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Debord Bessie May Bessie May Debord (1895)
DeBord Claude Claude DeBord (1951)
DeBord Douglas "Jack", Sr. Douglas "Jack" DeBord Sr. (1967)
Debord Edward Edward Debord (1903)
Debord Eletha H. (Brown) Janes Eletha (Brown) Debord Janes (1937)
Debord Elva Ruth (Nickle) Elva Ruth Debord (1974)
Debord Emmarine Emmarine Debord (1907)
Debord Esther Esther Debord (1873)
Debord Florence (Jackson) Florence (Jackson) Debord (1921)
DeBord Fred Fred DeBord (1959)
Debord Galen Rush Galen Rush Debord (1921)
DeBord Harry Harry DeBord (1968)
DeBord Helen Beatrice Helen Beatrice DeBord (1919)
Debord Ida Emma (Clapper) Ida Emma (Clapper) Debord (1917)
Debord Joanna Joanna Debord (1911)
Debord Mable Alice Mable Alice Debord (1905)
Debord Marius 'Meres' C. Marius (Meres) C. Debord (1897)
Debord Mary (McClelland) Mary (McClelland) Debord (1891)
DeBord Myrtle (Wright) Myrtle (Wright) DeBord (1909)
DeBord Rosella (Arnold) Rosella (Arnold) DeBord (1917)
DeBord Ruth Fern (Beard) Pace Ruth Fern (Beard) Pace DeBord (1981)
Debord Stephen A. Douglas Stephen A. Douglas Debord (1900)
DeBord Tillman Howard Tillman Howard DeBord (1927)
DeBord Tillman L. Tillman L. DeBord (1955)
DeBord Vernon Leslie Vernon Leslie DeBord (1938)
DeBord Walter G. Walter G. DeBord (1940)
Debord Zachary Taylor Zachary Taylor Debord (1876)
DeBusk Isaac Isaac DeBusk (1862)
DeBusk Levi Levi DeBusk (1916)
Debusk Mitchell Robinson Mitchell Robinson Debusk (1905)
DeButts Vivian P. (Robbins) Vivian P. DeButts (1962)
DeCamp Myrtle May (Harkrader) Myrtle May (Harkrader) DeCamp (1961)
Decker Albert H. Albert H. Decker (1957)
Decker Daniel Webster Daniel Webster Decker (1921)
Decker Dorel Gene Dorel Gene Decker (1956)
Decker Dorothy Lavonne (Vannatta) Dorothy Lavonne (Vannatta) Decker (2015)
Decker Elmer Elmer Decker (1994)
Decker Elmer Eugene 'Gene' Elmer Eugene "Gene" Decker (1992)
Decker Henry, Rev. Henry Decker, Rev. (1929)
Decker Hubert Dale Hubert Dale Decker (2012)
Decker Jacob Isaac Jacob Isaac Decker (1904)
Decker Jennie Jennie Decker (1923)
Decker James Albert James Albert Decker (1934)
Decker Joseph Franklin Joseph Franklin Decker (2006)
Decker Martha Vera Grace (Kirsch) Martha Vera Grace Decker (1996)
Decker Mary Adaline (Porter) Mary Adaline (Porter) Decker (1916)
Decker Melvin Melvin Decker (1929)
Decker Virginia Carol (Jacobs) Virginia Jacobs Decker (2002)
Decker Walter Walter Decker (1891)
DeClercq Lydia Lavina (Andrus) Travis Lydia Lavina (Andrus) DeClercq Travis (1936)
DeClercq Edwin Loomis Edwin Loomis DeClereq (1895)
DeCou Amos Amos DeCou (1877)
Deden Alta Mae (Stark) Alta Mae (Stark) Deden (1978)
Deden Elmer Elmer Deden (1953)
Deeds Marie Elizabeth (Hoppers) Marie Elizabeth (Hoppers) Deeds (2017)
Deemer Charles - infant son of Infant Son of Charles Deemer (1916)
Deemer Charles Raymond Charles Raymond Deemer (2010)
Deeter Abraham "Judge" Abraham "Judge" Deeter (1929)
Deeter Anna (Stinson) Anna (Stinson) Deeter (1917)
Deeter Annie Eliza (Gingrich) Annie Eliza (Gingrich) Deeter (1911)
Deeter Rolan Rolan Deeter (1919)
Deets Charles E. Charles E. Deets (1958)
Deets Charles Ezra, Sr. Charles Ezra Deets Sr. (2012)
Deets Edna Anna (Evison) Edna Evison Deets (1967)
Deets Evelyn Rosella (Oglesbee) Evelyn Rosella (Oglesbee) Deets (2018)
Deets Franklin Franklin Deets (1914)
Deets Hazel (Husted) Hazel Husted Deets (1985)
Deets Homer Homer Deets (1990)
Deets Laura (Buchanan) Laura (Buchanan) Deets (1934)
Deets Mildred (Young) Mildred (Young) Deets (1990)
Deets William Myles, Sr. William Myles Deets, Sr. (2012)
Deets Worth H. Worth H. Deets (1994)
Deets Worth Richard "Dick" Worth Richard "Dick" Deets (2009)
DeForest James "Jim" Edward James "Jim" Edward DeForest (2017)
Degraff Cornelia (Bradt) Cornelia (Bradt) Degraff (1899)
DeGraff Jeremiah D. Jeremiah D. DeGraff (1899)
DeHaven Dan Dan DeHaven (1940)
DeHaven Mary A. (Downs) Mary A. (Downs) DeHaven (1922)
Dehner Dulcie O. (Emerson) Archer Dulcie O. (Emerson) Archer Dehner (1994)
Deignan Ora B. (Fort) Ora B. (Fort) Deignan (1919)
Deinema James Alan James Alan Deinema (1995)
DeKalb Elsie Elsie DeKalb (1979)
Delain William William Delain (1898)
Delain Willie Tracy Willie Tracy Delain (1889)
DeLanott Robert L., 2nd Lt Robert L. DeLanott, Sec. Lieut. (1945)
Delanty Dora A. Dora A. Delanty (1949)
Delanty John H. John H. Delanty (1934)
Delaplain Angelia (Foster) Angelia (Foster) Delaplain (1888)
Delaplain Clayton Foster Clayton Foster Delaplain (1979)
Delaplain Edith Frances (Bates) Edith Frances (Bates) Delaplain (2005)
Delaplain Grizelle Grizelle Delaplain (1888)
Delaplain Laweyel M. Laweyel M. Delaplain (1939)
Delaplain Luella F. (Kirk) Luella F. Delaplain (1951)
Delaplain Lunette (Foster) Lunette (Foster) Delaplain (1934)
Delaplain Merlan Merlan Delaplain (1891)
Delaplain Owen Owen Delaplain (1906)
Delaplain Sidney D. Sidney D. Delaplain (1948)
Delay Carl (Mrs.) Mrs. Carl Delay (1900)
DeLay Raymond Washington Raymond Washington DeLay (1994)
deLeon Gerald "Chewy" Gerald "Chewy" deLeon (2012)
Delka Darlene W. (Hertzog) Darlene W. (Hertzog) Delka (2002)
Della Vecchia Louie  Louie Della Vecchia (1997)
Delmege Naomi (Burgan) Naomi Burgan Delmege (2000)
Delmege William Wayne William Delmege (2002)

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