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Shawler Beryl Lowell Beryl Lowell Shawler (1993)
Shawler Carol Mildred Carol Mildred Shawler (1933)
Shawler Mildred Adlean (Porter) Mildred Adlean (Porter) Shawler (1993)
Shawver Daniel Daniel Shawver (1885)
Shawver George George Shawver (1895)
Shea Alice Alice Shea (1898)
Shea Catherine Catherine Shea (1906)
Shea Ella Ella Shea (1895)
Shea Margaret Margaret Shea (1901)
Shea Michael Michael Shea (1933)
Shea Mary Mary Shea (1895)
Shea Thomas Thomas Shea (1911)
Shea William William Shea (1894)
Shea William William Shea (1911)
Shearer Abigail A.(Morgan) Abigail A.(Morgan) Shearer (1918)
Shearer Anna Fern (Schutz) Anna Fern Schutz Shearer (2003)
Shearer Betty K. Betty K. Shearer (1987)
Shearer Billy Claude Billy Claude Shearer (1977)
Shearer Claude N. Claude N. Shearer (1965)
Shearer Clyde J. Clyde J. Shearer (1949)
Shearer D. Berdella ( Emerson) Berdella Emerson Shearer (1985)
Shearer Dale H. Dale H. Shearer (1996)
Shearer Donald C. Donald C. Shearer (2002)
Shearer Dorothy Carol Dorothy Carol Shearer (1942)
Shearer Emery Emery Shearer (1986)
Shearer Emma Dora (Shaw) Emma Dora (Shaw) Shearer (1902)
Shearer Eulah (Duff) Eulah (Duff) Shearer (2007)
Shearer Fern (Goodridge) Fern (Goodridge) Shearer (1953)
Shearer Francis Marion Francis Marion Shearer (1941)
Shearer Frederick Alonzo Frederick Alonzo Shearer (1930)
Shearer Frederick F. Frederick F. Shearer (1979)
Shearer Gary Gene Gary Gene Shearer (2015)
Shearer Gene William Gene William Shearer (1935)
Shearer Gregory Dale Gregory Dale Shearer (1955)
Shearer Helen A. (Miller) Helen A. (Miller) Shearer (1993)
Shearer Hugh F. Hugh F. Shearer (1937)
Shearer Ira S. Ira S. Shearer (1902)
Shearer Jenette “Nettie” (Alley) Jenette “Nettie” (Alley) Shearer (1945)
Shearer John - wife of Mrs. John Shearer (1904)
Shearer John H. John H. Shearer (1943)
Shearer John J. John J. Shearer (1980)
Shearer John Walter John Walter Shearer (1940)
Shearer Leigh Leigh Shearer (1918)
Shearer Lena (Lucas) Lena (Lucas) Shearer (1942)
Shearer Lolah (Goodridge) Lolah Goodridge Shearer (1953)
Shearer Maggie May (Smith) Maggie May Smith Shearer (1967)
Shearer Marion - Infant of Infant Shearer (1905)
Shearer Mary Rosetta ( Clement) Rosetta Clement Shearer (1949)
Shearer Noah Noah Shearer (1930)
Shearer Paul Paul Shearer (1963)
Shearer Pauline (Patterson) Pauline Patterson Shearer (1972)
Shearer Rebecca Fayette (McKee) Rebecca Fayette (McKee) Shearer (1911)
Shearer Sherley Krell, Dr. Dr. Sherley Krell Shearer (2005)
Shearer Simon Whitlinger Simon Whitlinger Shearer (1898)
Shearer Wayne Emery Wayne Emery Shearer (1930)
Shearer William M. William M. Shearer (1924)
Sheckler Eva (Adams) Eva Adams Sheckler (1997)
Shedd Jacqueline (Field) Jacqueline (Field) Shedd (2014)
Shedd Keith Allan Keith Allan Shedd (2016)
Sheehan Anna Elizabeth (Swift) Anna Elizabeth Sheehan (1956)
Sheehan Rex Edward Rex Edward Sheehan (2014)
Sheehey Edward Edward Sheehey (1953)
Sheeley Susanna (Imes) Susanna (Imes) Sheeley (1917)
Sheets Bertha A. (French) Bertha A. (French) Sheets (1970)
Sheets Chester Leroy Chester Leroy Sheets (1966)
Sheets Janie (Cutshall) Janie (Cutshall) Sheets (1958)
Sheets Jesse M. Jesse M. Sheets (1935)
Sheets Martha Ann (Nicholl) Martha Nicholl Sheets (1962)
Sheets Marvin Marvin Sheets (1911)
Sheets Robert Earl Robert Earl Sheets (2002)
Sheets Roy Otis Roy Otis Sheets (1940)
Shehan James James Shehan (2014)
Shehan Wilfred Wilfred Shehan (1954)
Sheldon Anna Belle (Henderson) Anna Belle (Henderson) Sheldon (1927)
Sheldon Anna Louise Anna Louise Sheldon (1919)
Sheldon Charles G. Charles G. Sheldon (1918)
Sheldon Christina Catherine (Van Hosen) Christina Catherine (Van Hosen) Sheldon (1890)
Sheldon Delia Delia Sheldon (1956)
Sheldon Flora Belle Flora Belle Sheldon (1940)
Sheldon Harry Augustus Harry Augustus Sheldon (1913)
Sheldon James A. James A. Sheldon (1961)
Sheldon James William James William Sheldon (1926)
Sheldon Kenneth T. Kenneth T. Sheldon (1970)
Sheldon Marson Reed Marson Reed Sheldon (1910)
Sheldon Olive E. (Hawkins) Olive E. (Hawkins) Sheldon (1982)
Sheldon Rosa Helen Rosa Helen Sheldon (1902)
Sheldon Royal Royal Sheldon (1895)
Sheldon Sallie (Knight) Sallie (Knight) Sheldon (1889)
Sheldon Sarah Blossom (Brooks) Sarah Blossom (Brooks) Sheldon (1935)
Sheldon True William True William Sheldon (1995)
Sheldon Vera Estella (Neff) Vera Neff Sheldon (2004)
Shell Benton William Benton William Shell (1919)
Shell Flora Belle (Herren) Flora Belle Shell (1949)
Shell Mary Jane (McClellan) Mary Jane (McClellan) Shell (1921)
Shellenberger Arro Lee Arro Lee Shellenberger (1942)
Shellenberger Rose Rose Shellenberger (1974)
Shelley Cleo J. Cleo J. Shelley (1979)
Shelley James K. Polk James K. Polk Shelley (1949)
Shelley Maggie May (Hecker) Maggie May Hecker Shelley (1951)
Shelley Vada I. (Jackson) Vada Jackson Shelley (1990)
Shenton David J., Rev. David J. Shenton (Rev.) (1940)

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