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Waller Dennis Gene Dennis Gene Waller (2018)
Waller Glow Vernice Glow Vernice Waller (2007)
Waller James Wilford "Bill" James Wilford "Bill" Waller (1992)
Waller Lois E. (Wright) Lois E. (Wright) Waller (2010)
Waller Lyla I. (Clarke) Lyla Clarke Waller (1999)
Waller William Harold William Harold Waller (1995)
Waller William T. William T. Waller (1968)
Wallgren Edna (Pope) Edna Pope Wallgren (1982)
Walrod Alice (Hartsook) Alice (Hartsook) Walrod (1968)
Walsh Adam Adam Walsh (1942)
Walsh Adam J. Adam J. Walsh (1908)
Walsh Darby M. Darby M. Walsh (1964)
Walsh Joan Joan Walsh (2017)
Walsh John John Walsh (1953)
Walsh Margaret Margaret Walsh (1920)
Walsh Mary Mary Walsh (1959)
Walsh Patrick Henry Patrick Henry Walsh (1918)
Walsh Tom Tom Walsh (1945)
Walter Helen Irene (Tucker) Helen Tucker Walter (1999)
Walter Jerry Jay Jerry Jay Walter (1982)
Walters Charlene (Jackson) Charlene Jackson Walters (2000)
Walters Elinor "Buzz" (Adams) Elinor "Buzz" (Adams) Walters (2009)
Walters Ernest C. Ernest C. Walters (1948)
Walters Ezekiel, Rev. Rev. Ezekiel Walters (1880)
Walters Gertrude (Garvin) Gertrude Garvin Walters (1944)
Walters Glen Glen Walters (2001)
Walters Jessie (Callison) Jessie Callison Walters (1952)
Walters John John Walters (1897)
Walters Laura Alice Laura Alice Walters (1913)
Walters Leroy Leroy Walters (1986)
Walters Louisa Elizabeth (Hart) Louisa Elizabeth Hart Walters (1909)
Walters Martha Adams Martha Adams Walters (1948)
Walters Matt A. Matt A. Walters, (1946)
Walters Matt Cecil, Jr. Matt Cecil Walters, Jr. (1940)
Walters Matthew - infant daughter of Infant daughter of Matthew Walters (1899)
Walters Matthew - infant of Infant of Matthew Walters (1899)
Walters Mildred Theresa (Scovel) Mildred Theresa (Scovel) Walters (2018)
Walters Phoebe (Longinaker) Phoebe (Longinaker) Walters (1903)
Walters Robert A. Robert A. Walters (1991)
Walters Roy V. Roy V. Walters (1902)
Walters Sherman Sherman Walters (1948)
Walther Alice Cary (Boyd) Alice Boyd Walther (1950)
Waltman John John Waltman (1921)
Waltman Nellie (Johnson) Trautwein Nellie (Johnson) Trautwein Waltman (1941)
Walton Allen W. Allen W. Walton (1936)
Walton Amos Amos Walton (1887)
Walton Gertrude (Hockett) Gertrude (Hockett) Walton (1954)
Walton Jesse E. Jesse Walton (1956)
Walton Jesse Seburn Jesse Seburn Walton (1985)
Walton John Merritt John Merritt Walton (1948)
Walton Lettitia Flint (Gowin) Bales Lettitia Flint (Gowin) Walton Bales (1923)
Walton Paul O. Paul O. Walton (1956)
Waltz Donald Wayne Donald Wayne Waltz (1937)
Waltz Edna (Cade) Edna Cade Waltz (1992)
Waltz Edward Charles Edward Charles Waltz (2002)
Waltz Elgie Elgie Waltz (1954)
Waltz Eugene L. Eugene L. Waltz (2003)
Waltz Francis August Francis August Waltz (1999)
Waltz George W. George W. Waltz (1959)
Waltz Helen E. (Duncan) Helen Duncan Waltz (1974)
Waltz Irvin Wallace Irvin Wallace Waltz (1942)
Waltz Jerry Francis Jerry Francis Waltz (2006)
Waltz John F. John F. Waltz (1991)
Waltz Joseph H. Joseph H. Waltz (1966)
Waltz Joseph R. Joseph R. Waltz (1987)
Waltz Larry Gene Larry Gene Waltz (1998)
Waltz Lenna (Grout) Lenna (Grout) Waltz (1972)
Waltz Logan Michael Logan Michael Waltz (2014)
Waltz Lola Jean (Kirsch) Butcher Lola Jean (Kirsch) Butcher Waltz (2011)
Waltz Luie E. Luie E. Waltz (1959)
Waltz Mary (Little) Mary Little Waltz (1994)
Waltz Mildred Henrietta (Freiberg) Mildred Henrietta (Freiberg) Waltz 2012
Waltz Nicholas Edward Nicholas Edward Waltz (1991)
Waltz Robert Eugene Robert Eugene Waltz (1982)
Waltz Rosie Ruth (Fleener) Rosie Ruth (Fleener) Waltz (2011)
Waltz Russell Lloyd Russell "Lloyd" Waltz (1986)
Waltz Vira Vira Waltz (1972)
Waltz William Henry William Henry Waltz (1934)
Waltzer Frederick Ernest Frederick Ernest Waltzer (1965)
Wambold Clair Clair Wambold (1982)
Wambold Clarence T. Clarence T. Wambold (1959)
Wambold Craig E. Craig E. Wambold (2005)
Wambold Dale C. Dale C. Wambold (1947)
Wambold Elbert L. Elbert L. Wambold (1952)
Wambold Elsie (Long) Elsie Long Wambold (1985)
Wambold Evelyn Bernice (Norris) Evelyn Bernice Wambold (1991)
Wambold Florence Rebecca Ruth (Leach) Florence Rebecca Ruth (Leach) Wambold (2009)
Wambold Keith Melvin Keith Melvin Wambold (2005)
Wambold Mary O. (Beaman) Mary O. (Beaman) Wambold (1917)
Wambold Russell Dale Russell Dale Wambold (1984)
Wamsley Benjamin F., Dr. Dr. Benjamin F. Wamsley (1893)
Wandling David Ivan David Ivan Wandling (2018)
Wang Billy Billy Wang (1996)
Wangberg Patricia (Egtvedt) Patricia Egtvedt Wangberg (2002)
Wangberg Rev. G. Orlando Rev. G. Orlando Wangberg (1984)

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