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Dickinson Chester L., Dr. Chester L. Dickinson (Dr.) (1939)
Dickinson Frances V. 'Fannie' (Roby) Frances V. 'Fannie' (Roby) Dickinson (1904)
Dickinson Geraldine (Morgan) Geraldine (Morgan) Dickinson (2008)
Dickinson Harold S. Harold S. Dickinson (1987)
Dickinson Kayleigh Mae Kayleigh Mae Dickinson (1991)
Dickinson Mayme A. Mayme A. Dickinson (1912)
Dickinson Ora Ora Dickinson (1906)
Dickson Andrew E. Andrew E. Dickson (1992)
Dickson Ella Fern (Cross) Ella Fern (Cross) Dickson (1993)
Dickson James N. James N. Dickson (1941)
Dickson Ruby Claire (Fritz) Ruby Claire (Fritz) Dickson (1980)
Dickson Ruth Evelyn (Lathrum) Ruth Evelyn (Lathrum) Dickson (1972)
Deignan Charles Charles Deignan (1922)
Diem John A. John A. Diem (1873)
Diemer James Irving James Irving Diemer (1954)
Diemer Rosa (Foreman) Rosa (Foreman) Diemer (1950)
Diggs Abigail Abigail Diggs (1895)
Diggs Amos Peacock Amos Peacock Diggs (1931)
Diggs Anna (Peacock) Anna (Peacock) Diggs (1904)
Diggs Charlie T. Charlie T. Diggs (1916)
Diggs Clara Clara Diggs (1973)
Diggs Elisha W. Elisha W. Diggs (1908)
Diggs Eliza Ann (Daniel) Eliza Ann (Daniel) Diggs (1940)
Diggs Elizabeth (Nichols) Elizabeth Nichols Diggs (1909)
Diggs Elwood P. Elwood P. Diggs (1900)
Diggs George C. George C. Diggs (1955)
Diggs Hannah Eunice Hannah Eunice Diggs (1963)
Diggs James James Diggs (1919)
Diggs Jane (Cooper) Jane Cooper Diggs (1932)
Diggs Joseph C. Joseph C. Diggs (1899)
Diggs Leonard Leonard Diggs (1953)
Diggs Pleasant W. Pleasant W. Diggs (1911)
Diggs William William Diggs (1885)
Diggs William William Diggs (1939)
Diggs William 'Bill' C. William 'Bill' C. Diggs (1984)
Diggs Wilson Wilson Diggs (1926)
Dill Lucinda Margaret (Doud) Lucinda Margaret (Doud) Dill (1892)
Dilley Harry E. Harry E. Dilley (1936)
Dillinger Audrey Marie Audrey Marie Dillinger (2000)
Dillinger Bulah "Blue" Bell (Bond) Bulah "Blue" Bell (Bond) Dillinger (2009)
Dillinger Dixie Mae Dixie Mae Dillinger (1951)
Dillinger Donald Lee Donald Lee Dillinger (2016)
Dillinger Etta Eva (Libby) Etta Eva Dillinger (1952)
Dillinger Inez M. (Amerine) Inez M. (Amerine) Dillinger (2007)
Dillinger Jerry Jerry Dillinger (2016)
Dillinger Kenneth Allen Kenneth Allen Dillinger (1991)
Dillinger Loretta Lynn (Lawrence) Loretta Lynn (Lawrence) Dillinger (2015)
Dillinger Richard Dean Richard Dean Dillinger (2018)
Dillinger Robert Verl Robert Verl Dillinger (1977)
Dillinger Robert W. Robert W. Dillinger (1969)
Dillinger Terry Terry Dillinger (1986)
Dillinger Tina Marie Tina Marie Dillinger (1972)
Dillinger Tony L. Tony L. Dillinger (1970)
Dillinger Verl W. Verl W. Dillinger (2008)
Dillinger William A. William A. Dillinger (1943)
Dillon Charles Charles Dillon (1965)
Dillon Mary F. (Hutchinson) Mary F. (Hutchinson) Dillon (1901)
Dillon Molly Molly Dillon (1915)
Dillon William F. William F. Dillon (1878)
Dimel Florence Areta (Merical) Florence Areta Dimel (1976)
Dimel Nichlaus George Nichlaus George Dimel (1946)
Dingeman Hershel 'Squirt' Hershel 'Squirt' Dingeman (2003)
Dingman Richard Allan Richard Allan Dingman (1986)
