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East Side Cemetery
Estherville, Estherville Township
Emmet County IAGenWeb

The East Side Cemetery is probably the oldest cemetery in Emmet county. It is located within the city limits in the northeast part of the city. It was platted and established on July 14, 1866, at which time James L. L. Riggs and his wife Minerva made a deed to an association conveying a certain tract of land in Section 11, Township 99, Range 34, to said association to be used as a burial place. On Nov. 17, 1900, the Estherville Cemetery Association was incorporated by Howard Graves, Eliza Bemis, Mary J. Barnett, L. L. Bixby, J. W. Lough, W. S. Jones, C. B. Mattson, Sally A. Mattson and Robert Clark. The first seven of the above named constituted the first board of directors. The address for the cemetery is 1303 5th Ave N. The first burial recorded is an infant Annie Jenkins 8-19-1867.

Latitude: 43.407ºN  Longitude: 94.826ºW
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Surname Given Name Born Died Notes/Inscriptions Additional Info
Zaugg Cora A. 09/04/1911 01/20/1985 w/o Joseph E. Obituary
Zaugg Joseph E. 12/09/1906 02/21/1987 h/o Cora A.; Estherville Fire Dept. Obituary
Zbleske Beaudale M. 09/14/1920 12/20/1995   Gravestone Photo
Zierlein JoAnn L. 07/19/1929 10/05/2011   Obituary
Zinnel Arlene Tordoff 12/04/1931 07/30/1973 w/o Leo Obituary
Zitterich Clair F. 09/22/1920 07/14/1981 h/o Pearl L.; CPL US ARMY WWII
Zitterich Emma Zerke 1886 1955 w/o Fred H. Obituary
Zitterich Fred Herman 1887 1956 h/o Emma L. Obituary
Zitterich George C. 03/29/1892 06/20/1966 h/o Mary; PVT CO C 116 AMMO TRAIN IA WWI Obituary
Zitterich Mary Katherine 05/15/1884 02/27/1974 w/o George C. Obituary
Zitterich Richard J. 10/04/1910 10/23/1978 h/o Ruby E Obituary
Zitterich Timothy E. 05/06/1960 06/10/1984 SSGT US ARMY Obituary
Zufall Luvern 1905 1974 h/o Myrtle Obituary
Zufall Myrtle 1915 1988 w/o Luvern
Zufall Ronald Eugene 1952 1971 s/o Luvern & Myrtle; Son Obituary

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