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East Side Cemetery
Estherville, Estherville Township
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The East Side Cemetery is probably the oldest cemetery in Emmet county. It is located within the city limits in the northeast part of the city. It was platted and established on July 14, 1866, at which time James L. L. Riggs and his wife Minerva made a deed to an association conveying a certain tract of land in Section 11, Township 99, Range 34, to said association to be used as a burial place. On Nov. 17, 1900, the Estherville Cemetery Association was incorporated by Howard Graves, Eliza Bemis, Mary J. Barnett, L. L. Bixby, J. W. Lough, W. S. Jones, C. B. Mattson, Sally A. Mattson and Robert Clark. The first seven of the above named constituted the first board of directors. The address for the cemetery is 1303 5th Ave N. The first burial recorded is an infant Annie Jenkins 8-19-1867.

Latitude: 43.407ºN  Longitude: 94.826ºW
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Please note: this is not a complete listing of burials. Please check local sources for exact information.

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Surname Given Name Born Died Notes/Inscriptions Additional Info
Page Curtis, Rev. 1886 1941 h/o Louise Gravestone Photo
Palmer Richard W. 07/19/1909 01/02/1995 Gravestone Photo
Palmer Wilma A. 06/11/1914 04/05/1998 Gravestone Photo
Pannell Joseph C. 10/10/1843 01/29/1915 Civil War Veteran; Co A, 67th Illinois Infantry Gravestone Photo
Pannell Phoebe A. 10/28/1857 06/23/1916 w/o Joseph C. Gravestone Photo
Papenfuhs Catherine E. 10/24/1909 10/30/1973 w/o Herbert W. Gravestone Photo
Papenfuhs Herbert W. 03/16/1909 01/31/1988 h/o Catherine E. Gravestone Photo
Papenfuhs Jeanette M. 04/19/1926 06/20/1989 w/o Robert W. Obituary
Papenfuhs Robert W. 10/21/1923 04/18/1992 h/o Jeanette M.; p/o Linda & Craig Obituary
Papenfuhs Twanette infant 1972 Gravestone Photo
Paris Glenda M. 11/14/1929 08/05/1995 w/o William Gravestone Photo
Paris William L. 03/13/1928 10/28/1993 h/o Glenda; p/o Linda & William, Jr. Gravestone Photo
Parsons Twyla E. 08/15/1926 01/11/1985 Obituary
Patten Jake E. 3/10/1922 10/20/1986 Gravestone Photo
Paulson Bertha C. 1882 1953 w/o Simon G. Gravestone Photo
Paulson Emma M. 11/18/1902 10/31/1998 w/o Henry Gravestone Photo
Paulson Henry 1895 1960 h/o Emma M. Gravestone Photo
Paulson Lonnie James infant 1949 s/o Kenneth Obituary
Paulson Paul N. 02/25/1917 04/02/1984 h/o Wilma B.; PFC USMC WWII Obituary
Paulson Simon G. 09/29/1880 04/10/1970 h/o Bertha C. Gravestone Photo
Paulson Wilma B. 09/07/1921 05/23/1994 w/o Paul N. Obituary
Payne Tyler Marie infant 09/27/1987 d/o Doris Schrodt Gravestone Photo
Peak Elizabeth M. 1875 1957
Peak Louisa E. 01/23/1905 02/26/1981 Obituary
Peak Mary Ross 09/06/1879 08/17/1972 w/o Philip Obituary
Peak Philip B. 04/21/1877 1954 h/o Mary Obituary
Pelzer Richard D. 02/08/1928 06/09/1987 h/o Ruth M.; p/o Alan, David, Brian Obituary
Pemble Ava Polly 1914 1984 w/o Charles E. Gravestone Photo
Pemble Charles E. 02/16/1919 10/24/1987 h/o Ava Gravestone Photo
Perkins Ella Mable 09/05/1889 1957 Obituary
Perkins Harry E. 1908 1958 h/o Naomi E. Obituary
Perkins Naomi E. 09/07/1910 1990 w/o Harry E. Obituary
