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Bartell John Henry John Henry Bartell (1921)
Bartelt Esther Miles Esther Miles Bartelt (1996)
Bartholomew Charles Rick Charles Rick Bartholomew (1968)
Bartholomew Clark Clark Bartholomew (1986)
Bartholomew Darlene H. (Grimes) Darlene Grimes Bartholomew (2002)
Bartlett Alfred Alfred Bartlett (1889)
Bartlett Arthur C. Arthur C. Bartlett (1938)
Bartlett Harlan W. Harlan W. Bartlett (1967)
Bartlett Josephine E. (Philbrick) Josephine E. (Philbrick) Bartlett (1930)
Bartlett Julia A. (Gates) Julia A. (Gates) Bartlett (1960)
Bartlett Lester Elmo Lester Elmo Bartlett (1920)
Bartlett Lloyd W. Lloyd W. Bartlett (1956)
Bartlett Sarah (Richmond) Sarah (Richmond) Bartlett (1899)
Bartlett Valeta May (Miller) Valeta Miller Bartlett (1950)
Bartlett Walter Henry Walter Henry Bartlett (1957)
Bartmess Byron Byron Bartmess (1959)
Bartmess Sarah Lucile (Sumpter) Lucile Sumpter Bartmess (2000)
Barton Amelia Bell (Osburn) Amelia Belle (Osburn) Barton (1917)
Barton Anna (Smith) Anna (Smith) Barton (1936)
Barton Arthur G. Arthur G. Barton (1928)
Barton Drusilla (Steel) Drusilla (Steel) Barton (1894)
Barton Florence (Ruth) Florence (Ruth) Barton (1974)
Barton Jessie (Dunbar) Jessie (Dunbar) Barton (1917)
Barton Mildred Mildred Barton (1946)
Barton William William Barton (1919)
Bartrug Anna Anna Bartrug (1915)
Bartrug Eliza Jane (Young) Eliza Jane (Young) Bartrug (1905)
Bartrug Jackson L. Jackson L. Bartrug (1934)
Bartrug Mary (Dayton) Mary (Dayton) Bartrug (1908)
Bartunek Norman Norman Bartunek (2004)
Basner Lynn A. (Greenwell) Lynn Greenwell Basner (2001)
Basore Audrey Rena (Kilmer) Audrey Kilmer Basore (1986)
Basore Wallace W. Wallace W. Basore (1981)
Bass Aura (Cross) Aura Cross Bass (1994)
Bass Bonnie (Liston) Bonnie (Liston) Bass (2017)
Bass Charles A. Charles A. Bass (1968)
Bass Charles William Charles William Bass (1965)
Bass Dewitt M. Dewitt M. Bass (1954)
Bass Donna Rae Donna Rae Bass (1966)
Bass Dorothy (Leveke) Dorothy Leveke Bass (1995)
Bass Douglas Allen Douglas Allen Bass (1970)
Bass Edward R. Edward R. Bass (1933)
Bass Francis D. Francis D. Bass (1944)
Bass George George Bass (1978)
Bass Mary Elizabeth (Smith) Mary Elizabeth Smith Bass (1950)
Bass Velma Loraine (Fleming) Velma Fleming Bass (2005)
Bass Walter Eugene "Gene" Walter Eugene "Gene" Bass (2011)
Bass William M. "Ted" William M. (Ted) Bass (1958)
Bassett Donna L. (Anderson) Donna L. (Anderson) Bassett (2010)
Bassett Richard Lee Richard Lee Bassett (2014)
Bast August August Bast (1880)
Bast Bernhardt Bernhardt Bast (1922)
Bast Katherina (Saam) Katherina (Saam) Bast (1931)
Bast Laura Belle (Bennett) Laura Belle (Bennett) Bast (1960)
Bast Orville Earl Orville Earl Bast (1966)
Bates Edna Mae Edna Mae Bates (1968)
Bates Ethel (Porter) Picken Ethel Porter Bates (1998)
Bates Frank Carson Frank Carson Bates (1939)
Bates Frank Rolland 'Frog' Frank "Frog" Bates (1983)
Bates Herman Herman Bates (1956)
Bates James James Bates (1979)
Bates Lloyd Lloyd Bates (1973)
Bates Mildred I. (Beghtol) Mildred I. (Beghtol) Bates (2000)
Bates Ole Ole Bates (1956)
Bates Samuel E. Samuel E. Bates (1948)
Bates Sophronia Francis (Eivins) Sophronia Francis Bates (1956)
Bathman Jacob Jacob Bathman (1876)
Batten Harold 'Hal' Harold 'Hal' Batten (1982)
Batten Vesta Valine (Sawhill) Vesta Valine (Sawhill) Batten (2013)
Battice William William Battice (1930)
Bauer Andrew Andrew Bauer (2016)
Bauer George L. George L. Bauer (1948)
Bauer Johanna J. Sommer Johanna J. Sommer Bauer (1908)
Bauer John A. John A. Bauer (1888)
Baugh Edith Edith Baugh (1920)
Baugh Emily Jane (Hooten) Emily Jane (Hooten) Baugh (1878)
Baugh Ida (Barr) Ida (Barr) Baugh (1934)
Baugh John John Baugh (1896)
Baugh Nancy J. Nancy Baugh (1912)
Baughman Kelly Eugene Kelly Eugene Baughman (2007)
Baum Margaret Margaret Baum (1877)
Bauman Patricia Ann (Saylor) Patricia Ann (Saylor) Bauman (2014)
Baumgardner Douglas Douglas Baumgardner (1983)
Baumgardner Frank Frank Baumgardner (2005)
Baumgarten Earl, Jr. Earl Baumgarten, Jr. (2014)
Baur Dennis Peter Dennis Peter Baur (2010)
Baur Florence (Stauffer) Florence (Stauffer) Baur (1941)
Baur George George Baur (1927)
Baur Hettie L. (McBride) Hettie McBride Baur (1954)
Baur Lorraine (Gutz) Lorraine Gutz Baur (1990)
Baur Mary E. (Cunningham) Mary Cunningham Baur (1986)
Baur Merritt C. Merritt C. Baur (1989)
Baur R. Edward R. Edward Baur (1977)
Baur Richard J. Richard J. Baur (1945)
Baur Robert Robert Baur (1963)
Baur Sheila Ann Sheila Ann Baur (1960)
Baur Stanislaus Stanislaus Baur (1909)
Baur Theresa (Bush) Theresa (Bush) Baur (1916)
Bayer Charles Charles Bayer (1917)
Bayer Elizabeth Elizabeth Bayer (1953)
Bayer Emmeline (Schuler) Emmeline (Schuler) Bayer (1905)
Bayer Jacob Jacob Bayer (1933)
Beach Carrie (Ross) Carrie (Ross) Beach (1961)
Beach Jesse Chandler Jesse Chandler Beach (1929)
Beach Lillian F. (Piper) Lillian Piper Beach (1937)
Beach Oren Ralph Oren Ralph Beach (1949)
Beach Oren Ralph, Jr. Oren Ralph Beach Jr. (1923)
Beach Oscar Eugene Oscar Eugene Beach (1945)
Beach Philip Ross Philip Ross Beach (2004)
Beadle Oren Oren Beadle (1894)
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