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Andis LaRita Faye (White) LaRita Faye (White) Andis (2012)
Andress Eva M. Eva M. Andress (1961)
Andress Harvey D. Harvey D. Andress (1872)
Andress Orin Orin Andress (1874)
Andrew Audrey Audrey Andrew (1932)
Andrew Ella B. (Fritzen) Ella B. (Fritzen) Andrew 1960)
Andrew Jonathan R. Jonathan R. Andrew (1939)
Andrew Orla Griffith Orla G. Andrew (1945)
Andrew William A. William A Andrew (1957)
Andrews Arthur Arthur Andrews (1946)
Andrews Edna Louise (Butt) Edna Louise Butt Andrews (1998)
Andrews Hannah (Landis) Hannah Landis Andrews (1912)
Andrews Henry Hanson Henry Hanson Andrews (1909)
Andrews Ida M. Ida M. Andrews (1951)
Andrews Lewis H. Lewis H. Andrews (1949)
Andrews Marion F. Marion F. Andrews (1947)
Andrews Mildred Elaine (Gay) Mildred Gay Andrews (2006)
Andrews Neva (Brock) Neva Brock Andrews (1950)
Andrews Olive Olive Andrews (1928)
Andrews Rebecca A. (Woolman) Rebecca A. (Woolman) Andrews (1895)
Andrews Rosa M. (Davis) Rosa M. ( Davis) Andrews (1968)
Andrews Ted Myles Ted Myles Andrews (1997)
Andrews Viola (Adams) Viola (Adams) Andrews (1949)
Angell Phyllis Maxine (Jordan) Phyllis Jordan Angell (1961)
Angerer Anna (Kirsch) Husted Anna (Kirsch) Husted Angerer (1970)
Angevine Edna Edna Angevine (1942)
Angevine Henry L. Henry L. Angevine (1888)
Angevine Lee H. Lee H. Angevine (1932)
Angevine Mabel Marion Mabel Marion Angevine (1896)
Angevine Mary (Vinson) Mary Vinson Angevine (1916)
Angier James Harvey James Harvey Angier (1912)
Angrick Barbara G. (Gale) Barbara G. (Gale) Angrick (2013)
Ankeny Irvin Irvin Ankeny (1886)
Anker Danielle R. Danielle R. Anker (1995)
Anker Earl "Bud" J. Earl "Bud" J. Anker (2006)
Anker Howard M. Howard M. Anker (1972)
Anker Irene M. (Souders) Irene M. Anker (1991)
Anker James LeRoy James LeRoy Anker (1983)
Anker Merle J. "Bus" Merle J. "Bus" Anker (2006)
Anker Robert LeRoy Robert LeRoy Anker (1965)
Anker Samuel Snowden Samuel Snowden Anker (1950)
Anker Sarah Margaret (Clark) Sarah Margaret (Clark) Anker (1940)
Anker Shirley Jean (Smith) Shirley Jean (Smith) Anker (2018)
Anker Steven Steven Anker (1981)
Anklam Mary Jeanette (Bruns) Mary Jeanette (Bruns) Anklam (1978)
Annable Freida Mae Freida Mae Annable (2016)
Anthes George P. George P. Anthes (1946)
Anthony Jack Robert Jack Robert Anthony (1939)
Anthony Jack W. Jack W. Anthony (1992)
Anthony Loren DeLaney Loren DeLaney Anthony (1967)
Anthony Mary Ann Mary Ann Anthony (1930)
Anthony Minerva Keziah (Forbes) Minerva Keziah Anthony (1958)
Anthony Teddy James Teddy James Anthony (2009)
Anthony William William Anthony (1916)
Antle Ezra P. Ezra P. Antle (1942)
Antram Agnes (Valentine) Hammer Agnes (Valentine) Hammer Antram (1926)
Applegate Alda Mary Alda Mary Applegate (1963)
Applegate Alene Alene Applegate (2010)
Applegate Allen Allen Applegate (1909)
Applegate Andrew Andrew Applegate (1917)
Applegate Anna Maudie (Barnett) Anna Maudie Applegate (2003)
Applegate Annie (Thomson) Annie Thomson Applegate (1934)
Applegate Benton Benton Applegate (1931)
Applegate Cora M. Cora M. Applegate (1966)
Applegate David David Applegate (1891)
Applegate David C. David C. Applegate (2007)
Applegate David Morse David Morse Applegate (1958)
Applegate Dwayne Morse Dwayne Morse Applegate (1983)
Applegate Elnora S. (Nervig) Elnora Nervig Applegate (2001)
Applegate Mary E. (Denison) Mary E. (Denison) Applegate (1891)
Applegate Mary J. (Chase) Mary J. (Chase) Applegate (1913)
Applegate Ralph Ralph Applegate (1898)
Applegate Robert Thomson Robert Thomson Applegate (1896)
Applegate Rosalie E. (Morse) Rosalie E. (Morse) Applegate (1906)
Applegate Rufus Rufus Applegate (1884)
Applegate Russell H. Russell H. Applegate (1999)
Applegate Wilma Barnett Wilma Barnett Applegate (1998)
Appleton Charles Edwin Charles Edwin Appleton (1927)
Archer Asa Asa Archer (1913)
Archer Bessie C. Bessie C. Archer (1892)
Archer Clarence W. Clarence W. Archer (1957)
Archer Dulcie O. (Emerson) Dehner Dulcie O. (Emerson) Archer Dehner (1994)
Archer Gabriel Lewis Gabriel Lewis Archer (1935)
Archer Grace Ethel (Dudney) Grace Dudney Archer (1996)
Archer Hattie B. (Houston) Hattie Houston Archer (1960)
Archer Henrietta (Larrington) Henrietta (Larrington) Archer (1979)
Archer Jane (McDonald) Scholes Jane (McDonald) Scholes Archer (1935)
Archer John William John William Archer (1953)
Archer Joseph M. Joseph M. Archer (1927)
Archer Lucile Lucile Archer (1901)
Archer Mary Maud (Scott) Mary Maud Scott Archer (1962)
Archer Oliver Franklin O. Franklin Archer (Dr.) (1978)
Archer Oliver Milton Oliver Milton Archer (1926)
Archer Oliver N. Oliver N. Archer (1956)
Archer Pearl E. (DeHaven) Pearl E. (DeHaven) Archer (1904)
Archer R. Lyle R. Lyle Archer (1996)
Archer Sarah (Henkle) Sarah (Henkle) Archer (1910)
Armbrest Byrl Byrl Armbrest (1986)
Armbrest Casper Casper Armbrest (1908)
Armbrest Charles C. Charles C. Armbrest (1949)
Armbrest Charles R. Charles R. Armbrest (1921)
Armbrest Eli M. Eli M. Armbrest (1953)
Armbrest Laura L. (Cateron) Laura Cateron Armbrest (1960)
Armbrest Mary Etta Mary Etta Armbrest (1908)
Armbrest Pearl Letta (Shearer) Pearl Letta (Shearer) Armbrest (1966)
Armbrest Solomon Wiley Solomon Wiley Armbrest (1955)
Armes Martha Janeice (Gajewski) Martha Janeice (Gajewski) Armes (2013)
Armes Roy Howard Roy Howard Armes (2014)
Armit Julia Ann Julia Ann Armit (2002)

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