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Davisson Ada Mae (Bowlsby) Ada Mae (Bowlsby) Davisson (1968)
Davisson David Dekalb, Dr. David Dekalb Davisson, Dr. (1902)
Davisson Frank Frank Davisson (1960)
Davisson Katy Katy Davisson (1878)
Davisson Martha (Bellas) Martha (Bellas) Davisson (1906)
Davisson Mary Amanda (Jenkins) Mary Amanda (Jenkins) Davisson (1898)
Davisson Robert R. Robert R. Davisson, Dr. (1942)
Davisson Rufus Rufus Davisson (1897)
Davitt Aaron J. "Joe" Aaron J. "Joe" Davitt (1997)
Davitt Anthony Philip “Phil” Anthony Philip “Phil” Davitt (1987)
Davitt Barbara J. Barbara J. Davitt (1999)
Davitt Catharine Catharine Davitt (1900)
Davitt Frances (Enright) Frances Enright Davitt (1959)
Davitt James James Davitt (1906)
Davitt Margaret (Bell) Margaret (Bell) Davitt (1988)
Davitt Mary (Murphy) Mary (Murphy) Davitt (1965)
Davitt Philip Philip Davitt (1994)
Davitt William William Davitt (1896)
Dawes Harrison Griffin Harrison Griffin Dawes (2005)
Dawson Ida D. (Leach) Ida Leach Dawson (1982)
Dawson Lyle Dean Lyle Dean Dawson (2001)
Dawson Mary (Miley) Mary (Miley) Dawson (1969)
Dawson Nancy Nancy Dawson (1872)
Dawson Rosalyn Kay (McClellan) Rosalyn Kay (McClellan) Dawson (2014)
Dawson Roy L. Roy L. Dawson (1944)
Day Arthur Neal Arthur Neal Day (2018)
Day Ben Ben Day (1951)
Day Charles William Charles William Day (1972)
Day Edwin S., Dr. Edwin S. Day (Dr.) (1935)
Day Elizabeth (Haller) Elizabeth Haller Day (1993)
Day Florence May (Morford) Florence May (Morford) Day (2010)
Day Forest Everett Forest E. Day (1998)
Day George George Day (1994)
Day George Ivan George Ivan Day (1904)
Day Hazel Thelma (Helton) Hazel Thelma (Helton) Day (1989)
Day Helen Geneva (Cord) Helen Cord Day (2002)
Day Hannah (Patton) Talbott Hannah (Patton) Talbott Day (1905)
Day Helen (Swendler) Helen Swendler Day (1984)
Day James James Day (1926)
Day John John Day (1874) 
Day Karla Rae Karla Rae Day (2015)
Day Lamoine John Lamoine John Day (1990)
Day Lyle C. Lyle C. Day (1998)
Day Morgan Anthony Morgan Anthony Day (2006)
Day Norma (Hircock) Norma (Hircock) Day (2010)
Day Richard E. Richard E. Day (2003)
Day Rose ( Compton ) Rose (Compton) Day (1946)
Day Russell B. Russell B. Day (1975)
Day Scott Jr. Scott Jr. Day (1995)
Day Sydna (Compton) Sydna (Compton) Day (1959)
Day William William Day (1949)
Daye Shirley A. (Berry) Shirley A. (Berry) Daye (1987)
Deahl Janett (Stout) Janett (Stout) Deahl (2015)
Deal Fletcher Fletcher Deal (1915)
Deal Floyd Carlyle Floyd Carlyle Deal (1959)
Deal John Brown John Brown Deal (1930
Deal Robert Lee Robert Lee Deal (1945)
Deal Sarah Minnie (Young) Sarah Minnie (Young) Deal (1937)
Deal William William Deal (1893)
Dean Albert H. Albert H. Dean (1932)
Dean Chuck Chuck Dean (2009)
Dean Dora E. (Scatena) Dora Scatena Dean (2000)
Dean Eugene O. Eugene O. Dean (1946)
Dean Hazel Lucille (Hines) Hazel Lucille (Hines) Dean (2008)
Dean Hillary Nelson Hillary Nelson-Dean (2003)
Dean Howard Leo Howard Leo Dean (2000)
Dean Jennie Jennie (Walsh) Dean (1929)
Dean Kenneth Dale Kenneth Dale Dean (1992)
Dean Lennie J. (Bryce) (Mrs.) Lennie J. (Bryce) Dean (1957)
Dean Martha S. Martha S. Dean (1915)
Dean Sarah (Coulson) Sarah (Coulson) Dean (1908)
Dean Warren J. Warren J. Dean (1934)
DeAngelis Kevin J. Kevin J. DeAngelis (2001)
Deardorff Bessie (Humphrey) Bessie (Humphrey) Deardorff (1958)
Deardorff Catherine C. (Carr) Chadwick Catherine C. (Carr) Chadwick Deardorff (1902)
Deardorff Charles Carr Charles Carr Deardorff (1947)
Deardorff Ezra S. Ezra S. Deardorff (1965)
Deardorff Illa Marie (Foreman) Marie Foreman Deardorff
Deardorff John John Deardorff (1888)
Deardorff John Franklin John Franklin Deardorff (1927)
Deardorff Sarah Elma (Simmons) Sarah Elma (Simmons) Deardorff (1935)
Deardorff Victoria (Scott) Victoria (Scott) Deardorff (1937)
Deardorff Virgil Virgil Deardorff (1953)
Deardorff William F. William F. Deardorff (1958)
Deardorff William Henry William Henry Deardorff (1920)
Deatsch Elmer Elmer Deatsch (1989)
DeBoer Dott (Handel) Dott Handel DeBoer (1977)
DeBoer Roy S. Roy S. DeBoer (1954)
Deboest Dorothy (Jones) Dorothy (Jones) Deboest (1959)
DeBok Alfred R. Alfred R. DeBok (1968)
DeBok Dee Dee DeBok (1967)
DeBok Denzel Velma (Schermerhorn) Denzel Velma (Schermerhorn) DeBok (2004)
DeBok Dorothy Lorraine (Clopton) Dorothy Lorraine (Clopton) DeBok (1966)
DeBok Edna (Rhodes) Edna (Rhodes) DeBok (1957)
DeBok Guile W. Guile W. DeBok (1932)
DeBok Herbert Dale Herbert Dale DeBok (2008)
DeBok Howard Howard DeBok (1974)
DeBok Hubert Hubert DeBok (1995)
DeBok Hubert, Jr. Hubert DeBok, Jr. (2010)
DeBok John John DeBok (1952)
DeBok Kathryn (Brandt) Kathryn Brandt DeBok (1982)
DeBok Loren H. Loren H. DeBok (1932)
DeBok Maggie (Postma) Maggie Postma DeBok (1917)
DeBok Maybel (Gentry) Maybel Gentry DeBok (1983)
DeBok Russell Allen Russell Allen DeBok (1934)
DeBok Sharon Kay Sharon Kay DeBok (1998)
DeBok William Henry William Henry DeBok (1964)
DeBok Zylpha P. Zylpha P. DeBok (1998)

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