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Ritchey Donna Lou (Black) Donna Lou (Black) Ritchey (2017)
Ritchey John T. B. John T. B. Ritchey (1909)
Ritchie Noah Noah Ritchie (1889)
Richmond Frank Frank Richmond (1910)
Ritter Ada B. (White) Ada B. (White) Ritter (1957)
Ritter Donny Donny Ritter (2013)
Ritter Eleanor (Holman) Eleanor (Holman) Ritter (2011)
Ritter Elijah Jackson Elijah Jackson Ritter (1893)
Ritter Elizabeth (Mendenhall) Elizabeth (Mendenhall) Ritter (1914)
Ritter Esther (Lewellen) Esther (Lewellen) Ritter (1965)
Ritter Francis Marion Francis Marion Ritter (1936)
Ritter Isaac Newton Isaac Newton Ritter (1941)
Ritter Jessie Akin (Braman) Jessie Akin Braman Ritter (1984)
Ritter Kenneth E. Kenneth E. Ritter (1981)
Ritter Lloyd E. Lloyd E. Ritter (1979)
Ritter Lora (Simpson) Lora Simpson Ritter (1987)
Ritter Loren V. Loren V. Ritter (1947)
Ritter Paul Paul Ritter (1929)
Ritter Perrelia J. Perrelia J. Ritter (1945)
Ritter Rachel Ellen (McKibben) Rachel Ellen (McKibben) Ritter (1936)
Ritter Vernon Millard Vernon Millard Ritter (1972)
Ritter Viola Viola Ritter (1880)
Roach Albert Francis Albert Francis Roach (2008)
Roach Alice E. Alice E. Roach (1991)
Roach Charles Charles Roach (1895)
Roach Clarence Clarence Roach (1904)
Roach Daniel C., Rev. Rev. Daniel C. Roach (2012)
Roach Eldora Ellen (Tilton) Eldora Ellen (Tilton) Roach (1949)
Roach Gladys J. (Morris) Gladys J. (Morris) Roach (1969)
Roach Harlan F. Harlan F. Roach (1993)
Roach Harry DeWitt Harry DeWitt Roach (1929)
Roach Irma Jean (Barr) Irma Jean (Barr) Roach (2016)
Roach James James Roach (1887)
Roach John John Roach (1944)
Roach John Alvin John Alvin Roach (1942)
Roach Joseph J. Joseph J. Roach (1972)
Roach Judy Ann Judy Ann Roach (1955)
Roach Margaret (Cunningham) Margaret Cunningham Roach (1922)
Roach Margaret (Williams) Margaret (Williams) Roach (2010)
Roach Martin J. Martin J. Roach (1958)
Roach Martin J. Martin J. Roach (1971)
Roach Mary Ann (Mulvahill) Mary Ann (Mulvahill) Roach (1936)
Roach Thayer Willard Thayer Willard Roach (1933)
Roach Vernon Talmadge, Jr. Vernon Talmadge Roach, Jr. (2013)
Roan Tommie Joe Tommie Joe Roan (1958)
Roark Annie Y. (Smith) Annie Y. (Smith) Roark (1949)
Roark Bert Marion Bert Marion Roark (1945)
Roark Charles F. Charles F. Roark (1950)
Roark Edgar G. Edgar G. Roark (1960)
Roark Inez F. Inez F. Roark (1951)
Roark James Jimmie Roark (1886)
Roark James R. James R. Roark (1900)
Roark Jennie Belle (Smith) Jennie Belle (Smith) Roark (1967)
Roark Otto Otto Roark (ca 1942)
Roark Sarah Ann (Nevitt) Sarah Ann (Nevitt) Roark (1936)
Robb James H. James H. Robb (1930)
Robbins Caleb A. Caleb A. Robbins (1941)
Robbins Charles E., Sr. Charles E. Robbins, Sr. (1975)
Robbins Cheryl Diane (Hulbert) Cheryl Diane (Hulbert) Robbins (2014)
Robbins Cline Cline Robbins (1984)
Robbins Clyde Clyde Robbins (1946)
Robbins Donna Lee Donna Lee Robbins (2009)
Robbins Eunice Jane (Banks) Eunice Jane Banks Robbins (1960)
Robbins Frances (Jeffries) Purscell Frances (Jeffries) Purscell Robbins (2008)
Robbins Frederick O. Frederick O. Robbins (1952)
Robbins Goldie E. (Wall) Goldie E. (Wall) Robbins (1987)
Robbins James Madison James Madison Robbins (1935)
Robbins Jim C. Elmer Jim C. Elmer Robbins (1983)
Robbins John Edward John Edward Robbins (2007)
Robbins Martin L. Martin L. Robbins (1964)
