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East Side Cemetery
Estherville, Estherville Township
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The East Side Cemetery is probably the oldest cemetery in Emmet county. It is located within the city limits in the northeast part of the city. It was platted and established on July 14, 1866, at which time James L. L. Riggs and his wife Minerva made a deed to an association conveying a certain tract of land in Section 11, Township 99, Range 34, to said association to be used as a burial place. On Nov. 17, 1900, the Estherville Cemetery Association was incorporated by Howard Graves, Eliza Bemis, Mary J. Barnett, L. L. Bixby, J. W. Lough, W. S. Jones, C. B. Mattson, Sally A. Mattson and Robert Clark. The first seven of the above named constituted the first board of directors. The address for the cemetery is 1303 5th Ave N. The first burial recorded is an infant Annie Jenkins 8-19-1867.

Latitude: 43.407ºN  Longitude: 94.826ºW
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Please note: this is not a complete listing of burials. Please check local sources for exact information.

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Surname Given Name Born Died Notes/Inscriptions Additional Info
Gage Kimberly Kay 08/29/1966 08/30/1966 d/o Gailen & Connie Gravestone Photo
Gage Mamie 1879 1953
Galvin Darlene 04/15/1934 04/19/1934 d/o Merle & Iva Gravestone Photo
Galvin Gladys 1902 1918 d/o Jerry & Luella  Gravestone Photo
Galvin Glenn 1927 1940 s/o Jerry & Luella Gravestone Photo
Galvin Jerry E. 1856 1963 h/o Luella; Obituary
Galvin Luella 1878 1967 w/o Jerry Obituary
Gangestad Edwin Johan 02/08/1894 01/30/1971 h/o Mary E.; M: 6-21-1922 Obituary
Gangestad Ida Mae 01/02/1904 05/25/1979 w/o Melvin J. Obituary
Gangestad Mary Ellen 1903 1981 w/o Edwin J.
Gangestad Melvin J. 11/12/1902 06/12/1978 h/o Ida Mae; PVT US ARMY WWII Obituary
Gathercole Rodney B. 01/12/1952 01/18/1995 s/o Florence Obituary
Geerdes George B. 07/26/1917 06/20/1992 h/o Leona R. Obituary
Gibeau James Dennis infant 01/27/1973 s/o Dick & Marg Gravestone Photo
Gilbert Clarence 02/28/1909 05/27/2004 Obituary
Gilbert Marjorie L. 1921 1985
Gillett Albert R. 1870 1947 h/o Olga D.; IOOF Gravestone Photo
Gillett Olga D. 1884 1953 w/o Bert R. Gravestone Photo
Gillett Stanley L. 1916 1938 s/o Bert & Olga; Son Gravestone Photo
Given Berneice F. 1917 1985 w/o Floyd W.; M: 1-16-1937
Given Floyd W. 06/11/1911 12/22/1989 h/o Ernice F. Obituary
Glasnapp Alex H. 05/10/1893 11/28/1965 h/o Marie Obituary
Glasnapp Marie 10/29/1897 1979 w/o Alex Obituary
Glenn Dennis Ray 01/15/1948 05/29/1967 s/o Robert & Geraldine
PFC CO M 3BN 4 Marines VietNam
Gravestone Photo
Glenn Donald W. 08/29/1929 04/22/1994 Obituary
Glenn Robert 02/20/1923 04/10/1983 h/o Geraldine; WWII Obituary
Godfrey Silas Wells 1819 1901 Obituary
Godsil Frank infant 1943   Gravestone Photo
Godsil Richard Albert 1902 1965 h/o Ruth J. Gravestone Photo
Godsil Ruth Crow 11/11/1908 02/27/1995 w/o Richard A. Gravestone Photo
Godsil William infant 1948 Gravestone Photo
Goede Arthur Walter 03/04/1912 09/10/1993 h/o Lillian G.; SSGT US ARMY WWII Obituary
Goede Lillian Mellum 06/17/1921 03/03/2006 Obituary
Goggin Clara M. 04/30/1888 11/08/1978 w/o Roy A. Obituary
Goggin Roy A. 03/07/1884 06/19/1977 h/o Clara M. Obituary
Goldsberry Anna Marie 01/23/1895 03/12/1970 w/o Floyd Gravestone Photo
Goldsberry Bertha E. 11/04/1890 12/18/1977 Gravestone Photo
Goldsberry Fannie A. 12/03/1871 10/14/1910 w/o J. E. Gravestone Photo
Goldsberry Floyd I. 07/05/1895 05/01/1967 h/o Anna Marie; PVT US ARMY IA WWI Gravestone Photo