Person Clarence Elmer 1865 1941 h/o Minnie Gravestone Photo
Person Minnie Elva 1870 1941 w/o C. Elmer Gravestone Photo
Peta John 03/15/1916 02/14/1985 h/o Zelma L.; TEC 5 US ARMY WWII Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Peta Zelma Patten 02/10/1924 10/26/2011 w/o John Gravestone Photo
Petersen Anna M. 04/20/1878 08/04/1950 w/o George Gravestone Photo
Petersen Carol J. 12/02/1934 01/15/1970 w/o James D. Gravestone Photo
Petersen Chris T. 02/14/1888 03/30/1972 h/o Martina Gravestone Photo
Petersen Christina M. 10/04/1910 12/06/1996 w/o Malvin C. Gravestone Photo
Petersen Christina M. 10/01/1901 04/11/1968 w/o Henry B. Gravestone Photo
Petersen Duane Lee 10/31/1958 11/13/1958 s/o James & Carol J.; Our Baby Gravestone Photo
Petersen Edward 11/29/1920 02/10/2000 Gravestone Photo
Petersen Else K. 1884 1960 w/o Joe Gravestone Photo
Petersen Emma L. 1899 1992 w/o George; M: 12-29-1920 Gravestone Photo
Petersen Eunice 09/14/1919 08/24/2005 Obituary
Petersen Gary E. 08/11/1954 08/26/1977 s/o Eugene & Bernice; Son Gravestone Photo
Petersen George 08/01/1869 08/12/1955 h/o Anna M. Gravestone Photo
Petersen George E. M. 07/18/1896 04/16/1965 h/o Emma L. Gravestone Photo
Petersen Henry B. 05/20/1899 11/02/1977 h/o Christina M. Gravestone Photo
Petersen Jackie no date 01/21/1957 Gravestone Photo
Petersen James D. 11/01/1931 09/13/2001 h/o Carol J. Gravestone Photo
Petersen Jamie infant 1963 s/o Merle & Joyce Gravestone Photo
Petersen Joe N. 09/01/1881 03/31/1957 h/o Else Gravestone Photo
Petersen Johanna 1896 1984 w/o Niels M. Gravestone Photo
Petersen Martina 1915 1991 Gravestone Photo
Petersen Martina 1888 1983 w/o Chris T. Gravestone Photo
Petersen Mary C. 08/23/1909 11/22/1984 Gravestone Photo
Petersen Malvin C. 03/10/1908 09/02/1980 h/o Christina M.; US NAVY WWII Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Petersen Niels M. 1881 1974 h/o Johanna Gravestone Photo
Petersen Peter K. 06/11/1884 02/18/1973 Gravestone Photo
Petersen Sandra Kay 10/13/1955 10/14/1955 d/o Donald Obituary
Petersen Sena 1890 1988 w/o Warren M.
Petersen Warren M. 03/15/1890 10/16/1967 h/o Sena Obituary
Peterson Adoph 08/18/1883 02/01/1972 h/o Bertha Gravestone Photo
Peterson Andrew 07/20/1893 04/27/1985 h/o Hazelle; PVT US ARMY WWI Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Peterson Angeline 12/06/1866 11/03/1938 Obituary
Peterson Axel Fred 08/30/1890 1977 Obituary
Peterson Bertha 09/15/1894 10/15/1970 w/o Adolph Gravestone Photo
Peterson Cecil "Pete" 08/28/1913 05/02/1988 h/o Gwendonline; TSGT US ARMY WWII Gravestone Photo
Peterson Cuyler J. 07/08/1899 1978 Obituary
Peterson Elmer Henry 08/05/1900 05/23/1985 h/o Emma A. Obituary
Peterson Elmer Palmer 08/14/1919 10/17/1993 h/o Loretta; SSGT US ARMY WWII Obituary
Peterson Emma A. 07/09/1908 05/04/1992 w/o Elmer H. Obituary
Peterson Fred E. 1891 1967 h/o Winifred
Peterson Grace Eloise 1948 02/23/2001 Gravestone Photo
Peterson Gwendolyn 10/20/1916 02/10/1999 Obituary
Peterson Harry Chris 03/29/1891 09/29/1968 h/o Mary; Pithian Obituary
Peterson Hazelle 11/05/1905 10/29/1969 w/o Andrew Gravestone Photo
Peterson Helen C. 1922 1988 w/o Melvin C.; Mother Gravestone Photo
Peterson Helen G. 1916 2012 w/o Mack J. Gravestone Photo
Peterson Johanna 1863 1939 w/o Paul Obituary
Peterson Lila B. 1893 1981 w/o Nelcord M.
