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Scallan Mattie Mattie Scallan (2003)
Scar Alvin Carl 'Sam' Alvin Carl (Sam) Scar (1991)
Scar Anna Elizabeth (Fett) Anna Elizabeth (Fett) Scar (1933)
Scar Charles A. Charles A. Scar (1982)
Scar Dennis Dale Dennis Dale Scar (2013)
Scar Dorothy Henrietta (Aurand) Benz Dorothy Henrietta (Aurand) Scar Benz (2016)
Scar Edward Edward Scar (1940)
Scar Elmer L. Elmer L. Scar (1960)
Scar Ethel (Newman) Ethel Newman Scar (1984)
Scar Friedrich Johann Friedrich Johann Scar (1973)
Scar Gladys Elizabeth Gladys Elizabeth Scar (1972)
Scar Josephine Josephine Scar (1966)
Scar Katharine Irene (Buse) Katharine Irene (Buse) Scar (2006)
Scar Katie Nanny (Schafer) Katie Nanny (Schafer) Scar (1976)
Scar Leonard Charles Leonard C. Scar (1984)
Scar Mina Kathrena (Wedemeyer) Mina Kathrena (Wedemeyer) Scar (1976)
Scar Norman Carl Norman Carl Scar (2006)
Scar William Albert William Albert Scar (1968)
Scarborough William T. William T. Scarborough (1934)
Schad Carol Lee (Smith) Carol Lee (Smith) Schad (2018)
Schaefer Thelma Alta (Pettit) Thelma Alta (Pettit) Schaefer (2005)
Schafer Anna M. (Marsh) Anna M. Schafer (1994)
Schafer Carl Carl Schafer (1977)
Schafer Frieda Margaret (Thomsen) Frieda M. Schafer (1978)
Schafer Henry Henry Schafer (1891)
Schafer Herman P. Herman P. Schafer (1985)
Schafer John A. "Andy" John A. "Andy" Schafer (2008)
Schafer Pearl Lois (Dahl) Pearl Lois (Dahl) Schafer (2012)
Schafer Peter Peter Schafer (1909)
Schafer Travis Ray Travis Ray Schafer (2011)
Schafer Walter O. Walter O. Schafer (1983)
Schaff Charles Edward Charles Edward Schaff (1926)
Schaff Ida Ida Schaff (1914)
Schaff Joseph Henry Joseph Henry Schaff (1937)
Schaffer Helen Marie (Brownlee) Helen Marie Schaffer (1993)
Schaffer Mary Diane Mary Diane Schaffer (2001)
Schaffer Nancy L. Nancy L. Schaffer (1970)
Schaffer Walter Louie Walter Louie Schaffer (1995)
Schalkle August B. August B. Schalkle (1961)
Schalkle David Junkin David Junkin Schalkle (1936)
Schalkle Earl Earl Schalkle (1990)
Schalkle Irene Marjorie Irene Marjorie Schalkle (1922)
Schalkle Janet (Hunter) Janet Hunter Schalkle (1937)
Schalkle Lucile Lucile Schalkle (1989)
Schamerhorn Shirley Irene (Loose) Shirley Irene (Loose) Schamerhorn (2012)
Schantz Thomas Edward Thomas Edward Schantz (2014)
Schantz Timothy Joseph Timothy Joseph Schantz (2001)
Schardein Donna Edith (Jones) Donna Edith (Jones) Schardein (2014)
Schardein Neil V. Neil V. Schardein (1983)
Scherm Erna Erna Scherm (1993)
Schermerhorn Catharine Catharine Schermerhorn (1909)
Schermerhorn Gary Randall Gary Randall Schermerhorn (1979)
Schemerhorn John John Schemerhorn (1901)
Schermerhorn Virginia (Smith) Virginia Smith Schermerhorn (1961)
Scheuermann Terry Lee Terry Lee Scheuermann (2002)
Schilling Marilyn Diane (Clague) Marilyn Diane (Clague) Schilling (1996)
Schirm Alfred F. Alfred F. Schirm (1985)
Schirm Dale R. Dale R. Schirm (2010)
