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Rowe Albert H. Albert H. Rowe (1958)
Rowe Alberta (Bonham) Alberta Bonham Rowe (1953)
Rowe Allen Nelson Allen Nelson Rowe (2001)
Rowe Almira Jane (Johns) Almira Jane (Johns) Rowe (1928)
Rowe Andrew Andrew Rowe (1908)
Rowe Bert Bert Rowe (1909)
Rowe Bess (Rhiledaffer) Bess (Rhiledaffer) Rowe (1958)
Rowe Charles Charles Rowe (1957)
Rowe David G. David G. Rowe (1908)
Rowe Ella D. (Doty) Ella D. (Doty) Rowe (1910)
Rowe Henry Henry Rowe (1930)
Rowe Herman Herman Rowe (1910)
Rowe Hugh Hugh Rowe (1921)
Rowe Jennifer (Pope) Jennifer (Pope) Rowe (2007)
Rowe Jessie (Lee) Jessie (Lee) Rowe (1969)
Rowe Joe W. Joe W. Rowe (1965)
Rowe Marjorie Ella Marjorie Ella Rowe (1909)
Rowe Martha (Walker) Martha (Walker) Rowe (1929)
Rowe Martin Martin Rowe (1918)
Rowe Maurice D. Maurice D. Rowe (1958)
Rowe Merna (Bolger) Merna Bolger Rowe (2004)
Rowe Neil Francis Neil Francis Rowe (1952)
Rowe Nellie (Gattenby) Nellie (Gattenby) Rowe (1958)
Rowe Philip John Philip John Rowe (1926)
Rowe Philip Riheldaffer Philip Riheldaffer Rowe (1901)
Rowe Rebecca Gray Rebecca Gray Rowe (1912)
Rowe Robert William Robert William Rowe (1927)
Rowe Rollin A. "Buck" Rollin "Buck" Rowe (1987)
Rowe Sarah Riley Sarah Riley Rowe (1933)
Rowe Smith Thompson Smith Thompson Rowe (1943)
Rowe Thomas P. Thomas P. Rowe (1944)
Rowe William H. William H. Rowe (1923)
Rowen Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Rowen (1928)
Rowley Arnold Arnold Rowley (1930)
Rowley Hattie Mabel (Howard) Purscell Hattie (Howard) Purscell Rowley (1973)
Roy Amanda Jane (Huffman) Amanda Jane Roy (1925)
Roy Bill Bill Roy (1951)
Roy Cleo D. Cleo D. Roy (1989)
Roy David - infant son of Infant Son of David Roy (1905)
Roy David P. David Roy (1908)
Roy Douglas Douglas Roy (1924)
Roy Edward D. Edward D. Roy (1917)
Roy Frances Ellen (Grenard) Frances Roy (1930)
Roy Fred Fred Roy (1942)
Roy Ivy Ivy Roy (1896)
Roy James James Roy (1920)
Roy Jessie L. Jessie L. Roy (1993)
Roy John John Roy (1912)
Roy Pauline (Bishop) Pauline (Bishop) Roy (1898)
Roy Priscilla Priscilla Roy (1903)
Roy Sarah Malinda (Darnall) Sarah Malinda (Darnall) Roy (1918)
Roy Thomas Meadows Thomas Meadows Roy (1905)
Roy Winfield Burton Winfield Burton Roy (1905)
Rozeboom Dr. Earl G., M.D. Dr. Earl G. Rozeboom, M.D. (2011)
Rua Orlando Joseph Orlando Joseph Rua (2002)
Ruby Bertram H. Bertram H. Ruby (1948)
Ruby Claude Ambrose Claude Ambrose Ruby (1941)
Ruby Clyde Clyde Ruby (1889)
Ruby Elizabeth D. (Smith) Elizabeth D. (Smith) Ruby (1893)
Ruby Esther Elizabeth (Hyskell) Esther Elizabeth (Hyskell) Ruby (1920)
Ruby Hannah Amelia (Warner) Hannah Amelia (Warner) Ruby (1920)
Ruby Isaac Isaac Ruby (1894)
Ruby John John Ruby (1911)
Ruby John Wesley John Wesley Ruby (1913)
