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Banker Alonzo Seldon Alonzo Seldon Banker (1890)
Banker Alonzo Walker Alonzo Walker Banker (1932)
Banker Cora Caroline (Forney) Cora Caroline (Forney) Banker (1976)
Banker Jacob T. Jacob T. Banker (1952)
Banker Jane Welsh (Barger) Jane Welsh (Barger) Banker (1915)
Banker Lemuel Lemuel Banker (1901)
Banker Martha Jane (Snyder) Martha Jane (Snyder) Banker (1936)
Banker Mary Ann (Baker) Mary Ann (Baker) Banker (1915)
Banker Mary Etta (Snyder) Mary Etta (Snyder) Banker (1929)
Banker Nellie (Dunn) Nellie (Dunn) Banker (1938)
Banker Nora (Koehler) Nora (Koehler) Banker (1948)
Banker Orie E. Orie E. Banker (1961)
Banker Seldon O. Seldon O. Banker (1910)
Banker Victor Abram Victor Abram Banker (1913)
Banker William William Banker (1905)
Banks Ada E. (Allen) Ada E. (Allen) Banks (2007)
Banks Ardelia (Lamb) Ardelia Lamb Banks (1953)
Banks Coleen K. (Davis) Graham Coleen K. (Davis) Graham Banks (2004)
Banks Elizabeth (Crawford) Elizabeth (Crawford) Banks (1902)
Banks Elizabeth (Smith) Elizabeth (Smith) Banks (1926)
Banks Elmer Elmer Banks (1956)
Banks Eunice Eunice Banks (1883)
Banks Fayette Fayette Banks (1901)
Banks Francis Marion Francis Marion Banks (1945)
Banks George J. George Banks (1986)
Banks Irene (Davis) Irene Davis Banks (1996)
Banks Jackie Jackie Banks (1997)
Banks Joe Joe Banks (1992)
Banks John John Banks (1886)
Banks John Lloyd John Lloyd Banks (1969)
Banks Josiah Josiah Banks (1923)
Banks Leman Francis (Lee) Leman Francis (Lee) Banks (1982)
Banks Linna (Smith) Linna Banks (1947)
Banks Mabel Anna Mae "GG" (Wignall) Mabel Anna Mae "GG" (Wignall) Banks (2012)
Banks Mary Ann Mary Ann Banks (2010)
Banks Mildred Frances (Likens) Mildred Frances (Likens) Banks (1989)
Banks Murray Lee Murray Lee Banks (2018)
Banks Parley Eugene Parley Eugene Banks (1961)
Banks Patrick Patrick Banks (1973)
Banks Rose Etta Rose Etta Banks (1959)
Banks Venzell Roger Venzell Roger Banks (1982)
Banks Warren Lee Warren Lee Banks (1902)
Banks William Annon William Annon Banks (1937)
Banks Wilma Jean (Rankin) Wilma Rankin Banks (1994)
Bankson Irene (Morse) Irene Bankson (1963)
Banta Clara Clara Banta (1899)
Banta Donald Ray Donald Ray Banta (1947)
Banta Henry Ellsworth Henry Ellsworth Banta (1944)
Banta Jessie Etna (Sandy) Jessie Etna (Sandy) Banta (1926)
Barbary Sarah Margaret (McKee) Sarah Margaret (McKee) Barbary (1931)
Barbary William Harrison William Harrison Barbary (1916)
Barber Cecile Laverne (Clark) Cecile Clark Barber (1971)
Barber George W. George W. Barber (1950)
Barber Harriet W. Harriet W. Barber (1873)
Barber Isabel Fannie Isabel Fannie Barber (1917)
Barber Jeffrey David Jeffrey David Barber (2009)
Barber John John Barber (1918)
Barber Louisa (Phipps) Landers Louisa Phipps Landers Barber (1934)
Barber Lulu M. (Shutt) Lulu Shutt Barber (1964)
Barber Mary Jane Blackman Mary Jane Blackman Barber (2014)
Barber Phillip Eugene Phillip Eugene Barber (1975)
Barber Russell N. Russell N. Barber (1956)
Barcheski Beverly Ann (Thornburg) Beverly Ann Thornburg Barcheski (1996)
Barcroft Etta May (McGlothlen) Etta McGlothlen Barcroft (1961)
Barcroft James Kinze James Kinze Barcroft (1910)
Barcroft Kate (Hornaday) Kate (Hornaday) Barcroft (1922)
Barcroft Lora D. (Murrell) Lora D. (Murrell) Barcroft (1974)
Barcroft Mary Eliza Mary Eliza Barcroft (1893)
Barcroft Ralph Ralph Barcroft (1937)
Barcroft Robert H. Robert H. Barcroft (1990)
Barcroft Robert Jack Robert Jack Barcroft (1989)
Bard Elizabeth Elizabeth Bard (1876)
Bard John Stewart John Stewart Bard (1896)
Bard Nancy Nancy Bard (1896)
Bard Sarah M. (Allbright) Sarah M. (Allbright) Bard (1921)
Bard William William Bard (1875)
Bard William Holmes William Holmes Bard (1882)
Bardrick Celestia (Brewer) Celestia (Brewer) Bardrick (1931)
Bardrick Charles Charles Bardrick (1915)
Bardrick Cora E. (Read) Cora E. Bardrick (1938)
Bardrick David E. David E. Bardrick (1945)
Bardrick George George Bardrick (1889)
Bardrick George Albert "Bert" George Albert (Bert) Bardrick (1937)
Bardrick George E. George E. Bardrick (1989)
Bardrick Ida May Ida May Bardrick (1894)
Bardrick Isaac Groves Isaac Groves Bardrick (1907)
Bardrick Jane Jane Bardrick (1880)
Bardrick Lilly Lilly Bardrick (1871)
Bardrick Lois (Docksteader) Lois (Docksteader) Bardrick (1939)
Bardrick Mary Elizabeth (Huffman) Mary Elizabeth (Huffman) Bardrick (1939)
Bardrick Savilla Christella (Snyder) Savilla Christella (Snyder) Bardrick (1920)
Bardrick William William Bardrick (1876)

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