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DeVault Albert Jerome Albert Jerome DeVault (1948)
DeVault Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin DeVault (1927)
DeVault Bessie Merle (Fife) Bessie M. DeVault (1989)
DeVault Bessie Sophronia (Estell) Bessie S. DeVault (1979)
DeVault Carrie (Crow) Carrie (Crow) DeVault (1957)
DeVault Carrie (Stahl) Carrie (Stahl) DeVault (1961)
Devault Charles - infant of Infant of Charles Devault (1913)
DeVault Charles H. Charles H. DeVault (1924)
DeVault Charles Henry Charles Henry DeVault (1940)
Devault Charles Jesse Charles Jesse Devault (1902)
DeVault Clair Clair DeVault (1958)
DeVault Clarence C. Clarence C. DeVault (1969)
DeVault Donald Donald DeVault (1925)
DeVault Elsie (Craven) Elsie Craven DeVault (1962)
DeVault Estella Ellen (Fox) Estella Fox DeVault (1977)
DeVault Forest Dale Forest Dale DeVault (1930)
DeVault Gladys B. (Wright) Gladys B. (Wright) DeVault (1976)
Devault Glenn A. Glenn A. Devault (1972)
DeVault Grover G. Grover G. DeVault (1942)
DeVault Gyle Gyle DeVault (1988)
Devault Henry Felkner Henry Felkner Devault (1918)
DeVault Hettie (Row) Hettie (Row) DeVault (1931)
Devault Jasper Strauder 'Straud' Jasper Strauder "Straud" Devault (1920)
DeVault John Henry John Henry DeVault (1956)
Devault Jonathan Jonathan Devault (1896)
DeVault Jonathan Clifford Jonathan Clifford DeVault (1975)
DeVault Joseph Jerome Joseph Jerome DeVault (1922)
DeVault Leora Olive (Reinier) Leora Olive (Reinier) DeVault (1976)
Devault Malinda (Stephenson) Malinda (Stephenson) Devault (1910)
DeVault Margaret E. (Bellows) Margaret E. (Bellows) DeVault (1943)
DeVault Margaret Josephine (Bruett) Margaret J. Bruett DeVault (1997)
DeVault Marion Charles Marion Charles DeVault (1998)
Devault Mary Frances (Nicholson) Mary Frances Nicholson Devault (1936)
DeVault Mary Margaret (LaPella) Mary Margaret DeVault (1968)
DeVault Merle N. Merle N. DeVault (2005)
DeVault Mildred Lillian (Pryor) Mildred Lillian (Pryor) DeVault (2001)
DeVault Minerva Jane (Fuhrmeister) Minerva Jane DeVault (1939)
DeVault Orange Jackson Orange Jackson DeVault (1956)
DeVault Orla H. Orla H. DeVault (1998)
Devault Rachel (Felkner) Rachel (Felkner) Devault (1902)
DeVault Ralph Jerome Ralph J. DeVault (1922)
Devault Sarah Jane Sarah Jane DeVault (1944)
Devereaux Sheldon Corey Sheldon Corey Devereaux (2011)
DeVilbis Richard Joy Richard Joy DeVilbis (1944)
Devine Clara Junita (Burgus) Clara Burgus Devine (1968)
Devine Doris E. Doris E. Devine (2014)
Devine Edward H. Edward H. Devine (1960)
Devine Elizabeth V. (Foreman) Elizabeth V. (Foreman) Devine (1950)
Devine Ellen Ellen Devine (1889)
Devine John John Devine (1908)
Devine John M. John M. Devine (2002)
Devine John Oliver John Oliver Devine (1972)
Devine Kate Kate Devine (1889)
Devine Mabel M. (Klingensmith) Mabel M. (Klingensmith) Devine (1985)
Devine Orlando Benjamin, Rev. Rev. Orlando Benjamin Devine (1988)
Devine Pearl (Chapman) Pearl (Chapman) Devine (1957)
Devine Rosemary Rene (Daly) Rosemary Rene (Daly) Devine (2015)
Devine Susan Susan Devine (1955)
Devine William William Devine (1933)
Devine William Floyd William Floyd Devine (1977)
Devore Joseph Laurence Joseph Laurence Devore (2006)
Dew Edith Edith Dew (2002)
Dewell Edith (Redman) Edith Redman Dewell (1962)
DeWitt Albert Albert DeWitt (1988)
DeWitt Asmer A. Asmer A. DeWitt (1941)
DeWitt Courtland B. Courtland B. DeWitt (1895)
DeWitt David S. David S. DeWitt (1947)
DeWitt Fontella (Holmes) Fontella Holmes DeWitt (1985)
DeWitt Katherine Graham Katherine Graham DeWitt (1988)
DeWitt Mabel Elizabeth (Brittain) Mabel Elizabeth (Brittain) DeWitt (1904)
DeWitt Minnie M. (Mitchell) Minnie M. (Mitchell) DeWitt (1929)
Dewitt Olive (Gee) Olive (Gee) Dewitt (1895)
DeWitt Richard Seymour Richard Seymour DeWitt (2007)
DeWitt Rodney Mitchell Rodney Mitchell DeWitt (1984)
DeWitt Ruth Ruth DeWitt (1997)
DeWitt Walker R. Walker R. DeWitt (1898)
Dey Helen L. Helen L. Dey (2010)
Dhabalt Fred David Fred D. Dhabalt (2004)
Dhabalt Lillian Ethel (Acott) Lillian Dhabalt (1995)
Dice Lester Ord Lester Ord Dice (1995)
Dice William A. William A. Dice (1930)
Dick Charles Charles Dick (1936)
Dick Clarence 'Clair' Clarence "Clair" Dick (1972)
Dick Cynthia Ella (White) Cynthia Ella (White) Dick (1894)
Dick Delbert Laverne Delbert Laverne Dick (1920)
Dick Della (Iiams) Della (Iiams) Dick (1950)
Dick Dora Ethel (Scott) Dora Ethel (Scott) Dick (1919)
Dick Earl H. Earl H. Dick (1986)
Dick Earl Wallace "Wally" Earl Wallace "Wally" Dick (2014)
Dick Floyd Floyd Dick (1957)
Dick Frank Frank Dick (1949)
Dick Gailen Lester Gailen Lester Dick (1968)
Dick Iola Ruth (Minor) Iola Ruth (Minor) Dick (1967)
Dick Irene M. (Smith) Irene M. (Smith) Dick (1975)
Dick James James Dick (1874)
Dick Jeannette Lee Jeannette Lee Dick (1938)
Dick John P. John P. Dick (1896)
Dick Laura Lorraine Laura Lorraine Dick (1917)
Dick Lillie Lillie Dick (1899)
Dick Miles W. Miles W. Dick (1982)
Dick Richard Richard Dick (1991)
Dick Sarah E. (Franks ) Sarah E. (Franks ) Dick (1919)
Dick Stanley F. Stanley F. Dick (1981)
Dick William A. William A. Dick (1936)
Dickel Pamela Joyce (Carter) Pamela Carter Dickel (1987)
Dickerson Ida Ida Dickerson (1920)
Dickerson Mary Deloris "Dee" Mary Deloris "Dee" Dickerson (2014)
Dickerson Naomi Elizabeth (Waltz) Naomi Elizabeth (Waltz) Dickerson (2015)
Dickey Cora (McFarlin) Cora (McFarlin) Dickey (1958)

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