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Ellis Carey C. Carey C. Ellis (1901)
Ellis Charles W. Charles W. Ellis (1883)
Ellis Donald Lee Donald Lee Ellis (2013)
Ellis Dorotha A. (Peters) Dorotha A. (Peters) Ellis (1987)
Ellis Dorothy Marie (Clements) Dorothy Marie (Clements) Ellis (2010)
Ellis Ella Ella Ellis (1888)
Ellis Elsie (Lamb) Elsie Lamb Ellis (1945)
Ellis Emma C. (Pierce) Emma C. (Pierce) Ellis (1925)
Ellis Franklin M. Franklin M. Ellis (1880)
Ellis George George Ellis (1887)
Ellis Grace (Crawford) Grace Crawford Ellis (1955)
Ellis John Calvin John Calvin Ellis (1913)
Ellis John Getchell John Getchell Ellis (1900)
Ellis Lilllie (Shepherd) Tullis Lillie (Shepherd) Ellis Tullis (1913)
Ellis Lucy A. (Williams) Lucy A. (Williams) Ellis (1961)
Ellis Margaret A. (Getchell) Margaret A. (Getchell) Ellis (1878)
Ellis Martha Ellen Martha Ellen Ellis (1888)
Ellis Mary Ida (Berry) Mary Ida (Berry) Ellis (1955)
Ellis Mary M. (Carpenter) Mary M. (Carpenter) Ellis (1901)
Ellis Mary M. (Murrow) Mary M. (Murrow) Ellis (1958)
Ellis Mylie Frances (Anderson) Mylie Frances (Anderson) Ellis (1967)
Ellis Peter Peter Ellis (1880)
Ellis Rosa (Hiatt) Rosa (Hiatt) Ellis (1935)
Ellis Sarah A. (Griffith) Sarah A. (Griffith) Ellis (1896)
Ellis Senanth A. Senanth A. Ellis (1886)
Ellis Shobal A. Shobal A. Ellis (1889)
Ellis Vello Eugene Vello Eugene Ellis (1976)
Ellson Frank Albert Frank Albert Ellson (1915)
Ellson Fred Alonzo Fred Alonzo Ellson (1935)
Ellson Harold Homer Harold Homer Ellson (1982)
Ellson Ralph Ralph Ellson (1912)
Ellwanger Marvin, Minister Marvin Ellwanger, Minister (2017)
Elsbury Dollie Hester (Wicks) Dollie Wicks Elsbury (1916)
Elsbury Frank M. Frank M. Elsbury (1944)
Elsbury Nancy Ann (Hart) Nancy Ann (Hart) Elsbury (1923)
Elsbury William William Elsbury (1918)
Elwell Mary Elizabeth (Harrell) Owen Mary Elizabeth (Harrell) Owen Elwell (1927)
Ely Ben Ezra Stiles, Rev. Ben Ezra Stiles Ely, Rev. (1910)
Ely Blanche T. Blanche T. Ely (1974)
Ely Clarence S. Clarence S. Ely (1944)
Ely Daughter Ely Daughter (1898)
Ely Esther Charlotte Esther Charlotte Ely (1929)
Ely Henry S. Henry S. Ely (1950)
Ely Nellie E. (Clark) Nellie Ely (1944)
Ely Ralph D. Ralph D. Ely (1959)
Ely Ray Seldon Ray Seldon Ely (1905)
Emanuel Jacob Jacob Emanuel (1890)
Emanuel Laura Emma (Morton) Laura Emma (Morton) Emanuel (1895)
Emanuel Pearley M. Pearley M. Emanuel (1890)
Embree Ed, Dr. Ed Embree (Dr) 1918
Embree Minnie (Jinks) Minnie Jinks Embree (1957)
Embree Rebecca J. (Stiles) Rebecca J. (Stiles) Embree (1910)
Emerson Albert Roscoe Albert Emerson (1956)
Emerson Arnie E. Arnie E. Emerson (1968)
Emerson Betty Orma (Howard) Betty Orma (Howard) Emerson (1970)
Emerson Beulah Bell Beulah Bell Emerson (1917)
Emerson Bev (Walther) Bev (Walther) Emerson (2007)
Emerson Carl Owens Carl Owens Emerson (1971)
Emerson Clarence "Jim" Clarence "Jim" Emerson (2013)
Emerson Clarence W. Clarence W. Emerson (1905)
Emerson Cleo Cleo Emerson (1912)
Emerson Denver John Denver John Emerson (1971)
Emerson Derry James Derry James Emerson (1963)
