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Pindell Beersheba (Evans) Beersheba (Evans) Pindell (1902)
Pindell Cass Cass Pindell (1939)
Pindell Ethan Allen Ethan Allen Pindell (1976)
Pindell Eva (Wallace) Eva Wallace Pindell (1979)
Pindell John Merl John Merl Pindell (1989)
Pindell Julia Ann (Arasmith) Julia Ann (Arasmith) Pindell (1940)
Pindell Letha M. (Witt) Letha Witt Pindell (1987)
Pindell Martie Martie Pindell (1889)
Pindell Merl L., Dr. Merl L. Pindell, Dr. (1988)
Pinegar Charles Edward Charles Edward Pinegar (2015)
Pingel Joyce A, (Rush) Joyce A, (Rush) Pingel (2014)
Pinkerton Flora ( Wilson ) Flora (Wilson) Pinkerton (1938)
Pinkney Daughter of J.W. Daughter of J.W. Pinkney (1874)
Piper Anna Anna Piper (1895)
Piper Elise Lydia Maria (Meister) Elise Lydia Maria (Meister) Piper (1972)
Piper Frances Pauline (Mapes) Frances Pauline (Mapes) Piper (2011)
Piper George Francis George Francis Piper (1952)
Piper Isaac Isaac Piper (1914)
Piper Lena (Drushel) Perky Lena (Drushel) Piper Perky (1911)
Piper Mildred D. Mildred D. Piper (1982)
Pitcher Fern (Furrow) Fern (Furrow) Pitcher (1951)
Pitcock Amy (Thrailkill) Amy Thrailkill Pitcock (1971)
Pitcock George George Pitcock (1974)
Pitcock Leland Harold "Deanie" Leland Harold "Deanie" Pitcock (2013)
Pitts Fannie Mae Fannie Mae Pitts (1909)
Pitzen Michelle Lynn (Fick) Michelle Fick Pitzen (2003)
Pitzer Elizabeth Elizabeth Pitzer (1884)
Pitzer Florence Addie Florence Pitzer (1944)
Pitzer John A. John A. Pitzer (1876)
Pitzer John M. - Infant of Infant Pitzer (1878)
Pitzer John Marshall John Marshall Pitzer (1934)
Pitzer John W. John W. Pitzer (1895)
Pitzer Kittie D. Kittie D. Pitzer (1922)
Pitzer Mary Mary Pitzer (1875)
Pitzer Mary A. Mary A. Pitzer (1922)
Pitzer Minnie (Trindle) Minnie Trindle Pitzer (1933)
Pixler Burzelia "Burley" P. Burzelia "Burley" P. Pixler (1940)
Pixler Joseph Butterbaugh Joseph Butterbaugh Pixler (1899)
Pixler Lusina (Sina) Shaver Lusina (Sina) Shaver Pixler (1948)
Pixler Mary Elizabeth (Osborn) Mary Elizabeth (Osborn) Pixler (1900)
Pixler Mary Jane (Mamie) Mary Jane (Mamie) Pixler (1899)
Pixler Rebecca Isabella (Walkup) Rebecca Isabella (Walkup) Pixler (1941)
Pixler Sylvester "Ves" F. Sylvester "Ves" F. Pixler (1920)
Plagman Anna Belle (Vaughn) Anna Belle (Vaughn) Plagman (1972)
Plagman Eva Sarah (Standing) Eva Sarah (Standing) Plagman (1964)
Plate Mavis (Evenson) Mavis (Evenson) Plate (2014)
Plate William William Plate (2014)
Platnick Audrey (Hatfield) Audrey (Hatfield) Platnick (2014)
Platt Adelia (Martin) Adelia (Martin) Platt (1934)
Platt Bruce A. Bruce A. Platt (2004)
Platt Edward F. Edward F. Platt (1949)
Platt Francis R. Francis R. Platt (2013)
Platt Julia A. (Low) Julia A. (Low) Platt (1972)
Platt Louis Louis Platt (1936)
Platt Louise Elizabeth (Lunt) Louise Elizabeth (Lunt) Platt (1974)
Platt Marie Virginia Marie V. Platt (1999)
