 09/30/1991 h/o Ruby; SGT US ARMY WWII Gravestone Photo
Weir Jeremy Lynn 03/27/1976 06/09/1993 s/o Jeffery & Debra; Son & Brother Gravestone Photo
Weir John R. 10/10/1897 02/21/1973 h/o Florence E.; IOOF WWI Obituary
Weir Louise M. 04/25/1880 1960 w/o Byron W. Gravestone Photo
Weir Lynn G. 06/21/1895 01/14/1980 h/o Eunice M.; PVT US ARMY WWI Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Weir Robert L. 12/22/1925 02/07/1999 h/o Edna Gravestone Photo
Weisman Edward E. 11/27/1950 03/09/2008 Gravestone Photo
Weisman Elton J. 02/06/1911 12/19/2001 Gravestone Photo
Weisman Margaret Marx 10/24/1916 02/14/2001 Gravestone Photo
Weller Alonzo William 1888 1984 h/o Sylvia; Royal Neighbors Obituary
Weller Orvin H. 10/23/1922 1948 WWII Ensign Obituary
Weller Sylvia 01/05/1891 1976 w/o A. William Obituary
Wellnitz Betty C. 02/05/1923 11/09/1989 w/o Willie G. Obituary
Wellnitz Willie G. 03/01/1919 08/14/1993 h/o Betty C. Obituary
Wells Alfred J. 06/19/1910 06/21/1970 h/o Evalyn A. Gravestone Photo
Wells Evalyn A. 01/04/1916 10/01/2001 w/o Alfred J. Gravestone Photo
Welton Dorothy M. 12/09/1915 12/30/1996 w/o Wayne W. Obituary
Welton Wayne W. 09/01/1912 01/25/1993 h/o Dorothy; p/o James & Marilyn Obituary
Wentworth Donald E. 10/05/1930 1984 h/o Deloris R. Obituary
Wentworth Rick L. 06/02/1958 11/25/1976 Obituary
Wertz Edna I. 03/12/1907 11/15/1974 w/o Willis R. Obituary
Wertz Mima E. 11/05/1881 08/31/1965 Gravestone Photo
Wertz Vernon L. 1885 1949
Wertz Willis R. 1900 1954 h/o Edna I.
West Ann 1849 1924 Gravestone Photo
West Anna M. 12/10/1876 1952 w/o George H. Obituary
West Edna M. 03/11/1918 12/28/2001 w/o Kenneth Obituary
West Elizabeth 1874 12/01/1893 Gravestone Photo
West Etta May 09/22/1878 09/07/1972 Gravestone Photo
West George 1837 1909 CIVIL WAR CO F 6TH REG NY Gravestone Photo
West George H. 05/25/1871 1963 h/o Anna M. Obituary
West Hazel J. infant 1896 Gravestone Photo
West Kenneth E. 1912 2000 h/o Edna; p/o Richard, Douglas, Donald
West Nellie Emeline 10/06/1873 02/15/1914 w/o R. J. Gravestone Photos
West Robert J. 1869 1957
West Thomas 1872 1884 Gravestone Photo
Westcott Ella B. 04/13/1854 05/22/1885 w/o E. L.; 31Y 1M 10D Gravestone Photo
Westcott George L. 04/29/1822 12/23/1879 57Y 7M 25D Gravestone Photo
Westcott Mary 1797 02/08/1872 w/o Eseck; 75Y Obituary
Westfall Beverly A. 1932 2002 w/o Russell; Mother
Westfall Jeffrey Lynn infant 09/20/1953 s/o Russell & Beverly
Westfall Russell J. 1924 2000 h/o Beverly A.; Father
Westrem John T. 03/23/1898 11/08/1970 h/o Lottie F. Obituary
Westrem Lottie F. 06/30/1900 4/30/1999 w/o John T. Obituary
Wheatley Bernette C. 1900 1975 w/o Nelson M. Gravestone Photo
Wheatley Nelson M. 04/12/1897 10/09/1981 h/o Bernette C. Gravestone Photo
Whitacre Henry A. 03/12/1878 10/07/1977 h/o Ida Mae Gravestone Photo
Whitacre Ida Mae 05/07/1900 11/29/1972 w/o Henry A. Gravestone Photo
White James Allan infant 03/28/1957 Obituary
White Lynn William 07/16/1950 07/18/1950 s/o William & Velma Obituary
White Susan Jean infant 04/24/1956 d/o William & Velma Obituary
White William 08/10/1920 06/25/1976 h/o Velma Obituary
Whitehill Myrtle E. 1895 1971 w/o Percy W. Obituary
Whitehill Percy W. 1892 1983 h/o Myrtle E.; WWI Obituary
Whitehouse Jeffery S. 1962 1966 s/o Robert & Bonnie Obituary
Whitehouse Robert A. 1927 1983 h/o Bonnie Obituary
Wickens Lester E. 11/04/1902 03/03/1972 TEC 4 US ARMY WWII Obituary
Wilhelms Roy G. 02/11/1915 08/26/1989 h/o Marie; WWII Obituary
Wilkens Gertrude 12/29/1912 08/30/1993 see Krough, Gertrude Obituary
Willcox Agnes P. 03/19/1891 04/10/1973 w/o Earl A. Obituary
Willcox Earl A. 1888 1965 h/o Agnes P.