Robbins Raymond Le Roy Raymond Le Roy Robbins (1947)
Robbins Rollie E. "Jack" Rollie E. "Jack" Robbins (1999)
Robbins Rollie Edward, Jr. Rollie Edward Robbins, Jr. (2016)
Robbins Rollie Russell Rollie Russell Robbins (1989)
Robbins RoseMarie (Radford) RoseMarie (Radford) Robbins (2013)
Robbins Ruby Elizabeth (Newkirk) Ruby Newkirk Robbins (1996)
Robbins Sarah Angeline (Lasley) Sarah Angeline (Lasley) Robbins (1940)
Robbins Sharon L. (Raebel) Sharon Raebel Robbins (1990)
Robbins Thankful Alma (James) Thankful James Robbins (1947)
Robbins William "Bill" William "Bill" Robbins (2005)
Robbitt William R. William R. Robbitt (1965)
Roberg Frances Lenore (Koch) Frances Lenore (Koch) Roberg (2016)
Roberts Addie Addie Roberts (1928)
Roberts Anna J. (Stanton) Anna J. (Stanton) Roberts (1902)
Roberts Arthur Arthur Roberts (1909)
Roberts Berdena (Givan) Berdena Givan Roberts (1956)
Roberts Beverly Ann (Baker) Beverly Ann (Baker) Roberts (2012)
Roberts Blossom Mae "Bobbie" (Chappell) Blossom Mae "Bobbie" (Chappell) Roberts (2016)
Roberts Clarence Elmer “Kelly” Clarence Elmer “Kelly” Roberts (1971)
Roberts Claude Wayne Claude Wayne Roberts (2009)
Roberts Cliff Cliff Roberts (1984)
Roberts Clyde Eldon Clyde Eldon Roberts (1920)
Roberts Craig William Craig William Roberts (2000)
Roberts Della (Hann) Della (Hann) Roberts (1947)
Roberts Earnest Ray Earnest Ray Roberts (1963)
Roberts Edwena Joyce (Kirby) Edwena Joyce (Kirby) Roberts (2014)
Roberts Elihu C. Elihu C. Roberts (1924)
Roberts Eliza (Evans) Eliza (Evans) Roberts (1919)
Roberts Eva Jane (Tullis) Eva Jane (Tullis) Roberts (1938)
Roberts Florence (Beem) Florence Beem Roberts (1925)
Roberts Florence (Fleming) Florence (Fleming) Roberts (1968)
Roberts Florence "Tina" Florence "Tina" Roberts (2007)
Roberts Frank Frank Roberts (1970)
Roberts George W. George W. Roberts (1955)
Roberts Giles W. Giles W. Roberts (1940)
Roberts Grace (VanHosen) Grace (VanHosen) Roberts (1894)
Roberts Harry Grover Harry Grover Roberts (1939)
Roberts Helen (Sheets) Helen (Sheets) Roberts (2001)
Roberts Ivan Ivan Roberts (1908)
Roberts Jay Dee Jay Dee Roberts (2015)
Roberts Jesse Jesse Roberts (1936)
Roberts Jessie C. (Colton) Jessie C. (Colton) Roberts (1907)
Roberts John Alanson John Alanson Roberts (1872)
Roberts Kenneth Kenneth Roberts (1988)
Roberts Lillian Lillian Roberts (1932)
Roberts Lorie Lorie Roberts (1985)
Roberts Maggie Ann (Weaver) Maggie Ann (Weaver) Roberts (1941)
Roberts Margaret L. (Guthrie) Margaret L. (Guthrie) Roberts (1926)
Roberts Marie S. (Niendorf) Marie S. (Niendorf) Roberts (1974)
Roberts Mary E. Mary E. Roberts (1876)
Roberts Mary E. Mary E. Roberts (1895)
Roberts Mary E. Mary E. Roberts (1917)
Roberts Mary Madaline (Johnston) Mary Madaline Roberts (1947)
Roberts Myranda E. (Hooten) Myranda E. (Hooten) Roberts (1901)
Roberts Naomi Naomi Roberts (1897)
Roberts Owen Owen Roberts (1883)
Roberts Robert J. Robert J. Roberts (1968)
Roberts Sadie May Sadie May Roberts (1904)
Roberts Steven Dwayne Steven Dwayne Roberts (2015)
Roberts Thomas A. Thomas A. Roberts (1953)
Roberts Thomas E., Dr. Thomas E. Roberts, Dr. (1930)
Roberts Walter Edgar Walter Edgar Roberts (1961)
Roberts Wesley Wesley Roberts (1910)
Roberts William H. William H. Roberts (1927)

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