Platt Mary (Augustine) Mary (Augustine) Platt (1938)
Platt Nellie D. (Murrell) Nellie Murrell Platt (1967)
Platt Paul A. Paul A. Platt (1992)
Platt Roberta (Thompson) Roberta (Thompson) Platt (2012)
Platt Roy - Infant son of Infant Son of Roy Platt (1916)
Platt Roy William Roy William Platt (1976)
Platts Isabella Maria (Shade) Isabella Shade Platts (1974)
Platts William Perry William Perry Platts (1954)
Plucar Frances (Schoonover) Frances (Schoonover) Plucar (2003)
Plummer Cecile Maria (DeFor) Cecile Maria (DeFor) Plummer (1915)
Plunkett Hilda Ruth Hilda Ruth Plunkett (1994)
Plunkett Luke Luke Plunkett (1931)
Plunkett Robert Morris Robert Morris Plunkett (1986)
Poage Frank Frank Poage(1928)
Podell Rod Rod Podell (2005)
Poe Naomi 'Sue' (Caudle) Naomi Caudle Poe (2000)
Poerink Grace (Pearson) Grace (Pearson) Poerink (1962)
Poerink John John Poerink (1915)
Poffenberger Rosemary (Sheehy) Rosemary (Sheehy) Poffenberger (2008)
Poffinbarger Aquilla Smith Aquilla Smith Poffinbarger (1925)
Poffinbarger Burd Burd Poffinbarger (1893)
Poffinbarger Edith Edith Poffinbarger (1887)
Poffinbarger Effie Jane (Earp) Effie J. (Earp) Poffinbarger (1940)
Poffinbarger Earnest Lee Earnest Lee Poffinbarger (1947)
Poffinbarger George W. George W. Poffinbarger (1960)
Poffinbarger George Washington George Washington Poffinbarger (1934)
Poffinbarger Harry Harry Poffinbarger (1933)
Poffinbarger Ida Mary (Burd) Ida Mary Poffinbarger (1926)
Poffinbarger James Robert James Robert Poffinbarger (1904)
Poffinbarger Mary (Smith) Mary Smith Poffinbarger (1912)
Poffinbarger Mary Margaret Mary Margaret Poffinbarger (1924)
Poffinbarger William Christian William Christian Poffinbarger (1919)
Poindexter Bessie (Dean) Bessie (Dean) Poindexter (1954)
Poindexter Carl Carl Poindexter (1987)
Poindexter Charles Allison Charles Allison Poindexter (1931)
Poindexter Charles Ray Charles Ray Poindexter (1966)
Poindexter Doris Kathleen (Sawyer) Doris Sawyer Poindexter (2000)
Poindexter Jesse E. Jesse E. Poindexter (1965)
Poindexter Marie T. (Trester) Marie T. Poindexter (1987)
Poindexter Wayne Wayne Poindexter (1937)
Pointer Emma Jane (Hughes) Emma Jane (Hughes) Pointer (1918)
Polak Geraldine (Banzhaf) Geraldine Polak (2006)
Poland Betty Lou (Rhine) Betty Lou (Rhine) Poland (2009)
Poland Curtis E. Curtis E. Poland (1960)
Poland Eleanor Louise (Jackson) Eleanor Jackson Poland (1999)
Poland James Edwin James Edwin Poland (1919)
Poland James Willard James Willard Poland "Bill' (1972)
Poland Margaret (Gibbons) Margaret (Gibbons) Poland (1954)
Poland Sula Mae (Hermon) Sula Mae Hermon Poland (1969)
Poland Victor Noel Victor Noel Poland (1913)
Polk Charles Charles Polk (1918)
Polk Nannie Nannie Polk (1877)
Polk Marcellus Marcellus Polk (1885)
Polk Minerva D. (Scanling) Minerva D. (Scanling) Polk (1893)
Polk Savannah (Truitt) Savannah (Truitt) Polk (1923)

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