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Menefee John William John William Menefee (1930)
Menke Carol (Gloege) Carol Gloege Menke (1991)
Menke Harold M. Harold M. Menke (1995)
Mennealy Mabel Marie Mabel Marie Mennealy (1929)
Mercer Carl Eugene Carl Eugene Mercer (2013)
Mercer Edwinna "Eddie" K. (Rogers) Edwinna "Eddie" (Rogers) Mercer (1909)
Mercer Emma C. (Kinkennon) Emma C. Mercer (1960)
Mercer Emma M. (Humbert) Emma M. (Humbert) Mercer (1900)
Mercer Glenn Glenn Mercer (1965)
Mercer Harry H. Harry H. Mercer (1961)
Mercer Mary Isabella (Sowder) Mary Sowder Mercer (1986)
Mercer May May Mercer (1893)
Mercer Merle M. Merle M. Mercer (2005)
Mercer Minnie Emmaline (Edgar) Minnie Emmaline (Edgar) Mercer (1957)
Mercer William William Mercer (1907)
Mercer William – Child of Child of Wm. Mercer (1876)
Merchant Mary E. Mary E. Merchant (1880)
Mercurio Nicholas Nicholas Mercurio (1953)
Mercurio Rhoda Lorraine (Korner) Rhoda Lorraine (Korner) Mercurio (1937)
Meredith Leonard William Leonard William Meredith (2011)
Merica Joseph S. Joe S. Merica (1893)
Merical Arminnie (Longmire) Arminnie Merical (1945)
Merical Floyd John "Junior" Floyd John "Junior" Merical (2016)
Merical Frances (Sheaffer) Frances Merical (1990)
Merical Georgie Irene (Ohm) Georgie Irene Merical (1991)
Merrell Julia (Bishop) Julia (Bishop) Merrell (1910)
Merrell Ora Evelyn Ora Evelyn Merrell (1897)
Merrell Rensselear Hill Rensselear Hill Merrell (1898)
Merrifield Margaret "Peggy" Dorothy (Baldwin) Margaret "Peggy" Dorothy (Baldwin) Merrifield (2013)
Merrifield Laraine Rae "Raine" (Shull) Laraine Rae "Raine" (Shull) Merrifield (2014)
Merrifield Mike Mike Merrifield (2005)
Merrifield Robert Robert Merrifield (2004)
Merrill Anna (Mardis) Anna Merrill (1941)
Merrill Charles O. Charles O. Merrill (1940)
Merrill Mariah Mariah Merrill (1896)
Merrill Ruby Ruby Merrill (1931)
Merrill Willard Willard Merrill (1955)
Merriman John John Merriman (1906)
Merritt Floy Blanche (Edington) Floy Blanche (Edington) Merritt (1937)
Merritt Lucinda C. Lucinda C. Merritt (1879)
Merryman Catherine “Cay” (Genson) Catherine “Cay” (Genson) Merryman (2008)
Merryman Charles Charles Merryman (1946)
Merryman Earl Earl Merryman (1898)
Merryman Emily Louise (Colclazier) Emily Louise (Colclazier) Merryman (1928)
Merryman Frank C. Frank C. Merryman (1938)
Merryman Greenbury Wilson Greenbury Wilson Merryman (1925)
Merryman Mabel E. Mabel E. Merryman (1977)
Merryman Mirl Mirl Merryman (1917)
Merryman Ralph Ralph Merryman (1952)
Merryman Sarah Emma Sarah Emma Merryman (1914)
Mesnier Mary G. (Fenimore) Mary G. Mesnier (1995)
Messenger James, Rev. Rev. James Messenger (1876)
Messer Larry Larry Messer (2007)
Messersmith Pearl Amanda (Flesher) Pearl Amanda (Flesher) Messersmith (1978)
Messersmith Rudolph G. Rudolph G. Messersmith (1979)
Messinger Effie Alice Effie Alice Messinger (1979)
Mewhirter Hazel Marie (Silk) Snider Hazel Marie (Silk) Mewhirter Snider (2017)
Meyer Alice (Roderick) Alice Roderick Meyer (1963)
Meyer Alvin P. Alvin P. Meyer (1967)
Meyer Charlotte Raye (Whited) Charlotte Raye Meyer (2005)
Meyer Clarence Clarence Meyer (1953)
Meyer Clarence William Oscar Clarence William Oscar Meyer (1936)
Meyer Dorothy Ruth (Shambaugh) Dorothy Ruth Meyer (1991)
Meyer Earl A. Earl A. Meyer (1977)
Meyer Esther Julia (Alberding) Esther Julia Meyer (1979)
Meyer Eugene Eugene Meyer (1986)
Meyer Eva C. (Golightly) Eva C. (Golightly) Meyer (1988)
Meyer Frederick E. Frederick E. Meyer (1903)
Meyer Frederick H. Frederick H. Meyer (1950)
Meyer Frederick W. Frederick W. Meyer (2005)
Meyer Frederick William, Jr. Frederick William Meyer, Jr. (1956)
