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Oldre Glen Melvin Glen Melvin Oldre (2016)
O’Leary Delia Jane (Hogan) Delia Jane (Hogan) O’Leary (1937)
Olieman Nellie Nellie Olieman (1999)
Oline Pauline Doris (Parkins) Pauline Doris (Parkins) Oline (2011)
Oliver Amanda J. (Turk) Amanda J. (Turk) Oliver (1951)
Oliver George Leonard George Leonard Oliver (1955)
Oliver Ida (Buss) Ida Buss Oliver (2006)
Oliver Jack M. Jack M. Oliver (1968)
Oliver Kathryn C. (Herrick) Kathryn C. (Herrick) Oliver (1950)
Oliver Marie (Thornburg) Marie Thornburg Oliver (1990)
Oliver Robert D. Robert D. Oliver (1949)
Oliver Stephen D. Stephen D. Oliver (1944)
Oliver Walter Wayne Walter Wayne Oliver (1960)
Oller Joseph Harris Joseph Harris Oller (1918)
Oller Kenneth J. Kenneth J. Oller (2005)
Oller Sarah (Kennedy) Sarah (Kennedy) Oller (1941)
Olmstead John A. John A. Olmstead (1913)
Olmstead Maud (Bomer) Maud Olmstead (1965)
Olmstead Ruth I. (Olmstead) Dowler Ruth Irene (Olmstead) Dowler Olmstead (1971)
Olmsted Harriett E. (McDole) Harriett E. (McDole) Olmsted (1967)
Olmsted Rex R. Rex R. Olmsted (1951)
O'Laughlin Mary (Crystal) Mary (Crystal) O'Loughlin (1912)
O’Loughlin Michael Michael O’Loughlin (1926)
O'Loughlin Terrance Terrance O'Loughlin (1940)
O'Loughlin Thomas Thomas O'Loughlin (1959)
O'Loughlin Timothy Timothy O'Loughlin (1929)
Olsen Doris P. (Mahan) Doris Mahan Olsen (1998)
Olsen Harlof Isgren “Hi” Harlof Isgren “Hi” Olsen (1990)
Olsen Kenneth Kenneth Olsen (2003)
Olsen Laura (Peterson) Laura (Peterson) Olsen (1915)
Olsen Lourena Lourena Olsen (1915)
Olsen Perry Perry Olsen (1937)
Olsen Vanna (Breeding) Vanna Breeding Olsen (2000)
Olson Albin Ole Albin "Ole" Olson (1993)
Olson Cepha Emerson Cepha Emerson Olson (1991)
Olson Clarence A. Clarence A. Olson (1972)
Olson Harold Harold Olson (1983)
Olson Harry Leach Harry Leach Olson (1946)
Olson Helen R. (Powers) Helen Powers Olson (1997)
Olson Jennie (Jennings) Jennie Jennings Olson (1991)
Olson Joseph Nelson Joseph Nelson Olson (1932)
Olson Lawrence Elliot Lawrence Elliot Olson (1995)
Olson Lloyd Edwin Lloyd Edwin Olson (1962)
Olson Lloyd Edwin Lloyd Edwin Olson (1984)
Olson Lowell 'Ole' Lowell 'Ole' Olson (1997)
Olson Margaret Sophia (Smith) Margaret Sophia (Smith) Olson (2012)
Olson Marion Marion Olson (1954)
Olson Martha (McCurdy) Martha (McCurdy) Olson (1972)
Olson Mary (Brown) Mary Brown Olson (1981)
Olson Roger W. Roger W. Olson (1993)
Olson Stella Mae (Brown) Stella Mae Olson (1992)
Olson Susie (Smith) Susie Smith Olson (1963)
Olson Veda May (Allen) Veda May Allen Olson (1960)
Olson Velma (Bowlsby) Velma Bowlsby Olson (1973)
Olson Velma Luella (Mikkelsen) Velma Mikkelsen Olson (2002)
