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Wilt Benjamin H. Benjamin H. Wilt (1901)
Wilt Mary (Jensen) Mary (Jensen) Wilt (1948)
Wimmer Edna Edna Wimmer (1895)
Winchester Helen Edith Helen Edith Winchester (1895)
Winchester Sereno B. Sereno B. Winchester (1931)
Windmiller Clara A. (Binder) Clara A. (Binder) Windmiller
Windmiller Joel A. Joel A. Windmiller (1948)
Winebrenner Burdette M. Burdette M. Winebrenner (1959)
Winebrenner Eunice (Moore) Eunice (Moore) Winebrenner (2007)
Winebrenner Marilyn Jean (Griffin) Marilyn Jean (Griffin) Winebrenner (2016)
Winebrenner Marshall R. Marshall R. Winebrenner (1998)
Wineinger Jay E. Jay E. Wineinger (1964)
Wingerson Marie (Clements) Marie Clements Wingerson (1994)
Winjum Ann (Thompson) Ann Winjum (2005)
Winjum Mary Helen (Foster) Mary Helen (Foster) Winjum (1958)
Winkel Rita Margret (Lehmer) Rita Margret (Lehmer) Winkel (2003)
Winkler Allie Mae (Hurt) Faust Allie Mae (Hurt) Winkler Faust (2017)
Winkler Bill Bill Winkler (2016)
Winkler Ida Ida Winkler (1958)
Winship Charles Charles Winship (1937)
Winship Elizabeth (McLaughlin) Elizabeth (McLaughlin) Winship (1921)
Winship Forrest E. Forrest E. Winship (1973)
Winship Hazel Hazel Winship (1947)
Winship Nathaniel Nathaniel Winship (1913)
Winship Nettie E. Nettie E. Winship (1926)
Winship Opal E. (Shaffer) Opal E. (Shaffer) Winship (1987)
Winslow Cynthia J. (Sawyers) Cynthia J. (Sawyers) Winslow (2011)
Winslow Frank O. Frank O. Winslow (1939)
Winslow Roger Allen Roger Allen Winslow (2015)
Winter Betsy Betsy Winter (1924)
Winter Edgar W. Edgar W. Winter (1905)
Winter Margaret Louise Margaret Louise Winte(1979)
Winter William M. William M. Winter (1945)
Winter William M. William M. Winter (1955)
Winterhalter Connie R. (Allsup) Connie R. (Allsup) Winterhalter (1975)
Wintermantel Caroline (Schoepflin) Caroline (Schoepflin) Wintermantel (1871)
Wintermantel John J. John J. Wintermantel (1894)
Wintermantel John W. John W. Wintermantel (1917)
Winters Alfred William Alfred William Winters (1991)
Winters Lottie Ellen Lottie Ellen Winters (1951)
Winters Martin Martin Winters (1895)
Winters Ricky Lanier Ricky Lanier Winters (2007)
Winters William S. William S. Winters (1955)
Wintrode Flora Bell Flora Bell Wintrode (1910)
Wintrode J. H. - infant son of Infant son of J. H. Wintrode (1896)
Wintrode John Henry John Henry Wintrode (1909)
Wintrode John Henry John Henry Wintrode (1971)
Wintrode Katherine (Goshorn) Katherine (Goshorn) Wintrode (1988)
Wion Maxine M. (McConnell) Maxine M. (McConnell) Wion (2010)
Wipperman Harry Keith Harry Keith Wipperman (2007)
Wipperman Herman Herman Wipperman (1942)
Wise Catherine (Brown) Catherine (Brown) Wise (1905)
Wise Daniel Daniel Wise (1913)
Wise Eliza Jane (McCoy) Eliza Jane (McCoy) Wise (1940)
Wise Elizabeth Ann (Potter) Elizabeth Ann (Potter) Wise (1917)
Wise Ella Jane (Garrett) Ella Jane (Garrett) Wise (1929)
Wise Harry B. Harry B. Wise (1950)
Wise Ida Mae (Travis) Ida Mae (Travis) Wise (1941)
Wise James C. James C. Wise (1942)
Wise Lawrence Alexander Lawrence Alexander Wise (1934)
Wise Marie (Bussing) Marie (Bussing) Wise (1936)
Wise Marvin L., Sr. Marvin L. Wise, Sr. (2012)
Wise Mary Louise (Seibert) Mary Louise (Seibert) Wise (1933)
Wise Pulaski Seneca Pulaski Seneca Wise (1949)
Wise Richard D. (Pfc.) Richard D. Wise (Pfc.) (1945)
Wise Richard L., Sr. Richard L. Wise, Sr. (2012)
Wise Rose (Fulton) Rose (Fulton) Wise (1979)
Wise Sylvia E. (Williams) Sylvia E. (Williams) Wise (1900)
Wise Thomas J. Thomas J. Wise (1936)
Wishart Carrie Meryl Carrie Meryl Wishart (1982)
Wishmier Alice Maria (Thomassen) Alice Maria (Thomassen) Wishmier (1948)
Wishmier Amanda M. (Marquardt) Amanda M. (Marquardt) Wishmier (1969)
Wishmier Charles Karl Charles Karl Wishmier (1907)
Wishmier Henrietta (Bernau) Henrietta Bernau Wishmier (1937)
Wishmier Henry C. Henry C. Wishmier (1973)
Wishmier Leona Lydia (Scarborough) Leona Lydia (Scarborough) Wishmier (1950)
Wishmier Otto Otto Wishmier (1966)
Wishmier William Ernest William Ernest Wishmier (1955)
Wissler Elizabeth Margaret (Schnellbacher) Elizabeth Margaret (Schnellbacher) Wissler (1891)
Wissler Fannie B. Fannie B. Wissler (1904)
Wissler Frances Marie (Cleland) Frances Marie (Cleland) Wissler (1999)
Wissler Henry W. Jr., Rev. Rev. Henry W. Jr. Wissler (1887)
Wissler John William John William Wissler (1939)
Wissler Jonathan Frederick J. Fred Wissler (1961)
Witham Charles Charles Witham (1984)
Witham James Eugene James Eugene Witham (1962)
Witham Jennie Sarah (Williams) Jennie Sarah (Williams) Witham (1954)
Witham Martha (Bonker) Martha Bonker Witham (1992)
Witherow James James Witherow (1918)
Witherow John John Witherow (1898)
Witherow John K. John K. Witherow (1959)
Witherow Karoline (Baur) Karoline (Baur) Witherow (1902)
Witherow Margaret A. Margaret A. Witherow (1905)
Witherow Martha (Stewart) Martha (Stewart) Witherow (1909)
Witherow Waleski Waleski Witherow (1931)
Witherow William William Witherow (1890)
Witmer Sharon (Dengle) Sharon (Dengle) Witmer (2011)

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