Meyer Ida (Storck) Ida (Storck) Meyer (1944)
Meyer Irwin G. Irwin G. Meyer (1964)
Meyer Martha (Anderson) Martha (Anderson) Meyer (2012)
Meyer Mary M. (Chase) Mary Chase Meyer (1974)
Meyer Wilma Wilma Meyer (1920)
Meyer Yvonne (Conard) Yvonne (Conard) Meyer (2009)
Meyerhoff Fredericka Fredericka Meyerhoff (1896)
Meyers Betty J. (Alexander) Betty J. Meyers (2000)
Meyers Charlotte Charlotte Meyers (2008)
Meyers Jacob Jacob Meyers (1931)
Meyers Laurel "L. D." Laurel "L. D." Meyers (2007)
Meyers Lola Irene (Beeson) Lola Irene (Beeson) Meyers (1950)
Michael George Henry George Henry Michael (1963)
Michael Harry L. Harry L. Michael (1988)
Michael Margaret A. (Veenstra) Margaret A. (Veenstra) Michael (2010)
Michael Nellie (Sell) Nellie (Sell) Michael (1973)
Michaels James Louis James Louis Michaels (1990)
Michaels Michele Lynne (Halverson) Michele Lynne (Halverson) Michaels (2011)
Michel Rosa Ellen (Pace) Rosa Ellen (Pace) Michel (1922)
Michener Carroll Edwin Carroll Edwin Michener (1906)
Michener Emaline Emaline Michener (1895)
Michener Frank Wilfred Frank Wilfred Michener (1942)
Michener Louise (Brauer) Louise (Brauer) Michener (1967)
Michener Lydia Lydia Michener (1940)
Michener Mary Ellen (Atkinson) Mary Ellen (Atkinson) Michener (1930)
Michner Verne Verne Michner (1948)
Mickle Timothy William Timothy William Mickle (2016)
Middleswart Geraldine (Denly) Geraldine (Denly) Middleswart (2008)
Middleton Joseph Evans Joseph Evans Middleton (1924)
Middleton Lemon E. Lemon E. Middleton (1897)
Middleton Mahala Ella (Creger) Mahala Ella (Creger) Middleton (1935)
Middleton Mildred (Roush) Mildred (Roush) Middleton (1918)
Miehe Esther (Mawe) Esther (Mawe) Miehe (1987)
Mikesh Karen Marie (Bredeson) Karen Marie (Bredeson) Mikesh (2010)
Mikkelsen Nina Blanche (Winn) Nina Blanche (Winn) Mikkelsen (2012)
Milbourn George Washington George Washington Milbourn (1957)
Miles Alta Ellen (Berry) Alta Ellen (Berry) Miles (2000)
Miles Bertha Rebecca (Crossley) Bertha Crossley Miles (1966)
Miles Bess Evelyn (Burd) Bess Miles (1968)
Miles Blaine V. Blaine V. Miles (1984)
Miles Bruce O. Bruce O. Miles (1933)
Miles Butler Bird Butler Bird Miles (1940)
Miles Cecelia (Smith) Cecelia (Smith) Miles (1927)
Miles Charles Charles Miles (1899)
Miles Clarence A. Louis Clarence A. Louis Miles (1913)
Miles Dan Dan Miles (1997)
Miles Daniel T. Daniel T. Miles (1921)
Miles David, Lieut. David Miles (Lieut.) (1945)
Miles Earnest Harvey Earnest Harvey Miles (1953)
Miles Edward "Doc" L. Dr. Dr. Edward "Doc" L. Miles (2018)
Miles Elizabeth (Gayhart) Fastle Elizabeth (Gayhart) Fastle - Miles (1933)
Miles Elmer, Jr. Elmer Miles, Jr. (2017)
Miles Henry Hamilton Henry Hamilton Miles (1921)
Miles Isaiah Isaiah Miles (1910)
Miles Jessie (Bird) Jessie (Bird) Miles (1938)
Miles John Hedge John Hedge Miles (1904)
Miles Judith Ann (Maier) Judith Ann (Maier) Miles (2013)
Miles Leah Mildred (Brown) Leah Mildred (Brown) Miles (1974)
Miles Loraine (Koser) Loraine Koser Miles (1964)
Miles Marcia (Wright) Marcia (Wright) Miles (2013)
Miles Margaret Jessie Margaret Jessie Miles (1922)
Miles Marjorie Maxine (Compton) Bass Marjorie Compton Bass Miles (2007)
Miles Milo Myron Milo Myron Miles (1982)
Miles Philip H. Philip H. Miles (2007)
Miles Ray Ray Miles (1963)
Miles Roberta "Ruth" (Hamilton) Roberta "Ruth" (Hamilton) Miles (2007)
Miles Walter - Child of Child of Walter Miles (1902)
Milholland Helen May (Frisbee) Helen May (Frisbee) Milholland (1935)
Milholland John John Milholland (1921)
Milholland Mamie Mamie Milholland (1885)

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