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Bardwell Robert D. Robert D. Bardwell (1993)
Bare Benjamin F. Benjamin F. Bare (1951)
Bare Bertha Beatrice (Beerbower) Bertha Beatrice Beerbower Bare (1950)
Bare Elizabeth (McCormick) Elizabeth (McCormick) Bare (1920)
Bare John Osborn John Osborn Bare (1941)
Bare Robert O. Robert O. Bare (Lt. General) (1980)
Bare Rosetta (Staley) Rosetta Staley Bare (1973)
Bargenholt Elsie Ann Elsie Ann Bargenholt (1880)
Barger Abraham V. Abraham V. Barger (1898)
Barger John Welch John Welch Barger (1930)
Barger Mary Mary Barger (1902)
Barger Mary (Welsh) Mary Barger (1892)
Barger Paul B. Paul B. Barger (1995)
Barker Anderson Anderson Barker (1930)
Barker Barzilla (Hurd) Barzilla (Hurd) Barker (1898)
Barker Bernice M. (Burdick) Bernice M. (Burdick) Barker (1911)
Barker Beeson Beeson Barker (1873)
Barker Charlie Charlie Barker (1916)
Barker Edith (Hillis) Edith (Hillis) Barker (1954)
Barker Elihu Guy Elihu Guy Barker (1918)
Barker Elizabeth J. “Bettie” Elizabeth J. “Bettie” Barker (1954)
Barker Emeline Emeline Barker (1883)
Barker Ethel Viola (Adams) Ethel Adams Barker (1986)
Barker Florence M. (Garrett) Florence M. (Garrett) Barker (1923)
Barker Forest Merton Forest Merton Barker (2004)
Barker Freddie Freddie Barker (1873)
Barker Frederick Frederick Barker (1917)
Barker Infant Infant Barker (1872)
Barker Jeremiah C. Jeremiah C. Barker (1900)
Barker Jeremiah Harmon Jeremiah Harmon Barker (1885)
Barnes John John Barnes (1908)
Barker John Lyman John Lyman Barker (1966)
Barker Joshua Lee Joshua Lee Barker (2016)
Barker Larry Joe Larry Joe Barker (2018)
Barker Leon Leroy "Roy" Leon Leroy "Roy" Barker (1957)
Barker Lucy (Kivett) Lucy (Kivett) Barker (1904)
Barker Margaret 'Peggy' (King) Margaret 'Peggy' King Barker (1997)
Barker Mary Geraldine (Miller) Mary Geraldine (Miller) Barker (2000)
Barker Mary Jane (Beedle) Mary Jane (Beedle) Barker (1894)
Barker Myrtle May (Hayden) Myrtle May (Hayden) Barker (1928)
Barker Nancy Ann (Pearcy) Nancy Ann (Pearcy) Barker (1910)
Barker Norman Norman Barker (2008)
Barker Orlando W. Orlando W. Barker (1906)
Barker Peter N. Peter N. Barker (1943)
Barker Samuel H. Samuel H. Barker (1937)
Barker Sarah (Cox) Sarah Barker (1877)
Barker Sarah Mary (Moffitt) Sarah Mary (Moffitt) Barker (1860)
Barker Thomas Cox Thomas Cox Barker (1900)
Barker William Beeson William Beeson Barker (1924)
Barker Wilma (Thurman) Wilma Thurman Barker (2002)
Barlien Clarence J. Clarence J. Barlien (1972)
Barlien Harry Harry Barlien (1925)
Barlien Joseph Joseph Barlien (1905)
Barlien May Emma May Barlien (1900)
Barlien Isaiah Isaiah Barlien (1913)
Barlien Isaiah - infant of Infant of Isaiah Barlien (1894)
Barlien Orinda Florence (Dorrell) Purscell Orinda Florence (Dorrell) Barlien Purscell (1936)
Barnard Charles - infant of Infant of Charles Barnard (1892)
Barnard Mary (Mann) Mary (Mann) Barnard (1904)
Barnard Solomon Elisha Solomon Elisha Barnard (1909)
Barnes Alexander Alexander (Alex) Barnes (1957)
Barnes Carroll Vernon Carroll Vernon Barnes (1981)
Barnes Daisy L. (Muselman) Daisy L. (Muselman) Barnes (1996)
Barnes Darrell E. Darrell E. Barnes (1996)
Barnes Edna Belle (Simpson) Edna Belle (Simpson) Barnes (2012)
Barnes Elgy Elgy Barnes (1978)
Barnes Ernest Buck Ernest "Buck" Barnes (2000)
Barnes Galletta (Herr) Galletta (Herr) Barnes (1929)
Barnes Glenn Isam Glenn Isam Barnes (1996)
Barnes Harold Otto Harold Otto Barnes (1917)
Barnes Harriet Lane Harriet Lane Barnes (1988)
Barnes Howard E. Howard Barnes (2005)
Barnes Ida M. (Wood) Ida M. (Wood) Barnes (1896)
Barnes Isam K. Isam K. Barnes (1932)
Barnes Isam King “Ike” Isam King “Ike” Barnes (1966)
Barnes Ivah Ivah Barnes (1916)
Barnes Kenneth LaVerne Kenneth LaVerne Barnes (2003)
Barnes Mary A. Mary A. Barnes (1954)
Barnes Mary Jane (Wilson) Mary Jane (Wilson) Barnes (1948)
Barnes Serena Serena Barnes (1897)
Barnes Virginia Dean (Hughes) Virginia Dean (Hughes) Barnes (2013) 
Barnes William A. William A. Barnes (1921)

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