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East Side Cemetery
Estherville, Estherville Township
Emmet County IAGenWeb

The East Side Cemetery is probably the oldest cemetery in Emmet county. It is located within the city limits in the northeast part of the city. It was platted and established on July 14, 1866, at which time James L. L. Riggs and his wife Minerva made a deed to an association conveying a certain tract of land in Section 11, Township 99, Range 34, to said association to be used as a burial place. On Nov. 17, 1900, the Estherville Cemetery Association was incorporated by Howard Graves, Eliza Bemis, Mary J. Barnett, L. L. Bixby, J. W. Lough, W. S. Jones, C. B. Mattson, Sally A. Mattson and Robert Clark. The first seven of the above named constituted the first board of directors. The address for the cemetery is 1303 5th Ave N. The first burial recorded is an infant Annie Jenkins 8-19-1867.

Latitude: 43.407ºN  Longitude: 94.826ºW
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Please note: this is not a complete listing of burials. Please check local sources for exact information.

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Surname Given Name Born Died Notes/Inscriptions Additional Info
Farmer Donna Hackett 11/26/1939 07/13/2008 Gravestone Photo
Farmer LaVerne S. 12/05/1938 06/27/1994 Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Farris Charles Edward 10/29/1882 03/24/1975 h/o Cora E. Gravestone Photo
Farris Cora E. 03/26/1897 07/02/1990 w/o C. Edward; M: 8-7-1916 Gravestone Photo
Farris Earl W. 12/05/1921 12/26/1979 h/o Regina E. Gravestone Photo
Farris Regina E. 12/14/1921 12/08/2006 Gravestone Photo
Feddersen Louie E. 1913 1980 h/o Ruth M. Gravestone Photo
Feddersen-Yarns Ruth M. 1919 2008 Gravestone Photo
Fielding Leroy 1912 1912 Gravestone Photo
Fielding Mabel 1926 1926 Gravestone Photo
Fisher Addie C. 03/01/1866 01/23/1953 w/o Winfield J. Obituary
Fisher Donald L. 1923 1986 h/o Geraldine J. Gravestone Photo
Fisher Ethel D. 1914 1986 w/o George
Fisher George C. 10/15/1901 1974 h/o Ethel D.; PVT US ARMY WWII Obituary
Fisher Geraldine J. 1919 1984 w/o Merlin A. Gravestone Photo
Fisher Harold 03/11/1909 09/25/1984 US ARMY TEC 5 WWII Gravestone Photo
Fisher Harry H. 1915 2000
Fisher Jodi L. 1967 1984 d/o Marvin & Sherry (Mix) Gravestone Photo
Fisher Lenore Steiner 08/21/1925 05/19/2010 Obituary
Fisher Winfield J. 1869 1951 h/o Addie C.
Flier Jacob F. 04/18/1889 04/13/1970 h/o Velma E.; PVT US ARMY WWI Gravestone Photo
Flier Velma E. 03/19/1904 12/07/2004 Gravestone Photo
Flindt Louise 1887 1967 Gravestone Photo
Foderberg Frances 1916 1967
Foderberg Linn H. 1916 1976 Obituary
Foderberg Lois Swart 03/13/1928 1990 Obituary
Fogde Conrad A. 02/21/1895 12/30/1955 h/o Hazel M.; WWI Obituary
Fogde Gladys C. 09/26/1910 07/24/1990 w/o Henry M. Gravestone Photo
Fogde Henry M. 09/06/1899 12/01/1973 h/o Gladys C. Gravestone Photo
Fowler John W. 1886 1958 h/o Martha; Father Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Fowler Martha 03/07/1890 03/19/1977 w/o John W.; Mother Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Fox Mildred E. 05/04/1917 11/21/1999 w/o Robert F.; M: 7-2-1936 Obituary
Fox Robert F. 11/30/1915 12/15/1993 h/o Mildred E.; p/o Robert Jr., Benjamin Gravestone Photo
Fransen Herbert N. 1905 1975 h/o Mildred Obituary
Fransen Mildred G. 1911 2000 w/o Herbert; p/o Andrew & Shirley
Frederick Lester J. 1907 1961 h/o Vera M. Gravestone Photo
Frederick Vera 08/19/1906 07/08/2003 Gravestone Photo
Free Albert 02/28/1892 08/15/1958 PVT BTRY E 342 FA 89 DIV AL WWI Obituary
Frettem Mildred Wilday 05/16/1906 04/30/2001 Gravestone Photo
Frettem Palmer E. 06/06/1903 04/07/1997 Gravestone Photo
Frey Bernard H. 1914 1974 h/o Emma B.
Frey Emma B. 1917 04/25/2002 w/o Bernard Obituary
Friesner Edna B. 1918 1986 Gravestone Photo
Friesner Eldon 11/17/1924 12/30/1978 Gravestone Photo
Friesner Gladys F. 09/29/1926 11/29/2005 Gravestone Photo
Friesner Henry S. 1908 1981 Gravestone Photo
Friesner John J. 11/10/1943 07/15/2005 Obituary
Friesner Willard A. 1939 1988 h/o M. Elaine; WWII
Fritz Marilyn 12/07/1929 08/10/1981 Obituary
Fry Phyllis A. 1947 1984 w/o Robert C.
Fuhrman Bernadene C. 01/23/1916 05/09/1985 w/o Frank T. Gravestone Photo
Fuhrman Frank T. 12/28/1925 10/24/1980 h/o Bernadine C.; SSGT US ARMY AIR FORCE WWII Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Fuller Vernon T. 01/10/1974 01/02/1992 s/o Raymond & Francella; Son
Furne Beryl D. 04/12/1933 03/12/1972 h/o Marlys; KOREA Obituary
Furne Marlys L. 1937 1990 w/o Beryl
Fuss Bessie 1887 1954

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