Olson Warren Warren Olson (1966)
Olson Winifred (Whedon) Winifred Whedon Olson (1953)
O'Neal Charles E. Charles E. ONeal (1940)
O'Neal Lettie Lettie O'Neal (1968)
O'Neal Margaret (Donahue) Margaret Donahue O'Neal (1972)
O'Neal Paul D. Paul D. O'Neal (1973)
Onstot Bonita (Kinnaird) Bonita (Kinnaird) Onstot (1939)
Oppenheimer James Berkson James Berkson Oppenheimer (1985)
Orahood Garrett Garrett Orahood (1911)
Orahood Lizzie J. (McKibben) Lizzie J. (McKibben) Orahood (1959)
Orahood Victoria (Pierce) Victoria (Pierce) Orahood (1892)
Ordahl Agnes Belle (Banks) Agnes Banks Ordahl (1997)
O'Rear Yvonne (Huglin) Yvonne Huglin O'Rear (1988)
Orkin Max Max Orkin (1939)
Orman James Bradley James Bradley Orman (1919)
Orman William William Orman (1880)
Orr Claude W. Claude W. Orr (1989)
Orr Clifton Clifton Orr (1921)
Orr Cora L. (Foster) Cora Foster Orr (1962)
Orr Dale Darwin Dale Darwin Orr (2004)
Orr Elizabeth (Acheson) Elizabeth (Acheson) Orr (1931)
Orr Emmett Guy Emmett Guy Orr (1923)
Orr Etha Vesta Etha Vesta Orr (1904)
Orr Flora M. (Powell) Flora M. Orr (1993)
Orr Frank G. Frank G. Orr (1950)
Orr Gail W. Gail W. Orr (1972)
Orr George Harrison George Harrison Orr (1922)
Orr Gerald True Gerald True Orr (1922)
Orr Hal Hal Orr (1981)
Orr Harry D. Harry D. Orr (1937)
Orr James D. James D. Orr (1936)
Orr James D., Sr. James Orr, Sr. (1898)
Orr Jeannine (Lindmark) Jeannine (Lindmark) Orr (2010)
Orr Kathryn (Gray) Kathryn (Gray) Orr (1918)
Orr Kenneth Raymond Kenneth Raymond Orr (2009)
Orr Louisa M. (Greene) Louisa Greene Orr (1965)
Orr Luella C. (Paullin) Luella C. (Paullin) Orr (1950)
Orr Margaret Leota (Eivins) Margaret Eivins Orr (2002)
Orr Maurice J. Maurice J. Orr (1951)
Orr Melvin Brett Melvin Brett Orr (1963)
Orr Myrtle (Feeley) Myrtle Feeley Orr (1960)
Orr Robert G. Robert G. Orr (1960)
Orr Roger Roger Orr (2008)
Orr Tootsia Tootsia Orr (1907)
Orr Vivian Francis "Bib" (Allen) Vivian Francis 'Bib' (Allen) Orr (2014)
Orr William Charles William Charles Orr (1931)
Orr William T. William T. Orr (1912)
Orris Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin Orris (1918)
Orris Edwin S. Edwin S. Orris (1956)
Orris Elmer Elmer Orris (1943)
Orris Emory E. Emory E. Orris (1961)
Orris Hannah P. (Olds) Hannah P. (Olds) Orris (1895)
Orris Levi Alexander Levi Alexander Orris (1921)
Orris Loyd Loyd Orris (1894)
Orris Lucy (Welch) Lucy Welch Orris (1972)
Orris Margaret J. Margaret J. Orris (1908)
Orris Mary M. Mary M. Orris (1956)
Orris Nell Nell Orris (1955)
Orris Olive (Boden) Olive (Boden) Orris (1922)
Orris Reuben S. Reuben S. Orris (1916)
Orris Rosa Lee (Elsbury) Rosa Lee Elsbury Orris (1955)

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