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Cleveland Aaron Erastus Aaron Erastus Cleveland (1939)
Cleveland Andrew Smith Andrew Smith Cleveland (1901)
Cleveland Elizabeth Jane (Burdick) Belden Elizabeth Jane (Burdick) Belden Cleveland (1939)
Cleveland Ella Ella Cleveland (1941)
Cleveland Elva May Elva May Cleveland (1932)
Cleveland Hazel P. (Baker) Hazel Baker Cleveland (1990)
Cleveland Lucy (Wheeler) Lucy (Wheeler) Cleveland (1897)
Cleveland Maurice V. Maurice V. Cleveland (1975)
Cleveland Michael Dean Michael Dean Cleveland (1960)
Cleveland Perry Brainard Perry Brainard Cleveland (1922)
Cleveland Roy Hifford Roy Hifford Cleveland (1969)
Cleveland Wanda Louise (Keeney) Wanda Louise (Keeney) Cleveland (2016)
Clevenger Ethel (Quick) Ethel (Quick) Clevenger (1926)
Clevenger William F. B. William F. B. Clevenger (1956)
Clevinger Phoebe Ruth (Ross) Phoebe Ruth (Ross) Clevinger (1921)
Clewell Arlene Grace (Grife) Arlene Grace (Grife) Clewell (2018)
Clewell Gwendolyn E. Gwendolyn E. Clewell (1997)
Clewell James Orlo James Orlo Clewell (2014)
Cliff Florence (Louk) Florence (Louk) Cliff (1934)
Clifton Amanda (DeLong) Amanda (DeLong) Clifton (1931)
Clifton Arnold J. Arnold J. Clifton (2011)
Clifton Cecil C. Cecil C. Clifton (1966)
Clifton Cecil F. Cecil F. Clifton (1967)
Clifton Charles G. Charles G. Clifton (1953)
Clifton Clarence “Happy” Clarence “Happy” Clifton (1992)
Clifton Clarence “Ike” Clarence “Ike” Clifton (1963)
Clifton Eletha M. (Silliman) Eletha M. (Silliman) Clifton (1971)
Clifton Elizabeth (Anderson) Elizabeth Anderson Clifton (1938)
Clifton Elizabeth Ann (Moore) Elizabeth Ann (Moore) Clifton (1938)
Clifton Everett Chester Everett Chester Clifton (1967)
Clifton James Madison James Madison Clifton (1931)
Clifton John John Clifton (1902)
Clifton Julia Alice (Powell) Julia A. Clifton (1957)
Clifton Leroy Franklin Leroy Franklin Clifton (1931)
Clifton Mary Ann (McGuire) Mary Ann (McGuire) Clifton (1900)
Clifton Myrtle Alta (Gulick) Myrtle Alta (Gulick) Clifton (1953)
Clifton Sylvester Sylvester Clifton (1919)
Clifton Sylvester S. Sylvester S. Clifton (1971)
Clifton Vinnie Ream (Ellis) Vinnie Ream (Ellis) Clifton (1904)
Clifton W. Lenora W. Lenora Clifton (1895)
Clifton Willis “Butch” Ervin Willis “Butch” Ervin Clifton (1972)
Cline Anna (Picken) Anna Cline (1972)
Cline Arlene Shirley Arlene Shirley Cline (2017)
Cline Commodore Perry Commodore Perry Cline (1916)
Cline David David Cline (1872)
Cline David David Cline (1925)
Cline Earl Earl Cline (1964)
Cline Edna Pearle (Linn) Edna Pearle (Linn) Cline (1957)
Cline Erma Erma Cline (1947)
Cline George E. George E. Cline (1963)
Cline Glenn V. Glenn V. Cline (2007)
Cline Jack Jack Cline (1923)
Cline Jake Jake Cline (1894)
Cline James Harry James Harry Cline (1919)
Cline James Leroy James Leroy Cline (1947)
Cline Jennie Pearl (Rhodes) Jennie Pearl (Rhodes) Cline (1971)
Cline John E. John E. Cline (1958)
Cline John L. John L. Cline (1905)
Cline Kattie Kattie Cline (1894)
