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Walker Harley Knox Harley Knox Walker (1999)
Walker Hattie Hattie Walker (1875)
Walker Hattie Elizabeth (Williams) Hattie Elizabeth (Williams) Walker (1921)
Walker Ida M. (Reed) Ida Reed Walker (1974)
Walker Ira C. Ira C. Walker (1913)
Walker Isaac Benson Isaac Benson Walker (1935)
Walker James Albert James Albert Walker (1932)
Walker James E. James E. Walker (1954)
Walker James Vance James Vance Walker (1912)
Walker Joanna “Josie” (McDonald) Joanna “Josie” (McDonald) Walker (1916)
Walker John John Walker (1898)
Walker John D. (Jack) John D. (Jack) Walker (2008)
Walker Judson N. Judson N. Walker (1959)
Walker Lenora E. (Hayden) Lenora E. (Hayden) Walker (1920)
Walker Leon Alec Leon Alec Walker (1968)
Walker Louise (Baker) Louise Walker(1984)
Walker Lucy Ann (Edmondson) Lucy Ann (Edmondson) Walker (1926)
Walker Karen Rose Karen Rose Walker (1962)
Walker Mable Ruth (Killion) Mable Killion Walker (1998)
Walker Mamie (Wilson) Mamie (Wilson) Walker (1985)
Walker Margaret Margaret Walker (1932)
Walker Margaret Ann "Maggie" (Mills) Margaret Ann "Maggie" (Mills) Walker (1927)
Walker Margaret J. Margaret J. Walker (1906)
Walker Mark R. Mark R. Walker (2018)
Walker Mary Myers Mary Myers Walker (1923)
Walker Maude Elizabeth (Robinson) Maude Elizabeth (Robinson) Walker (1958)
Walker Micky James Micky James Walker (1971)
Walker Nathanial Nathanial Walker (1964)
Walker Neal D. Neal D. Walker (1916)
Walker Nettie (Finch) Nettie (Finch) Walker (1937)
Walker Oliver L. Oliver L. Walker (1941)
Walker Otis Otis Walker (1949)
Walker Otis Clyde Otis Clyde Walker (1934)
Walker Rebecca A. (Smith) Rebecca A. (Morrison) Smith Walker (1906)
Walker Rex Leroy Rex Leroy Walker (1994)
Walker Richard Lee Richard Lee Walker (1965)
Walker Robert Allen Robert Allen Walker (1880)
Walker Robert Lester Robert Lester Walker (1964)
Walker Ronald Gene Ronald Gene Walker (1993)
Walker Rosa (Barrow) Rosa (Barrow) Walker (1917)
Walker Rosa Bell (Creger) Rosa Bell Walker (1947)
Walker Rose E. (Monaghan) Rose E. (Monaghan) Walker (2002)
Walker Russell Russell Walker (1991)
Walker Samuel - Child of Child Walker (1871)
Walker Samuel M. Samuel M. Walker (1908)
Walker Sara Ann (Allison) Sara Ann (Allison) Walker (1897)
Walker Sarah Elizabeth (McFee) Sarah Elizabeth (McFee) Walker (1942)
Walker Seth T. Seth T. Walker (1943)
Walker Susan (Wilson) Susan Walker (1944)
Walker Thomas D. Thomas D. Walker (1947)
Walker Thomas H. Thomas H. Walker (1891)
Walker Thomas Henry, Sr. Thomas Henry Walker, Sr. (2011)
Walker Viola A. (Barker) Viola A. (Barker) Walker (1947)
Walker Wesley J. Wesley J. Walker (1988)
Walker William Franklin William Franklin Walker (1916)
Walker William H. William H. Walker (1951)
Walker William J. William J. Walker (1995)
Walker William R. William R. Walker (1945)
Walker William Rollin William Rollin Walker (1938)
Walker William Wallace William Wallace Walker (1929)
Walkup Justin Andrew Justin Andrew Walkup (1991)
Walkup Mattie M. Mattie M. Walkup (1896)
Wall Mary (Diser) Mary (Diser) Wall (1979)
Wall Mary Ann (Allen) Mary Ann Allen Wall (1960)
Wall Matilda Ann Matilda Ann Wall (1981)
Wallace Adelbert F. Adelbert F. Wallace (1937)
Wallace Amon Leonidas Amon Leonidas Wallace (1895)
Wallace Arthur M. Arthur M. Wallace (1964)
Wallace Charles Melvin Charles Melvin Wallace (1935)
Wallace Chester M. Chester M. Wallace (2006)
Wallace Dan A. Dan A. Wallace (1954)
Wallace David David Wallace (1916)
Wallace Edgar C. Edgar C. Wallace (1887)
Wallace Edna Belle (Burgess) Edna Belle (Burgess) Wallace (1969)
Wallace Elizabeth Cordelia Elizabeth Cordelia Wallace (1878)
Wallace Ephraim C. Ephraim C. Wallace (1919)
Wallace Essie Mable (Walters) Votruba Essie Mable (Walters) Votruba Wallace (1958)
Wallace Ethel G. (Jeffs) Ethel G. (Jeffs) Wallace (1977)
Wallace Etta (Cade) Etta Cade Wallace (1960)
Wallace Floyd H. Floyd H. Wallace (1916)
Wallace Freida Freida Wallace (2014)
Wallace Gene C. Gene C. Wallace (1984)
Wallace George George Wallace (1939)
Wallace George M. George M. Wallace (1903)
Wallace Hannah F. (Wallace) Hannah F. (Wallace) Wallace (1918)
Wallace Hazel Sarah (Trautwein) Hazel Sarah (Trautwein) Wallace (1980)
Wallace Helen Marie (Leander) Macumber Helen Leander Macumber Wallace (2006)
Wallace Helen L. (Mitton) Helen Mitton Wallace (2000)
Wallace Henry Henry Wallace (1916)
Wallace Hilda Kathryn (Sheehan) Hilda Sheehan Wallace (1991)
Wallace Isabelle (Kendall) Hubbard Isabelle (Kendall) Wallace Hubbard (1916)
Wallace James Clayton James Clayton Wallace (1967)
Wallace Joseph Joseph Wallace (1941)
Wallace Joseph William Joseph William Wallace (1917)
Wallace Julia (Erwin) Julia (Erwin) Wallace (1958)
Wallace Lloyd A. Lloyd A. Wallace (1966)
Wallace Loa D. Loa D. Wallace (1943)
Wallace Loa Guy Loa Guy Wallace (1974)
Wallace Lorinda (Collins) Lorinda (Collins) Wallace (1928)
Wallace M. Adaline ( Peckham) Adaline Peckham Wallace (1999)
Wallace Marian Lorene (McKinzie) Marian Lorene (McKinzie) Wallace (2013)
Wallace Mary Ann (Rector) Mary Ann Wallace (1991)
Wallace Mary Elizabeth (Callison) Mary Elizabeth Callison Wallace (1976)
Wallace Mary Helen (Parsons) Mary Helen Parsons Wallace (1916)
Wallace Mary Oreen (Eyerly) Mary Oreen (Eyerly) Wallace (1976)
Wallace Martha Bell Martha Bell Wallace (1954)
Wallace Melvin Dwayne Melvin Dwayne Wallace (1978)
Wallace Nannie C. (Cantwell) Nannie C. (Cantwell) Wallace (1909)
Wallace Ova G. Ova G. Wallace (1970)
Wallace Patrick Patrick Wallace (1939)
Wallace Paul Elven Paul Elven Wallace (1977)
Wallace Steve Steve Wallace (1994)
Wallace Ross W. Ross W. Wallace (1878)

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