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Huey J. L. J. L. Huey (1896)
Huff Blanche Mae (Bird) Blanche Mae (Bird) Huff (1966)
Huff Elsie Leona (Campfield) Elsie Campfield Huff (1999)
Huff Irwin Harvey Irwin Harvey Huff (2014)
Huff Jacob 'Jake' Jacob "Jake" Huff (1989)
Huff Millicent Lafern (James) Millicent James Huff (2000) 
Huffer Lloyd G. Lloyd G. Huffer (2013)
Huffman Amanda (Hoffman) Amanda (Hoffman) Huffman (1907)
Huffman Byron Byron Huffman (1928)
Huffman Byron Francis Marion Byron Francis Marion Huffman (1967)
Huffman Carrie Maude (Howell) Carrie Maude (Howell) Huffman (1940)
Huffman Clay Pat Clay Pat Huffman (1932)
Huffman Dean E. Dean E. Huffman (2007)
Huffman Edna Edna Huffman (1902)
Huffman Elizabeth Elizabeth Huffman (1888)
Huffman Elizabeth (Keffer) Elizabeth (Keffer) Huffman (1920)
Huffman Elizabeth (McConnell) Elizabeth (McConnell) Huffman (1916)
Huffman Everett W. Everett W. Huffman (1922)
Huffman Florence M. Florence M. Huffman (1909)
Huffman Fon Birdell Fon Birdell Huffman (2008)
Huffman Francis “Frank” Francis “Frank” Huffman (1887)
Huffman George C. George C. Huffman (1902)
Huffman George G. George G. Huffman (1991)
Huffman George Ira George Ira Huffman (1938)
Huffman George W. George W. Huffman (1940)
Huffman George William George William Huffman (1988)
Huffman Grace Pearle (Mitchell) Grace Pearle (Mitchell) Huffman (1958)
Huffman Hilma Pauline "Polly" (Cumps) Hilma Pauline "Polly" (Cumps) Huffman (2008)
Huffman Isaac C. Isaac C. Huffman (1912)
Huffman John John Huffman (1949)
Huffman John B. John B. Huffman (1891)
Huffman Kate (Beck) Kate (Beck) Huffman (1957)
Huffman Katherine Mildred Katherine Mildred Huffman (1915)
Huffman Laurel Laurel Huffman (1967)
Huffman Leo P. Leo P. Huffman (1958)
Huffman Leonard W. Wayne Leonard W. Wayne Huffman (1978)
Huffman Leta M. (Gantt) Leta M. (Gantt) Huffman (2009)
Huffman Levi 'Lee' Elmond Levi "Lee" Huffman (2001)
Huffman Lola Darlene (Gantt) Lola Gantt Huffman (2000) 
Huffman Louise Schulz Louise Schulz Huffman (1961)
Huffman Lucy H. (Mitchell) Lucy H. (Mitchell) Huffman (1957)
Huffman Mary (Hutchinson) Mary (Hutchinson) Huffman (1882)
Huffman Myrtle Irene (Benson) Myrtle Irene Huffman (1973)
Huffman Nancy Catherine (Duffield) Nancy Catherine (Duffield) Huffman (1895)
Huffman Nettie Marie (McBride) Nettie Marie (McBride) Huffman (1920)
Huffman Raymond E. Raymond E. Huffman (2003) 
Huffman Rebecca (Worthing) Rebecca (Worthing) Huffman (1900)
Huffman Robyn Lynn Robyn Lynn Huffman (1983) 
Huffman Ruby Ruby Huffman (1907)
Huffman Samuel G. Samuel G. Huffman (1949)
Huffman Sandy Sandy Huffman (1910)
Huffman Susan (Maxwell) Susan Maxwell Huffman (1993) 
Huffman Thomas Thomas Huffman (1912)
Huffman Walker Garrett Walker Garrett Huffman (1971)
Huffman Warren F. S. Warren F. S. Huffman (1937)
Huffman W. Elmer W. Elmer Huffman (1936)
Hufford Betty Jane (Thorngren) Betty Jane (Thorngren) Hufford (2011)
Huggins David David Huggins (1875)
