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Bakerink Frank W. Frank W. Bakerink (2002)
Balch Bernard Russell Bernard Russell Balch (1981)
Balch Beulah W. Beulah W. Balch (1977)
Balch Clyde W. Clyde W. Balch (1991)
Balch Harry Charles Harry Charles Balch (1959)
Balch Paul Wayne Paul Wayne Balch (1930)
Baldock Albert Cretcher, Jr. Albert Cretcher Baldock Jr. (1893)
Baldock Bettie Francis Bettie Francis Baldock (1876)
Baldock Frank Lee Frank Lee Baldock (1899)
Baldock George Wilson George Wilson Baldock (1962)
Baldock Joseph Henry Joseph Henry Baldock (1891)
Baldock Letitia Ann Belle (Walkup) Letitia Ann Belle (Walkup) Baldock (1900)
Baldridge Mary Mary Baldridge (1919)
Baldridge Mary E. (Mitchell) Mary E. (Mitchell) Baldridge (1936)
Baldridge Wilma (Moore) Wilma Moore Baldridge (2002)
Baldridge Wilson Reid, Rev. Rev. Wilson Reid Baldridge (1913)
Baldwin Infant Infant Baldwin (1905)
Baldwin Lorenzo Jackson Lorenzo Jackson Baldwin (1891)
Baldwin Ursula N. (Smith) Ursula N. (Smith) Baldwin (1886)
Baldwin William S. William S. Baldwin (1886)
Bales Amil Henry Amil Henry Bales (1923)
Bales Carl W. Carl W. Bales (1905)
Bales Dee Clark Dee Clark Bales (1905)
Bales Helen Mary (Williamson) Helen Williamson Bales (1991)
Bales Kenneth Kenneth Bales (1978)
Bales Lettita (Gowin) Lettita Gowin Bales (1923)
Bales Nicole Marie Nicole Bales (1990)
Bales Oscar Kosneth Oscar Kosneth Bales (1921)
Bales Philip Philip Bales (1992)
Bales Richard Lee Richard Lee Bales (2018)
Bales Thelma (Church) Thelma Church Bales (1981)
Balius Earnest Charles Earnest Charles Balius (1976)
Balius Sylvia Mae (Hegwood) Sylvia Hegwood Balius (1976)
Ball Betty (Dickson) Betty Dickson Ball (1989)
Ball Ellen (Stuart) Ellen Stuart Ball (1953)
Ball Frederic Edgar Frederic Edgar Ball (1992)
Ball Kenneth J. Kenneth J. Ball (1985)
Ball Kenneth Martin Kenneth Martin Ball (2016)
Ball Orpha H. (Finegan) Orpha Finegan Ball (1981)
Ball Steven G. Steven G. Ball 2017
Ball Steven Ray Steven Ray Ball (2001)
Ballantyne Gerry Dean Gerry Dean Ballantyne (2009)
Ballard Aline D. (Hayes) Aline Hayes Ballard (1985)
Ballard Arthur L. Arthur L. Ballard (1941)
Ballard Alta E. (Sowers) Alta Ballard (1965)
Ballard Calvin Calvin Ballard (1899)
Ballard Celia (Addy) Celia Addy Ballard (1986)
Ballard Cicily E. (Gowin) Cicily E. (Gowin) Ballard (1877)
Ballard Claire M. Claire M. Ballard ( 1980)
Ballard David Harvey David Harvey Ballard (1920)
Ballard Edwin M. Edwin M. Ballard (1927)
Ballard Glen Wood Glen Wood Ballard (1939)
Ballard Jennie (Munger) Jennie Munger Ballard (1923)
Ballard Jennie Virginia (Pindell) Jennie Pindell Ballard (1964)
Ballard John C. John C. Ballard (1889)
Ballard Joseph Joseph Ballard (1886)
Ballard Keith W. Keith W. Ballard (1998)
Ballard Lafayette Lafe Lafayette "Lafe" Ballard (1982)
Ballard Lela (Craven) Lela Craven Ballard (1995)
Ballard Leota (McCollum) Leota (McCollum) Ballard (1961)
Ballard Levi Levi Ballard (1917)
Ballard Maggie Maggie Ballard (1888)
Ballard Martha Orlena (Clark) Rogers Martha Orlena (Clark) Rogers Ballard (1935)
Ballard Martha (Shaffer) Martha (Shaffer) Ballard (1915)
Ballard Martha E. (Arasmith) Martha E. Arasmith) Ballard (1923)
Ballard Nathan Nathan Ballard (2003)
Ballard Nellie R. Nellie R. Ballard (1883)
Ballard Phillip S. Phillip S. Ballard (1884)
Ballard Ransom A. Ransom A. Ballard (1949)
Ballard Sadie (Leutzinger) Sadie (Leutzinger) Ballard (1958)
Ballard Sadie Carrie (Hawn) Sadie Carrie (Hawn) Ballard (1915)
Ballard Samuel T. Samuel T. Ballard (1903)
Ballard Shawn Shawn Ballard (2016)
Ballard Susan May (Alrich) Taylor Susan May (Alrich) Taylor Ballard (1919)
Ballentine Anna May (Akin) Anna May Ballentine (1932)
Ballentine Charles A. Charles A. Ballentine (1944)
Ballentine Hugh Littick Hugh Littick Ballentine (1943)
Ballentine Hugh Taylor Hugh Taylor Ballentine (1912)
Ballentine Malona Catherine (Littick) Malona Catherine (Littick) Ballentine (1916)
Ballentine Mary Mary Ballentine (1880)
Ballentine Olive May Olive May Ballentine (1876)
Ballinger Arlen Lee Arlen Lee Ballinger (2001)
Ballou Mildred "Mim" T. (Tesdahl), Dr. Dr. Mildred "Mim" T. (Tesdahl) Ballou (2013)
Ballou Philip, Dr. Dr. Philip Ballou (2016)
Balmer Gretchen Lucile (Lilly) Gretchen Lucile (Lilly) Balmer (1931)
Baltutat Catherine Mae (Noonan) Catherine Mae (Noonan) Baltutat (2010)
Baltutat Delores June (Buxton) Delores Buxton Baltutat (1977)
Bancroft Elizabeth (Butler) Elizabeth (Butler) Bancroft (1892)
Bancroft George George Bancroft (1898)
Bancroft John John Bancroft (1900)
Bancroft Mary Ella (Dickens) Mary Ella (Dickens) Bancroft (1893)
Bancroft Walter Walter Bancroft (1894)
Bandy Lillie (Miller) Lillie (Miller) Bandy (1930)
Bane Chance Wesley Chance Wesley Bane (2012)
Bane Clyde Ellis Clyde Ellis Bane (1945)
Bane Ellis C. Ellis C. Bane (1938)
Bane Florence Orda (Utterback) Florence Orda (Utterback) Bane (1941)
Bane Heather Nicole Heather Nicole Bane (1979)
Bane Imogene L. (Sumpter) Imogene Sumpter Bane (1964)
Bane Jerry Jerry Bane (2016)
Bane Jessie L. Jessie L. Bane (1967)
Bane Leila Belle (Hipsley) Leila Belle Bane (1951)
Bane Mabel Sarah (Luscombe) Mabel Sarah (Luscombe) Bane (2008)
Bane Neal D. Neal D. Bane (1961)
Bane Ormal Herman Ormal Herman Bane (1975)
Bane Randal Wayne Randal Wayne Bane (2015)

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