Goldsberry Frances I. 04/25/1920 04/28/1920 d/o Floyd & Jean Gravestone Photo
Goldsberry John Edwin 04/24/1869 11/25/1962 h/o Fannie A. Gravestone Photo
Goodwin Daryl Lee 12/27/1942 11/22/1951 Gravestone Photo
Goodwin Vivian 07/18/1920 12/11/2002 Gravestone Photo
Gosch John Frederick 03/17/1918 08/20/2006 Gravestone Photo
Gottsche Rodney A. 09/19/1964 07/15/1992 Obituary
Graves Grace infant 10/06/1868 d/o Howard & Mary; 6D Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Graves Helen E. 1917 2001 w/o Myron Paul Gravestone Photo
Graves Howard 01/28/1839 10/28/1913 h/o Mary Louisa Biography
Gravestone Photo
Graves Howard Lincoln 07/18/1861 08/14/1866 s/o Howard & Mary; 5Y 27D Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Graves Isaac Gaylord 07/19/1863 08/15/1866 s/o Howard & Mary; 3Y 27D Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Graves Mary L. (Blackman) 07/18/1841 10/03/1902 w/o Howard Biography
Gravestone Photo
Graves Myron Paul 1915 1984 h/o Helen Gravestone Photo
Graves Nancy Ann 07/16/1947 05/29/1963 Gravestone Photo
Graves Paul H. 1889 1959 Gravestone Photo
Graves Willa Mae Hoff 05/02/1889 11/09/1978 Gravestone Photo
Graves William Russell 11/07/1909 07/12/1974 PFC US ARMY Gravestone Photo
Green Jay E. 1868 1944 h/o Nettie
Green Nettie G. 1871 10/25/1948 w/o Jay E. Obituary
Gregg Arthur 1873 1966
Grems Abi Kate 1891 1965 Gravestone Photo
Grems Alice 1912 1945 Gravestone Photo
Grems Alvina M. 12/22/1918 06/22/2005 Gravestone Photo
Grems Caroline 1844 1916 w/o George Gravestone Photo
Grems Frank 11/08/1874 08/09/1928 Gravestone Photo
Grems George 03/16/1832 12/27/1920 h/o Caroline Gravestone Photo
Grems George W. 1914 1971 h/o Alvina M. Gravestone Photo
Grems Hazel E. 02/02/1923 03/18/1985 w/o Lester E.; M: 8-26-1950 Obituary
Grems Lawrence infant 03/28/1939 Gravestone Photo
Grems Lester E. 02/19/1910 07/21/2002 h/o Hazel E. Obituary
Grems Merle 06/01/1918 12/22/2012 Obituary
Grems Mervin 10/18/1935 01/06/1991 Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Grems Myrtle Roach 06/17/1919 06/03/2000 w/o Willis Obituary
Grems Ora Rosburg 08/13/1927 12/05/2012 Obituary
Grems Susie L. 01/06/1886 10/02/1966 w/o Walter Gravestone Photo
Grems Walter 1881 1962 h/o Susie L. Gravestone Photo
Grems Willis H. 06/07/1911 10/02/1975 h/o Myrtle; SGT US ARMY WWII Obituary
Grieve Ervin W. 07/16/1915 01/11/1991 h/o Irene Obituary
Grieve Irene M. 03/11/1916 10/27/1988 w/o Irvin
Griffis Edward G. 01/21/1895 09/28/1967 h/o Hazel O.; PFC CO H 350 INF WWI Obituary
Griffis Gordon C. 08/16/1925 01/06/1945 s/o Edward & Hazel; PFC 262 INF 66 DIV WWII Obituary
Griffis Hazel 05/16/1902 10/06/2000 Obituary
Griffith Claude, Jr. 06/17/1934 06/18/1934 s/o Claude, Jr. Gravestone Photo
Griffith Claude B. 10/31/1894 09/04/1970 h/o Florence; CPL US ARMY WWI Gravestone Photo
Griffith Florence E. 03/17/1899 08/04/1968 w/o Claude Gravestone Photo
Grimm Mamie A. 1894 1982 w/o Otto G. Gravestone Photo
Grimm Otto G. 1892 1967 h/o Mamie A. Gravestone Photo
Guenther Ben 1892 1973 h/o Etta Mae Obituary
Guenther Etta Mae 1898 1973 w/o Ben
Guile Bessie A. 1884 1962 w/o Leonard R. Obituary
Guile Leonard R. 1883 1956 h/o Bessie A. Obituary
Gustafson Arvid G. 1886 12/25/1964 Gravestone Photo
Gustafson Carrie Grems Buck 1886 1942 w/o Alexander Buck, Charles Gustafson Obituary
Gustafson Clark E. 1902 1984 h/o Dorothy C.; p/o Ronald, Delores, Lola Obituary
Gustafson Dorothy C. 08/07/1903 06/29/1998 w/o Clark Gravestone Photo
Gustafson Lola Lorraine 12/13/1930 12/24/1930 d/o Clark & Dorothy Obituary

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