Hughart Charles Herschel Charles Herschel Hughart (1910)
Hughart Hannah (Shannon) Hannah (Shannon) Hughart (1926)
Hughart Samuel Curtis Samuel Curtis Hughart (1932)
Hughes Alan Dean Alan Dean Hughes (1958)
Hughes Arreither Arreither Hughes (1995)
Hughes Bernard R. Bernard R. Hughes (2003)
Hughes Charlotte Jane Charlotte Jane Hughes (1880)
Hughes Claudia (Claude?) R. Claudia R. Hughes (1997)
Hughes Dorothy E. (Copeland) Dorothy E. (Copeland) Hughes (2016)
Hughes Douglas Craig Douglas Craig Hughes (1961)
Hughes Elmer Leroy Elmer Leroy Hughes (1943)
Hughes Frank Norman Frank Norman Hughes (2015)
Hughes George T. George T. Hughes (1872)
Hughes Jack Dennis Jack Dennis Hughes (1953)
Hughes Julianne (Henry) Julianne Henry Hughes (2001)
Hughes Keith L. Keith L. Hughes (2000)
Hughes Larry Arthur Larry Arthur Hughes (2016)
Hughes Lila A. (Mayes) Lila Mayes Hughes (1994)
Hughes Louisa Caroline (Shutt) Hurst Louisa Caroline (Shutt) Hurst Hughes (1905)
Hughes Marilyn (Chickering) Marilyn (Chickering) Hughes (2007)
Hughes Mary Phillippa (Accordino) Mary Phillippa (Accordino) Hughes (2012)
Hughes Nina Mabel (Callahan) Nina Mabel (Callahan) Hughes (1965)
Hughes Ralph LaVerne Ralph LaVerne Hughes (1975)
Hughes Thomas George Thomas George Hughes (1986)
Hughes Walter E. Walter E. Hughes (1973)
Hughes William J. “Squire” William J. “Squire” Hughes (1915)
Huglin Albertus Albertus Huglin (1956)
Huglin Anna M. Anna M. Huglin (1897)
Huglin August "Sam" R. August "Sam" R. Huglin (1977)
Huglin Billie Dean Billie Dean Huglin (2007)
Huglin Carl Albert Carl Albert Huglin (1978)
Huglin Carole Ann (Hixson) Bice Lathrum Carole Ann (Hixson) Bice Huglin Lathrum (2015)
Huglin Catherine "Kate" (Martens) Catherine "Kate" Martens Huglin (1949)
Huglin Charles - infant of Infant of Charles Huglin (1901)
Huglin Charles E. Charles E. Huglin (1940)
Huglin Dale Dale Huglin (2001)
Huglin Dorothy Belle Dorothy Belle Huglin (1931)
Huglin Ernest Ernest Huglin (1984)
Huglin Fred William Fred William Huglin (1974)
Huglin George George Huglin (1895)
Huglin George George Huglin (1969)
Huglin George J. George J. Huglin (1970)
Huglin Henry Edward Henry Edward Huglin (1976)
Huglin Irene B. (Fillman) Irene B. (Fillman) Huglin (1980)
Huglin John Franklin John Franklin Huglin (1973)
Huglin John George John George Huglin (1873)
Huglin John George John George Hughlin (1877)
Huglin Lena Lena Huglin (1931)
Huglin Mabel Leota (Simpson) Mabel Leota (Simpson) Hughes (1991)
Huglin Margaret Alma Margaret Alma Huglin (2004)
Huglin Mary Ellen (Lea) Mary Ellen (Lea) Huglin (1915)
Huglin Mildred (Finney) Mildred (Finney) Huglin (1947)
Huglin Nellie Pearl (Burch) Nellie Pearl (Burch) Huglin (1926)
Huglin Nola Fay (Muselman) Nola Muselman Huglin (1976)
Huglin Phillip E. Phillip Huglin (1993)
Huglin Robert Ryer Robert R. Huglin (2005)
Huglin Sarah A. (Hattel) Sarah A. Huglin (1876)
Huglin Sophia (Schmidt) Sophia Huglin (1951)
Huglin William William Huglin (1907)

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