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Shepard Carrie Carrie Shepard (1897)
Shepard Christy A. (Drake) Christy A. (Drake) Shepard (1936)
Shepard Eva Isabell (Moore) Eva Isabell (Moore) Shepard (1940)
Shepard William W. William W. Shepard (1902)
Shepherd Alexander Smith Alexander Smith Shepherd (1901)
Shepherd Alice Adella Alice Adella Shepherd (1908)
Shepherd Audrey Nadine Audrey Nadine Shepherd (2011)
Shepherd Dulcie Alice (Cornelison) Dulcie Alice (Cornelison) Shepherd (1933)
Shepherd Eli Eli Shepherd (1929)
Shepherd Elwin E. Elwin E. Shepherd (1955)
Shepherd Frances Jane (Berry) Frances Jane (Berry) Shepherd (1935)
Shepherd James Ralph James Ralph Shepherd (1911)
Shepherd Jesse P. Jesse P. Shepherd (1893)
Shepherd Lorrie Lorrie Shepherd (1996)
Shepherd Martha Martha Shepherd (1891)
Shepherd Martha Elizabeth (Syas) Martha Elizabeth (Syas) Shepherd (1925)
Shepherd Mary (Shepherd) Mary (Shepherd) Shepherd (1884)
Shepherd Millard Fillmore Millard Fillmore Shepherd (1910)
Shepherd Sierra Nevada "Vada" (Bennett) Sierra Nevada "Vada" (Bennett) Shepherd (1907)
Shepherd Wallace Perry Wallace Perry Shepherd (1872)
Shepherd Winfield Scott Winfield Scott Shepherd (1923)
Sherard Ermal D. Ermal D. Sherard (1978)
Sherard Glenn Vernon Glenn Vernon Sherard (1945)
Sherard Pearl May (Wilkinson) Pearl M. Sherard (1974)
Sherburne Earl “Al” Earl “Al” Sherburne (2008)
Sherer Euretta (Colton) Euretta (Colton) Sherer (1904)
Sherfey Elizabeth Rachel (Smith) Elizabeth Rachel (Smith) Sherfey (1903)
Sherfey Joseph Joseph Sherfey (1900)
Sherfy Joseph Marion Joseph Marion Sherfy (1933)
Sherfy Nancy Elizabeth (Downs) Nancy (Downs) Sherfy (1929)
Sheriff Marvyl (Mullins) Marvyl Sheriff (2000)
Sherman Baby Baby Sherman (1872)
Sherman Elizabeth J. (Bard) Goare Elizabeth J. (Bard) Goare Sherman (1910)
Sherman Josiah H. Josiah H. Sherman (1904)
Sherwood Robert Wayne Robert Wayne Sherwood (1918)
Shetterly David Hugh David Hugh Shetterly (1918)
Shetterly Edith Bell (Cain) Edith Cain Shetterly (1983)
Shetterly Harry R. Harry R. Shetterly (1961)
Shetterly Pearl (Hoover) Draper Pearl (Hoover) Shetterly Draper (1977)
Shetterly Robert Daniel Robert Daniel Shetterly (1912)
Shetterly Roy Roy Shetterly (1932)
Shields Creed William Creed William Shields (1909)
Shields Diana Eva Diana Eva Shields (2005)
Shields Edward E. Edward E. Shields (1934)
Shields Ella M. (Forbes) Ella M. (Forbes) Shields (1919)
Shields Fannie (Hinderlider) Fannie (Hinderlider) Shields (1901)
Shields Josephine ( Bickford) Josephine ( Bickford) Shields (2010)
Shields William William Shields (1921)
Shields William Van Buren William Van Buren Shields (1931)
Shifflett Della (Keel) Della Keel Shifflett (1945)
Shifflett Harry E. Harry E. Shifflett (1943)
Shifflett Helen Lucille (Moreland) Helen Lucille (Moreland) Shifflett (2015)
Shifflett Mary Elizabeth (Price) Mary Elizabeth (Price) Shifflett (1960)
Shifflett Paul Robert Paul Robert Shifflett (1992)
Shifflett Scott Scott Shifflett (1942)
Shigley Ephraim Carl Ephraim Carl Shigley (1923)
Shigley Gerald F. Gerald F. Shigley (1908)
Shigley Margaret Amanda (Shutt) Margaret Amanda (Shutt) Shigley (1917)
Shill Mary E. (Rhyner) Mary E. (Rhyner) Shill (1934)
Shilt  Alice Adell (Kennedy) Alice Adell (Kennedy) Shilt (1969)
Shilt Andrew O. Andrew O. Shilt (1957)
Shinn Freda Darlene (Gilbert) Freda Darlene (Gilbert) Shinn (2008)
Shinn Jack W. Jack W. Shinn (1969)
Shinn Jerry Frank Jerry Frank Shinn (2011)
Shinn Margaret S. 'Dixie' (Ruby) Margaret S. "Dixie" Shinn (1989)
Shipley Malinda (Williams) Davis Duncan Malinda (Williams) Davis Duncan Shipley (1907)
Shipley Sarah Sarah Shipley (1891)
Shipman Cora Cora Shipman (1894)
Shipman Delbert E. Delbert E. Shipman (2008)
Shipman Dianna (Matt) Wright Dianna (Matt) Wright Shipman (1889)
Shipman Eric Michael Eric Michael Shipman (2004)
Shipton Charles William Charles William Shipton (1974)
Shirbroun Richard Elmer Richard Elmer Shirbroun (2018)
Shively Roberta Gilpin (Cooper) Roberta Cooper Shively (1997)
Shivers Shirley (Day) Caudle Shirley (Day) (Caudle) Shivers (2003)
Shnurman Harry Johnny Harry Johnny Shnurman (2007)
Shoemaker Carl Carl Shoemaker (1975)
Shoemaker Celima Isabel (McMillen) Celima Isabel (McMillen) Shoemaker (1927)
Shoemaker Clarence R. Clarence Shoemaker (1941)
Shoemaker Curtis Curtis Shoemaker (1959)
Shoemaker Donald Donald Shoemaker (1958)
Shoemaker Edna M. (Campbell) Edna Campbell Shoemaker (1972)
Shoemaker Elizabeth Ann (Witham) Elizabeth Ann (Witham) Shoemaker (1902)
Shoemaker George M. George M. Shoemaker (1944)
Shoemaker Gertrude V. (Smith) Gertrude Smith Shoemaker (1984)
Shoemaker Glenn G. Glenn G. Shoemaker (1962)
Shoemaker Jane Jane Shoemaker (1982)
Shoemaker John Calvin John Calvin Shoemaker (1909)
Shoemaker Mable (Eyerly) Mable Eyerly Shoemaker (1997)
Shoemaker Mary Jane (Steele) Mary Jane (Steele) Shoemaker (1909)
Shoemaker Melissa Ann Melissa Ann Shoemaker (1926)
Shoemaker Orlena (Wilkinson) Orlena Shoemaker (1945)
Shoemaker Ralph C. Ralph C. Shoemaker (1989)
Shoemaker Ruth Ruth Shoemaker (2000)
Shoemaker William William Shoemaker (1918)
Shoemaker William W. William W. Shoemaker (1952)
Shoff Etta J. (Hindman) Etta J. (Hindman) Shoff (1947)
Shoff Jerry Jerry Shoff (2017)
Shoff John John Shoff (1927)
Shoff John Herman John Herman Shoff (1976)
Shoff Lemuel Richard Lemuel Richard Shoff (1942)
Shoff Mary Cathren (Banker) Mary Cathren (Banker) Shoff (1909)
Shoff Muriel (Doggett) Muriel Shoff (1995)

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