Dings Ida M. (Hood) Ogburn Ida M. (Hood) Dings Ogburn (1935)
Dinham Mary L. (Fivecoat) Mary L. (Fivecoat) Dinham (1946)
Dinsmore Simon Simon Dinsmore (1878)
Dippold Edith (Roach) Edith Roach Dippold (1985)
Dippold Helen Marjorie (Shera) Helen Shera Dippold (1978)
Dippold Henry Andrew Henry Dippold (1977)
Dippold William A. William A. Dippold (1985)
Dippold William Dale William Dale Dippold (2012)
Dippold William Orville William Orville Dippold (2015)
Diser Charles F. Charles F. Diser (1936)
Diser Dwaine Dwaine Diser (1940)
Diser John John Diser (1953)
Diser Lee M. Lee M. Diser (1934)
Ditto Madge (Rennecker) Madge Rennecker Ditto (1956)
Divelbiss Bob Sr. Bob Divelbiss Sr. (1998)
Dix Charles W. Charles W. Dix (1899)
Dixon Catherine L. (Debord) Catherine (DeBord) Dixon (1987)
Dixon Emil Lee Emil Lee Dixon (2000)
Dixon Richard Richard Dixon (1969)
Doak Anna Catherena (Peterson) Anna Peterson Doak (1945)
Doak Calla (Farquhar) Calla Farquhar Doak (1965)
Doak Charles C. Charles C. Doak (1925)
Doak Isabel (Myers) Isabel (Myers) Doak (1911)
Doak John John Doak (1934)
Doak Lucy B. Lucy B. Doak (1950)
Doak Paul Paul Doak (1909)
Doak Samuel H. Samuel H. Doak (1943)
Doak Sarah E. (McDaniel) Sarah McDaniel Doak (1920)
Doak Thomas Clarence Thomas Clarence Doak (1955)
Doak Walter Andrew Walter Andrew Doak (1900)
Doak William William Doak (1905)
Doak William Andrew William A. Doak (1905)
Doak William F. William F. Doak (1926)
Doak William Henry William Henry Doak (1933)
Doan Araminty (DeBord) Araminty DeBord Doan (1932)
Doan Don M. Don M. Doan (1935)
Doan Frank B. Frank B. Doan (1928)
Doan William A. William A. Doan (1942)
Doan William H. William H. Doan (1921)
Doan Zacharias D. Zacharias D. Doan (1885)
Dobbs Harry, (Lt. Col.) Harry Dobbs, (Lt. Col.) (1988)
Dobbs Helen B. (Burns) Helen B. (Burns) Dobbs (1990)
Dobbins Lawrence 'Dick' R. Lawrence 'Dick' R. Dobbins (2003)
Dobson William J. William J. Dobson (1898)
Docket Betta Betta Docket (1895)
Docksteader Estella Roe (Owen) Estella Roe (Owen) Docksteader (1909)
Docksteader John A. John A. Docksteader (1940)
Docksteader John Jennings John Jennings Docksteader (1910)
Dodd Flossie Jane (Swearingen) Flossie Jane (Swearingen) Dodd (1918)
Dodd Joe C. Joe C. Dodd (2008)
Dodd Wilbert E. "Gene" Wilbert E. "Gene" Dodd (1945)
Dodge Ilo B. (Comp) Ilo B. Dodge (2004)
Dodson Olive (Easter) Olive Easter Dodson (1982)
Dodson William Leroy 'B.J.' William Leroy 'B.J.' Dodson (1996)
Doheny Catherine Catherine Doheny (1923)
Doheny Ellen (Ryan) Ellen (Ryan) Doheny (1896)
Doheny Florence B. Florence B. Doheny (1903)
Doheny Martin, Pvt. Martin Doheny, Pvt (1918)
Doheny Michael Michael Doheny (1895)
Doheny Thomas F. Thomas F. Doheny (1922)
Doheny Thomas F. Thomas F. Doheny (1934)
Doherty Vera Grace Vera Grace Doherty (1977)
Dolmage Lorena Marie (Hindman) Lorena Marie (Hindman) Dolmage (2003)
Dolphin William William Dolphin (1907)
Dolson Delbert Avery Delbert Avery Dolson (1982)
Dolson Edna Evelyn (Ellison) Edna Ellison Dolson (2002)
Dolson George George Dolson (1920)
Dolson John H. John H. Dolson (1894)

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