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East Side Cemetery
Estherville, Estherville Township
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The East Side Cemetery is probably the oldest cemetery in Emmet county. It is located within the city limits in the northeast part of the city. It was platted and established on July 14, 1866, at which time James L. L. Riggs and his wife Minerva made a deed to an association conveying a certain tract of land in Section 11, Township 99, Range 34, to said association to be used as a burial place. On Nov. 17, 1900, the Estherville Cemetery Association was incorporated by Howard Graves, Eliza Bemis, Mary J. Barnett, L. L. Bixby, J. W. Lough, W. S. Jones, C. B. Mattson, Sally A. Mattson and Robert Clark. The first seven of the above named constituted the first board of directors. The address for the cemetery is 1303 5th Ave N. The first burial recorded is an infant Annie Jenkins 8-19-1867.

Latitude: 43.407ºN  Longitude: 94.826ºW
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Please note: this is not a complete listing of burials. Please check local sources for exact information.

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Surname Given Name Born Died Notes/Inscriptions Additional Info
Kaltved Grace Grems 03/21/1919 05/07/1992 w/o Orvis J. Gravestone Photo
Kaltved Orvis 1914 2004 Gravestone Photo
Kaltved Richard W. 12/03/1939 05/23/1962 s/o Orvis & Grace; US NAVY MM3 IA Gravestone Photo
Kamp Lee G. 04/12/1888 01/11/1981 h/o Myrtle M.; PVC US ARMY WWI
Kamp Myrtle M. 02/29/1889 1964 w/o Lee G. Obituary
Karlsven Colman A. 1897 1973 h/o Julia; WWI Obituary
Karlsven Julia 1895 1967 w/o Colman Obituary
Keeler Betty Ann 10/02/1970 10/03/1970 Gravestone Photo
Keeler Nettie M. 1898 1984 w/o Thomas J.
Keeler Thomas J. 09/06/1896 03/16/1976 h/o Nettie M. Obituary
Keith Corwin Belknap 11/02/1902 12/07/1979 h/o Marie; BM 2 US NAVY WWII Obituary
Keith Marie Cayler 12/19/1906 06/16/1992 w/o Corwin Obituary
Kesler M. Junior "Buck" 04/17/1930 08/03/1989 h/o Delores E.; KOREA Obituary
Kesler Rebecca Sue infant 06/04/1957 d/o Junior & Delores Gravestone Photo
Keyser Geneva 1916 07/11/1937 Gravestone Photo
Kielmann Irene Isder 12/06/1925 04/29/1998 w/o Klaas Gravestone Photo
Kielmann Klaas 01/05/1906 09/07/1972 h/o Irene Gravestone Photo
Kilgore Alma 03/01/1902 09/09/1904 d/o F. S.& V. M. Gravestone Photo
Kilgore Anna 10/30/1898 07/06/1988 w/o Charles; p/o Charles
Kilgore Charles V. 06/10/1899 08/24/1968 h/o Anna; PVT STV ARMY TNG IA WWI
Kilgore Charles V. 02/17/1933 12/19/1987 h/o Dolores A. Obituary
Kilgore Fred S. 10/19/1873 12/15/1939 w/o Viola M.; Father Gravestone Photo
Kilgore Lyle E. 1905 1943 s/o F. S. & V. M.; WWII Burial in S.Pacific Gravestone Photo
Kilgore Viola M. 1876 1967 h/o Fred S.; Mother Gravestone Photo
Killmer Emilie Grace infant 08/04/1985 d/o Gary
Kilpatrick Richard E. 03/15/1935 01/03/1987 SP3 US ARMY KOREA Gravestone Photo
King Addie M. 06/10/1867 02/17/1941 w/o Richard Gravestone Photo
King Frank 1889 1952 Obituary
King Joseph W. 03/18/1897 02/26/1974 h/o Verna A.; PVT US ARMY WWI IA Obituary
King Koni Rae 05/22/1963 10/01/1963 Gravestone Photo
King Thomas Richard 12/09/1878 01/22/1954 Gravestone Photo
King Verna Hamilton 07/22/1906 01/23/1994 w/o Joseph W. Obituary
Kinnard Anna M. 08/15/1883 07/11/1966 w/o Thomas Obituary
Kinnard Opal I. 1909 1946 w/o T. Edwin
Kinnard Thomas 07/21/1876 1962 h/o Anna M. Obituary