Emerson Dulcie Isabell (Weeks) Dulcie (Weeks) Emerson (1947)
Emerson Emma Marie Emma Marie Emerson (1957)
Emerson Faye (Robinson) Faye Robinson Emerson (1983)
Emerson Floda Pearl (Delong) Floda Pearl (Delong) Emerson (1985)
Emerson Flossie Ann (Owens) Fight Flossie Ann (Owens) Emerson Fight (1977)
Emerson Frances Ann (Hircock) Frances Ann (Hircock) Emerson (1928)
Emerson Frank Frank Emerson (1933)
Emerson Frank Henry Frank Henry Emerson (1938)
Emerson G. Dean G. Dean Emerson (1972)
Emerson Gale Gale Emerson (1961)
Emerson Glenn E. Glenn E. Emerson (1955)
Emerson Grace Marie Grace Marie Emerson (1922)
Emerson Guy Charles Guy Charles Emerson (1934)
Emerson James James Emerson (1875)
Emerson James "Dame" James "Dame" Emerson (1915)
Emerson James Earl James Earl Emerson (1955)
Emerson John Picture John Picture Emerson (1932)
Emerson Joseph Sylvester Joseph Sylvester Emerson (1936)
Emerson Loyal Wellington Loyal W. Emerson (1973)
Emerson Lyle Lyle Emerson (1958)
Emerson Lyman Rex Lyman Rex Emerson (2011)
Emerson Marie (Frederickson) Marie Frederickson Emerson (1962)
Emerson Marjorie May (Holmes) Marjorie May (Holmes) Emerson (2017)
Emerson Mary Elizabeth (See) Polson Mary Elizabeth (See) Emerson Polson (1937)
Emerson Opal I. Opal I. Emerson (1985)
Emerson Oscar R. Oscar R. Emerson (1944)
Emerson Paul D. Paul D. Emerson (2003)
Emerson Pearl Estella (Silliman) Pearl Silliman Emerson (1973)
Emerson Ralph J. Ralph J. Emerson (1972)
Emerson Robert L. Robert L. Emerson (2014)
Emerson Sarah Augusta (Lilley) Sarah Augusta (Lilley) Emerson (1895)
Emerson Sarah Jane Sarah Jane Emerson (1952)
Emerson Verne Henry Verne H. Emerson (2000)
Emerson William Henry William Henry Emerson (1918)
Emerson Winthrop M. Winthrop M. Emerson (1904)
Emery Charles Charles Emery (1945)
Emery Marjorie (Miles) Marjorie Miles Emery (1973)
Emery Shirley (Pace) Shirley (Pace) Emery (2010)
Empfield Permelia J. (Graham) Permelia J. (Graham) Empfield (1885)
Endres Dorothy L. (Farwell) Dorothy L. (Farwell) Endres (2010)
Enfield Leroy Leroy Enfield (2009)
England Effie Mae (Hoadley) Effie Mae (Hoadley) England (1965)
England Henry Albert Henry Albert England (1931)
England Henry Paul Henry Paul England ( 1972)
England James Albert James Albert England (1940)
England Willard 'Bill' Willard "Bill" England (1991)
Englehardt Charles Charles Englehardt (1962)
Engler Mary Frances (Jones) Mary Frances (Jones) Engler (2001)
Engler Virginia (Munch) Virginia (Munch) Engler (2009)
English Minnie Iola (Bradford) Minnie Iola English (1944)
English-Thompson Sue Sue English-Thompson (2006)
Enright Koser Lawrence Koser Lawrence Enright (1927)
Enright Mary Ellen (Darcey) Mary Ellen Darcey Enright (1935)
Enright Retta (Peed) Retta (Peed) Enright (1950)
Enright Robert Eugene Robert Eugene Enright (1952)
Enright Thomas Valentine Thomas Valentine Enright (1944)
Ensign Hilda Eliza (Stitt) Hilda Eliza (Stitt) Ensign (1929)
Ensley Marie (Ross) Marie (Ross) Ensley (1949)

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