Schirm Doris (Grout) Doris (Grout) Schirm (2007)
Schirm Doris Mae (Leach) Doris Leach Schirm (2003)
Schirm Edna Mae (Trowbridge) Edna Mae (Trowbridge) Schirm (1974)
Schirm Edward George Lawrence Edward George Lawrence Schirm (1947)
Schirm Edward Lawrence "Ed" Edward Lawrence "Ed" Schirm (2015)
Schirm Harold E. Harold E. Schirm (1996)
Schirm Hazel Hazel Schirm (1966)
Schirm Lena M. (Weakland) Lena M. (Weakland) Schirm (1982)
Schirm Lloyd W. Lloyd W. Schirm (2010)
Schirm Mildred Louise (Gordon) Mildred Gordon Schirm (2006)
Schirm Phillip Phillip Schirm (2004)
Schirm Raymond Ellsworth 'Ells' Raymond "Ells" Schirm (2001)
Schirm Raymond Lynn Raymond Lynn Schirm (2004)
Schirm Rick S. Rick S. Schirm (1987)
Schlarb Alfarata Alfarata Schlarb (1888)
Schlarb Eliza (Holderbaum) Eliza (Holderbaum) Schlarb (1894)
Schlarb Helen Jeannett Helen Jeannett Schlarb (1936)
Schlarb Henry George Henry George Schlarb (1921)
Schlarb Lena Leota (Orahood) Lena Leota (Orahood). Schlarb (1897)
Schlarb Lottie Mae Lottie Mae Schlarb (1908)
Schlarb Nicholas Nicholas Schlarb (1903)
Schlarb Phillip Peter Phillip Peter Schlarb (1922)
Schleelein Henry Henry Schleelein (1962)
Schleiffarth Arthur R. Arthur R. Schleiffarth (1952)
Schleiffarth Emma Harriett Emma Harriett Schleiffarth (2002)
Schleiffarth Frances (Fleener) Frances Fleener Schleiffarth (1987)
Schleiffarth Gene Gene Schleiffarth (2018)
Schleiffarth Walter Walter Schleiffarth (1934)
Schloemer Lou Lou Schloemer (2007)
Schmid Mary “Kay” Kathleen (Mahoney) Mary “Kay” Kathleen (Mahoney) Schmid (2018)
Schmidt Barbara Barbara Schmidt (1897)
Schmidt Ferdinand John Ferdinand John Schmidt (1944)
Schmidt George Robert George Robert Schmidt (2015)
Schmidt Harvey Allen Harvey Allen Schmidt (1959)
Schmidt Jacob H. Jacob H. Schmidt (1911)
Schmidt Jennie May (Skinner) Jennie May (Skinner) Schmidt (1974)
Schmidt Joseph John Joseph John Schmidt (1944)
Schmidt Marilyn Ann (Luttman) Marilyn Luttman Schmidt (2000)
Schmidt Mary Sealma (Henninger) Mary Sealma (Henninger) Schmidt (1912)
Schmidt Wilhelm Wilhelm Schmidt (1939)
Schmidt William William Schmidt (1913)
Schminke Hazel Bernice (Kraft) Hazel Bernice (Kraft) Schminke (1993)
Schmitt Megann J. Megann J. Schmitt (2016)
Schmitz Barbara A. Barbara A. Schmitz (2006)
Schmuck John Cain John Cain Schmuck (1898)
Schnau Bode Bode Schnau (1940)
Schnellbacher Christina (Hofferberth) Christina (Hofferberth) Schnellbacher (1884)
Schnellbacher Drusilla (Morgan) Drusilla (Morgan) Schnellbacher (1901)
Schnellbacher Frederica D. (Myers) Frederica Myers Schnellbacher (1912)
Schnellbacher George George Schnellbacher (1945)
Schnellbacher John John Schnellbacher (1886)
Schnoor Emery Emery Schnoor (2008)
Schnoor Henry William Henry William Schnoor (1995)
Schnoor Lila Ann (Aldrich) Lila Ann (Aldrich) Schnoor (2009)
Schnoor Ruth (Carmon) Ruth Carmon Schnoor (1992)

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