Cline Keller "Bud" Keller "Bud" Cline (2011)
Cline Larry Steven Larry Steven Cline (2018)
Cline Lillie May (Thornburg) Lillie May (Thornburg) Cline (1936)
Cline Lincoln Micah Lincoln Micah Cline (2011)
Cline Lucille (Clemens) Lucille Cline (1992)
Cline Mabel Nellie (Sutphin) Mabel Nellie Sutphin Cline (1982)
Cline Magdalene (Goar) Magdalene (Goar) Cline (1897)
Cline Malinda Malinda Cline (1885)
Cline Mary (Welsh) Mary (Welsh) Cline (1917)
Cline Mary Todd (Clark) Mary Todd (Clark) Cline (1939)
Cline Merton E. Merton E. Cline (1954)
Cline Myrtle Esther (Seiler) Myrtle Esther (Seiler) Cline (1964)
Cline Patricia Rose (Bricker) Patricia Rose (Bricker) Cline (2009)
Cline Patrick Patrick Cline (1970)
Cline Ralph Edwin Ralph Edwin Cline (1984)
Cline Ricky K. Ricky K. Cline (1952)
Cline Rosalyn Ruth Rosalyn Ruth Cline (1930)
Cline Ruth (Patterson) Ruth (Patterson) Cline (1995)
Cline Walter Walter Cline (1969)
Cline William Granville Dodge William Granville Dodge Cline (1934)
Cline William Lloyd William Lloyd Cline (1910)
Cline William R. William R. Cline (1893)
Clipperton Dawn (Rogers) Dawn Rogers Clipperton (2001)
Cloe Carson Paul Carson Paul Cloe (2007)
Clopton Benjamin Benjamin Clopton (1910)
Clopton Bertha Pearl (Beem) Bertha Beem Clopton (1976)
Clopton Bessie Irene (Brayman) Bessie Brayman Clopton (1995)
Clopton Charlie Charlie Clopton (1938)
Clopton Curtis Earl Curtis Earl Clopton (2007)
Clopton David William David William Clopton (1914)
Clopton Elizabeth L. (Acheson) Elizabeth L. (Acheson) Clopton (1957)
Clopton Ethel (Cridling) Ethel Clopton (1952)
Clopton Francis Asbury Francis Asbury Clopton (1927)
Clopton Fred Fred Clopton (1960)
Clopton Gaymond Gaymond Clopton (1995)
Clopton George A. “Tom” George A. “Tom” Clopton (1935)
Clopton Gerald E. Gerald E. Clopton (1973)
Clopton Haymond Haymond Clopton (1970)
Clopton Herbert Herbert Clopton (1936)
Clopton Isaac Lincoln Isaac Lincoln Clopton (1944)
Clopton Lelia Ada (Clark) Lelia Clark Clopton (1981)
Clopton Lenore A. Lenore A. Clopton (1904)
Clopton Mabel (Cleland) Mabel (Cleland) Clopton (1968)
Clopton Mardie Mardie Clopton (1936)
Clopton Mary (Wells) Mary (Wells) Clopton (1930)
Clopton Mary Anna (Davis) Mary Anna (Davis) Clopton (1890)
Clopton Opal Marie (Keith) Opal Marie (Keith) Clopton (2000)
Clopton Raymond A. Raymond A. Clopton (1943)
Clopton Robert Earl Robert Earl Clopton (1989)
Clopton Robert R. Robert R. Clopton (1953)
Clopton Thomas G. Thomas G. Clopton (1952)
Close Aletha L. (Delong) Aletha L. (Delong) Close (1938)
Close Delina (Guilliams) Delina (Guilliams) Close (1913)
Close Fielding B. Fielding B. Close (1910)
Close Josiah Dobson Josiah Dobson Close (1892)
Close Marian (Garofalo) Marian (Garofalo) Close (2014)
Clough Aetna May (Oldfather) Aetna May (Oldfather) Clough (1924)
Clouse Shirley L. (Rustan) Brown Shirley L. (Rustan) Brown Clouse (2009)
Clover Nellie Jane (Brewster) Nellie Jane (Brewster) Clover (1929)

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