Ruby Jonathan Jonathan Ruby (1880)
Ruby Mary Mary Ruby (1880)
Ruby Ralph Ogden Ralph Ogden Ruby (1895)
Ruby Royal Warner Royal Warner Ruby (1888)
Ruby Wilbur Olan, Dr. Wilbur Olan Ruby, Dr. (1937)
Ruby William Beatty William Beatty Ruby (1889)
Ruby William J. William J. Ruby (1878)
Rucker Clifford C. Clifford C. Rucker (1960)
Rucker Lucille Nellie (Salyers) Lucille Salyers Rucker (2004)
Ruckman Janice (Kneedler) Janice Kneedler Ruckman (2006)
Ruckman Myrtle Laura ( Moore ) Myrtle Laura (Moore) Ruckman (1903)
Rudolf Agnes (Jones) Pettit Agnes (Jones) Pettit Rudolf (1973)
Rudolf Clarence Robert Clarence R. Rudolf (1993)
Rudolf Eletha (DeBord) Eletha Rudolf (2004)
Rudolf Frank Andrew Frank A. Rudolf (1991)
Rudolf Frank Leslie Frank Leslie Rudolf (1979)
Rudolf Henry Alfred Henry Alfred Rudolf (1936)
Rudolf Jill (Berch) Jill Berch Rudolf (2003)
Rudolf Jim F. Jim F. Rudolf (1968)
Rudolf John Frederick John Frederick Rudolf (1942)
Rudolf Michelle Rene Michelle Rene Rudolf (1970)
Rudolf Nancy Elizabeth (Harrison) Nancy Elizabeth (Harrison) Rudolf (1951)
Rudolf Robert D. "Bob" Robert D. (Bob) Rudolf (2007)
Rudy Mary A. Mary A. Rudy (1889)
Ruemler Hazel Beatrice (Phillips) Hazel Beatrice Ruemler (2004)
Ruez Fae M. (Sayre) Parker Fae M. (Sayre) Parker-Ruez (1988)
Rugg Jesse C. Jesse C. Rugg (1947)
Rugg Mable Grace Mable Grace Rugg (1902)
Ruggles Claude V. Claude V. Ruggles (1964)
Ruggles Veryl (Baumgardner) Veryl Baumgardner Ruggles (1999)
Ruiz Sestesne Sestesne Ruiz (1924)
Rumford Charles E. Charles E. Rumford (1942)
Rumford Palmer Palmer Rumford (1931)
Rummelhart Helen Marie (Koehler) Helen Marie (Koehler) Rummelhart (1952)
Rundall Cecelia Violette (Rundall) Cecelia Violette (Rundall) Rundall (1930)
Rundall Cinda E. (Porter) Cinda E. (Porter) Rundall (1910)
Rundall Franklin P. Franklin P. Rundall (1945)
Rundall Minerva Jane (White) Minerva Jane (White) Rundall (1893)
Rundall Robert Robert Rundall (1909)
Rundlett Stacy (Cain) Stacy (Cain) Rundlett (2016)
Runkle Alda I. (Fleck) Holmes Alda I. (Fleck) Holmes Runkle (1932)
Runkle Fred G. Fred G. Runkle (1944)
Runkle Mary A. Mary A. Runkle (1914)
Runkle Thomas Thomas Runkle (1886)
Runkle Tom Tom Runkle (1918)
Rush Donald Glen Donald Glen Rush (2009)
Rush Henson Henson Rush (1910)
Rush Lawrence Marion Lawrence Marion Rush (1906)
Rush Lillian Vera (Smith) Lillian Smith Rush (1986)
Rush Maggie M. (Grover) Maggie Grover Rush (1960)
Rush Minnie May (Lewis) Clear Minnie May (Lewis) Rush Clear (1923)
Rush Orson Orson Rush (1943)
Rush Ralph D. Ralph D. Rush (1954)
Rush Sarah (Stewart) Sarah (Stewart) Rush (1889)
Rush Tama Harriett Tama Harriett Rush (1915)
Rusk Viola N. (Wolgamott) Viola N. (Wolgamott) Rusk (1894)

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