Willey Charles 1874 1943 h/o Neva; Spanish War Veteran Obituary
Willey Cora I. 1875 1956 w/o James H.
Willey James H. 11/10/1871 04/19/1947 h/o Cora I. Obituary
Willey Neva 03/31/1894 1952 w/o Charles Obituary
Willhour Howard E. 08/04/1892 04/22/1970 h/o Lena Marie Obituary
Willhour Lena Marie 02/15/1899 1963 w/o Howard E. Obituary
Williams Richard Arthur 12/05/1930 10/24/1999 Korean War Veteran; CPL U.S. Army, BM3 U.S. Navy Gravestone Photo
Willison Florence M. 12/16/1924 09/26/2003 Gravestone Photo
Wilson Amelda G. 1918 2000 w/o Clyde E.
Wilson Clyde Eugene 01/17/1912 08/17/1963 h/o Amelda G.; CPL COC 10 TANK BN WISC. WWII Obituary
Wilson David Robert 1950 1951 s/o Robert & Tamarn; Son
Wilson Diamond "Eda" 08/04/1895 12/01/1973 Obituary
Wilson Edward 05/15/1879 01/25/1949 Obituary
Wilson Lillian M. 01/14/1918 08/03/2003 w/o Lloyd H. Gravestone Photo
Wilson Loyd H. 10/21/1910 06/07/1987 h/o Lillian; MOMM3 USCG MASON LODGE WWII Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Wilson Robert S. 02/03/1914 10/03/1998 h/o Tamam Obituary
Wiseman Bertha Lucht 06/10/1886 04/29/1975 w/o Richard Obituary
Wiseman Cecil S. 09/07/1912 08/28/1956 h/o Mildred I. Obituary
Wiseman Mildred I. 11/14/1913 05/04/1995 w/o Cecil S. Obituary
Wiseman Richard 1886 1960 h/o Bertha
Wogen Elmer M. 1899 1982 h/o Selma C.
Wogen Selma C. 1899 1966 w/o Elmer M. Obituary
Wood Sam 1910 1987 Gravestone Photo
Woods Elsie E. 1885 1963 w/o Robert Gravestone Photo
Woods Elsworth P. 08/04/1912 01/10/1998 Gravestone Photo
Woods Ollie M. 03/06/1896 10/26/1978 Obituary
Woods Raymond Perry 1918 07/29/1930 s/o Robert & Elsie Gravestone Photo
Woods Robert E. 1877 1959 h/o Elsie Gravestone Photo
Woods Sylvia Curry 01/25/1917 09/12/1996 Gravestone Photo
Woodyard Edla E. 06/24/1903 12/28/1989 w/o Lloyd Obituary
Woodyard Evelyn May infant 1922 d/o Manuel & Marjorie
Woodyard Jennifer 1981 1981
Woodyard Lloyd 10/27/1898 08/04/1986 h/o Eola E.
Woodyard Manuel 12/07/1893 08/12/1973 h/o Marjorie Obituary
Woodyard Marjorie M. 1901 2000 w/o Manuel
Wright Beverly T. 12/22/1921 11/05/2003 Gravestone Photo
Wright Clara H. 1896 1982 w/o Claude V. Gravestone Photo
Wright Claude V. 07/01/1889 05/01/1974 h/o Clara H.; PVT US ARMY WWI Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Wright Kermit W. 06/19/1928 12/15/2000 Gravestone Photo
Wymer Edward 06/08/1882 10/29/1970 h/o Sadie P. Obituary
Wymer George Eldon "Bud" 01/19/1917 09/07/1983 h/o Marion; MMI US NAVY WWII Obituary
Wymer Marion I. (Ramsey) 1923 1985 w/o George
Wymer Sadie P. 1889 1980 w/o Edward

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