Kinnard Thomas Edwin 06/19/1906 05/21/1989 h/o Opal I. Obituary
Kinnard Tilda V. 12/27/1904 06/08/1973 Obituary
Kirchner Donald G. 12/27/1913 04/01/1994 w/o Evelyn Obituary
Kirchner George 1885 1967 h/o Mae
Kirchner Mae Griffith 05/11/1888 06/03/1975 w/o George Obituary
Kirk James R. Sr. 08/26/1899 03/19/1976 h/o Sophia E.; Masonic Obituary
Kirk Sophia Heiman 02/05/1901 09/14/1993 w/o James R., Sr. Obituary
Kissinger Ethel Mae 01/25/1900 01/07/1941 Wife Gravestone Photo
Kissinger Isabel 1892 1980 w/o Jesse J.
Kissinger Jesse John 01/08/1889 1962 h/o Isabel Obituary
Kissinger Ralph Jesse 11/24/1928 07/06/1955 s/o Jesse & Isabel ? Obituary
Kleen Edgar L. 03/29/1912 09/38/1987 h/o Iva M.; SSGT US ARMY WWII Obituary
Klein Alga Iseminger 01/02/1898 05/27/1992 w/o Roy D. Obituary
Klein Alma Hockett 08/10/1932 09/17/1991 w/o Robert E.; M: 6-6-1954 Obituary
Klein Augusta 03/18/1901 09/12/1992 w/o Henry C. Obituary
Klein Henry C. 09/17/1893 01/23/1986 h/o Augusta; CPL US ARMY WWI
Klein Roy D. 03/14/1897 09/05/1976 h/o Alga N. Obituary
Kleveter Emil 01/01/1877 1969 h/o Goldie Obituary
Kleveter Goldie 188? 1961 w/o Emil Obituary
Kline Carolyn 12/6/1925 9/5/2002
Kline Charles I. 06/18/1881 05/16/1940   Obituary
Kline Edwin F. 09/10/1907 01/20/1992
Kline John W. 03/03/1855 12/22/1894   Obituary
Klingbeil Frank Henry 11/07/1920 07/12/1998 h/o Doris E. Obituary
Klingbeil Henry E. 04/28/1928 01/23/1993 h/o Lois P. Gravestone Photo
Klingbeil Jean 08/11/1921 01/28/2011 Gravestone Photo
Klingbeil John E. 11/09/1914 01/03/1994 h/o Jean; Father Gravestone Photo
Klingbeil Lois P. 1942 2000 Gravestone Photo
Klingbeil Margaret Bosold 08/11/1921 01/28/2011 Obituary
Klingbeil Susan Teresa 09/02/1946 10/03/1970 d/o John & Jean; Daughter Gravestone Photo
Klingbeil William H. 1923 1965 h/o Ruth E.;
Knepper Arlie J. 09/29/1889 12/20/1976 PVT US ARMY WWI Obituary
Knotts Eva M. 1898 1958 w/o Fletcher Obituary
Knotts Fletcher 12/14/1898 1974 h/o Eva M.; WWI Obituary
Knox Mary LaVonne 01/06/1927 02/02/1993 Obituary
Knox Robert G. 10/15/1917 02/05/1970 h/o Virgil J. Obituary
Knutson Irvin Lloyd 08/04/1911 08/07/1989 h/o Opal Obituary
Knutson Opal Holland 04/21/1920 02/07/2012 w/o Irvin; m/o Carolyn, Patricia Obituary
Koehler Anna C. 10/14/1891 12/27/1983 Gravestone Photo
Koehler Emil A. 1867 1943 Gravestone Photo
Koehler Ilda 1859 1944 Gravestone Photo
Koenecke Helen C. 04/02/1931 09/21/1997 Gravestone Photo
Koenecke Lavern A. 05/13/1922 12/07/1997 Gravestone Photo
Kraft Paul L. 03/08/1926 03/30/1998 h/o Betty L.; f/o Dennis, Terry Obituary
Krieger Alan B. 1908 1986 h/o Hazel M.
Krieger Frank J. 1881 1954 h/o Tena M.
Krieger Hazel Logan 08/22/1913 12/16/1977 w/o Alan B. Obituary
Krieger Kathleen Kay 06/29/1944 04/14/1950 d/o Alan & Hazel Obituary
Krieger Tena M. 1877 1962 w/o Frank J. Obituary
Kroenke Albert 08/10/1882 1955 h/o Anna; Father Gravestone Photo
Kroenke Anna 1896 1984 w/o Albert; Mother Gravestone Photo
Kroenke Walter 1919 03/01/1953 s/o Albert & Anna; Son Gravestone Photo
Krough Gertrude 12/29/1912 08/30/1993 w/o Ralph; M: 5-10-1931; see also: Wilkins, Gertrude Obituary
Krough Ralph Barlo 02/18/1910 1966 h/o Gertrude Obituary
Krueger Ella Luth 08/09/1905 01/30/1996 w/o Frank Obituary
Krueger Frank 1899 1986 h/o Ella
Kucker Ella D. 1888 1962 w/o Fred D. Obituary
Kucker Fred D. 1885 1953 h/o Ella D.
Kuen Ardina Luella 09/14/1916 11/30/1998 Obituary
Kuen Robert Verne 07/27/1951 07/27/1972 Obituary

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