Peterson LuVerne J. 11/15/1914 03/01/1973 h/o Ruth G. Obituary
Peterson Mack J. 01/15/1915 10/29/1986 h/o Helen G. Gravestone Photo
Peterson Mary 1893 1956 w/o Harry C.; p/o Mack
Peterson Melvin C. 05/11/1911 02/15/1972 h/o Helen C.; Father Gravestone Photo
Peterson Neleard M. 04/25/1891 12/14/1948 h/o Lila B. Obituary
Peterson Nellie M. 08/11/1902 01/29/1997 Obituary
Peterson Paul 10/23/1866 01/01/1934 h/o Johanna; Father - Pithian Obituary
Peterson Randall E. 1944 09/21/1969 s/o Mack & Helen Gravestone Photo
Peterson Richard A. 07/16/1927 11/05/1994 Gravestone Photo
Peterson Russell E. 1932 1934 s/o George & Emma; Son Gravestone Photo
Peterson Ruth G. 10/03/1917 08/18/1992 w/o LuVerne Obituary
Peterson Scott C. 02/03/1955 04/27/1960 s/o Mack & Helen Gravestone Photo
Peterson Winifred W. 1894 1974 w/o Fred
Pfaff Frank 09/03/1891 04/05/1972 h/o Kathryn A. Obituary
Pfaff Kathryn A. 07/21/1894 12/22/1981 w/o Frank Obituary
Phelan Kate R. 10/20/1889 03/20/1981 Mother
Phillips Clarence L. 1882 1883 Gravestone Photo
Phillips Dan C. 12/13/1869 09/11/1924 Gravestone Photo
Phillips Ellias A. 07/18/1877 11/09/1948 Obituary
Phillips Judah 02/27/1830 03/11/1909 CIVIL WAR Gravestone Photo
Phillips Lucy A. 1842 1929 Gravestone Photo
Philpott Clifton D. 09/21/1890 05/22/1980 h/o Mary C. Obituary
Philpott Mary C. 11/06/1894 08/07/1968 w/o Clifton D. Obituary
Pickell Abraham H. 01/25/1863 12/07/1937 h/o Ida J. Gravestone Photo
Pickell Donald W. 1910 1975 Obituary
Pickell Eugene M. 1866 07/07/1948 h/o Mable C. Obituary
Pickell Ida Julia 1870 1935 w/o Abraham H. Gravestone Photo
Pickell Mable C. 1879 07/21/1946 w/o Eugene M. Obituary
Pickens Estella I. 05/08/1891 01/04/1961 w/o Glen C. Gravestone Photo
Pickens Glen C. 05/12/1890 04/22/1972 h/o Estella I. Gravestone Photo
Pickens Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" 10/26/1867 12/28/1960 Obituary
Pietz Wilhelm infant 10/22/1872 Gravestone Photo
Planing J. Russell 04/13/1930 08/23/2010 Gravestone Photo
Planting Sieger 08/13/1898 01/15/1975 Obituary
Planting Velma M. 08/11/1910 01/16/1977 Obituary
Plymesser Elsie C. 01/01/1891 03/07/1982 w/o Frank C. Obituary
Plymesser Frank C. 05/31/1891 01/05/1970 h/o Elsie C. Obituary
Poscharsky Anna M. 1864 08/20/1913 w/o Charles T.; 49Y Gravestone Photo
Poscharsky Charles T. 06/10/1861 1931 h/o Annie M. Gravestone Photo
Poscharsky John Theodore 07/22/1889 09/21/1946 s/o Charles & Annie M.; PVT 363 INF IL WWI Gravestone Photo
Poston George W. 1862 06/12/1945 Gravestone Photo
Potter Gilbert Wayne 10/11/1906 03/07/1982 h/o Helen L. Gravestone Photo
Potter Helen L. 06/19/1910 1962 w/o Wayne Gravestone Photo
Potter Robert M. 1918 1986 h/o Marion; p/o Roger, Dennis, Delbert
Potter Roger L. 06/04/1943 01/28/1963 s/o Robert & Marion; PVT US ARMY PEACTIME IA Gravestone Photo
Pratt Leon S. 1892 1969 h/o Myrtle Obituary
Pratt Myrtle K. 07/01/1894 02/11/1973 w/o Leon S.; Amer.Leg.Aux. Obituary
Presley Nancy Broadie 02/21/1941 10/05/1960 w/o William T. Obituary
Prior Ernest R. 04/04/1882 1950 h/o Laura M. Obituary
Prior Laura M. 04/18/1887 1955 w/o Ernest R. Obituary
Proprofsky Evalyn 07/21/1916 03/27/1978 SGT USMC WWII Gravestone Photo
Pullen Charles 03/26/1880 5/09/1932 h/o May Gravestone Photo
Pullen Frank J. 09/06/1888 05/30/1935 brother of Roseltha M.; son of George E. & Mary E. Pullen Obituary
Pullen George E. 1851 1924 h/o Mary E. Gravestone Photo
Pullen Hazel B. 1895 1952 w/o Thomas R. Obituary
Pullen Helen C. 1860 1943 w/o W. J. Gravestone Photo
Pullen Henry E. 09/18/1851 10/01/1921 Gravestone Photo
Pullen Horace W. 1888 1954 s/o W. J. & Helen Gravestone Photo
Pullen James 1820 09/04/1904 h/o Rebecca Gravestone Photo
Pullen Joseph 10/08/1854 06/15/1890 35Y 8M 8D Gravestone Photo
Pullen Mary E. 1854 1927 w/o George E. Gravestone Photo
Pullen May 1885 1956 w/o Charles Gravestone Photo
Pullen Rebecca 1828 1889 w/o James Gravestone Photo
Pullen Roseltha M. 05/08/1874 10/14/1929 b/o Frank J.; daughter of George E. & Mary E. Pullen Gravestone Photo
Pullen Thomas R. 1890 1952 h/o Hazel B. Obituary
Pullen Warren Jasper 08/17/1858 07/06/1919 h/o Helen C. Gravestone Photo

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